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Full text of "History of the descendants of Mathias Slaymaker who emigrated from Germany and settled in the eastern part of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, about 1710"

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Mathias Slaymaker 




ABOUT 1710 





The Schleiermacher Coat of Ariis, taken from Siebmacher's Wap- 

PENBUCH (Book of Coats of Arms), in the Astor Library, 

New York City, Bk. V 1-3, Tafel (Plate), p. 21. 

Schleiermacher, August, Geheimer Finanzrath in Darmstadt. 
Translation: Privy Counselor of Finance in Darm.stadt. 


jK Arms 

Eiu Steiuliaiuiuer ohue Stiel. Translation: A .stoneliainmcr witlioat 
handle. Eine offiier Flug. Two different translations: One, t!ie open 
wing of a bird; second, the ascending vapor or smoke. 

The stone hammer without the handle can be seen in the centre of 
cut, the open wing or ascending vapor or smoke can be seen at the top 
of cut, also across centre of the cut can be seen the drapery, the insignia 
of Schleiermacher, aiming or drapery maker. 

this book is affectionately dedicated 
to my father 

Samuel Cochran Slaymaker, 
who was interested in history; not only history, but 



Bellevue Presbyterian Church 20 

Bushong, Isaac 288 

Cochran, Rebecca S 198 

Duffield, George 220 

Eckman, Joseph 306 

Evans, Samuel 196 

Farm, Lefever 40 

Fishbum, Anthony, and Family 96 

Fleming, Solon 210 

Graves, Slaymaker Row 20 

Houghton, J. C 260 

Leacock Presbyterian Church 18 

Lefever Fann 40 

Lefever, J. A 92 

Memorial Presbyterian Church 26 

McComsey, William 134 

"Old Stage House" 28 

Olsen, James A 240 

People's National Bank 30 

St. John's Episcopal Church 22 

Schleiermacher Coat of Arms 3 

Schleiermacher, Frederick Ernst Daniel Frontispiece 

Slaymaker's Hotel, Lancaster, Pa 16 

Slaymaker, Amos 184 

Slaymaker, Henry Calvin 196 

Slaymaker, Helen Elizabeth 204 

Slaymaker, Henry 182 

Slaymaker, Henry F 198 

Slaymaker, H. E 228 

Slaymaker, Jonathan 230 

Slaymaker, John 170 


6 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Slaymaker, Nathaniel E 148 

Slaymaker, P. E 144 

Slaymaker's, P. E., Country Home 146 

Slaymaker, Samuel C 200 

Slaymaker, Samuel C. (Second) 204 

Slaymaker, Samuel R 202 

Smith, Chas. H 120 

Tritt, W. G 56 

Tritt Old Homestead 58 

Warfel, John B 278 

"White Chimneys" 206 

Williamstown 12 


MACAULAY, the great English historian, says: "They 
who take no pride in the deeds of a remote ancestry, 
will hardly be likely to accomplish anything worthy to be 
remembered by a remote posterity." 

Some years ago I started to compile a history of Mathias 
Schleiermacher and his numerous descendants for my own 
satisfaction, little dreaming what a task I had ahead of me, 
and while gradually proceeding with the work, I had a num- 
ber of inquiries from different persons if they could secure 
copies when completed, and also had the suggestion, why 
not have it put in book form for sale, which I have decided 
to do. 

It seems to be a fad in these days to trace the ancestry 
back as far as possible, and if it can be done, to show that 
your grandfather, or his father or grandfather, has seen 
active service during the Revolutionary War, and by this, 
join the Daughters or the Sons of the Revolution, and I 
am glad to say that any one of the descendants of the four 
sons of Mathias Schleiermacher — John, Mathias, Henry or 
Daniel — can join one of the above-named or kindred organi- 
zations. Lancaster County, Pa., has more than enough to 
organize a Slaymaker Chapter of either of the above organi- 

While working at the compilation of this book, many 
discouragements and questions have been put to me by 
different persons, such as "What is the use of all this 
work?" "How do you know you are correct and where do 

8 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

you get j'our information?" etc. In reply, I would say that 
I get my information from old records, the records in the 
Court House, old familj- Bibles, old cemeteries, old his- 
tories and much from older persons. It seems to me that 
these sources ought to be reliable. Also in reference to the 
idea of some that this kind of work is useless, I would reply 
that it is very nice to know from whom you descend and 
very often it is an incentive for a person to go ahead when 
you hear that j^our father or grandfather, or some other 
parent a generation or so back, is spoken of as a person of 
ability and integrity, and many a prominent position for 
a young man has been secured because he was his father's 
or mother's son; also, again, taking the subject in a little 
meaner light, at a horse, or cattle, or dog show, or even buy- 
ing a horse or dog, the breed and pedigree must always 
accompany the animal if it is of a high grade; how much 
more so ought it to be with man. Again, the old Israelites 
were very particular in keeping their direct descent from 
Abraham and were very proud that they were Abraham's 
sons. We have the direct descent of Jesus Christ given on 
both' His father's and mother's side. Why? We do not 
mean that because a person has a very good father or mother 
that they will be good, because we have everj^ reason to 
believe that Judas had a very good father and mother, but 
Judas "sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver." Benedict 
Arnold had a very fine father, mother and wife, but betraj'ed 
his countiy. Robert Ingersoll's father was a minister of 
the Gospel, but Robert was the leading infidel of his age. 
And we could give many similar instances, but a bright, 
earnest. Christian father or mother's influence, certainly no 
one will deny, is much to be desired to a home where God 
is not reverenced, Sabbath desecrated, drunkenness common 
and profanity a rule. 

Many of the descendants and others have been very kind 

Introduction and Preface. 9 

in helping me and giving information, and I take this little 
space to thank them all, there being too many to mention 
all names, and it would be an injustice to mention some and 
not all; so I extend to all who helped me in any way my 
sincerest thanks. 

A little explanation of the way in which I have arranged 
the descendants will possibly be necessary to make it plain 
to the readers, so I submit the following: 

Mathias Schleiermacher is the first generation; his seven 
children, Lawrence, Mathias, John, Henry, Daniel, Margaret 
and Barbara, will be the second generation; the third gen- 
eration being marked 1, 2, 3, etc.; the fourth generation 
being marked First, Second, Third, etc.; the fifth generation 
being marked A, B, C, etc. ; the sixth generation being marked 
One, Two, Three, etc. ; the seventh generation marked a, 
b, c, etc., and the eighth generation marked, I., II., III., IV., 
v., etc. I hope this little explanation will be plain to all, 
and if not, the compiler will be glad to give any other infor- 
mation by writing to him for same. The dates of births, 
marriages and deaths in this work are of the direct descend- 
ants, and not of those who married them. In compiling 
a work like this, it is almost impossible not to have some 
mistakes, partly on account of transcribing, partly on account 
of reading proof and partly on account of wrong informa- 
tion; so if any errors are discovered, will you kindly notify 
the compiler? 

Thinking it might be of interest to some, I have given a 
short abstract of the early history of a few of the families 
which have married into the Slaymaker family, where I could 
gather the data for the same. 

In some families, the order in which the children are given 
do not necessarily mean that the oldest is mentioned first, 
next oldest next, and so on, but I give them as they were 
given to me, and as dates of births were not given, I could 
not very well arrange them in proper order. 

10 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Before closing this Introduction and Preface, I want to 
say that others could have done this work much better than 
I have done it. I suppose there will be many criticisms on 
the way it is written, the arrangement, etc., as I have heard 
similar works criticised. But to such I would say that I 
have done the work and it is done my way, the arrangement 
is my way of arrangement, not entirely original, however, 
and those who think theA' could have done it better should 
not have waited for me to do it, but should have gone ahead 

With this I give you, on the following pages, as concise, 
plain and correct an account of the descendants of Mathias 
Schleiermacher as possible. This book I have divided into 
seven different parts: Part First, the General History; Part 
Second, Geneology and History of the descendants of Law- 
rence Slaymaker, who had but one daughter, Anna Barbara, 
who married George Lefever; Part Third, Genealogy and 
History of the descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, who mar- 
ried Barbara Smith; Part Fourth, Genealogy and History 
of the descendants of John Slaymaker, who married Eliza- 
beth White; Part Fifth, Genealogy and History of the de- 
scendants of Henry Slaymaker, who married Faithful Rich- 
ardson; Part Sixth, Genealogy and History of the descend- 
ants of Daniel Slaymaker, who married Agilis Young; Part 
Seventh, Genealogy and History of Barbara Slaymaker, who 
married Hieronimus Eckman. 



Mathias Slaymaker, or as it is in the German, Schleier- 
macher, was born and bred in Hesse Castle, in Germany, 
from which place he emigrated to the city of Strasburg, 
then and now a part of the German Empire; for many years 
it was, however, a part of the French Empire, and located 
along the left bank of the river Rhine, in the province of 
Alsace. It belonged to one of the provinces which com- 
posed the Palatinate, the seat of the most terrible religious 
persecutions for more than one hundred years after the 
Reformation took place. When Mathias Schleiermacher 
left Germany, to find wider opportunities in this world, his 
immediate family were people of position and eminence, 
and early in the Reformation embraced Protestantism. 
Mathias, above mentioned, had two brothers, one was a 
clergyman and settled in the emperor's dominion, high up 
in Germany; he was appointed Secretary of Legation from 
that government to the Court of St. James, afterwards 
Charge d' Affairs, and there married and settled. John 
Adams, when minister to the Court of St. James, resided with 
one of his descendants. His oldest son was governor of an 
island. From this brother of Mathias Schleiermacher it is 
almost certain that the Duvalls, Stewarts and Slamakers 
living in or near Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland, and 

12 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Washington, D. C, also an Isaac Slaymaker, living in New 
Jersey, descend, as I have seen it expressed by one of them 
that their fathers said "they had lived under the shadow of 
Windsor Castle." 

The other brother of ]\Iathias was a major in the King 
of Prussia's tall regiment, and it is probable that a son of 
his was one of the officers in the Hessian troops, as one of 
that name was confined as a prisoner in the Lancaster jail. 

Mathias Slaymaker emigrated to this country about 1710, 
and he and his family settled on a tract of 1,000 acres, which 
he purchased from a company called the London Company 
and known as the "London Lands," situated in Strasburg 
Township, now Paradise Township, and built a log house 
near a spring not far from the present village of Williams- 
town, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It is very likely 
he gave the name to Strasburg Township. He was married 
in Germany, his wife's maiden name is unknown, her Chris- 
tian name was Catharine. They had five sons, Lawrence, 
Mathias, John, Henry and Daniel, and two daughters, Mar- 
garet and Barbara. Lawrence and Margaret were born in 
Germany. Mathias Slaymaker, as well as his sons, were 
noted for their gigantic stature and strength, which was of 
great advantage in those days, as the Indians were all around 
them. Mathias lived to an advanced age and died about 
1762, and is buried in old Leacock burj'ing ground, which 
has been the burying place of many of his descendants up 
to the present time. 

Of these five sons and two daughters, Lawrence married 
Eve Pfoutz; Mathias married Barbara Smith; John married 
Elizabeth White; Henry married Faithful Richardson; Dan- 
iel married Agilis Young; IMargaret married Michael Fickle; 
Barbara married Hieronimus Eckman. 

Mathias Slaymaker left his property to his four sons, 
Mathias, John, Henry and Daniel, leaving his youngest son, 

Historical. 13 

Daniel, his executor, as his will, which is given in another 
place in full, will show. 

It will be shown that the Schleiermachers were a very 
prominent family in Germany, as the following short extract 
of the account of the funeral of Fried rich Ernst Daniel 
Schleiermacher will show: 

"On the 15th February, 1834, a funeral procession was 
seen moving through the streets of Berlin, the like of which 
that capital had rarely before witnessed. The coffin, covered 
with a black pall and simply decorated with a large copy of 
the Bible, was borne on the shoulders of twelve students 
of the University, thirty-six of the most robust of whom 
had volunteered to perform, alternately, this pious service. 
After these came a train of mourners on foot, extending 
upwards of a mile in length, and these were followed by 
one hundred mourning coaches, headed by the equipages 
of the king and the crown prince. Along the whole line 
traversed by the procession, dense crowds of sympathizing 
spectators had gathered, while in the cemetery, beyond the 
gates of the city, similar crowds were assembled; and on 
every countenance might be read the fact that the individual 
borne to the grave was one of those representative men in 
whom are concentrated, as it were in a focus, the moral and 
intellectual life of a nation and the period to which they 
belong, and who become, in consequence, centers of new light 
and diffusers of new and vivifying warmth. Such was, in- 
deed, the case; for it was Fredrich Ernst Daniel Schleier- 
macher whom, by a spontaneous movement, the capital 
of Protestant Germany was thus honoring in death. 

"During a quarter of a century Schleiermacher had exer- 
cised in that city the double function of a teacher in the 
university and in the church; approving himself a fearless 
citizen in times of imminent peril and an inspired preacher 
during the period of great religious indifference, he had, at 

14 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a most critical juncture in the history of Prussia, contributed 
more than any other individual to keep alive, in all classes, 
the pride of nationality and the love of independence, and 
to awaken rehgious earnestness and quickening moral 
sentiments. Ever ready to sacrifice himself in the interest 
not only of his country but of the whole German nation, 
then bending under the yoke of France, his example had 
acted contagiously, in Berlin more especially, where his 
influence was supreme, and had sustained in the people the 
determination to liberate themselves when an opportunity 
offered, which was ultimately so nobly carried out." 

His father was a chaplain in a Prussian regiment in Silesia. 
Friederick Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher was born in Breslau, 
Germany, November 21, 1768, and died in Berlin, February 
12, 1834. He was small in size, had a hump back, keen, 
piercing eye and a noble face. He was a strong advocate of 
Presbyterianism and a noted writer. It is not positive, but 
thought by some that he was a grandson of Mathias Schleier- 
macher's brother, spoken of a few pages back, who was 
sent to the Court of St. James and there settled. 

The descendants of Mathias Schleiermacher have held 
man}' prominent positions and positions of trust and honor 
in the Church, State, battle-field, social, financial and many 
other fields of activity, as we find both national and state 
legislators; we find them active in the Church, both on the 
home field and on the foreign field; we find them taking a 
prominent part in the Revolutionary War, in the Civil War, 
1861 to 1865, and also in the Spanish-American War, numbers 
giving up their lives for their country. There is hardl}^ a 
state in the Union which does not claim some descendant of 
Mathias Schleiermacher as one of its residents, and many 
are to be found in British Columbia. They also take a promi- 
nent part in the social activities wherever they happen to be, 
as also the industrial and financial welfare of the communi- 

Historical. 15 

ties where they dwell. A few of the positions they have 
held, as also the organizations with which they have been 
connected we will now give in a brief manner. These might 
be duplicated many times, but these will suffice: 

Writing of "Stand up, Stand Up for Jesus." 
"Stand up for Jesus" was the dying message of the Rev. 
Dudley A. Tyng, a personal friend of George Duffield, to 
the Young Men's Christian Association and the Minister's 
Association with them, in the Noon-day Prayer Meeting, 
during the great revival of 1858, usually known as "The 
Work of God in Philadelphia." The Sabbath before his 
death he preached in Jayne's Hall one of the most successful 
sermons of modern times. Of the five thousand in attend- 
ance, fully one thousand were converted. His text was 
Exodus X. 11, and hence the allusion in the third verse of 
the hymn. The following Wednesday, leaving his study 
for a moment, he went to the barn-floor, where a mule was 
at work on a horse-power, shelling corn. Patting the mule 
on the neck, the sleeve of his silk gown caught in the cogs 
of the wheel and his arm was torn out by the roots. His 
death occurred in a few hours. The following Sabbath, 
the author of the hymn, George Duffield, preached from 
Eph. vi. 14, and the verses which will follow were written 
simply as the concluding exhortation. The wording of the 
hymn has been changed to suit a number of compilers of 
hymn-books in their respective books. I give the hymn in 
full below, exactly as it was written by Mr. Duffield: 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus, 
Ye soldiers of the Cross; 
Lift high His royal banner, 
It must not suffer loss. 
From victory unto victor}- 
His army He shall lead, 
Till every foe is vanquisli'd, 
And Christ is Lord indeed! 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus; 
The solemn watchword hear; 
If while ye sleep He suffers, 
Away with shame and fear; 
Where'er ye meet with evil, 
Within you or without, 
Charge for the God of battles, 
And put the foe to rout. 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus; 
The tnunpet call obey; 
Forth to the mighty conflict. 
In this His glorious day. 
Ye that are men now serve Him, 
Against unnumbered foes; 
Let courage rise with danger, 
And strength to strength oppose. 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus; 
Stand in His strength alone: 
The arm of flesh will fail you. 
Ye dare not trust your own. 
Put on the Gospel armor. 
Each piece put on with prayer; 
Where duty calls or danger. 
Be never wanting there. 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus; 
Each soldier to his post; 
Close up the broken column. 
And shout through all the host. 
Make good the loss so heavy,. 
In those that still remain, 
And prove to aU around you 
That death itself is gain. 

"Stand up! Stand up for Jesus; 
The strife wiU not be long; 
This day the noise of battle, 
The next, the victor's song. 





yLAYMAKP:K Hotel, Laxtastkh. P 

Historical. 17 

To him that overcometh 
A crown of life shall be, 
He, with the King of Glory, 
Shall reign eternally." 

Visit of Lafayette to Lancaster, Pa., and Slaymaker's 
Hotel of the Same Place. 

General Lafayette's visit to the city of Lancaster, Pa., 
was an event in the history of that city which the citizens 
did not leave go unnoticed. So a meeting was held Sep- 
tember 13, 1824, in the Court House, approving the action 
of councils inviting Lafayette to visit our city, a committee 
was appointed to proceed, with a committee from councils, 
to Philadelphia to present the resolutions to the Marquis. 
The joint committee from councils and citizens were General 
Geo. B. Porter, Milton C. Rogers, Capt. Frederick Ham- 
bright, Capt. John Reynolds, Jasper Slaymaker, Emanuel 
Reigart and Benjamin Grimier. He arrived, as expected, 
being met at Philson's tavern, fourteen miles west of West 
Chester, by the committee from Lancaster, who had four 
coaches and four with out-riders and attendants. After 
moving through the principal streets of the city, the pro- 
cession halted at Slaymaker's hotel, which had been desig- 
nated as the general's place of reception, and was beautifully 
fitted up. Here Lafayette was addressed by Burgess Light- 
ner and made appropriate response. On the next day he 
was introduced to many Revolutionaiy soldiers, visited friends 
and spent considerable time visiting the schools. In the 
afternoon a sumptuous dinner was given in his honor at the 
Court House by John Stehman, and in the evening attended 
a party at Masonic Hall. Early next morning Lafaj-ette 
took his departure, being escorted out of the town by the 
city battalion and as far as Port Deposit by the committee. 
Right here I might say that the first record we have of a 

18 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

tavern in Lancaster County was that one kept by Gibson, 
as early as 1722, at the sign of "The Hickory Tree." This 
was the site of Slaymaker's Hotel, spoken of in connection 
with Lafayette's visit to Lancaster, and was kept by Samuel 
Cochran Slaymaker, whose body now lies under the chapel 
of the First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster, Pa. The hotel 
stood where Benjamin Champneys afterward resided, still 
later by High & Martin's China Hall and the present site 
of Schafer's China Hall, and the Three-and-Nine-Cent Store, 
on East King Street, adjoining the hotel, where D. S. Bursk 
& Son grocery is now, stood the office building of the great 
stage line of Reeside, Slaymaker & Co., running from Phila- 
delphia to the West. This office building was a three-story 
structure. On the first floor the door was in the centre, 
with a window on each side; on the side of this room next 
to Christian street was the office and baggage room for the 
stage line; on the other side of the room was a jewelry shop, 
kept by a man named Brown. Many years previous to this 
the hotel was known as the State Arms, and was kept by 
Henry Slaymaker, receiving its license the latter part of the 
eighteenth century, and was succeeded by his son, Samuel 
Cochran Slaymaker, who was the landlord when Lafaj-ette 
visited Lancaster, Pa. Just when the hotel changed its 
name I do not know. There is a tradition extant to the effect 
that the first anthracite coal used in Lancaster was at Slay- 
maker's Hotel. It was so hard that they had great difiB- 
culty in igniting it, but after it got fairly started, the stove 
got so hot that they did not know what to do with it. Being 
afraid that the house would take fire, they poured water 
on it, and then took the stove out doors, vowing if they ever 
"got the pesky thing out, they would go back to burning 
hickory wood at three dollars a cord." 
Immediately opposite the hotel was a spring. Some 


The graveyard which, adjoins being the resting place of Mathias 
Slaymaker and many of his descendants. 

Historical. 19 

claim that Gibson's "Hickory Tree Inn" did not stand on 
this spot, but Hazard's "Register of Pennsylvania," pub- 
lished in 1830, Volume 6, page 265, gives this as the location. 
The hotel afterwards went into the hands of a man by the 
name of Parker, who was the last landlord, and the hotel 
went out of existence. 

Patriot Daughters of Lancaster, Pa. 

To the ladies of Lancaster, Pa., belongs the honor of 
forming the first organization of the "Patriot Daughters," 
their objects being to minister to the wants of the volunteers 
who went forth to fight in defense of the nation's honor and 
integrity. Similar societies were subsequently organized 
in other parts of the country, but as far as known, none pre- 
ceded the one in Lancaster, Pa. On the 22d of April, ten days 
after the attack on Fort Sumter, a meeting of the ladies of 
Lancaster was held in the Court House, at which it was 
resolved that an association of ladies be formed under the 
style and title of "Patriot Daughters of Lancaster." 

Officers : 

President, Mrs. R. Hubley. 

Vice-President, Mrs. E. E. Reigart. i 

Secretary, Anna C. Slaymaker. 

Treasurer, Mrs. John F. Long. 

Leacock Presbyterian Church, Lancaster County, Pa. 

Leacock Presbyterian Church, situated on the Old Road,, 
about fifteen miles east of Lancaster City, was incorporated 
March 10, 1787, by act of General Assembly of Pennsylvania. 
Trustees in said act of incorporation were Rev. N. W. Semple,, 
James Mercer, John Craig, John Slaymaker, Geo. Mcllvaine, 
Henry Slaymaker, Jr., Wm. Porter, Wm. Crayton and James; 
Cooper. The following Slaymakers have served as elders in 

2U History of the Slaymaker Family. 

this church: Henry Slaymaker. Henry Slaymaker, Jr., Daniel 
Slaymaker, John Slaymaker, Wilham Slaymaker, Samuel 
Slaymaker, Captain John Slaymaker, Nathaniel E. Slaymaker, 
and Amos Slaymaker. Adjoining the church is the grave- 
yard, which has been and still is used as a burial place by 
many of the descendants of Mathias Slaymaker and is his 
own resting place. The church was .started in the early part 
of 1700. 

Pequea Presbyterian Church, Lanc.\ster County, Pa. 
Pequea Presbyterian Church, Lancaster County, Pa., was 
chartered February 8, 1785. Trustees appointed were Isaac 
McAlmont, Aitios Slaymaker (who was also an elder in this 
church for many years), James Armor, Thos. Slemons, An- 
drew Caldwell, Robert Buyers, David Jenkins, Thos. Patton 
and Rev. Robert Smith, D.D. 

Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Gap, Pa. 

Bellevue Presbyterian Church, Gap, Pa., was organized in 
1832. The land was in possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy, 
who gave one acre and $100; Col. Maxwell Kennedy, SloO; 
Samuel Houston, $1.50; Henry F. Slaymaker, $100, and 
Robert Mcllvaine, $100. 

The first ruling elders of the Bellevue Presbyterian Church 
were Henry F. Slaymaker and Wm. S. Kennedy. Hamilton 
Roney was also elected an elder, but said he was not "guid" 
enough; also that he expected to go to the old country 
soon. Though elected an elder, he was never ordained. The 
church was erected in 1823 by Presbyterians and others and 
finally, in 1832, was organized into a Presbyterian church. 

Life, Work and Death of Henry Calvin Slaymaker. 
Another life has been given in the work of missions, and 
the manner of its going is so trragic as to long live in the 

Historical. 21 

memory of the Church. Henry Calvin 81aymaker, who was 
born in Alexandria. Va., December 4, 1873, united with the 
Church in 1885, elected an elder October 30, 1901 ; licensed 
by the Chesapeake Presbytery, April 16, 1903; ordained by 
them June 17, 1903; appointed as a missionary of the Pres- 
byterian Church to the Congo Mission field, Africa, as business 
manager, March 3, 1903; sailed from Philadelphia, August 
1, 1903. He had desired for at least eight years to be a 
missionary of the Cross and his desire had at last been grati- 
fied. The "Lapsley," the boat belonging to the Congo 
mission field, was put in first-class condition, November 11, 
1903, and started on its long, perilous and what proved to 
be disastrous voyage from Leopoldville with the outgoing 
missionaries and cargo of supplies, including a printing press. 
Navigation was difficult from the first, the boat was seven 
times whirled around by the current. On Monday, Novem- 
ber 16, 1903, an early start was made, and at seven o'clock 
the boat struck a whirlpool more dangerous than any previ- 
ously encountered. The little craft was unable to cope with 
the current and the waters rushed over the deck and in a 
few seconds the "Lapsley" was capsized. Mr. Slaymaker 
grasped the rail as the boat went over and was never seen 
again. It is supposed that he became entangled with some 
of the people who could not swim and was taken down with 
them, as twenty-three of the crew were drowend. In a 
moment he had passed from the scenes of missionary service 
to missionary reward. Others will take up the work, but 
his short life in the mission field will not have been in vain, 

Road Drivers Association of Lancaster, Pa. 
A meeting of those interested in the organization of a 
Road Drivers' Association of Lancaster, Pa., was held at the 
Stevens House, in that city, September 25, 1900. Matters 

22 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

pertaining to tlie organization were discussed, and on October 
9, 1900, the first permanent meeting was held, at which time 
the permanent officers were elected, as follows: President, 
P. E. Slaymaker; Vice-President, B. J. McGrann; Secretary, 
L. A. Ranch; Treasurer, Chas. H. Locher. Their first parade 
and races were held October 27, 1900. The present officers 
are: President, P. E. Slaymaker; Vice-President, A. C. 
Welchans; Secretary, L. A. Ranch; Treasurer, H. J. Ryder. 

Reading and Columbia Railroad. 
The Reading and Columbia Railroad was incorporated 
May 19, 1857. Names of incorporators: Frederick Lauer, 
John S. Richards and John McManus, Reading, Pa. ; James 
Myers, Samuel Shock, J. G. Hess, Wm. A. Morton, .4mos 
Slaymaker Green, Hugh M. North, Samuel W. Mifflin, M. M. 
Strickler, Columbia, Pa. ; Joseph Konigmacher, Ephrata, Pa. ; 
I. Leitz, Wm. C. Bradley, Bartram A. Sheaffer, Esq., Lancas- 
ter, Pa. The road was built in three sections; two of these 
sections were built under the direction of Samuel Cochran 
Slaymaker. The road, after it was finished, was leased for 
a long term of years by the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad 
and is now in a very prosperous condition. 

Convention for Forming Constitution for State of 
On July 15, 1776, a convention for the purpose of forming 
a Constitution met at Philadelphia; elected Benjamin Frank- 
lin, President; Col. George Ross, Vice-President; John Mor- 
ris, Secretary, and Jacob CJarrigues, Assistant Secretary. 
The delegates from Lancaster County were: George Ross, 
Philip Marsteller, Thomas Porter, Bartram Galbraith, Joseph 
Sheerer, John Hubley, Henry Slaymaker and Alexander 

Historical. 23 

The Union Volunteer Fire Company of Lancaster, Pa. 

The Union Volunteer Fire Company of Lancaster, Pa., 
organized about 1760 one of the oldest volunteer fire com- 
panies in Pennsylvania. Presidents: Adam Reigart, Jr., 
1813-44; John Ehler, 1844-48; Newton Lightner, 1848-55; 
H. E. Slaymaker, 1856 until his death. 

Lancaster County Home Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
pany', Lancaster County", Pa. 

Lancaster County Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 
incorporated April 19, 1841. Incorporators: Henry F. Slay- 
maker, William Noble, William Henderson, Dr. Samuel Duf- 
field and James G. Henderson. First President, William 
Noble; First Secretary and Treasurer, Henry F. Slaymaker. 
On January 14, 1851, Nathaniel E. Slaymaker was elected 
Secretary and Treasurer and served until January, 1882. 
St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pa. 
St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church, Lancaster, Pa., 
was organized about 1853. First Vestrymen: Henry Wright, 
Isaac Diller, Robert Clarkson, Henry P. Carson, Wm. Diller, 
Wm. Wilson, Sr., and H. E. Slaymaker. The first formal 
meeting of which we have any record was held May 5, 1853, 
at which time the form of charter still governing the corpo- 
ration was agreed upon. The persons present at that meet- 
ing were those whose names are attached to the charter. 

The Vestry organized by electing Rev. Samuel Bowman, 
D.D., Rector; Isaac Diller, Jr., as Vestry's Warden; H. E. 
Slaymaker, Secretary, and Robert Clarkson, Treasurer. 
Henry Wright, Sr., was appointed as Rector's Warden. Mr. 
Slaymaker served as Secretary until April, 1856, when he 
was succeeded by J. M. W. Geist. The building committee 
consisted of Isaac Diller, Edw. Martin and H. E. Slaymaker, 
who awarded the contract for the building May 24, 1853. 

24 History of the Slatmaker Family. 

"The New Era," Lancaster, Pa. 
The first number of the "Daily New Era," of Lancaster, 
Pa., was pubhshed April 28, 1877; weekly, on Saturday, 
May 5, 1877. J. M. W. Geist, who had been editor of the 
"Express" since 1852, and one of the proprietors and pub- 
lishers since 1856, when he projected the daily edition of that 
journal, accepted the position of co-editor of the "Examiner 
and Express," after the purchase of the latter by Hon. John 
A. Hiestand, and its consolidation with the "Examiner," in 
December, 1876. This relation continued only until j\Iarch 
14, 1877, when, owing to differences of opinion between the 
editor and proprietor, growing out of the election of Hon. 
J. D. Cameron to L'nited States Senate, Mr. Geist resigned. 
As he had represented and given expression to Independent 
Republican sentiments of the county since the organization 
of the party in which he took an active part, a strong de- 
sire was manifested to have him establish a journal which 
should reflect the independent sentiments created and 
fostered by him through the "Express." Various proposi- 
tions were made to raise the capital through a stock com- 
pany, but all failed. Ex-Senator John B. Warfel proposed 
to advance the necessary means for the purchase of an 
entire new plant and supply the necessary capital to put 
the journal on a paying basis. His offer was accepted. 
Although the enterprise was started in a period of great de- 
pression, it exceeded the most sanguine expectations of its 
friends. At the end of the first year the weekly edition 
exceeded the circulation of any of its contemporaries. The 
daily was steadily gaining in public favor. At the end of the 
fifth year, the official record kept by the Lancaster post- 
master showed that the "New Era" circulated as many 
copies through that channel as all the local newspapers and 

Slaymaker Row of Graves ix Leacock Burying Ground, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

Historical. 25 

periodicals combined. At end of sixth year, it liad paid back 
all capital and doubled its plant, its job printing department 
being one of the most complete in the state. Firm changed 
to Warfel & Geist. Original staff of the "New Era", J. B. 
Warjel, publisher; J. M. W. Geist, editor; Frank R. Dieffen- 
derffer, associate editor; John J. Cochran, managing news 
editor, assisted by James D. Landis, Walter Kieffer and Geo. 
W. Mason, on local news department, and B. S. Schindle in 
charge of business office. All of the above had been asso- 
ciated with Mr. Geist on the "Express" except Mr. Dieffen- 
derffer. The "New Era" to-day far exceeds any of its con- 
temporaries, both in its newspaper and job-printing work, 
having one of the most complete plants in the State. 
Children's Home, Lancaster, Pa. 

The idea of organizing a Children's Home in Lancaster, 
Pa., was conceived by Miss Mary Bowman, and the idea was 
realized by the institution being incorporated March 29, 1S60. 
First trustees: H. E. Slay maker, P. McConomy, B. Champ- 
neys, C. M. Howell, S. S. Rathfon, C. McCleery, Christian 
Widmyer, R. F. Rauch, Saumel Bausman, Jacob Frantz, 
J. R. Smeltz. Dr. John L. Atlee, Sr., President; B. A. 
Schaeffer and C. H. Lefever, Vice-Presidents; Geo. Calder, 
Jr., Secretary; Horace Rathfon, Treasurer. 

The Board of Managers were Miss Mary Bowman, First 
Directress; Mrs. Serena Franklin, Second Directress; Mrs. 
Sarah M. Kramph, Secretary; Miss Maria Miller, Treasurer; 
Mrs. Susan Miller, Matron; Mrs. Ehzabeth McComsey, 
Teacher; Miss Henrietta Hoffmeier, Miss Susan Smith, Miss 
Ehzabeth Eicholtz, Mrs. Rosina Hubley, Mrs. Louisa Long, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Sterrit, Mrs. Ann Muhlenberg, Mrs. John R. 
Russell, Miss Margaret Heitshu, Mrs. G. B. Kerfoot, Miss 
Margaret Humes, Mrs. Jacob Griel, Mrs. Bartram A. Schaef- 
fer, Miss Margaret Dale, Mrs. Isaac Dunn, Mrs. Henrietta 

20 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Bomberger, Miss Louisa Voorhes, Mrs. Sarah Cox, Mrs. Geo. 
M. Steinman and Mrs. Mary Patterson. 

Memorial Presbyterian- Church, Lancaster, Pa. 
On February 7, 1869, the first session of Memorial Presby- 
terian Sabbath School, from which has grown the church of 
the same name, was held on the second floor of the old 
ShifHer Hose House, on South Queen street, Lancaster, Pa., 
which is now the home of Engine Company No. 2, of our 
fire department. There were present at this service forty- 
four scholars, teachers and officers. The Superintendents 
of the school were Amos Fleming Slaymaker, D. W. Bissel, 
Dr. Henry Keneagy, H. R. Fulton, Esq., H. C. Moore, D. H. 
Bartholomew, and Edward R. Garvin. The present mem- 
bership of the school is about 400, including all departments. 
Over one-half of Sunday-school scholars are members of the 
church and over one-half cf the officers and teachers were 
former scholars. The present membership of the church 
is about 300. Three of the boys who were former scholars 
are now ministers. 

Slay-maker's Old Stage House, and Salisbury, now 
Slaymakerville, L.ancaster County, Pa. 

Amos Slaymaker, one of the stage line proprietors of Ree- 
side, Slaymaker & Co., line running from Philadelphia 
through Lancaster county. Pa., to the We.«t, built a' large 
tavern on the Philadelphia pike, about fourteen miles east of 
Lancaster, at Salisburyville, w^here a change of horses was 
made and twenty minutes allowed passengers to dine. Also 
stage passengers took supper and breakfast here, staying 
over night. Slaymaker's tavern was justly celebrated as 
one of the best on the road. It was the only one known as 
a "Stage House" on the turnpike within the county of 

Historical. 27 

Lancaster, though there were in all sixty taverns on the 
route between Lancaster and Philadelphia, or nearly one to 
every mile. The hotel property is now the private home of 
CUnton Himes. 

After the railroad was built through Lancaster County, 
the nearest point being nearly a mile from Salisburyville, 
the stage line was abandoned and the glory of the place has 
departed. It is now known, and has been for a long number 
of 3^ears, as Slaymakerville. After Amos Slaymaker retired 
from keeping the "Stage House," he built the large stone 
homestead, now known as the "White Chimneys," in 1807, 
not far from the "Stage House," in Slaymakerville. This 
homestead descended to Amos Slaymaker's .son Henry Flem- 
ing Slaymaker, and in turn to his son, Samuel Cochran Slay- 
maker, and is now owned and occupied by his son, Samuel 
Redsecker Slaymaker, and will descend to his son. Samuel 
Cochran Slaymaker, second . 

In the fall of 1907, a large gathering of manj^ of the rela- 
tives and friends commemorating the one hundredth anni- 
versary of the erection of the building, was given by the 
present owner, on which occasion the following poem was 
written by Mrs. Samuel Evans, whose husband was a grand- 
son of Amos Slaymaker, above mentioned: 

When the Bible-loving Slayraakers came 

To the sylvan land of Penn, 
Did the)' know they had chosen the rarest .spot 

That ever was known to men? 

Did they know that this shire would be queen of the State, 

This State the queen of all 
On this, the Solar System's best, 

Our own terrestrial ball? 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

'Twas not for wealth of soil or mine, 

A home or power they sought; 
No, 'twas for freedom to worship God 

As conscience deemed they ought. 

Unharmed they nursed in this blest land 

The faith they held so dear, 
Penn's land, where men of every creed 

Might worship without fear. 

When came the time that tried men's souls, 
When might oppressed the right, 

Slaymal<ers fought in Freedom's cause 
Till right was also miglit. 

'Twas ere man had of railroads dreamed. 
No freight trains shook the earth, 

Nor travel by steam in Stephenson's 
Nor Fulton's brain had birth. 

Coach Conestoga's six good steeds 
Through woodland sped the way. 

And travelers tlien were less than now 
Impatient of delay. 

'Twas Amos Slaymaker, M. C, 

Made travel elegant. 
Demanding for the stage coach fine 

A road like adamant. 

Our kindly host's progenitor 

By whom this home was reared, 
Ser\^ed here witli gentle piety 

Tlie God wliom he revered, 

Not only in liis songs of praise. 

Or when in prayer he knelt — - 
Approving conscience must be his 

Whene'er with men he dealt. 


Profound respect at Iiome, abroad, 

In church and Conpcress hall, 
Was meted him as honor due. 

And rendered him by all. 

Oh! dearly prize this heritage, 

'Tis more than house and lands 
High character to emulate 

With pure heart and clean liands. 

Fond friends and kindred here to-day 

The host and helpmeet sweet. 
Bright boy and darling baby girl. 

With choicest wishes greet. 

Prosperity of goodness bom 

And conscience free from fears 
Be ever with them as to-day 

Through many joyous }'ears! 

The Century past a beacon safe. 

Will be the hght to guide 
To coming years of blessedness 

For all who here abide. 

Stage Line of Reeside, Slaymaker & Co. 

The stage line of Reeside, Slaymaker & Co., running from 
Philadelphia to West, was owned and operated by Henry, 
Samuel and Amos Slaymaker, three brothers. Their barn 
in Lancaster, Pa., was situated on East Chestnut street, 
corner of Duke street. Adjoining the stables they built 
three one-story and a half houses, two of these, corner of 
Chestnut and Cherry streets and the one adjoining it, are 
still standing: as built, and third house west of Cherry street, 
o^ Chestnut street, was raised several years ago to a three- 
story building. The barn was burned on the evening of 
November 1, 1832. 

30 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

The People's National Bank, Lancaster, Pa. 
The People's National Bank, of Lancaster, Pa., organized 
March 16, 1887. The first President was Samuel H. Rey- 
nolds, who was succeeded by J. L. Steinmetz, who in turn 
was succeeded by P. E. Slaymaker, who now holds the 
office. This institution may, in one sense, be called a Slay- 
maker bank; the first Cashier was P. E. Slaymaker; the 
present President is P. E. Slaymaker; the present Vice-Presi- 
dent, L W. Leidigh's daughter, Ella, married George Duf- 
field Slaymaker; the present Cashier, Du Bois Rohrer's wife 
was Annie Cornelia Slaymaker. 

The Literal Translation of Schleiermacher. 

The literal translation of the word Schleiermacher is a 
veil maker; not the kind of veil worn by women, but an 
awning or drapery maker; the insignia can be seen on the 
coat of arms. 

Some old buildings recently passed out of the Slaymaker 
possession. Near Williamstown, on part of the original 
1,000 acres taken up by Mathias Slaymaker, is a very old 
stone barn and house and on the same place is a spring, 
which is very strong, some claim that this is the original 
spring near which Mathias Slaymaker first settled; but as 
that part of the country is full of springs, this is merely 
conjecture. This property has been continuously in the 
Slaymaker family and but recently sold by the heirs of 
Nathaniel E. Slaymaker, thus taking it out of Slaymaker 

Story of Slaymaker's Bull. 

The story of the Slaymaker's bull has been the cause of 
considerable inquiry on the part of the compiler of this book, 
but all seems to be uncertain. Some claim that he is all a 

People's National ]iAXK, Lancaster, Pa 

Historical. 31 

myth, others stating that it is not a myth, but is an actual 
occurrence. The story, as near as I can glean it, is that the 
engine was being brought up the old "State Road," now the 
Pennsylvania Railroad, somewhere between Leaman Place 
and Williamstown, Lancaster County, Pa. The bull not 
hking the looks of the engine, went for it with his head down ; 
and the engine being small in those days, not being like our 
large locomotives to-day, was jarred by the force of the 
animal and upset, being somewhat damaged but not seriously. 
The animal, however, did not fare this way, but was hurt 
so badly that it had to be afterward killed. 

The ownership of the bull seems to be also in doubt. 
Some say that it belonged to the father of Dr. J. M. Slay- 
maker, of Philadelphia; others that it belonged to Captain 
John Slaymaker, and still others, that it belonged to Henry 
F. Slaymaker. 

Slaymakers Not of Jewish Extraction. 
It has been stated to me that the Schleiermachers were of 
"Jewish extraction." I have made inquiry and been told 
that Germany, in the time of the Reformation, had very 
few Jews, and those had but one name and that name given 
to them by the government. I have been also told by Ger- 
mans that no Jew was allowed in the German army before 
1860, so that the Schleiermachers could not have been of 
Jewish extraction. 

The Fickel Branch. 
Margaret Slaymaker, daughter of the first Mathias, mar- 
ried Michael Fickel, whose land adjoined the Slaymaker's. 
many of whose descendants now live in and near Carlisle, 
Pa., but who cannot be arranged in proper chronological 
order, as no records of the descendants can be found. 

32 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Bad Treatment of the Daughter of Lawrence Slay'- 


At the death of Lawrence Slaymaker, son of the original 
Mathias Slaymaker, he left a daughter, Anna Barbara, who 
was then under the control of her mother and Jacob Pfoutz, 
and who treated her so badly that her grandfather, Mathias 
Slaymaker, had her taken from them and raised her himself. 
The following paper, however, will speak for itself: 
To the Worshipfull the Justices of the Orphans' Court, Held 

at Lancaster, for the said county, 4 Dec, 1752. The 
Petition of Matthias Slaymaker. 
Humble Shewith: 

That at an Orphans' Court held at Lancaster, Pa., the 6th 
March 1749 Yor Petr was appointed Gaurdian to Barbara 
Slaymaker an orphan (Daughter of Lawrence Slaymaker, deed., 
he being the Grandfather of the said Barbara That at the 
Request of Eve the Wife of Jacob Foutz and mother of the 
said Barbara she the said Barbara wa.s put under the care of 
the said Eve on Condition that she the said Eve and her said 
Husband would behave to the said Child in a kind and Tender 
Manner Which they by no means have done but on the Con- 
trary have at all times used her very ill Especially Jacob 
Foutz, her father in Law of which the said Barbara hath Fre- 
quently Complained. Wherefore Your Petd Prays Your 
Worships to Order that the said Barbara be taken from her 
said Father-in-Law and Put under Yor Petr Care and Your 
Petitioner is Willing to Educate and Bring up the child with- 
out Charging her for her Maintenance or Education. 

And Yor Petr as in Duty Bound, will pray, 





John Cochran left Scotland and settled in Ireland in 1570. 
Came from Frenos, two miles westward from Paisley, in Scot- 
land, Had three sons, Hugh, John and James. He was a 
clansman of the powerful house of Dundonald. Many of his 
descendants were of the gentry, most were yeomen, but all 
led sober, upright and righteous lives, feared God and kept 
His Commandments. John Cochran and his offspring hved 
one hundred and ten years in three towns — Moboy, Kilker- 
augh and Carrikeel. 

Old Peter with his family and John "Ye Man," so called, 
and Jonathan came and settled in New England. 

James, Stephen and David settled in Chester County, Pa., 
and laid out their farms near the rippling current of the 
Octoraro; James first resided in Sadsbury, in 1742. He pur- 
chased 135 acres additional in the same township, but it was 
not until the year 1745 that a large tract in common by the 
three brothers, James, Stephen and David, was divided and 
patent issued by John, Thomas and Richard Penn to James 
for three contiguous lots, aggregating 430 acres. The tract 
lay to the south of Stephen's and David's shares. Through 
the northern portion, near the northwestern boundary, divid- 
ing it from the land of Stephen's, ran the New Castle road, 
called the Gap and Newport Turnpike. There the little 
village of Cochranville by its name perpetuates the tradition 
of the clan whose pibroch and whose slogan have long ceased 
to sound on Scottish hills. 


Descended from George and Margaret, who emigrated 
from Ireland in 1730, and settled in Pequea, Lancaster County, 
Pa. They were descended from Huguenot ancestry, their 
forefathers having escaped from France on account of 

34 History of the Slaymaker Famiia'. 

religious persecution, and settled in England and afterwards 
passed over into the north of Ireland. The name was origi- 
nally du Fielde, but became Anglicised after the family 
had settled in England. 


John Bushong, a French Huguenot, sailed from Rotter- 
dam by way of Cowes, in ship Brittannia, of London, Michael 
Franklyn, master, arriving at Philadelphia in September, 
I Ferrees axd Lefever. 

In the reign of Louis XIV., King of France, the privileges 
of the Protestants were openly violated. Missionaries were 
sent out for their conversion, supported by dragoons, and 
severities were exercised which excited horror and indigna- 
tion of all Reformed states in Europe. Inflamed by a spirit 
of intolerance and bigotry, Louis undertook to put an end 
to Protestantism. About this time the husband of Mary 
Ferrie, or Verre, or Ferree, resided in the town of Lindau, 
not far from the river Rhine, in the kingdom of France. His 
family consisted of himself, his wife, three sons and three 
daughters, Daniel, Philip, John, Catherine, Mary and Jane. 
The father was a silk-weaver by trade, his religion Calvinistic, 
and, therefore, became a sufferer from Louis' bigotry. Troops 
drove the Protestants from the town and murdered a number 
of them and destroyed their property. The Ferrees fled to 
Germany, near Strasburg, residing there two years. On 
leaving France they were accompanied by a young man, 
Isaac LeFevre, whose relatives had all been murdered in the 
religious persecutions. Before leaving Germany, Mr. Ferree 
died, jjis widow, after that, was not pleased to be called 
by any but her maiden name, Mary Warrinbuer. After 
eaving Germany, they came to London, England, from there 

Historical. 35 

to New York, going to Esopus, above New York city. After 
two years there, they came to Philadelphia, thence to Lan- 
caster County, Pa., to the Pequea settlement. 

Shortly after they landed in America Isaac LeFevre mar- 
ried Catharine, daughter of Mary Ferree, from whom nearly 
all the LeFevres now living in Lancaster County, Pa., de- 
scend, although the George Lefever who married Anna 
Barbara Slaymaker, whose descendants live largely in 
Adams and Cumberland Counties, Pa., I am inclined to think 
do not belong to this LeFevre family, but to the ones who 
settled in New York State, but I would not give this as a 
fact, only my own opinion. -i -j Qfl'^'^f^ 

WilHam Fleming, a native of Greenock, Scotland, had an 
uncle who was a sea-faring man and owned one or more 
vessels, in which he took merchandise of a miscellaneous 
character to America, and brought cargoes of tobacco and 
wheat on his return voyage to Scotland. LTpon one occa- 
sion, when this uncle arrived at Greenock, his nephew, William, 
then a minor, went down to the vessel to see him. The 
former persuaded him to make a voyage to America and help 
work the ship and see the new country. Whether the young 
man's parents were dead or whether he ran away from home 
is unknown. In due time the vessel arrived in Chesapeake 
bay, at the commencement of the harvest time, in the latter 
part of about 16S0. His uncle persuaded him to go ashore 
and help the farmers witli their harvest, and said it would be 
a month or more before he would be ready to sail for Scot- 
land. William began work for a farmer, and while thus 
engaged, the vessel sailed without him. He then discovered 
that his uncle had bound him as a servant to the farmer 
for a period of four years. He never saw his uncle again but 

36 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

made the most of his surrounding circumstances and served 
the farmer faithfully during the term of his indenture. Crops 
along the Chesapeake were poor, and so at the expiration of 
his term he found employment in the family of Richard 
Moore, an Englishman, in Concord Township, Delaware 
County. After a short time he married their daughter, 
Mary Moore. In 1714 he moved his family near Coatesville. 
He erected his dwelling where Lukens' rolling mill now 
stands, along Brandj^ine Creek, and planted an orchard. 
He died in 1733. He had the following children: John, Wil- 
liam, Henry, George, James, Peter, Mary, who married Daniel 
Cowan, and Susannah, who married William Cowan. James 
Fleming, above son of William Fleming, had a son John Flem- 
ing, known as John Fleming, Sr., who had a son John Flem- 
ing, Jr., who had a son Henry Fleming, who was married to 
Let it ia Parke. John Fleming, Jr., married Mary Slaymd.ker, 
daughter of Henry Sla.ymaker. 

Jones and Richardson. 

An old Welch Quaker lived at what is now the home of 
Samuel R. Slaymaker, Slaymakerville, Lancaster Countj', 
Pa., named Samuel Jones. His son, Henry Jones, had two 
sons, William Jones, called "Captain" Jones, for he com- 
manded a privateer in the days of the Revolution and since 
has been a man of note in Philadelphia; when the Bank of 
the United States was chartered, in 1816, he was made 
president of it. Lloyd Jones, the other son, followed the 
sea all his life. Samuel Jones' eldest daughter, Mary, was 
born on the high sea and first married Lawrence Richardson, 
of Leacock, July 21, 1732, and had two children — John Rich- 
ardson, of Ohio, and Faithful Richardson, who married 
Henry Slaymaker. Mary Jones Richardson, after the death 
of her husband, married Thomas Green, an Englishman; 

Historical. 37 

children, Susana, married John Clemson, and Hannah, 
married Joshua Way. 


The Mcllvaines originated, or once lived in Bally Mence, 
Ireland, but sprang from the Scottish clan, McBane and 
McVean, which became through time the present name. 
The badge of the clan and coat of arms bears the inscription 
"Touch not a cat, but with gloves." The exact date when 
the Mcllvaine's came to this countrj^ I cannot give, but it 
must have been at an early day. George McIlvaine was 
lieutenant in the Revolutionary War. The first authentic 
record that I could secure was that William McIlvaine mar- 
ried Mary DuflBeld, sister of Rev. George Duffield, pastor 
of Old Pine Street Church and Chaplain of Continental Con- 

Reichert, now Reigart. 

Ulrich Reichert was born in Schwegenheim, Bavaria, 
March, 1695; married Anna Maria Merkel, who was born 
March, 1701, in Schwegenheim, in Churpfaltz (Electorate of 
the Palatinate), two hours from Spire. Her father was 
Abraham Merkel, weaving master; her mother was Margaret. 
When Anna Maria was ten years old, her father died; when 
she was twelve, she united with the church, and when she 
was twenty-one, was married. They emigrated to Penn- 
sylvania in 1738, had nine children — four sons and two 
daughters. Ulrich, above mentioned, died March 15, 1766; 
his wife died October 30, 1768. Their second son, Adam 
Reigart, married Catherine Yeiser, nee Carpenter, widow of 
Frederick Yeiser. After her death, Adam Reigart married 
Susana Franks. They had no children. 

Adam and Catherine Reigart had a son, Adam Reigart, 

38 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

who married Mary Wager. They had a number of children. 
We -R-ill only mention two, Margaret Reigart. who married 
Henry Y. Slaymaker, and Susan Reigait, who married 
Stephen C. Slaj-maker. 

The above only illustrate a few of the many positions 
held by the descendants of Mathias Schleiermacher. 

Lawrence Slaymaker, oldest son of Mathias Slaymaker, 
the first, died some years before his father, leaving a small 
daughter, who was raised by her grandfather. At his death, 
Mathias Schleiermacher left the bulk of his property to his 
four sons — John. Henrj', Mathias and Daniel — a small por- 
tion being given to his two daughters, Barbara and j\Iar- 
garet. I give the will in full below, as follows: 

Will of Mathias Slaymaker. 

In the name of God Amen the twenty fifth daj' of Novem- 
ber in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and 
sixt}' two, I Mathias Slaymaker, of Strasburg Township, 
Lancaster Count}', and province of Pennsj-lvania, yeoman 
being very sick and weak in Body but of Perfect mind and 
memory, thanks be given unto God therefore Calling to 
mind the mortaUty of my body and knowing that it is ap- 
pointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my 
last Will and Testament that is to say Principally and first 
of all I give and recommend my soul into the Hands of God 
that gave it and my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be 
buried in a Christian like and decent manner nothing doubt- 
ing but at the General Resurrection to receive the same 
again by the mighty power of God and as touching such 
worldly Estate where with God hath been pleased to bless 
me in this Life I give and dispose of the same in the manner 
and form following first of all it is my will and I do order 
that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and satis- 

Historical. 39 

fied, secondly I give and bequeath unto the Heir of my old- 
est son Lawrence 81aymaker deceased ten shillings to be 
levied out of my Estate, Thirdly I will and bequeath unto 
my daughter JMargaret one hundred pounds to be levied out 
of my Estate one year after my decease, Fourthly I will and 
bequeath unto my daughter Barbara the sum of one hun- 
dred pounds which she received from me at sundry times 
and ten shillings more to be levied out of my Estate, Fifthly 
I will and bequeath unto my son Mathias Slaymaker all that 
massuage or tract of Land that now he respectively dwells 
on and the' sum of ten shillings to be levied out of my Estate, 
Sixthly I will and bequeath in like manner aforesaid unto 
my two sons John and Henry Slaymaker the Lands they re- 
spectively dwell on and ten shillings each of them to be levied 
out of my Estate, Finally I will and bequeath unto my 
youngest son Daniel Slaymaker all the remainder of my 
estate real and personal and do constitute and appoint him 
to execute this my last will and testament and I do hereby 
utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other 
former Testament, Wills or Legacies and Executors by me 
in any wise before this time named willed and bequeathed 
ratifying and Confirming this and no other to be my last 
Will and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto 
set my hand and seal the day and j-ear above written 

Signed sealed published pronounced by me the said Mathias 
Slaymaker to be my last will and testament 

Mathias Slaymaker. 

William White and 

John Legget. 

One Special Feature of This Book. 

One special feature of this book is that I have in it the cuts 
of six generations — Henry Slaymaker, son of the original 

40 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Mathias Slaymaker; his son, Amos Slaymaker; Amos Slay- 
maker's son, Henry F. Slaymaker; Henry F. Slay maker's 
son, Samuel C. Slaymaker; Samuel C. Slaymaker's son, Sam- 
uel R. Slaymaker, and Samuel R. Slaymaker's son and 
daughter, Samuel C. Slaymaker, Second, and Helen Elizabeth 
Slaymaker, making, as I stated before, the cuts of six genera- 
tions (continuous). 

The Young Woman's Christian Association. 
In November, 1889, the Woman's Christian Association 
was organized and in 1893 the name was changed to the 
Young Woman's Christian Association. Mrs. .Zell was presi- 
dent pro tern, for one month and was succeeded by Mrs. S. M. 
Vernon, who was the first permanent president, and she was 
succeeded by Mrs. Chas. A. Heinitsh, in 1892. Mrs. Hein- 
itsh was succeeded by Dr. A. M. Underwood, in 1892. Mrs. 
E. J. Satchell was elected president in 1895, followed by Mrs. 
Annie E. Wood, from 1898 to 1909, when she was succeeded 
by Miss Mary Slaymaker Kepler, the present president. 

The Lancaster Play Grounds Association. 
In the early part of 1909 an agitation was started looking 
toward the establishing of play grounds for the children of 
Lancaster, Pa., and finally, on March 12, 1909, a permanent 
organization was effected with the following officers: Presi- 
dent, H. S. WilHamson; Vice-President, W. C. Bidlack; Secre- 
tary, W. F. Carey; Treasurer, P. E. Slaymaker. 



Lawrence Slaymaker, oldest son of Mathias Schleier- 
macher, was born in Germany and came to this country with 
his father. He died some years before his father. Lawrence 
Slaymaker married Eve Pfautz, and had one child. 

I. Anna Barbara Slaymaker (b., Feb. 18, 1739; m. , 

1761; d., Aug., 1820), who married George Lefever, 

moved to Adams County, near Gettysburg, Pa., from 

there to Cumberland County, Pa. They had twelve 

children, as follows: 

First. Isaac Lefever ( (b., Feb. 11, 1767; m., June 4, 

1807; d., Aug. 21, 1829) married Nancy McGahan, 

Eleven children, as follows: 

A. George Lefever (b. March 24, 1808) married 

— ■ . Had a number of children. 

Only one known, Louisa. 

B. Twin. No name. (B., ; d., .) 

C. Twin. No name. (B., ; d., .) 

D. Joseph Lefever (b., Nov. 23, 1809; m., ; 

d., July 25, 1890) married Rebecca . 

Had a number of children; all dead but one 
son, Edward. 

E. Elizabeth Lefever (b., Nov. 1, 1811; m., 

) married John Johnson. Had a son 

and daughter, Bruce Johnson. and Mrs. W. J. 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

F. Nancy Lefever (b., Feb. 26, 1814; m., ; 

d., Dec. 23, 1892) married Isaac D. Ross. 
Had a number of children, only one known — 
Henry C. Ross. 

G. Isaac Lefever married Permedlia French. 

Had five children, two sons and two daugli- 
ters, names unknown, and one daughter. Nar- 
cissus Lefever; married Parks. 

H. Daniel Lefever (b. ; d., ). 

I. Jesse Lefever. 

J. Mary Lefever, married Shinn. 

K. Susan Lefever. married George Martin. Had 
a number of children, only one known — Eliz- 
Second. Elizabeth Lefever (b. Dec. 8. 1761 ; m., 

; d., Feb. 7, 1835), married Peter Tritt. 

Thirteen children, as follows: 

A. Elizabeth Tritt (b. ,June 18, 1784; m., ; 

d., Oct. 17, 1831), married David Palm. 

B. Jacob Tritt (b., Jan. 13, 1780; m., -; m., 

; d., Dec. 17, 1856), married twice; 

first time to Susan Albert; two children, as 
follows : 
One. Peter Albert Tritt (b., Feb. 20, 1813; 
m., Dec. 21, 1846), married Margaret 
Jane Coale. Four children, as follows: 
a. Jacob A. Tritt (b., Feb. 8, 1848; m., 
June 22, 1877), married Alice K. 
Webb. Four children, as follows: 
I. Anna Imogexe Tritt (b., May 
20, 1878; m., Aug. 2, 1896), 
married R. C. Wells. One child, 
Schuyler Wells (b., Feb. 28, 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 43 

II. Webb H. Tritt (I)., Aug. 15, 1879; 
d., Aug. 23, 1896). 

III. Chalmer J. Tritt (b., Sept. 29, 


IV. Albert P. Tritt (b., April 2, 


b. Eliza Ann Tritt (b., Sept. 21, 1849; 

m., Nov. 27, 1872), married Dr. C. 
W. Slick. One son, C. J. Slick (b., 
Nov. 11, 1878). 

c. Sarah Alice Tritt (b., May 28, 1853; 

d., Sept. 25, 1866). 

d. Anna Tritt (b.. ). 

Two. Elizabeth Tritt (b., Jan., 1811; m., 

; d., about 1836), married James 

Lewis. Three children, as follows: 

a. William Lewis. 

b. Jacob Lewis. 

c. Sarah Lewis, married Cannon. 

Jacob Tritt married second time to Jane Fisher, 

no children. 

C. - Barb.\ra Tritt (b., May 10, 1778; d. ). 

D. Barb.\ra Tritt (b., March 19, 1789; d., ). 

E. Christian Tritt (b., July 25, 1796; m., 1820; 

m., Nov. 23, 1852; d., Jan. 10, 1871), married 
twice; married first time to Lydia Stough. 
Fourteen children, as follows: 
One. Peter N. Tritt (b., June 24, 1821; m., 

; d., June 9, 1849), married Nancy 

Neckey. Seven children, as follows: 
a. Philip Stough Tritt, married 

. Five children, as follows: 

I. John Tritt? 
II. Samuel Tritt? 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

III. Stouuh Tritt? 

IV. Lydia Tkitt? 

V. Elizabeth Tritt? 

b. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

c. Elizabeth Tritt, married Feree. 

d. Ly'dia J. Tritt, mai-ried Shafer. 

e. John A. Tritt (b., Sept. 23, 1847; m., 

Jan., 1869), married Jennie E. To- 
bias. Five children, as follows: 
I. Alice E. Tritt. 
II. Edgar P. Tritt. 

III. Florence E. Tritt. 

IV. Maud J. Tritt. 
V. MEL\aN J. Tritt. 

f. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

g. Samuel J. Tritt. 

Two. Elizabeth Tritt (b., Oct. 19, 1824; m., 

; d., March 29, 1883), married 

John Hemminger. Nine children, as 

a. Warren Ducal Hemminger (b., Sept. 

13, 1850). 

b. Christian Tritt Hemminger (b., July 

27, 1852), married Mary A. Hengler. 

c. Frances Cath.\rine Hemminger (b., 

Jan. 9, 1845) m., ), married 

Edward McLaughlin. Four children, as 
follows : 
I. Frank Edwin McLaughlin (b., 

March 27, 1878). 
II. Wellas Howe McLaughlin (b., 

July 11, 1880). 
III. Ethel Elizabeth McLaughlin, 
(b., Feb. 21, 1883). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 45 

IV. Ammy Bell McLaughlin, (b., 
Dec. 12, 1891). 

d. Benjamin Calvin Hemminger (b., 

April 17, 1857). 

e. Margaret Jane Hemminger (b., Aug. 

16, 1859.) 

f. Sarah Bell Hemminger, (b., Nov. 29, 

1861; m., — — ), married Gilbert 
Greese. Two children, as follows: 
I. Bertha E. Greese (b., April 2, 
IL Mayble Greese (b., June 12,1890). 

g. Mary Elizabeth Hemminger (b., Aug. 

2, 1864; d., July 7, 1874). 
h. Julia Anna Hemminger (b., Oct. 26, 

1867; m., ), married William 

Anderson. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 
L Edna Gown Anderson (b., Aug. 
1, 1888). 
II. Edith Wills Anderson (b., July 
14, 1890). 
i. John Wesley Hemminger (b., March 
8, 1870.) 
Three. Catharine Tritt (b., Jan. 19, 1823; 

m., — ; d., March 17, 1882), married 

Peter Foust. Five children, as follows: 

a. William G. Foust (b., Sept. 21, 1854; 

m., ), married Kate Warden. 

One child, George C. Foust (b., Oct. 

b. Mary E. Foust married Joseph Burt- 


c. Lydia Bell Foust (b., Feb. 19, 1862; 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

m., ), married William T. 

Hoops. Two children, as follows: 
I. Grace E. Hoops (b., Aug. 17, 

II. M. Ethel Hoops (b.. May 24, 

d. Christian T. Foust (b., Dec. 24, 1860; 

m., ; m., Oct. 13, 1887), 

married twice; first time, to Carrie 
Martin ; second time to Susan Wolf. 
Two children, as follows: 
I. Bertie I. Foust (b., Nov. 10, 

II. Lulu M. Foust (b., Sept. 6, 1892). 

e. Catharine Agnes Foust, married Geo. 

W. Strohm. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Hellex E. Strohm (b., July 23 

II. Jennie T. Strohm (b., Nov. 4 
Four. Mary Magdalin Tritt (b., Dec. 16 

1825; d., April 24, 1827). 
Five. Martin Luther Tritt (b., Sept. 29 

1837; d., May 12, 1838). 
Six. Jacob Miller Tritt (b., Feb. 4, 1827) 
married Sarah Wolf. Five children, as 
follows : 

a. Christian Tritt, married Mary Ann 

Shank. Have several small children. 

b. Belle Tritt, married John Kissinger. 

Three children, as follows: 
I. Annie Kissinger. 
II. Edgar Kissinger. 
III. John Kissinger. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slwmaker. 47 

c. Jacob Tritt, married Dollie Moore. 

One child. 

d. Margaret Tritt (b., ; d., ). 

e. Jane Tritt, married David Sheaffer. 

Six or seven small children. 
Seven. Sarah Agnes Tritt (b., Dec. 6, 1845; 
m., Dec. 20, 1866), married Abraham 
George Myers. Five children, as fol- 

a. Frank Raymond Myers (b., June 23, 

1867; m., Jan. 14, 1892), married 
Elizabeth Koons. 

b. James Oliver Myers (b., Nov. 23, 1868; 

m., Feb. 6, 1895), married Margery 

c. Lee Tritt Myers (b., June 19, 1871). 

d. Emma Bertha Myers (b., 1873; m., 

Feb. 7, 1895), married James Hem- 

e. Melvin Fishburn Myers. 

Eight. Barbara Ann Tritt (b. Nov. 2, 1828), 
married Frances G. Williamson. Ten 
children, as follows: 

a. Adaline a. Williamson (b., Feb. 4, 

1865; m., Dec. 23, 1890), married 
Charles T. Hustler. One child, 
Leon B. Hustler (b., Jan. 18, 1893). 

b. Christian Tritt (b., March 16, 1860; 

m., ), married Mary Elizabeth 

. Six children, as follows: 

I. Mary E. Williamson (b., Sept. 9, 

n. Hugh H.-vrper Williamson (b., 
July 3, 1890). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

III. Tabitha Anna Williamson (b., 

Dec. 3, 1888; d., June, 1889). 

IV. Eugene Frascis Williamson, 

(b., Aug. 22, 1882). 
V. Rena Vida Williamson (b., July 
15, 1884). 
VI. Elsie C. Williamson (b., June 16, 

c. Amelia Caroline Williamson (b., Oct. 

3, 1862), married Robert Elmer 

d. Moshime R. Williamson (b., July 19, 


e. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

f. Elizabeth Williamson (b., Jan. 12, 


g. Ralph Williamson (b., Dec. 4, 1866). 
h. Margaret A. Williamson (b. ,Aug. 12, 

1857; d., Aug. 2, 1858). 
i. Delilah A. Williamson (b., Sept. 4, 

1857; m., ), married her 

cousin, John Black Tritt. For de- 
scendants, see record of John Black 
j. Johnston Williamson (b., March 18, 
1850; d., May 10, 1875). 
Nine. John Stough Tritt (b.. May 28, 1832; 
m., Feb. 7, 1856), married Sarah Good- 
hart. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Mary LomsA Tritt (b., Oct. 22, 1873; 

d., April 24, 1874). 

b. Ida Laura Tritt (b., Nov. 3. 1863; d., 

Dec. 14, 1863). 

c. Hettie Jane Florence Tritt (b., Jan. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 49 

3, 1869; m., ), married Lin- 
coln Ernest. Three children, as 
follows : 
I. LuLA Ernest. 
II. John Tritt Ernest. 
III. Patterson Ernest. 

d. Jessie E. Tritt (b., Dec. 23, 1878). 

e. Francis Charlotte Tritt (b., April 29, 

1863; m., Feb. 28, 1895), married 
D. E. SoUenberger. 

f. Frederick Martin Tritt (b., Nov. 3, 


g. John Graham Tritt (b., Dec. 31, 1858; 

d., ). 

h. Catharine Bell Trit (b.. May 3, 1857; 
d., Dec. 13, 1861). 
Ten. Samuel Alexander Tritt (b. Aug. 5, 

1834; m., ; d., April 19, 1883), 

married Elizabeth Bishop. Seven chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Theodore Grove Tritt (b., Dec. 3, 

1858; m., ), married Clara J. 

Coover. Two children, as follows: 

I. Maggie Tritt (b., Sept. 2, 1884). 
II. Heller Tritt (b., April 30, 1894). 

b. Elder Lane Tritt (b., Jan. 11, 1861). 

c. John Bishop Tritt (b., Oct. 9, 1867; 

m., ), married Ida Newcomer. 

One child, John Newcomer Tritt 
(b., Dec. 21, 1894). 

d. James Ira Tritt (b., April 9, 1867; m., 

), married Laura B. Hand- 

e. Frances E. Tritt (b., Dec. 31, 1869) 

50 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

married Bradford P. Ernest. Two 
children, as follows: 
I. Bradford L. Ernest (b., May 13, 
II. Ray T. Ernest (b., Nov. 26, 1894). 

f. I. Myrtle Tritt (b., Aug. 2, 1872). 

g. S. Josephine Tritt (b., Jan. 16, 1879). 
Eleven. David Palm Tritt (b., Aug. 20, 1830; 

m., Dec. 14, 1858; m., Dec. 25, 1865), 
married twice; first time to Mary L. 
Fisher. Two children, as follows: 

a. Charles Edgar Tritt. 

b. Mary Ellen Tritt, married Hugh Ful- 
ton. Have infant son. 

David Palm Tritt married second time to 
Sarah Ann Harper. Two children, as 

a. Edward Green Tritt, married Ella 

Fulton. Two children, as follows: 
I. Robert Fulton Tritt. 
II. Margaret Harper Tritt. 

b. Lulu P. Tritt, married Robert Mullen 

McCune. One child. 

Fransen Harper McCune (b., ; 

d. ). 

Twelve. Tabitha Jane Tritt (b., July 11, 
1839; m., Dec. 23, 1858), married Wil- 
liam Johnston McCullough. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. David Coyle McCullough (b., Sept. 24, 


b. John Hoavard McCullough (b. Sept. 

24, 1864). 

c. Christian Tritt McCullough (b., 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 51 

Sept. 21, 1861; m., Dec. 23, 1890), 
married Mary A. Paul. One child. 
Joseph Paul McCullough (b. Feb. 
15, 1894. 
d. Williamson Linn McCullough (b., 
July 13, 1859; m., Dec. 23, 1880). 
Married Alice Wetzel. One child. 
John Wester McCullough (b., Sept. 
8, 1882). 
Thirteen. Martha Jane Tritt (b., Dec. 12, 

Fourteen. Christian Tritt (b., March 21, 

1841; m., ; in., ; d., Jan. 

5, 1879); married twice; married first 
time to Ellen Green. Four children, as 

a. Lydia Bell Tritt (b., July 22, 1863), 

married Abraham Goodhart. Two 
children, as follows: 
I. John Calvin Goodhart (b., Nov. 

23, 1885). 
IL Albert Chisnell Goodhart (b., 
March 19, 1890). 

b. Calvin Tritt (b., July 23, 1866; m., 

) , married Eleanor 

SchouUer. Two children, as follows: 
L Eleanor Tritt (b., June 25, 1892). 
IL Luetta Tritt (b., July 5, 1895). 

c. Mary Ellen Tritt (b., July 22, 1863; 

m., ), married Martin Bishop. 

Two children, as follows: 
I. HuLDA Catharine Bishop (b.,. 

Nov. 15, 1886). 
IL James Alfred Bishop (b., Aug. 
21, 1889. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. Olive Bird Tritt (b., Jan. 18, 1870; 

m., ), married James Stuart 

Kuhns. One child: 
William Stuart Kuhns (b., Sept. 19, 
Chrlstiax Tritt married second time to Mrs. 
Charlotte McCuUough, nee Pittenbury. One 

One. Ly"dia Isabell Tritt (b., Aug. 16, 
1854; m., Sept. 24, 1876), married Wil- 
liam Linn Duncan. Five children, as 
follows : 

a. James Linn Patterson Duncan 

(b. June 10, 1877). 

b. David Daniel Glenn Duncan 

(b., July 29, 1879). 

c. Matthew B. Boyd Duncan (b., 

Oct. 26. 1880; d.. May 4, 1883). 

d. Charlotte Grizzelda Duncan 

(b., Nov. 27, 1882). 

e. Son (b., Feb. 11, 1889; d., Feb. 12, 


F. Samuel Tritt (b., Sept. 14, 1803; m.. ; 

ro., ; d., Feb. 22, 1873), married twice; 

married first time to Annie Elizabeth Clark. 
Two children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Ann Tritt (b., July 27, 1835), 

married William Hemminger. 
Two. Jane Mary Tritt (b., June 3, 1840). 
Samuel Tritt married second time to Julia Ann 

Heag)^ Eight children, as follows: 
One. Martha Ellen Tritt (b., June 30, 1845; 
m., Jan. 11, 1872), married Samuel 
Bricker. Had a child (b., Dec. 10, 1873). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 53 

Two. George Washington Tritt (b., Mch. 

26, 1847; m., Feb. 3, 1870), married 

Andelia James. Had two children. 
Three. Samuel Heagy Tritt (b., Feb. 14, 

Four. William Henderson Tritt (b., Oct. 

15, 1854; d., Feb. 28, 1860). 
Five. Emma Catharine Tritt (b., July 16, 

1849; m., Oct. 26, 1871), married Mor- 
■ row B. Skinner. 
Six. Margaret Bell Tritt (b., Oct. 15, 1857; 

d., Feb. 28, 1860). 
Seven. David Walter Tritt (b., Nov. 21, 

Eight. Edgar Line Tritt (b., Nov. 19, 1859). 

G. Peter Tritt (b., Jan. 25, 1782; m., ; d., 

Jan. 24, 1860), married Sarah Line. Five 
children, as follows: 
One. Peter Tritt (b., ; d., , 16 

years old). 
Two. William Tritt (b., 1809), married 

Buetgers. Six children, as fol- 

a. Sarah Tritt (b., Aug. 21, 1836; m., 

; d., April 19, 1866), married 

Samuel Lotzbaugh. One child. 
Sarah Tritt. 
Also a son, John King, by John King, to 
whom she was never married. 

b. William Myers Tritt (b., Nov. 19, 

1840; d., Sept. 19, 1865). 

c. Catharine Tritt (b., ; m., Mch. 

6 or 13, 1866), married William Fink- 
enbinder. One child. 

History of the HijAymaker Family. 

d. Reuben Tritt, married Ann Robinson. 

e. Susannah M. Tritt (b., Sept., 1838; 

m., Aug. 4, 1864), married Michael 
S. Hoover. 

f. Samuel Ruetzgers Tritt (b., 1834; 

m., ; d., 1859), married Jane 

Scheffer. Two children. 
Three. George Tritt (b., 1811), married 

twice; mairied first time to ■ ; 

married second time to Mrs. Grey. Four 

children, as follows: 

a. A daughter, married Matthew Gelvin. 

b. A daughter, married Henry B. Young. 

c. Anna Barbara Tritt (b., ; m., 

March 27, 1873), married James 

d. Alfred Tritt (b., Sept. 29, 1848; d., 

Dec. 16, 1870). 
Four. Elizabeth Tritt, married John Ash- 
burn. Four children, as follows: 

a. Mary Ashburn. 

b. Sarah Bell Ashburn, married ■ — 


c. John Dunlap Ashburn, married 

d. Josephine Ashburn. 
i. Jacob Tritt, married Lydia Jane Henry. 
Seven children, as follows: 

a. Zellie Tritt, married Rankin Stover. 

One child. 
Infant (b., ; d., ). 

b. Tritt. 

c. Mehala Tritt. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 55 

f. Jane Tritt. 

g. Henry Tritt. 

George Tritt, moved from Cumberland Co., 
Pa., to Stark County, now Summit County, 
Ohio, with all their worldly goods in a four- 
horse covered wagon, in October, 1823, and 
settled on a quarter section (160 acres) of 
land, which he purchased from the U. S. 
Ciovernment. On account of sickness, pur- 
chased from the Holland Land Co. a piece 
of land, 106 acres, all densely covered with 
forest, three miles west of Meadville, Pa., 
and moved there in March, 1829, and built 
house, cut of which will be found on opposite 
page, until 1877, when a new home was built. 
(B., Nov. 3, 1791; m., Oct. 20, 1814; d., Oct. 
4, 1882.) Married Susannah Line. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. Sallie Ann Tritt (b., Jan. 7, 1817; m., 
June 17, 1847), married Hugh Wilson. 
One child : 
a. George Tritt Wilson, married Eliza- 
beth Edeburn. Two children, as 
I. Wallace A. Wilson. 
II. Grace Edna Wilson. 
Two. Abr.\ham Line Tritt (b., Jan. 1, 1821; 
m., June 16, 1855; d., Aug. 17, 1894), 
married Sarah Catharine Compton. One 
a. Anna Mary Tritt, married John 
Wright Wilkinson. Eight chilcren, 
as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

I. John Wright Wilkinson (b. 


TI. Arthvr Abraham Wilkinson 
(b., ). 

III. M.sRY Wright Wilkinson (b., 


IV. Sarah Caroline Wilkinson (b., 

;d., ). 

V. Anna Wilkinson (b., ). 

VI. Thomas Lee Wilkinson (b., 

; d., — ). 

VII. Abraham Tritt Wilkinson (b., 

: d., ). 

VIII. William Henry Wilkinson. 
Three. William George Tritt (b., Dec. 18, 
1826; m., Nov. 26, 1S57), married Eliza- 
beth Denny. Two children, as follows: 

a. Sarah Francis Tritt. 

b. Amelia, Tritt. 

I. Catharine Tritt (b., July 5, 1794; m., March 
15, 1821; d., Jan. 9, 1871), married John 
Feighner. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Mary Feighner (b., March 10, 1824; 
married Samuel Trump. Two daughters 
and one son. 
Two. Emeli^je Feighner (b., Dec. 7, 1833), 
married Adam Rahma. Three sons and 
two daughters. 
Three. William Feighner (b., March 4, 1838; 

m., ; d., , 1867), married 

Henrietta Stauffer. One child. 

L. W. Feighner, married . 

Two sons and one daughter. 
Four. Elizabeth Feighner (b., Nov. 13, 

William G. Tritt. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 57 

1822; m., ; d., , 1883), 

married John I^eightenwalter^ Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Lottie Leightenwalter. 

b. Emma Leightenwalter, married Geo. 


Five. Samuel Feighner (b., Dec. 7, 1825 
d., ). 

Six. Catharine Feighner (b., Jan. 6, 1828 

m., ; d., , 1875), married 

John Weas. Three children, as follows 

a. Edwin Weas. 

b. Daughter. 

c. Daughter. 

Seven. Solomon Feighner (b., Jan. 26, 1831; 

m., ), married Sarah Everett. 

Four children, as follows: 

a. Stella Feighner, married Bert Hager. 

b. Allen Feighner. 

c. David Feighner. 

d. Henrietta Feighner, married John 

J. JoHNTRiTT(b., Jan. 18, 1801; m., Oct. 24, 1822; 
d., Sept. 18, 1884), married Catharine Line. 
Twelve children, as follows: 
One. Mary Catharine Tritt (b.. May 3, 1838; 
m., Dec. 24, 1856; m., Nov. 27, 1866), 
married twice; married first time to 
David Smith. Three children, as fol- 
a. Edward Smith, married Ellen Burk- 
holder. Three children, as follows: 
I. David Smith. 
II. Edith Smith. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

III. Susan Smith. 

b. William Smith, married L_ydia Ickes. 

c. Salome Smith, (b., Feb. 8, 1864) mar- 

ried Lowrie Smith. 
Mary' Catharine Tritt married second 
time to John A. Dice. Five children, as 

a. Charles E. Dice (b., March, 1877; d., 

Oct. 18, 1879). 

b. Henry M. Dice (b. and d. 1874). 

c. WiLFORD Hawk Dice (b., May 22, 1868). 

d. Mary J. Dice (b., Jan. 14, 1872). 

e. John A. Dice (b., June 27, 1869), mar- 

ried Mary E. . Two children, 

as follows: 
I. Mary L. Dice (b., Dec. 23, 1891). 
II. Rose C. Dice (b., June 14, 1893). 
Two. Abigail Salome Tritt (b., July 30, 

1840; m., ; d., April 21, 1891), 

married George Aughinbaugh. Four 
children, as follows: 

a. Daughter (b. and d. Jan. 17, 1870). 

b. Mary C. Aughinbaugh (b., Julj^ 12, 


c. Eva a. Aughenbaugh (b., Aug. 6, 


d. John W. Aughenbaugh (b., Sept. 6, 

Three. Daniel Hartman Tritt (b., Aug. 13, 

1844; d., Jan. 25, 1848). 
Four. William Henry Tritt (b., July 1, 1842; 
m., April 4, 1867), married Mary C. Win- 
ters. Six children, as follows: 

a. Maud Tritt (b., ; m., Nov. 2, 

1887), married WiUiam Bronfield. 

The Old Tritt Home, Near Meadville, Pa. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 59 

b. Pearle Tritt(I)., ; m., June 27, 

1894), married .John Le Gore. 
v.. William Tritt. 

d. Mary Tritt. 

e. Jess Tritt. 

f. Clarence Tritt. 

Five. Elizabeth Tritt (b., Jan. 19, 1829; d., 

June 20, 1830). 
Six. George Lefever Tritt (b., Nov. 27, 

1825; m., ; d., April 6, 1891), 

married Eliza, Chestnut. Three children, 

as follows: 

a. William Tritt, married Ellen Miller. 

b. Lizzie Tritt (b., ; m., Jan. 12, 

ISSfi), married Joseph Lefefore. 

c. George Tritt, married Frances Tarner. 
Seven. Anna Barbara Tritt (b., Sept. 27, 

1823; m., ), married Henry Woft- 

sker. Ten children, as follows: 

a. William H. Woftsker (b., March 19, 

18.55; m., Dec. 22, 1881), married 
Florence G. Wright. Two children, 
as follows: 
I. W. Henry Woftsker (b., Nov. 

21, 1882). 
IL B. Anna Woftsker (b., Aug. 29, 

b. B. Ellen Woftsker (b., Dec. 26, 1864). 
^. Luther G. Woftsker (b., Sept. 28, 


d. Adda S. Woft.sker (b., March 13, 1867; 

d., July 9, 1867). 

e. Emma Jane Woftsker (b., Nov. 29, 

1852; m., April 10, 1890), married 
J. Cooves Vandersail. 

60 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

f. Mary E. Woftsker (b., Nov. 7, 1849; 

d., April 20, 1866). 

g. Sarah Catharine Woftsker (b., Nov. 

14, 1847; m., April 21, 1891), mar- 
ried Luther Markwart. One child. 
Lena E. Markwart (b., Dec. 22, 
h. George W. Woftsker (b., Aug. 24, 
1859; m., Nov. 27, 1882), married 
Anna M. Foglesanger. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Paul B. Woftsker (b., Sept. 26, 
IL Claive T. Woftsker (b., July 27, 
i. John T. Woftsker (b., Nov. 20, 1845; 
m., Oct. 17, 1871), married Caroline 
Allen. Five children, as follows: 
I. John A. Woftsker (b., June 23, 

IL Edith E. Woftsker (b., Nov. 10, 
'in. Gertrude H. Woftsker (b., Apr. 

1, 1876). 
IV. Bessie G. Woftsker (b., Aug. 20, 

V. Grace Woftsker (b. Sept. 7, 
j. David E. Woftsker (b., April 14, 1857; 
m., March 25, 1881), married Louisa 
Boas. One child. 
Robert Woftsker (b.. May 12, 1883). 
Eight. Wesley Summerfield Tritt (b., Dec. 
24, 1833; d.. May 25, 1835. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 61 

Nine. John Line Tritt (b., Dec. 28, 1826), 
marrieil Hannah Jane Heck. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. John Tritt, married Mary Yeager. 

Two children, as follows: 
I. Lulu Tritt. 
IL Lawrence Tritt. 

b. Lydia Tritt (b., ; m., Oct. 2, 

1883), married Louis Goodhart. 
One child. 
Ruth Goodhart. 

c. Etta J. Tritt (b., ; m., Feb. 15, 

1893), married Charles Frank Fis- 

d. Kate Tritt (b., ; m., Oct. 20, 

1885), married Charles Stuart. Two 
children, as follows: 
L Mary Stuart. 
IL Eva F. Stuart. 
Ten. Son (b., Feb. G, 1833; d., Feb. 12, 1833). 
Eleven. David Fletcher Tritt (b., Feb. 25, 
1836; m., March 13, 1862), married 
Margaret Ann Kelso. Eight children, as 
follows : 

a. Bertha S. Tritt (b., ; m., Jan. 

24, 1884), married Christian Bitner. 
Three children, as follows: 
L Anna B. Bitner (b., Oct. 17, 

IL Harvey T. Bitner (b., May 12, 

III. Beulah Bitner (b., Sept. 5, 

b. Matilda C. Tritt (b., Aug. 8, 1864; d., 

Aug. 24, 1864.) 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

c. Minnie B. Tritt (b., March 30, 1867). 

d. John W. Tritt (b., April 19, 1867). 

e. Grace Tritt (b., Oct. 17, 1877). 

f. Helen M. Tritt (b., Sept. 12, 1874). 

g. Nannie E. Tritt (b., Feb. 5, 1876; d., 

June 2, 1894. 
h. Anna M. Tritt (b., March 3, 1874; d., 
March 9, 1875). 
Twelve. Peter Hamilton Tritt (b., Jan. 1, 
1833; m., Feb. 29, 1860), married Ara- 
bella Preston. Four children, as follows: 

a. Annie C. Tritt (b., Dec. 22, 1861; m., 

Feb. 12, 1885), married Burd Duke. 
Three children, as follows: 
I. May Duke (b., Sept. 9, 1885). 
II. Arthur Duke (b. March 18, 

III. Ethel Duke (b., June 18, 1892). 

b. Charles Tritt (b., July 29, 1873; d., 

Oct. 1, 1874). 

c. Caroline M. Tritt (b.. May 25, 1861; 

m., ), married Edward Stull. 

Two children, as follows: 
I. Arabella Grace Stull (b., Mch. 

18, 1891). 
II. Jean Stull (b., Sept. 13, 1894). 

d. Arthur Stull (b., Oct. 25, 1875; d., 

Sept. 25, 1892). 
K. William K. Tritt (b.. May 20, 1807; m., Mch. 
9, 1830; d., Dec. 17, 1851), married Catharine 
Black. Eleven children, as follows: 
One. Martha Ann Tritt (b., Oct. 31, 1837; 

d., Dec. 17, 1837). 
Two. William Tritt (b., Nov. 19, 1843; .,d 
Jan. 21, 1844). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. (J3 

Three. Elizabeth Jane Tritt (b., Feb. 11, 
1832; m., Mch. 30, 1852), married John 
Paul. Two children, as follows: 

a. Alice Jerusha Paul (b., Sept. 2, 1853). 

b. Samuel Franklin Paul (b., Nov. 6, 

1858; d., April 12, 1860). 
Four. Barbara Ellen Tritt (b., Jan. 3, 

1845; m., ; m., ), married 

twice; married first time to Martin V. 
Carothers. Five children, as follows: 

a. Blanch Carothers. 

b. Edgar Carothers. 

c. Kate Carothers, married Orion Barnes. 

d. Ida Carothers. 

e. John Carothers, married . 

Barbara Ellen Tritt married second time 

to John Henry Reed. 
Five. Catharine Matilda Tritt (b., Oct. 29, 

1838; m., ; d., Sept. 2, 1872), 

married Samuel Myers. Two children, 
as follows: 

a. Lilly May Myers (b., Mch. 28, 1870; 

m., Dec. 6, 1893), married Harvey H. 

b. Charles Albert Myers (b., Oct. 31, 

1863; m., Mch. 22, 1888), married 
Phoebe Bell Hoover. Two children, 
as follows: 
L Eva Myers (b., July 25, 1891). 
II. Earl Albert Myers (b., Dec. 16, 
Six. Ada Mary Tritt (b., Feb. 13, 1849; m., 
Dec. 16, 1868), married Alfred H. Adams. 
Five children, as follows : 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

a. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

b. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

c. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

d. Mary Catharine Adams (b., ; 

d., ). 

e. William Tritt Adams (b., June 16, 

1871; d., June 15, 1886). 

Seven. Naomi Tritt (b., Jan. 22, 1848; d., 
March 26, 1848). 

Eight. Benjamin Franklin Tritt (b., Nov. 

16. 1833; m., ), married Agness 

Myers. Six children, as follows: 

a. Annie Dora Tritt (b., ; d., 


b. Infant (b.. ; d., ). 

c. John Tritt (b., ). 

d. Park Tritt, married Davidson. 

One child: 
Benjamin Tritt. 

e. Henry Tritt (b., ; d., ). 

f. Maud Tritt, married Adam Bucher. 
Nine. William Paul Tritt (b., April 17, 1853; 

m., March 17, 1872), married Mary AUce 
Nagle. No children. 
Ten. John Black Tritt (b., March 26, 1841; 
m., Oct. 7, 1879), married DeUlah A. 
Williamson. Six children, as follows: 

a. John Albert Tritt. 

b. Ada Agness Tritt. 

c. Catharine Anna Tritt. 

d. Oliver Williamson Tritt. 

e. HuLDA Jane Tritt. 

f. Alfred Garfield Tritt. 

Eleven. Amanda Caroline Tritt (b., Dec. 22, 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 65 

1835; m., ), married Henry Paul. 

Two children, as follows: 

a. John David Paul (b., Sept. 2, 1862), 

married Lizzie Strohm. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Raymond Paul. 
IL Grace Amanda Paul. 

b. William Henry Paul married twice; 

married first time to Susan Seitz. 
One child: 

Harvey Paul (b., ; d., ). 

William Henry Paul married second 
time to Clara Shuff. No children. 
L. Anna Tritt (b., Nov. 21, 1798; m., about 1818; 
d., Feb. 1, 1837), married Jonathan Webber. 
Seven children, as follows: 
One. Peter Washington Webber (b., May 
24, 1825; m., '■ — ; m., ), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Catha- 
rine Stough. Three children, as follows: 

a. Frank Webber. 

b. Charles Webber. 

c. Bertha Webber. 

Peter Washington Webber marrial sec- 
ond time to Mrs. Ann Miller. Five chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Ortha Webber. 

b. Shannon Webber. 

c. Frank Webber. 

d. Charles Webber. 

e. Bertha Webber. 

Two. Ludwig Webber (b., Aug. 18, 1821; 
m., May 30, 1844), married Jerucia Jane 
Martin. Nine children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. EvALiN Amaxda Webber (b., Aug. 12, 

1848; m., May 30, 1865), married 
Alvinza Morton Pinney. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Charles Alonzo Pinxey (b., 

April 23, 1866; m., ), 

married Mary Loomis. One 
William Livingstone Pinney 
(b., May 13, 1893). 
II. Maud Unice Pinney (b., April 17 

III. Florence Geraldine Pinney, 

(b., Nov. 17, 1872: m., ), 

married Olive Lorrenson. One 
Maltd Ella Yerda Lorrenson 
(b., Aug. 9, 189.5). 

IV. Harry Alva Pinney (b., Jan. 28, 


b. Elvarda Viola Webber (b., Aug. 9, 

1849; m., Dec. 20, 1866: m., Aprl 
12, 1876), married twice; married 
first time to William J. Read. Three 
children, as follows: 
I. Ira De Shane Read (b., Oct. 28, 

1867; d., July 20, 1868). 
II. May Aileene Read (b., July 21, 
1869; m., Nov. 21, 1887), mar- 
ried Elmer E. Fisher. 
III. Willie Augusta Read (b., Aug. 

3, 1873; d., June 16, 1875). 
Elvarda Viola Webber married sec- 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 67 

ond time to William H. Fitzsimmons. 
Three children, as follows: 
I. Jennie Nichols Fitzsimmons (b., 
May 20, 1877; d., July 30, 
II. William Lindsay Fitzsimmons 
(b., July 3, 1882). 
III. Ollie Beatrice Fitzsimmons (b., 
Aug. 15, 1885). 

c. Florence Geraldine Webber (b., 

June 9, 1852; m., July 21, 1868), 
married Connell Billings Shefler. 

d. Cora Alice Webber (b., April 26,1854) 

m., March 17, 1870; m., April 5, 

1883), married twice; married first 

time to Thomas Dixon Mann. Three 

children, as follows: 

I. Ela'iru Viola Mann (b., March 

29, 1874; a., April 8, 1874). 

II. Jessie Mann (b., April 28, 1875; 

d., ). 

III. Edward William McCleary 

Mann (b., Nov. 24, 1877). 
Cora Alice W^ebber married second 
time to Robert Hamilton Lindsay. 

e. Harry Ludwig Webber (b., July 16, 

1856; m., April 8, 1880), married 
Flora Hoover. 

f. Madge Bell Webber (b., Jan. .30, 1861 ; 

m., Nov. 29, 1881; m., Dec. 6, 1888), 
married twice; married first time to 
Sephinus Creaghead. One child. 
Florence Gerald Creaghead (b., 
Sept. 13, 1885). 

History of the Slaymakee Family. 

Madge Bell Webber married second 
time to Frank Irwin Bowles. Two 
children, as follows: 
I. Frank Bowles (b., April 3, 1890). 
II. Harry Ludwig Bowles (b., June 
24, 1894). 
g. Mella Virginia Lee Webber (b., June 
7, 1863; m., June 12, 1884), married 
Willis M. Flaliarty. Two children, 
as follows: 
I. Douna Margarette Flaharty 
(b., July 7, 1885). 
II. La Feure LeFevre Flah.arty 
(b., Sept. 16, 1895). 
h. Jennie Martin Webber (b., Jan. 23, 
1866), married Cecil Richard Rood. 
Three children, as follows: 
I. Cecil L. Rood (b., Sept. 1, 1886). 
II. Ruth M.vrguerette Rood (b., 

April 22, 1890). 
III. Donald R. Rood (b., April 1, 
i. Aleener May Webber (b., Dec. 1, 

1868; d., ). 

Three. William Rankin Webber (b., Nov. 29, 
1829; m., March 24, 1853), married Han- 
nah "\'an Buren Martin. Nine children, 
as follows: 

a. Augustus H. Webber (b., April 7, 


b. William Emmett Webber (b., Nov. 29, 

e. H.ATTiE D. Webber (b., Feb. 2, 1859; 
m., Oct. 9, 1878; m.. Feb. 11, 1894), 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 69 

married twice; married first time to 
Frank Ford ; married second time to 
James E. Dryden. 

d. Capitola L. Webber (b., Jan. 19, 1865; 

m., Sept. 7, 1888), married James I. 

e. Walter C. Webber (b., Oct. 5, 1862). 

f. George M. Webber (b., Feb. 22, 1873; 

d., Nov. 20, 1878). 

g. Claud M. Webber (b., Jan. 10, 1871). 
h. Harry F. Webber (b., Dec. 3, 1876). 
i. Gladys M. Webber (b., Jan. 9, 1883). 

Four. LuciNDA Catharine Webber (b., Feb. 

18, 1836; m., ), married 

Five. Margaretta Rebecca Webber (b., 

Jan. 1, 1834) m., ), married George 

Nichols. Five cliildren, as follows: 

a. Guy Nichols. 

b. Webber Nichols. 

c. Richard Nichols. 

d. George Nichols. 

e. Gill Nichols. 

Six. Elizabeth Anna Webber (b., July 18, 
1827; m., April, 1851), married Samuel 
George Brenizer. Six children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Mary Visher Brenizeb (b., March 2, 


b. David Edgar Brenizer (b., Sept. 17, 

1854; d., Feb. 1, 1893). 

c. Flora Schell Brenizer (b., Dec. 12, 

1856; m., Aug. 6, 1874; m., Oct. 7, 
1894), married twice; married first 
time to George Augustus Hobbs. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Flora Schell Brenizer married sec- 
ond time to Charles Dennis Foggs. 

d. Charles Webber Brenizer (Id., Mch. 

31, 1858; d., Oct. 2, 1883). 

e. Ella Susan Brenizer (b., May 24, 

1864; m., Aug. 2, 1893), married 
Frank N. Gaines. 

f. Maggie Fannie Brenizer (b., 

married Edward Ralph Sadler. Three 
children, as follows: 
I. Edward Cly'de Sadler (b., Feb. 

14. 1886). 
II. Clarence G. Sadler (b., Feb. 10, 

III. Maud Sadler (b., March 11, 1890). 
Seven. Samuel Webber (b., Aug. 24, 1819; 
m., about 1844), married Rachael Hilde- 
brand. Three children, as follows: 

a. Frank Webber. 

b. Anna Mary Webber. 

c. KiLDRiTH Webber. 

M. Joseph Tritt (b., Jan. 16, 1787; m., ; 

d.. May 30, 1873), married Catharine Rhodes. 
Third. Jacob Lefever (b., Sept. 14, 1771; m., April 
6, 1797; d.. May 20, 1855), married Mary Ann 
Fulweiler. Three children, as follows: 
A. Sarah Lefever (b., Jan. 13, 1804; m., April, 
1826; d., April 1, 1847), married William 
Power. Three children, as follows: 
One. Mary Fidelia Power (b., March 1, 1827; 
m., Dec, 1846; m., 1859), married twice; 
married first time to Cornelius Court- 
wright. No children. 

Married second time to Wilburn Whit- 
ley. No children. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 71 

Two. William Wirt Power (b., Dec. 5, 1836; 
m., Nov. 13, 1860), married Mary Eliza- 
beth Mitteberger. One child. 
William George Power (b., March 13, 
.1862; m., Feb., 1884), married Mary 

Three. Alexander Lefever Power (b., Oct. 
13, 1838; m., Nov. 3, 1868), married 
Louise Spangler. One child. 
Frank Alexander Power (b., March 6, 

B. Mary Ann Lefever (b., Nov. 5, 1798; m., Dec. 

11, 1818; m., July 18, 1838; d., May 30, 
1873), married twice; married first time to 
Robert Breck Whitney Wood. Married sec- 
ond time to Hawley Dauchey. 

C. Elizabeth Lefea^er (b., April 23, 1801; ra., 

Nov. 30, 1819; d., June, 1850). She and 
son John and five or six daughters died on 
their way West, to Oregon. Married John 
Douglass. One child. 

Elizabeth, married Phillips. 

Fourth. Peter Lefever (b., July 24, 1778; m., ), 

married Agnes Curry. Eleven children, as fol- 

A. Elizabeth White Lefever, married Robert 

Speer. Five children, as follows: 
One. Harriet Speer. 
Two. William Speer. i 

Three. Rosannah Speer. 
Four. Sarah Speer. 
Five. Rebecca Speer. : 

B. John Curry Lefever, married Sidney Parks. 

Two children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

One. Jane Lefever, married 

Two. Nancy Elizabeth Lefever. 

Samuel Slaymaker Lefever (b., April 24, 

1809), married Mrs. Phelps. 
George Washington Lefever (b., Jan. 27, 

1807; m., ), married Mary Hickey. 

Seven children, as follows: 
One. Frances I^efever. 
Two. John Lefever. 
Three. Joseph Lefever. 
Four. Sarah Lefever. 
Five. Mary Lefever. 
Six. Agnes Lefea'er. 
Seven. Ruth I^efever. 
Daniel Line Lefever (b., March 31, 1811), 

married Margaret Speers. Six children, as 

follows : 

One. Peter Lefever, married . 

Four children, as follows: 

a. Martin Lefever. 

b. Martha Lefever. 

c. Floid Lefever. 

d. Anne Lefever. 
Two. John Lefever. 
Three. William Lefever. 
Four. Daniel Lefever. 
Five. Nancy' Lefever. 
Six. Elizabeth Lefever. 

Mary Ann Barbara Lefever (b., Aug. 11, 

1813; m., -), married Jacob Lane. Ten 

children, as follows: 

One. Samuel Lane. 

Two. John Lane. 

Three. Peter Lane. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 73 

Four. Daniel Lane. 

Five. Jacob Lane. 

Six. James Lane. 

Seven. Francis Lane. 

Eight. Agnes Lane. 

Nine. Jane Lane. 

Ten. Mary Ann Lane. 

G. Peter Perry Lefever. married I^eon- 

ard. Six children, as follows: 

One. Calvin Lefever. 

Two. Gerome Lefever. 

Three. Adaline Lefever. 

Four. Sophia Lefever. 

Five. Patty Lefever. 

Six. Mary Ann Lefever. 

H. William Alter Lefever, married 

Wills. Eight children, as follows: 

One. David Lefever. 

Two. George Lefever. 

Three. John Lefever. 

P'our. James Lefever. 

Five. Agnes Lefever. 

Six. Mary Lefever. 

Seven. Martha Lefever. 

Eight. Sarah Lefever. 
I. JosiAH W. Lefever, married Elisabeth Dram. 
Four children, as follows: 

One. Albert Lefever. 

Two. Elvira Lefever. 

Three. IvAvina Lefever. 

Four. Eveline Lefever. 
J. Agnes Jane Lefever, married Christopher 
Lutz. Two children, as follows: 

One. Charles Lutz. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Two. Francis Lutz. 
K. Sarah L. Lefever, married Robert Wills. 
Nine children, as follows: 

One. CiRUS Wills. 

Two. HiRUM Wills. 

Three. John Wills. 

Four. Josiah Wills. 

Five. David Wills. 

Six. Charles Wills. 

Seven. Alfred Wills. 

Eight. Elizabeth Wills. 

Nine. SaRAH Wilt s. 
Fifth. Lawrence Lefever (b., Dec. 15, 1764; m.. May 
1, 1792; m., Oct. 29, 1822; d., Feb. 24, 1838), 
married twice; married first time to Veronica 
Alter. Ten children, as follows: 

A. Margaret Lefever (b., April 26, 1795; d., 

March 28, 1806. 

B. Isaac Lefever (b., Jan. 16, 1801; m., Jan. 9, 

1823; d., Sept. 19, 1881), married Elizabeth 
Rine. No children. 

C. George Lefever (b., July 11, 1794; d., July 27, 


D. Fanny Lefever (b., Nov. 29, 1802; m., March 

16, 1820; d., Feb. 4, 1880), mprried George 

E. Joseph Ritner Lefever (b., July 16, 1810; m., 

March 30, 1830; d., Aug. 16, 1874), married 
Elizabeth Snyder. Twelve children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. Isaac Henry Lefever (b., Dec. 21, 1833; 
d., Dec. 21, 1863). Killed at battle of 
Chicamauga, wounded Dec. 20, died next 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 75 

Two. Fanny Sabina Lefever (b., Sept. 23, 

1837; d., Nov. 4, 1856). 
Three. William Lawrence liEFEVER (b., Feb. 

5, 1831; m., Sept. 16, 1858), married 

Eleanor Catharine Trace. Five children, 

as follows: 

a. Elizabetpi Lefever (b., July 31, 1863). 

b. Claude Trace Lefever (b., July 14, 

1861; d., Aug. 13, 1862). 
e. William Mark Lefever (b., Sept. 18, 
1866; d., Nov. 20, 1868). 

d. Eleanor Lefever (b., Sept. 21, 1868; 

m., Dec. 18, 1889), married William 
Berry Foster. Two children, as 
I. Eleanor Trace Foster (b., Sept. 

20, 1891). 
11. William Le Bennett Foster (b., 
Aug. 26, 1897). 

e. Fanny' Lefever (b., Aug. 4, 1859; m., 

Oct. 12, 1882), married Frank Ben- 
nett. Three children, as follows: 
I. Eleanor Louisa Bennett (b., 

Aug. 3, 1883). 
II. Frank Harold Bennett (b. , Aug. 

25, 1888). 
III. Elizabeth Adele Bennett (b., 
Dec. 10, 1890). 
Four. Clarissa Ermina Lefever (b., June 15, 
1856; m., April, 1870; m., June 29, 1881 ; 
d., July 25, 1894), married twice; mar- 
ried first time to Frederick Richel. One 
Kate Richel (b., Jan. 11 , 1871 : m., ), 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

married Harbach. Have one 

Clarissa Ermina Lefever married second 
time to Frederick Franklin Frisbee. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. RussEL Frisbee (b., Aug. 31. 1887). 

b. Ethel Louisa Frisbee (b., March 17, 


Five. David Fayette Lefever (b., May 3, 

1852; m., Sept. 21, 1876; m., Aug. 31, 

1886). Former cashier of the Bank of 

Kent, Kent, Washington. Married twice: 

married first time to Kate Fullington. 

One child. 

Mabel Erema Lefever (b., June 9, 1879). 

David Fay^ette Lefever married second time 

to Olive Aiken. No children. 
Six. Elizabeth Rebecca Lefever (b., Sept. 
5, 1835; m., Feb. 25, 1862), married Rob- 
ert John Ogden. Seven children, as fol- 

a. Sarah Eleanor Ogden (b., Nov. 23, 

1864; m., Nov. 20, 1894), married 

b. William Lefever Ogden (b., Feb. 11, 


c. David Marion Ogden (b., Aug. 21, 


d. James Gaston Ogden (b., Dec. 27, 1867; 

d., Jan. 1, 1871). 

e. Herma Elizabeth Ogden (b., Oct. 29, 

1869; d., April 23, 1871). 

f. David Marion Ogden (b., Aug. 21, 


Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 77 

g. John Ogden (b., March 30, 1878). 
Seven. Emma Lucetta Lefever (b., June 1, 
1839; m., March 29, 1858), married John 
Colyer. Twelve children, as follows: 

a. Fanny Rebecca Colyer (b., April 27, 

1859), married May. 

b. Albion Colyer (b., March 19, 1861). 

c. Curtis James Colyer (b., May 25, 


d. Nellie Colyer (b., 1876). 

e. Joseph Colyer. 

f. Edith Colyer. 

g. John Charles Colyer (b., Nov. 27, 

h. Emma Colyer (b., Feb., 1871), married 


i. Arthur Colyer (d., April 15, 1869). 

j. Homer Colyer. 

k. Frank M. Colyer (b., Feb. 7, 1867; d., 

March 11, 1867). 
I. Mary Elizabeth Colyer. 
Eight. Sarah Fidelia Lefever (b., May 13, 
1843; m., July 4, 1867; d., Aug. 31, 
1870), married Jeremiah Adams. Two 
children, son and daughter. Both died 
Nine. Catharine Alter Lefever (b.. May 29, 
1847; m., Oct. 15, 1868), married Marion 
Walter Pease. Three children, as follows: 
a. Isaac Galen Pease (b., July 29, 1870; 
m., Jan. 9, 1894), married Minnie 
Johnson. One child. 
Walter Reed Pease (b., Sept. 27, 

78 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. Linxia Joanna Pease (b., Oct. 6, 1874; 

m., July 3, 1894), married Elmer E. 

c. Minnie Pease (b., April 24, 1867). 
Ten. Esther Araminta Lefever (b., March 

23, 1845; m., Oct. 19, 1865; d., March 7, 
1874), married David Emery Sams. 
Four children, as follows: 

a. Emma May Sams (b., Mpv 4, 1873; m., 

Jan. 1, 1891), married Russell 
Eugene Martin. Two children, as 
follows : 
I. Esther Florence Martin (b., 
Sept. ], 181-?-. d., Sent. 13, 
II. Lulu Pearl Martin (b., June 11, 

b. Mary Elizabeth Sams (b., Feb. 17, 

1871; m., Nov. 14, 1889), married 
Nathan Hardenbrook. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. ZoE Hardenbrook (b., Nov. 22, 

II. Jessie Hardenbrook (b., Dec. 
30, 1893). 

c. Clay Marion Sams (b., April 11, 1868; 

d., Aug. 1, 1870). 

d. Myra Irene Sams (b., Aug. 26, 1866; 

m., Feb. 16, 1887), married John 
WiUiam Vanarsdol. Three children, 
as follows: 
I. Arthur Emery Vanarsdol (b., 
Oct. 7, 1893). 

Descendants of Law 


II. Mary Elizabeth Vanarsdol (b., 
July 3, 1890). 
III. Ethel Lucinda Vanarsdol (b., 
April 18, 1888.) 
Eleven. Joseph Palmer Lefever (b., Feb. 13, 
1850; m., May, 1898), married Nancy 
Twelve. Mary Margaret Lefever (b., April 
3, 1832; m., June 2, 1853), married John 
D. Cartwright. Six children, as follows: 

a. Emma Elizabeth Cartwright (b., Aug. 

12, 1854; m., Oct. 21, 1874), mar- 
ried Udelmer Umber. Five chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Raymond ITmber (b., Sept., 1875; 

d., ), drowned. 

II. Ethel Umber (b., Feb. 27, 1877). 

III. Eva Umber (b., Feb. 27, 1877). 

IV. Mary Umber (b., Aug., 1887). 
V. Mellie Umber (b., March, 1889). 

b. James Fayette Cartwright (b., April 

23, 1857). 

c. Charles Rollin Cartwright (b., Dec. 

23, 1861). 

d. Mary Alice Cartwright (b., Jan. 9, 

1860; d., March 13, 1860). 

e. Joseph Lefever Cartwright (b., June 

27, 1865). 

f. Arthur John Cartwright (b., June 

15, 1870; m., Feb. 21, 1893), mar- 
ried Emma . One child : 

Mabel Cartwright. 
F. John Lefever (b., March 11, 1799; m., June 7, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

1821 ; d., Sept. 13, 1864). Appointed Associate 
Judge by Governor Ritner, about 1835, later 
retired from the position with honor. He 
was converted at the age of forty and at once 
rode fifty-one miles, to Beaver Creek, Wash- 
ington County, Md., to be immersed. He was 
a preacher in the Christian Church up to the 
time of his death. Married Rebecca Rine. 
Six children, as follows: 
One. John Lefever (b., April 11, 1838; d., 

June 20, 1840). 
Two. George Lefever (b., April 7, 1828; d., 

Aug. 2, 1830). 
Three. Margaret Lefever (b., Dec. 10, 1825; 
m., Feb. 1, 1848; d., July 8, 1850), mar- 
ried Henry Bear. No children. 
Four. Hexry Lefever (b., Jan. 2, 1833; m., 

; d., July 15, 1868), married 

Rachael Bear. One child, 
a. Rebecca Lefever (b., April 16, 1858; 
m., Sept. 3, 1885), married John 
Way McBridge. Two children, as 
I. Mary Grace McBridge. 

II. Boy (b., ; d., ). 

Five. Maria Lefever (b., Nov. 14, 1830; m., 
Dec. 20, 1855), married John Myers. 
Eight children, as follows: 

a. Henry Lefever Myers (b., Nov. 25, 

1856; m., May 31, 1887), married 
Ida B. Keagy. 

b. John J.\cob Myers (b., Feb. 7, 1858; 

d., Feb. 23, 1863). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 81 

c. Jekusha Jane Myers (b., July 22, 1860) 

d. Benjamin Marcellus Myers (b., June 

2, 1862; d., Feb. 26, 1863). 

e. William Davis Myers (b., Aug. 29, 

1864; m., Dec. 10, 1891), married 
Delia A. Swartz. Two children, as 
follows : 
I. Margaret Florence Myers b., 

Dec. 16, 1892). 
11. Esther Maria Myers (b., March 
3, 1893). 

f. Georgianna Myers (b., March 8, 1866). 

g. Isaac Oliver Myers (b., Aug. 13, 1868;. 

m., May 9, 1892), married Mary A. 
Basehoar. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Ira Lloyd Myers (b., Aug. 15, 

II. Charles Edgar Myers (b., June 
16, 1895). 
h. Rebecca Blanche Myers (b., April 27, 
Six. Rev. David Lefever (b., March 5, 1823; 
m., Dec. 29, 1847; m., Oct. 12, 1886), 
married twice; married first time to 
Matilda Cunningham. Nine children, as 
follows : 
a. Margaret Lefever (b., Sept. 8, 1851; 
m., Nov. 17, 1870), married Charles 
Smith. Six children, as follows: 
I. John Arthur Gayord Smith (b., 

Feb. 15, 1890). 
II. Zadie Jane Smith (b., Oct. 23, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

III. Anna Sartores Smith (b., June 

26, 1874). 

IV. Florence Matilda Smith (b., 

May 15, 1877). 
V. Mary Ellen Smith (b., June 28, 

1881; d., two weeks old). 
VI. Son (b. and d. Jan., 1885). 

b. Henry Rine Lefever (b., Nov. 20, 

1852; m., Nov. 23, 1876), married 
Nancy Jane Kelso. Nine children, 
as follows: 
I. Matilda Cunningham Lefever 

b., 1877). 
II. John Kelso Lefever (b., 1878). 

III. David Francis Lefever (b., 

; d., 1892). 

IV. M.\RY Lefever (b., 1880). 
V. Florence Grace Lefever. 

VI. Fanny Lefever. 
VII. Ada Lefever (b., June, 1885). 
VIII. Margaret Lefever (b., 1891). 
IX. Pearl Irene Lefever (b., 1888). 

c. Matilda Lefever (b., April 27, 1859. 

d. John Lefever (b., Feb. 2, 1849; d., 

Aug., 1880). 

e. David Landis Lefever (b., March 11, 

1854; m., Nov. 9, 1876), married 
Mary Jane Sea vers. One child: 
Elizabeth Caldwell Lefever (b., 
July 21, 1879). 

f. Joseph Cunningham Lefever, b., Jan. 

18, 1856; m., June 12, 1886), mar- 
ried Eliza A. Tritt. No children. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 83 

g. Clorinda Lefever (b., Oct. 10, 1862; 
m., Oct. 23, 1882), married William 
Lorenzo Eyster. Five children, as 
I. William Clyde Eyster (b., Feb. 
13, 1894; d., June 11, 1894). 
11. Raymond Lefever Eyster (b,. 
Jan., 1892). 

III. Jennie Clorinda Eyster (b., 

Nov. 23, 1886). 

IV. Nora Helena Eyster (b., Feb. 4, 

1885; d., Jan. 26, 1890). 
V. Fanny Matilda Eyster (b., Sept. 
9, 1883). 
h. Benjamin Franklin Lefever (b., Feb. 

6, 1861; d., Nov. 26, 1861). 
i. Fanny Lefever (b., March 28, 1865; 
m., Feb. 18, 1890; m., Dec. 29, 
1893), married twice; married first 
time to Adam Stout ; married second 
time to Beveridge A. Leech. 
David Lefever married second time to Mrs. 
Joseph Hoover. 
G. Elizabeth Lefever (b.. May, 8, 1797; d., 

March 22, 1818. 
H. Jacob Lefever (b., May 31, 1795; m., June 24, 
1819; d'., April 26, 1875), married Elizabeth 
Ferguson. Nine children, as follows: 
One. Lawrence Lefever (b., April 26, 1827; 

Two. Jacob Lefever (b., Jan. 26, 1830; d., 

July 4, 1855). 
Three. Dr. Isaac Lefever (b., June 15, 1820; 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

m., May 11, 1S42), married Nancy Ann 
MuUett. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Sarah Ann Lefever (b., July 26, 1849; 

d., Aug. 7, 1849). 

b. Mary Elizabeth Lefever (b., Aug. 10, 

1844; m., Nov. 11, 1865), married 
Manoch Mercer. Three children, as 
follows : 
I. Anna Mercer (b., Nov. 10, 1866; 

d., March 5, 1867).. 
II. Mary Jane Mercer (b., Oct. 7, 
1872; d., July 3, 1873). 
III. William Isaac Mercer (b., Jan. 

21, 1868), married . 

Two children. 

c. Emma Rebecca Lefever (b., May 2, 


d. Fanny Hallet Lefever (b., Aug. 1, 

1857; d., Jan. 29, 1885). 

e. John Russell Lefever (b., Oct. 7, 

1860; m., Aug. 24, 1886), married 
Myra Belle Ebersole. Three chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Russell Moore Lefever (b., 
Dec. 15, 1892). 
II. Hallett Rudolphus Lefever (b. 

Oct. 9, 1887). 
III. Lillian Emma Lefever (b., Oct. 
17, 1894). 

f. Charles Leinbach Lefever (b., July 

15, 1851; m., Dec. 23, 1880), mar- 
ried IMalinda Patterson Groff. No 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 85 

g. David Gilbert Lefever (b., Jan. 8, 
1847; m., Feb. 12, 1874; d., April 1, 
1886; married Emily Catharine 
Graff. Six children, as follows: 

I. Isaac Graff Lefever (b., ; 

d., Nov. 2, 1874). 
IL Charles William Lefever (b., 
Jan. 9, 1878). 
IIL John Yewell Lefever (b., July 

7, 1879). 
IV. Anna Mary Lefever (b., Dec. 25, 

V. Fanny Malinda Lefever (b., 

May 22, 1885). 
VI. Emma Jessie Lefever (b., April 
19, 1883). 
Four. Caroline Elizabeth Lefever (b., Feb. 

28, 1833). 
Five. David Porter Lefever (b., Jan. 5, 
1839; m., Aug. 25, 1857). Lost his left 
arm at the elbow at the battle of Chan- 
cellorsville. Married Elizabeth Boggs. 
Six. Rebecca Lefever (b., Jan. 16, 1825; m., 
Dec. 2, 1847; m., Dec. 19, 1867), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Samuel 
Souders. Three children, as follows: 
a. Caroline Elizabeth Souders (b., Nov. 
7, 1848), married Henry Anderson 
Wolf. Twelve children, as follows: 
I. Infant (b., Sept. 26, 1866 ; d., Sept. 

27, 1866). 
II. Susanna Rebecca Wolf (b., Oct. 
4, 1867), married David Rus- 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

III. Leonora Viola Ann Wolf (b., 

Jan. 6, 1870), married William 

IV. Samuel Elmer Railing Wolf (b. 

May 1, 1871). 
V. Henry IMowery Wolf (b., March 

29, 1873; d., Aug. 24, 1873). 
VI. Franklin Levan Wolf (b., Aug. 

24, 1874; d., April 7, 1875). 
VII. Mary Ellis Wolf (b., April 1, 

VIII. Clara Miller Wolf. 
IX. Myra Ellen Wolf. 
X. Florence Louisa Wolf. 
XI. Frances Caroline Wolf. 
XII. Joshua Roy Wolf (b., Dec. 28, 

b. Joshua Evans Souders (b., Feb. 14, 

1856; m., Oct. 1, 1878), married 
Annie Derr. 

c. Mary Ann Souders (b., June 18, 1851; 

m., Nov. 24, 1867), married Abra- 
ham Mowery. Four children, as 
follows : 
I. Louisa Lefever Mowery. 
II. Emma Grace Mowery (b., Aug. 2, 
1872; m., Aug. 27, 1891), mar- 
ried Carson Keller. 

III. Jesse Edward Mowery (b., Mch. 

28, 1869). 

IV. John Henry Mowery (b., April 

6, 1868; d., Aug. 17, 1868). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 87 

Rebecca Lefever married second time to Ben- 
jamin Bloser. One child. 

Louisa Esther Bloser (b., Sept. 7, 1868; 

m., Aug. 30, 1888), married Peter H. 

Lightner. Three children, as follows: 

I. Catharine Grace Lightner (b., 

March 18, 1889). 

II. John Lawrence Lightner (b., 

March, 1890). 
III. Rosa Rebecca Lightner. 
Seven. Esther Lefever (b., Sept. 9, 1822; 
m., June 6, 1844), married Peter Calvert. 
Six children, as follows: 

a. Mary Elizabeth Calvert (b. Aug. 13, 

1847; m., Dec. 20, 1871), married 
Samuel A. Young. One child, as 
follows : 
Ralph Luther Young (b., Nov. 9, 

b. Infant (b., Jan.. 1849; d., ). 

c. Esther Catharine Calvert (b., July 

29, 1854; m., Dec. 9, 1875; d., April 
12, 1879), married Adam Fuget. 
Two children, as follows: 

I. Esther Irene Fuget (b., Sept. 13, 


II. Daughter (b., Jan. 6, 1876; d., 


d. Isaac Michael Calvert (b., Aug. 4, 

1851; m., March 2, 1876), married 
Mary Emma Lippert. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

I. Ira Lippert Calvert (b., Oct. 5, 

II. William Elmer Calvert (b., 
Nov. 13, 1879). 

e. Margaret Rebecca Calvert (b., April 

13, 1858; m., Dec. 24, 1885), mar- 
ried J. D. Burgett. One child. 
Mary' Esther Burgett (b., Feb. 21, 

f. William Lefever Calvert (b., Aug. 28, 

1845; m., Dec. 24, 1868), married 
Elizabeth Anna Leninger. One 
Florence Leninger Calvert (b., 
Aug. 14, 1874). 
Eight. Fanny Lefever (b., Dec. 13, 1835; m., 
Aug. 13, 1S57; d., Oct. 30, 1870), mar- 
ried Henry H. White. Six children, as 
follows : 

a. Maria Eleonora White (b., April 5, 


b. Elizabeth Esther White (b., Dec. 29, 

1860; d., Jan. 15, 1861). 

c. Jacob T^efever White (b., Dec. 30, 


d. Mary Rebecca White (b., April 26, 

1859; m., Feb. 8. 1881), married 
Thomas Hensen Walter Berry. Four 
children, as follows: 
I. Rosa Mary Berry (b., Nov. 21, 

II. Carrie Irene Berry' (b., Sept. 
20, 1883). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 89 

III. Henry Walter Bertram Berry, 

(b., Nov. 22, 1889). 

IV. Alba Herine Berry (b., Sept. 16, 


e. Caroline Anna White (b., March 28, 

1863; m., Dec. 25, 1883), married 
William Graham Robson. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. John Lefever Robson (b.. May 
15, 1885; d., Aug. 2, 1886). 
II. Alberta Mary Ann Robson (b., 
March 24, 1887; d.. May 8, 

III. Janet Amy Robson (b.. May 19, 


IV. William Edward Robson (b., 

Feb. 4, 1890). 
V. Walter Alexander Robson (b., 
July 27, 1891). 
VI. James Nicholas Robson (b., Dec. 
3, 1893). 

f. Boy(b.. ; d., ). 

Nine. Anna Barbara Lefever (b., Oct. 19, 
1843; m., Sept. 8, 1864), married John 
P. Shearer. Five children, as follows: 

a. Samuel Law Lefever Shearer (b., 

Sept. 23, 1865; d., Feb. 8, 1866). 

b. Emma S. Thalheimee Shearer. 

0. George Henry White Shearer (b., 
May 29, 1871; d., Oct., 1876). 

d. Jerome S. Shearer (b., Sept. 30, 1869; 
m., Oct. 12, 1892), married Emma S. 

90 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

e. Elizabeth Ann Mary Shearer (b., 
July 26, 1867; m., July 10, 1889), 
married Henry Sheaffer. 
I. Esther Lefever (b., Oct. 22, 1804; m., March 
14, 1822; d.. May 12, 1840), married Rev. 
John William Hamm. Nine children, as fol- 
One. John Calvin Zwinglius Hamm (b., Sept. 

14, 1834; d., June 19, 1S60). 
Two. Jacob Marshall Franklin Lefever 

(b., Nov. 14, 1838). 
Three. Sarah Jemina Hamm (b., Sept. 18, 
1826; m., March 18, 1847), married John 
Ruhl. Three children, as follows: 

a. Esther Rosina C. Ruhl (b., Dec. 31, 


b. Sarah J. E. Ruhl (b., June 5, 1852; d., 

Jan. 26, 1856). 

c. John William Ruhl (b., Jan. 10, 1866). 
Four. Glorvina Elizabeth Hamm (b.. May 

23, 1823; m., Oct. 5, 1841), married 
Houston Sisler. Eight children, as fol- 

a. Sarah Ellen Sisler (b., Jan. 14, 1845; 

m., Feb. 27, 1868), married Thad- 
deus S. Pierce. 

b. Thomas J. Sisler (b., June 29, 1847). 

c. John L. Sisler (b., July 9, 1849). 

d. Cora Ann Sisler (b., July 5, 1851). 

e. Grace Rebecca Sisler (b., Jan. 7, 


f. Florence Elizabeth Sisler (b., Oct. 2, 


Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 91 

g. Fanny Bell Sisler (b., March 7, 1854). 
h. Margaret Esther Sisler (b., Aug. 21, 
1842; m., March 16, 1865), married 
J. Hayes Webb. One child: 
May Webb (b., Dec, 1865; d., Aug. 
26, 1866). 
Five. Hadassh Lefever Hamm (b., May 23, 
1828; m., March 17, 1853), married 
David C. Miller. Five children, as fol- 

a. John Calvin Miller (b., March 2, 


b. William A. Miller (b., March 27, 1857; 

d., Jan. 21, 1866). 

c. Carrie A. Miller (b., Sept. 9, 1858). 

d. LiLLiE E. Miller (b., Nov. 20, 1861). 

e. Besie E. Miller (b., Nov. 5, 1866). 
Six. Araminta Veronica Hamm (b., Feb. 17, 

1825; m., Nov. 22, 1846), married Eman- 
uel Keller. Nine children, as follows: 

a. Daughter (b. and d. Jan. 22, 1851). 

b. Mary Araminta Keller (b., Oct. 8, 

1849; d., Jan. 17, 1864). 

c. Walter Leander Keller (b., Aug. 30, 


d. Margaret Lydia Rosena Keller (b., 

Dec. 25, 1860). 

e. Lucy Araminta Keller (b.. May 11, 


f. John Robert Keller (b., Aug. 30, 


g. Fanny Elizabeth Keller (b., June 26, 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

h. Sarah Catharine Esther Keller (b., 

Jan. 24. 1856). 
i. George Hamm Keller (b., June 5, 
Seven. Josephus Daniel Lefever Hamm (b., 
Oct. 4, 1832; m., Jan. 7, 1853), married 
La\inia Clara Huxtsberger. One 
Flora Elma Hamm (b., Oct. 29, 1853; d., 
Jan. 26, 1858). 
Eight. Margaret Emeline Hamm (b., Oct. 25, 

1836; d., Feb. 11, 1873). 
Nine. M.ary Elmira Hamm (b., July 8, 1830; 
m., Aug. 8, 1848), married Abraham G. 
Bair. Six children, as follows: 

a. Warren Lefever Bair (b., Oct. 22, 


b. Mary Elmira Bair (b., Jan. 28, 1863). 

c. Abraham Jefferson B.ur (b., Feb. 5, 


d. Francis Logan Bair (b., April 30, 


e. Edward E. Bair (b., Sept. 2, 1856). 

f. John William Hamm Bair (b., Aug. 22, 


D.\\^D Alter Lefever (b., Dec. 30, 1806; m., 

March 20, 1827; d.. May 2, 1885), married 

Maiy Ann Harriet Wilt. Ten children, as 

follows : 

One. Harriet Susannah Lefever (b., March 

10, 1850; m., Oct. 14, 1869), married 

John Moore. Four children, as follows: 

a. John CAL^^N Moore (b., Sept. 21, 1870). 

John A. Lkfk\-er, 
Veteran of the Civil War. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 93 

b. Sarah Myrtle Moore (b., Aug. 22, 

1876; m., Feb. 2, 1S95), married 

c. Harriet Anora Moore (b., Dec. 18, 


d. Victor Hamilton Moore (b., Julv 28, 


Two. Mary Ellen Lefever (b., April 17, 
1830; m., Feb. 20, 1851; d., May 1, 1856)' 
married Augustus F. Clark. No chil- 

Three. Esther Veronica Lefever (b., Sept. 

16, 1839; m., 1871; cL, ), 

married William Simms. 

Four. Joseph Line Lefever (b., Aug. 13 

Five. John Alter Lefever (b., March 28, 
1837; m., Oct. 8, 1861; m., Feb. 10^ 
1876). Enlisted Co. C, 107 111. Vol. Inf.' 
Aug. 11, 1862; served two years eleven 
months. Married twice; married first 
time to Isabel Moyer. One child : 
Edward Franklin Lefever ( b., April 21 

John Alter Lefever married second time to 
Sarah Jane McMilton. Six children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. David Roy Lefever (b., March 15, 


b. Alice Wilt Lefever (b., April 22, 


c. Perarlie Emmet Lefever (b., Aug. 19, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. Emma Huston Lefever (b., April 15, 


e. Brorniece Elizabeth Lefever (b., 

March ,3, 1888). 

f. Lucy Rider Lefever (b., May 30, 1890). 
Six. Catharine Ann Lefever (b., March 11, 

1828; m., Aug. 18, 1847; d., April 18, 
1863), married Samuel Black. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Charles Fremont Black (b., Sept. 25, 

1861; m., Nov. 17, 1891), married 
Cora Scott. One child: 

Merya Leroy Black (b., Aug. 
29, 1894). 

b. Harriet Elizabeth Black (b., Jan. 1, 

1850; m., Oct. 20, 1868), married 
Robert Parker. Five children, as 
follows : 
I. Ernest Parker (b., Nov. 13, 1869; 

d., Sept. 2, 1871). 
II. Mabel Parker (b., Aug. 23, 1872). 

III. Katharine Parker (b., April 19, 


IV. Twonnette Lefever Parker (b., 

March 6, 1878). 
V. Robert Lowell Parker (b., Oct. 
2, 1884). 

c. Abby Ellen Black (b., Nov. 8, 1853; 

m., Oct. 8, 1873), married John Bur- 
ger. Three children, as follows: 
I. Fred. Burger (b., Nov. 27, 1874). 
II. Winonia Burger (b., May' 4, 
1877; d., March 11, 1878.) 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 95 

III. Blanch Burger (b., Jan. 6, 

d. Silas Wright Black married Jene- 

vieve Yates (b., July 27, 1848; m., 
Nov. 26, 1878; d., March 24,1879). 

e. Uriah Lafayette Black (b., Nov. 19, 

1851; m., Oct. 20, 1875; d., Nov. 
23, 1893). Fell in the street dead. 
Married Lelia H. Jones. Three 
children, as follows: 
L Luther Eugene Black (b., Oct. 

3, 1877; d., Feb. 4, 1878). 
II. Mabel Euleen Black (b., July 
23, 1884). 
III. Robert Earl Black (b., Dec. 31, 
1887; d., Dec. 20, 1890). 

f. David Lefever Black (b., Nov. 10, 

1857; d., Jan. 2, 1859). 

Seven. Peter Wilt Lefever (b., Nov. 6, 
1834); single. 

Eight. Isaac Lawrence Lefever (b., Sept. 8, 
1832; m., Sept. 5, 1861), married Annie 
E. Peck. Five children, as follows: 

a. William Union Lefever (b., Feb. 19, 

1863; m., April 10, 1889), married 
Lizzie Armsworth. One child: 
Clara Lefever (b., Oct. 15, 1890). 

b. Mary Frances Lefever (b., Aug. 10, 

1864; m., Feb. 23, 1890), married 
Jessie Biebinger. 

c. Ada May Lefever (b., Oct. 15, 1867; 

m., Nov. 9, 1887; d., Sep. 20, 1896), 
married Wallace W. Crook. Three 
children, as follows: 

96 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

I. Cecil Crook (b., Aug. 30, 1889). 
II. Guy Crook (b., Aug. 20, 1891). 
III. James Crook (b., Jan. 31, 1894). 

d. Frank Oren Lefever (b., Oct. 24, 

1869; m., Sept. 10, 1893), married 
Josie Armsworth. One child: 
Clarence Lefever (b., Aug. 7, 1894). 

e. Orvilla Bell Lefever (b., Feb. 16, 


Nine. David Slay'maker Lefever (b., Sept. 
15, 1841; m., Aug. 30, 1864), married 
Annie Whiteman. 

Ten. Jacob Saylor Lefever (b., March 
21, 1844; m., Feb. 25, 1868), married 
Eliza Adams. Seven children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Harriet Elizabeth Lefever (b., Dec, 

7, 1868; d., Nov. 27, 1871). 

b. David Rogers Lefever (b., April 22 

1871; m., Feb. 2, 1895), married 

c. Angeline Alice Lefever (b., Feb. 25, 


d. George Thomas Lefever (b., July IS 

1875; d., Oct. 24, 1876). 

e. Emily Ellen Lefever (b., SejDt. 30 


f. Joseph Wilt Lefever (b., Jan. 31 


g. John Calvin Lefever (b., Aug. 22 

Lat\tience Lefever married second time to Salome 
Line. One child. 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Flshburn and Daughter. 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 97 

A. Salome Ann Lefever (b., June 12, 1824; m., 
Feb. 15, 1842; d., Sept. 13, 1908). Had 
stroke of paralysis Aug. 14, 1908, followed by 
another one, Aug. 21, 1908, which eventually 
caused her death. Married Anthony Fish- 
burn. Three children, as follows: 
One. Philip Henry Fishburn (b., Jan. 23, 

1843; d., Feb. 11, 1845). 
Two. Annie Maria Fishburn (b., Jan. 19, 

1851; d., March 3, 1855). 
Three. Louisa Elbe Fishburn (b., Dec. 26, 

Sixth. George Lefever (b., Sept. 14, 1773; d., 

Seventh. Mary Lefever (b., April 6, 1769; d., July 4, 

Eighth. John Lefever (b., Jan. 17, 1786; m., March 
19, 1807; d., March 29, 1849), married Elizabeth 
Line. Three children, as follows: 

A. George Line Lefever (b., Nov. 9, 1820; m., 

Jan. 21, 1847, d., July 30, 1879), married 
Prisilla Smith. No children. 

B. Abraham Lefever (b., Jan. 4, 1808; m., Oct. 

24, 1833; m., Sept. 21, 1835; d., May 27, 
1858), married twice; married first time to 
Margaret Cease. One child: 
Joseph Rodolph Lefever (b.. May 9, 1834; 
d., May 18, 1834). 
Abraham Lefever married second time to Rebecca 
Huber. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Lydia Rebecca Lefever (b., Jan. 28, 
1857; m., May 30, 1875), married Almon 
E. Lake. Two children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family^. 

a. Wayne A. Lake (b., Feb. 18, 1882). 

b, Nora R. Lake (b., May 10, 1887). 
Two. Margaret Ellen Lefever (b., Dec. 12, 

1854; m., Sept. 2, 1873), married Alex- 
ander David Acker. Nine children, as 

a. Margaret Ellen Acker (b., ). 

b. Franklin B. Acker (b., Sept. 10, 1874). 

c. George Lefever Acker (b., June 11, 


d. Lyman P. Acker (b., Aug. 29, 1878). 

e. Henry Lankton Acker (b., Dec. 16, 


f. Donald M. Acker (b., June 29, 1882). 

g. Blanch Rebecca Acker (b., Dec. 21, 

h. Edwin M. Acker (b., June 14, 1888). 
i. Jennie Ruth Acker (b., March 24, 
Three. George Huber Lefever (b., July 31, 
1851; m., April 26, 1874), married Edna 
O. Gant. Three children, as follows: 

a. Henry Herbert Lefever (b., Aug. 15, 

1875; d., Feb. 10, 1878). 

b. Lewis Emory Lefever (b., Ma}^ 4, 


c. Lymora Mosier Lefever (b., June 18, 


Four. Benjamin Franklin Lefever (b., Feb. 
14, 1840). 

Five. Mary Elizabeth Lefever (b., June 8, 
1837; m., March 30, 1854), married 
Henry Lankton. Three children, as fol- 
lows : 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 99 

a. Anna Fidelia Lankton (b., June 14, 

1858; m., Nov. 11, 1875), ma'ried 
Philo Edward Morse. One child: 
Bessie Iowne Morse (b., Sept. 16, 

b. Cynthia Maria Lankton (b., Oct. 3, 

1861 ;.m., March 17, 1882), married 
Andrew James DeArment. One 
Florence Anna DeArment (b., April 
25, 1891). 

c. Cora Delilah Lankton (b., March 15, 

1869; m., Jmie 12, 1892), married 
Walter Allen Dearborne. 
Six. Sarah Ann Lefever (b., Aug. 17, 1843; 
m., Oct. 21, 1860), married Calvin Smith. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Minnie May Smith (b., Aug. 22, 1866). 

b. Flora Rebecca Smith (b., March 22, 


c. Walter Abraham Smith (b., July 28, 

1861; m., Aug. 28, 1890), married 
Cynthia Priscilla Bebee. 
Seven. David Harper Lefever (b., Jan. 11, 
1849; m., Sept. 27, 1870), married Alice 
Adelia Gaut. One child: 
Clarence Homer Lefever (b., Dec. 22, 
C. Anna Barbara Lefever (b., Dec. 11, 1809; 
m., May 19, 1831; d., Dec. 25, 1884), married 
David Harper. Four children, as follows: 
One. Mary Malvina Harper (b., July 5, 1833; 
m., June 28, 1855; d., March 12, 1875)' 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

married Samuel Lee Wilkinson. Five 
children, as follows: 

a. William Lee Wilkinson (b., Nov. 25, 


b. Minnie Ann Wilkinson (b., Dec. 16, 


c. Edwin Harper Wilkinson (b., Oct. 27, 


d. Ella Mary Wilkinson (b., March 7, 


e. Jennie Maud Wilkinson (b., Sept. 24, 

Two. J.\mes Lefever Harper (b., April 16, 

1832; d., April 17, 1832). 
Three. Malinda Anna Harper (b., Oct. 8, 
1840; m., June 26, 1860), married Adam 
Francis Guiseler. No children. 
Four. Deliliah Elizabeth Harper (b., April 
22, 1835; m., June 8, 1854, married Wil- 
liam Denny Lefever. No children. 

Ninth. Daniel Lefever (b., Nov. 23, 1788; m., ; 

d., ). Received a divorce and is supposed 

to have become a Catholic priest. Married Hen- 
rietta Coulson. Three daughters, as follows: 
A. Amelia Lefever. 

C. . 

Tenth. Samuel Lefever (b., June 22, 1783; m., ; 

m., May 27, 1823; d., April 1, 1840), married 

twice; married first time to Hannah Wiegner. Six 

children, as follows: 

A. George Lefever (b., Sept. 15, 1809; m., 

), married Eleanor Adams. They 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 

had a daughter, Hannah, married 

Howell, and possibly a son and other children. 

B. John Wiegner Lefever (b., July 15, 1818; m., 

Feb. 27, 1851), married Christiana Foreman. 

C. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

D. Elizabeth Lefever (b., Sept. 23, 1811; m., 

April 28, 1830; d., ), married Pardon 


E. Mary Ann Lefever (b., Aug. 15, 1820; m., 

June 27, 1850; d., Nov. 29, 1893), married 
Alexander H. Smith. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. DuANE L. Smith (b., Oct. 29, 1859; m., 

May 1, 1881), married Cora Osborn. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Alfred Smith (b., Nov. 4, 1881). 

b. Ernest Smith (b., July 8, 1883). 

c. Roy Smith (b., Sept. 12, 1893). 

Two. William D. Smith (b., March 3, 1853), 

married . 

Three. Mary Smith (b., Oct. 19, 1862; m., 

Sept. 8, 1881), married Gains S. Burgett. 

Four children, as follows: 

a. Floyd A. Burgett (b., April 7, 1884). 

b. Rallen a. Burgett (b., Dec. 20, 1886). 

c. William D. Burgett (b., Feb. 12, 1889). 

d. Alta M. Burgett (b., Sept. 23, 1892; 

d., June 14, 1893). 
Four. Alice Smith (b., Jan. 6, 1866; m., June 
6, 1894), married William Hurst. One 
Glenn A. Hurst (b., June 26, 1897). 
Five. Oliver A. Smith (b., Oct. 18, 1851; d., 
Feb. 27, 1852). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

F. Sarah Lefever (b., Jan. 19, 1814; m., Nov. 22, 

1835), married Thomas B. Barnum. Nine 

children, as follows: 

One. Theodore F. Barnum (b., June 19, 1840 ; 

m., Dec. 14, 1865), married Eva Seamens. 

Five children, as follows: 

a. Virtie E. Barnum (b., Jan. 1, 1867; 

d., Jan. 7, 1867). 

b. Effie M. Barnum (b., June 20, 1868; 

m., Nov. 27, 1884), married George 
E. Drought. Three children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Lela M. Drought (b., Oct. 17, 

II. Archie T. Drought (b., April 18, 

III. Altie I. Drought (b., June 9, 

c. Lulu B. Barnum (b., Aug. 24, 1872; 

m., Nov. 25, 1888), married James 
M. Main. Three children, as fol- 
I. Eva p. Main (b., Sept. 13, 1889). 
11. Archie A. Main (b., May 24, 1892) 
III. HazleA.Main (b., Sept. 28, 1894). 

d. Carrie P. Barnum (b., Aug. 24, 1874)' 

e. Tommy T. Barnum (b., Oct. 9, 1880). 
Two. Permealia M. Barnum (b., Oct. 2, 1849; 

m., Jan. 7, 1869), married Dwight Sea- 
mens. Three children, as follows: 

a. Boy (b., April 23, 1870; d., April 25, 


b. Earl J. Seamens (b., Oct. 24, 1873). 

Descendants op Lawrence Slaymaker. 103 

c. Jay T. Seamens (b., Dec. 3, 1876). 

Three. Thomas Barnum (b., March 12, 1854- 

m., Nov. 28, 1883), married Charlotte 

Kline. One child: 

Ralph P. Barnum (b., May 7, 1895). 

Four. Mary E. Barnum (b., Jan. 21, 1845; 

d., Aug. 6, 1858). 
Five. Chester Barnum (b., Oct. 3, 1842; d., 

Dec. 24, 1842). 
Six. Andrew J. Barnum (b., Dec. 6, 1836; d., 

Sept. 16, 1837). 
Seven. Sarah D. Barnum (b., Sept. 30, 1847; 

d., Aug. 6, 1858). 
Eight. Ida R. Barnum (b., March 13, 1852; 

d., April 15, 1861). 
Nine. Flora Barnum (b., Sept. 25, 1857; d., 
Jan. 16, 1858). 
Samuel Lepever married second time to Mary Ann 
Camp. Five children, as follows: 

A. Barbara Line Lepever (b., May 5, 1830; m., 

Sept. 10, 1848), married George P. Kepler! 
Two children, as follows: 
One. Frances Amelia Kepler (b., Sept. 16, 

1849; d., Jan. 12, 1857). 
Two. Dora D. Kepler (b.. May 5, 1858; m., 
Aug. 19, 1885), married Charles H. Sey. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. RuBiE Sey (b., July 26, 1886). 

b. Edwin H. Sey (b.. May 1, 1893). 

B. Hannah Matilda Lepever (b., Sept. 19, 1828; 

m., Oct. 14, 1858; d., Aug. 21, 1865), married 
David W. Hopkins. One child : 
Grant Ulysses Hopkins (b., April 11, 1862- 
m., July 29, ), married Grace E. Bixby. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

C. Rhuhama Christiannah Lefever (b., Jan. 3, 
1835; m., Dec. 24, 1863), married Lorenzo P. 
Smith. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Marion Lefever Smith (b., Feb. 7, 
1866; m., June 20, 1894), married Mattie 
Johnson. One child: 
Mabel Smith (b., Dec. 2, 1895). 
Two. Bee L. Smith (b., Sept. 7, 1867); m., 
Dec. 9, 1894), married Etta Holbrook. 
One child: 
Myrtle Smith (b., July 4, 1896). 
Three. Rosa Mary Smith (b., Jan. 22, 1870; 
m., Jan. 29, 1888), married Joseph H. 
Kauffman. Three children, as follows: 

a. Ora J. Kauffman (b., Jan. 19, 1889). 

b. Magdalene R. Kauffman (b., June 11, 


c. Grace M. Kauffman (b., March 13, 

Four. Tinnie Smith (b., Feb. 5, 1872; m., May 
6, 1890; d., Aug. 26, 1892), married 
James B. Hendrick. Two children, as 
follows : 

a. Maud E. Hendrick (b., Feb. 28, 1891). 

b. Arthur C. Hendrick (b., Aug. 21, 1892 ; 

d., Feb. 21, 1893). 
Five. D.usY M. Smith (b., Feb. 9, 1872; m., 
July 10, 1893), married Joseph B. Fletch- 
er. One child: 
Lorenzo Fletcher (b., May 3, 1894). 
Six. Dean Smith (b., Feb. 9, 1875.. 
Seven. Dollie Smith (b., Oct. 5, 1876; m., 
June 12, 1897), married J. B. Hendrick. 
One son: 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 105 

Lloyd D. Hendrick (b., Sept. 16, 1898). 

D. Samuel Augustus Lefever (b., July 9, 1824; 

m., Jan. 23, 1852; d., Feb. 17, 1853), married 
Phoebe Ruama Rogers. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

One. Gilbert A. Lefever (b., April 21, 1853;) 

Two. Platt E. Lefever (b., Feb. 10, 1852). 

E. Jacob Camp Lefever (b., Aug. 15, 1826; m., 

; d.. May 29, 1874), married Pamilla 

Pond. One child: 

Emma Lefever, married Champaney. 

Had quite a family. 
Eleventh. Adam Lefever (b., Dec. 30, 1775; i 

1804; m., March 25, 1823; d., Aug. 22, 1861), 
married twice; married first time to Mary Jane 
Porter. Ten children, as follows: 

A. John Porter Lefever (b., Nov. 21, 1818; m., 
; d., Feb. 3, 1870), married Judith Whit- 
ing. Three children, as follows: 

One. Calvin Lefever. 
Two. Franklin Lefever. 
Three. Clair Lefever. 

B. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

C. Evaline Lefever (b., May 18, 1820; m., June 

6, 1844), married Charles Frasier Adams. 
Four children, as follows: 
One. Adella Louisa Adams (b., Sept. 25, 

1845; d., Feb. 15, 1854). 
Two. Emma Matilda Adams (b.. May 15, 1848; 

d., June 12, 1866). 
Three. Charles Joseph Adams (b., May 20, 
1854; d., July 19, 1867). 

106 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Four. Edwin Porter Adams (b., May 17, 
1858; m., June 30, 1880), married Lillie 
Gill. Three children, as follows: 

a. Lawrence Roy Adams (b., Aug. 11, 

1882; d., July 20, 1883). 

b. WiNFRED Adams (b., Oct. 6, 1883). 

c. Stanley Adams (b., June 1, 1886). 

D. Elizabeth Lefever (b., Aug. 7, 1809; ra., Sept. 

1, 1831; d., July 28, 1843), married Amasa 
Wheeler. Three children, as follows: 
One. Mary Jane Wheeler (b., Oct. 4, 1832; 

d., Feb. 11, 1871). 
Two. Amanda Elizabeth Wheeler (b., Nov. 
25, 1835; m., Dec. 13, 1855), married 
Harry Dunn. Two children, as follows: 

a. WiLMONT Dunn (b., Aug. 13, 1857). 

b. Belle Dunn (b., Nov. 30, 1864). 
Three. Sarah E. Wheeler (b., Jan. 2, 1837; 

m., Feb. 12, 1857), married Joseph P. 
Williams. Three children, as follows: 

a. Mark Williams (b.. May 6, 1858; m., 

Sept. 30, 1885), married Mary Wat- 
son. Two children, as follows: 
I. Bessie E. Williams (b., March 26, 

II. Fern C. Williams (b., Dec. 4, 

b. Claude Williams (b., Aug. 10, 1859; 

m., Oct. 20, 1887), married Sakie 

c. Cliff Williams (b., Aug. 10, 1859; d., 

Sept. 1, 1859). 

E. Samuel Lefever (b., Aug. 18, 1811; m.. May 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 107 

18, 1837; d., May 20, 1866), married Miriam 
Cole. Nine children, as follows: 
One. Adam Augustus Lefever (b.. May 24 
1838; m., March 19, 1861), married Re- 
becca Foreman. Two children, as fol 

a. Perry Foreman Lefever (b., Dec. 15 


b. Samuel Henry LefeySr (b., June 14 


Two. Sarah Eveline Lefever (b., Aug. 2 

Three. Hannah Eliza Lefever (b., Feb. 18 

Four. Margaret Elizabeth Lefever (b. 
Oct. 22, 1842). 

Five. George Washington Lefever (b.. 
April 2, 1845; m., Oct. 21, 1885), married 
Susannah Adams. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Florence Mildred Lefever (b., July 

2, 1891). 

b. Eva Irene Lefever (b., Feb. 7, 1895). 
Six. Benjamin Franklin Lefever (b., April 

2, 1845). 
Seven. Emma Adaline Lefever (b., July 27, 


Eight. Polly Ann Lefever (b., July 2, 1851). 

Nine. Martha Willamina Lefever (b., Sept. 

16, 1855; m., April 21, 1877), married 

Assa Mallory. Two children, as follows: 

a. George Ernest Mallory (b., April 30, 


History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

b. Roy Edward Mallory (b., Jul.y 31, 

F. Washington Lefever (b., March 24, 1807; d., 

Oct. 20, 1872) ; cut his throat. 

G. George Lefever (b., June 6, 1805; m., ; 

d., Jan. 2, 1861), married Ann Eliza Herriclc. 
Eleven children, as follows: 
One. Helen Lefever (b., Sept., 1836; d., 

three years old). 
Two. Orlando Herrick Lefever (b., Feb. 23, 
1840; m., June 20, 1876), married Eva 
Fuller. Two children, as follows: 

a. Clara Louisa Lefever (b., April 5, 


b. Edith Anna Lefever (b.. May 8, 1885). 
Three. Elmyra Lefever (b., Sept. 15, 1838; 

m., : d., ), married T. Har- 

man Linsley. Three children, as fol- 

a. Caroline Lindsley. 

b. Nellie Lydia Lindsley. 

c. Alfred Lindsley. 

Four. Catharine Mary Lefever (b., May, 
1842; m., ; d., about 1882), mar- 
ried D. P. Waldo. Six children, as fol- 

a. Ella Waldo, married W. R. Hand. 

One child: 
Willie Waldo Hand. 

b. Alfred Waldo (b., ;d., ). 

c. Theron Waldo (b., ; d., ). 

d. Lewie Waldo (b., ). 

e. Georgiana Waldo (b., ; d., 


Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 109 

f. Catharine Waldo (b., ; d., 


Five. Georgiana Lefever (b., April 14, 1849; 
m., June 18, 1869), married Hon. George 
H. Waldo. Two children, as follows: 

a. Adele Elizabeth Waldo (b., July 19, 


b. George Charles Waldo (b., Aug. 30, 

1877) ; served in the war with Spain 
as aide to Gen. Hv. Duffield,of Mich. 
33rd Vol. 
Six. Alfred Homan Lefever (b., March 28, 

1847; m., ), married Josephine 

Pohlman. One child, died when 15 mo. 

Seven. Cornelia Louisa Lefever (b., July 

24, 1852; m., ), married H. A. 

Martin. Two children, as follows: 

a. Arthur Martin (b., ; d., ). 

b. Raymond Martin (b., ). 

Eight. Franklin Washington Lefever (b., 

May 17, 1857), married Ida Lobdell. One 

child : 
Samuel Lefever. 
Nine. Amelia Lefever (b., 1844; d., about 

Ten. Cornelia Louisa Lefever, married 

Henry Martin. 
Eleven. Helen Lefever (b., Sept. 1836; d., 

three years old). 

f' JTwins (b., ; d., ). 

J. Jacob Lefever (b., Nov. 9, 1816; d., March 13, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Adam Lefever married second time to Marj' Denny. 
Five cliildren, as follows: 

A. Leander Fleming Lefever (b., March 10, 1824; 
m., July 4, 1848; d., April 23, 1890), married 
Mary Lydia David. Six children, as follows: 
One. Alonzo Lefever (b., July 27, 1849; m., 
July 31, 1870; d., Sept. 15, 1877), mar- 
ried Rosa Graves. Three children, as 
follows : 
a. Jessie Bell Lefever (b., July 17, 

b Edgar Leander Lefever (b., Oct. 26, 

c. Derange Leon Lefever (b., Jan. 16, 
Two. Charles Lefever (b., Aug. 1, 1852; d., 

Feb. 22, 1873). 
Three. Martha Lefever (b., Aug. 1, 1852; 
m., July 16, 1873), married Richard 
Terry. One child: 
Walter Jason Terry (b., Nov. 7, 1875; 
m., Nov. 28, 1894), married Lulu B. Yost. 
One child: 

Glenn Terry (b., March 17, 1895). 
Four. Ella Matilda Lefever (b., Sept. 5, 
1854; m., Dec. 31, 1873), married Wil- 
liam Morse. Three children, as follows: 

a. Mertie May Morse (b., Sept. 5, 1875). 

b. Lillian Almerie Morse (b., April 28, 


c. Melvin Garfield Morse (b., June 1, 

Five. David Lefever (b-, Feb. 11, 1860; d., 
Jan. 3, 1878). 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. Ill 

Six. Edward Lefever (b., July 1, 1862; d., 
Jan. 26, 1887). 

B. William Denny Lefever (b., July 2, 1826; m., 

June 8, 1854; d., Sept. 3, 1888), married 
Delilah Elizabeth Harper. No children. 

C. Joseph Ritner Lefever (b., May 5, 1835; m., 

Feb. 5, 1857; d., Jan. 12, 1896), married 
Elizabeth Malzena Reed. Three children, as 
follows : 
One. Fred Clark Lefever (b., April 9, 1860; 
m., Oct. 28, 1884), married Sadie Pierce. 
One child : 
Percy My'rle Lefever (b., Nov. 10, 1895). 
Two. Mary Jane Lefever (b., Oct. 28, 1863; 
m., Aug. 20, 1884), married Lemon R. 
Markley. One child: 
Nina Fluetta Bell Markley (b., Jan. 1, 
Three. Bessie Louisa Lefever (b.. May 22, 
1879; d., Feb. 5, 1888). 

D. Mary Matilda Lefever (b., Feb. 28, 1829; m., 

April 11, 1854; d., Aug. 27, 1890), married 

James Johnston. Two children, as follows: 

One. Ellis Denny Johnston (b.. May 24, 

1858; m.. May 7, 1883), married Belle 

J. Hayes. One child: 

Mary Belle Johnston (b., Aug. 3, 1884). 

Two. Lulu Mae Johnston (b., March 13, 


E. Walter Denny Lefever (b., April 7, 1833; 

m., Oct. 31, 1865; d., July 28, 1880). A very 
prominent physician of Hastings, Neb. Died 
from the effects of nervous fever. Married 
Louisa Mosier. Three children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

One. Katie Lefever (b., Feb. 3, 1868; cl, 

, 1870). 

Two. David Mosier Lefever (b., Sept. 3, 

Three. Harriet Lefever (b., June 27, 1879). 
Twelfth. Anna Barbara Lefever (b., Sept. 18, 1780; 
m., Dec. 13, 1798; d., Aug. 18, 1850), married 
John Line. Nine children, as follows: 
A. George Lefever Line (b., Dec. 25, 1804; m., 
Nov. 10, 1829; d., Nov. 5, 1885), married 
Maria Line. Four children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Melvin Line (b., Feb. 22, 
1832; m., March 3, 1857), married Sam- 
uel Hemminger. 
Two. John Augustus Line (b., April 9, 1834; 
m., Dec. 29, 1868), married Marj' B. 
Bowman. Four children, as follows: 

a. Miriam Line (b., ; d., ). 

b. Herman Bowman Line. 

c. Charles Eugene Line. 

d. John Raymond Line. 

Three. Abraham Lycurgus Line (b., March 

2, 1841; m., Oct. 21, 1863), married 

Sarah Hamilton McNath. Two children, 

as follows: 

a. George Lefever Line (b., Sept. 13, 

1865; m., Jan. 26, 1888), married 

Nettie E. Widder. Three children, 

as follows: 

I. Albert Le Roy Line (b., Dec. 13, 

II. Walter Clark Line (b., Oct. 1, 

Descendants of Lawrence Slaymaker. 113 

III. George Widder Line (b., Jan. 26, 
b. Laura Augusta Line (b., Oct. 9 
Four. Emanuel Carpenter Line (b., Dec. 8, 
1837; m., Dec. 3, 1886), marriedRachaei 

B. Boy, (b., Oct., 1812; d., ). 

C. B03' (b., Oct., 1812; d., ). 

D. John Line (b., Aug. 23, 1810; m., ; d., 

, 1865), married Maria Myers. Six 

children, as follows: 
One. Susannah Line. 

wo. Zachariah Taylor Line. 
Three. Henry Line. 
Four. Mary" Line. 
Five. William Line. 
Six. Sarah Line. 

E. Daniel Line (b., Oct. 24, 1808; d., Feb. 25, 

1811). Burned to death. 

F. Mary Line (b., Dec. 5, 1806; m., ; m., 

), married twice; married first time to 

George Bowman; no children. Married sec- 
ond time to Robert Coulter. Six children, as 
follows : 

One. Adam Lefever Coulter. 

Two. Daughter (b., ; d., ). 

Three. Vinton Coulter. 

Four. Crawford Coulter. 

Five. Thomas Coulter. ' 

Six. John Coulter. 

G. Catharine Line (b., Dec. 28, 1802; m., Oct. 24, 

1822; d.. May 12, 1877), married cousin, John 

114 History of the Slaymaker Family^. 

Tritt. For descendants, see record of John 


H. Salome Line (b., ; d., ). 

I. Salome Line (b., Dec. 21, 1800; d., Jan. 22, 




Mathias Slaymaker, second son of Mathias Schleier- 
MACHER, was Lieutenant in the First Battalion, Third Com- 
pany, during the Revolutionary War. (B., ; m., 

; d., Jan. 9, 1804, aged 76 years). Married Barbara 

Smith. They had seven children, as follows: 

1. Mary Slaymaker. Nothing known about her. 

2. John Slaymaker (b., Jan. 1, 1750; m., ; d., Sept. 

26, 1831), married Mary Peck. They had seven chil- 
dren, as follows: 

First. Mary Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., 

— ), married Chancier. 

Second. Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; 

d., ), married Robert Ferguson. Eight 

children, as follows: 

A. Harvey Ferguson (b., ; d., ). 

B. Mary Ferguson, married Samuel Richardson. 

Four children, as follows: 
One. James Richardson. 
Two. John Richardson. 
Three. Robert Richardson. 
Four. Catharine Richardson. 

C. Lavinia Ferguson (b., ; d., ). 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

D. Susanna Ferguson, mari-ied Lorenzo Gillem. 

E. Salome Elizabeth Ferguson, married 

Ferguson. One child: 
Sylvester Ferguson, married Elizabeth Flora, 
three children, as follows: 
John Ferguson. 
Henry Ferguson. 
Margaret Ferguson. 

F. Robert Ferguson. 

G. Salina Jane Ferguson. 
H. John Harvey Ferguson. 

Third. Mathias Slaymaker (b., Dec. 10, 1874; 

; d.. May 20, 1862), married Rebecca Fer- 

ree. They had six children, as follows: 
A. John M. Slaymaker (b., March 1, 1816; m., 
1850; m., 1856; d., Jan. 3,1874), married 
twice; married first time to Emma Harriett 
Jack. They had one child : 
One. Emma H. Slaymaker, married Silas K. 
Eshleman. They had two children as 

a. Elizabeth E. Eshleman. 

b. S. Kendrick Eshleman. 

John M. Slaymaker married second time to Lizzie 
Snyder. They had eight children, as follows: 
One. H. Elizabeth Slaymaker, married Ira 
T. Gabbert. They had one child: 
John M. Gabbert. 
Two. Sarah R. Slaymaker, married Charles 
F. Diller. They had five children, as 
follows : 

a. Isaac Slaym.^IvER Diller. 

b. John Slaymaker Diller (b., July 22 

1892; d., May 25, 1895). 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 117 

c. Sarah Ferree Diller. 

d. Charles Frederick Diller. 

e. DuBois Diller. 

Three. John Martin Slaymaker (b., 1864); 

a prominent physician of Philadelphia. 
Four. James Lawrence Slaitmaker (b., Jan. 

25, 1864; d., Feb. 12, 1867. 
Five. Annie Slaymaker, married George 
Himes. They have one child : 
Cecelia Himes. 
Six. Martha Jane Slaymaker. 
Seven. Mary M. Slaymaker. 
Eight. Samuel F. Slaymaker. 
B. Mary Melvina Slaymaker (b., ; m., 

; d., May 18, 1843), married Winfield 

Scott Kennedy. They have two children, as 
follows : 
One. William Maxwell Kennedy (b., July 

19, 1838; d., Aug. 24, 1863). 
Two. John Mathias Kennedy (b.. May 26, 
1840; m., July 3, 1866), married Florence 
Graddy. They have five children, as 
follows : 

a. William Maxavell Kennedy (b., Aug. 

23, 1867). 

b. Jessie Graddy Kennedy (b.. May 19, 


c. Winfield Scott Kennedy (b., June 

17, 1871). 

d. Thomas Graddy Kennedy (b., Feb. 8, 

6. John Mathias Kennedy (b.. May 14, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

C. James L. Slaymaker (b., Sept. 25, 1819; d., 

Jan. 4, 1867). 

D. Isaac F. Slaymaker (b., about 1812; d., Feb. 

9, 1843). 

E. Uriah Slaymaker (b., Aug. 7, 1825; d., Jan. 

14, 1827). 

F. Leah Louisa Slaymaker (b., ; d., ). 

Fourth. Henry Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; 

d., ), married Susan E. Booth. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 
A. Alexander Hamilton Slaymaker (b., June 19, 

1822; m., ; m., ; d., Dec. 3, 

1889), married twice; mprried first time to 
Faithful Mary Slaymaker, daughter of Wil- 
Ham Daniel and Elizabeth Ann Slaymaker. 
Six children,. as follows: 

One. George Witmer Slaymaker (b., ; 

d., ). 

Two. Edmund H. Slaymaker (b., ; d., 

July 3, 1854). 

Three. William Sl.«'maker (b., ; d., 

Sep. 17, 1863). 

Four. Faithful Mary Slaymaker (b. , ; 

d., July 26, 1858). 
Five. Alexander E. Slaymaker, married 
Mary E. Graham. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. James Graham Slaymaker (b., ; 

d., three months old). 

b. Elizabeth Faithful Slaymaker (b., 

Nov. 4, 1882). 
Six. Elizabeth Slaymaker, married Thomas 
Leadbeater. Two children, as follows: 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 119 

a. Anna Slaymaker. 

b. Elizabeth Faithful Slaymaker, mar- 

ried Rev. John Reidout. One son. 
Alexander Hamilton Slaymaker married second 
time to Hannah Jewett. No children. 

B. Louisa Slaymaker, married William M. Ham- 

ilton. Five children, as follows: 
One. Isabelle Cass Hamilton, married Dr. 

Hugh Hamilton. 
Two. Mary Matilda Hamilton, married John 

E. Borland. Three children, as follows: 

a. Sarah Borland. 

b. Willie Borland. 

c. John Borland. 

Three. Susan a Elizabeth Hamilton (b., 

; m., Oct. ?9, 1884), married 

Walter Sutton. Two children, as fol- 

a. Nancy Sutton. 

b. Futhey Sutton. 

Four. John Hamilton (b., ; d., ). 

Five. Louise Hamilton. 

C. Mary E. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 7, 1831; m., 

; d., Sept. 8, 1879), married John S. 

Smith. Eight children, as follows: 
One. Clara S. Smith, married Ezra W. 
Frantz. Four children, as follows: 

a. Jessie S. Frantz. 

b. Mary B. Frantz. 

c. Clara E. Frantz. 

d. Joseph H. Frantz. 

Two. Sallie E. Smith, married John M. Eck- 
ert. Two children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Samuel Eckert. 

b. Maude S. Eckert. 

Three. Mary S. Smith, married Herman Arm- 
strong. Two children, as follows: 

a. Alletah M. Armstrong. 

b. Elsie M. Armstrong. 

Four. Emma L. Smith, married Clement A. 
Hoar. Three children, as follows: 

a. Daisy Hoar. 

b. M. Ethel Hoar. 

c. Charlie Hoar. 

Five. Addie V. Smith, married Nimrod Smith. 
Six. Lizzie H. Smith, married Ne-nton Hoar. 
One child: 
Nellie Hoar. 
Seven. Charles H. Smith, proprietor of the 
leading livery stable of Lancaster, Pa.; 
married Eva Marrow. One child: 
Wilbur Grant Smith. 

Eight. John Smith (b., ; d., ). 

. Susan B. Slaymaker (b., about 1834; m., 

; d., April 28, 1871), married Edwin 

Hopton. Four children, as follows: 
One. Willie Hopton (b., Feb. 25, 1859; d., 

Oct. 4, 1861). 
Two. Edavin Hopton (b., July 26, 1863; d., 
April 25, 1870). 

Three. Clara Hopton (b., ; m., ), 

married . 

Four. W.\LTER Hopton (b., March 12, 1871; 
d., April 4, 1872). 

John M. Sl.^ymaker (b., ; m., ; 

d., ), married Harriet Imhoff. 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 121 

F. Emma C. Slaymaker (b., ; m., ), 

married George Fogle. 

Fifth. Amas Slaymaker (b., ; d., July 31, 1796; 

18 years old. 
Sixth. Susannah Slaymaker. Nothing known of her. 

Seventh. Lydia Slaymaker, married Springer. 

Only two children known: 
John S. Springer. 
Elizabeth Springer. 
Rachael Slay'maker (b., March 3, 1781; m., April 3, 
1804; d., July 8, 1858), married David Kendrick. 
Seven children, as follows: 
First. Jane Kendrick, married George Hoke. They 

had three children. 
Second. Rachael Kendrick, married Robert Jameson. 
They had one son and two daughters. One daugh- 
ter married James Webster. 
Third. Emeline Kendrick, married Robert McCutch- 
eon. One daughter, who married Robert Moody. 
Fourth. Annie Kendrick, married David White. 
They had two sons and one daughter, who mar- 
ried James McElwee. 
Fifth. Slai'maker Kendrick. 

Sixth. George Washington Kendrick, married Maria 
McDonald. Four children, as follows: 

A. Jennie Kendrick, married twice; married first 

time to William W. Buiyhurst. One son. 
Jennie Kendrick. Married second time to 
Thomas B. Styan. 

B. William W. Kendrick, married Margaret Lind- 

sey. They had two sons and two daughters. 

C. George W. Kendrick, former Vice-President of 

Third National Bank Philadelphia, Pa. Mar- 
ried Minnie Murdock. Two sons. 

2 History of the Slaymaker Faivoly. 

D. Charles H. Kendrick, married Louisa Clargus. 
Seventh. Daniel Kendrick. 
Elizabeth Slaymaker, married John McPherson; moved 
to Northumberland Co., Pa. Six children, as follows: 

First. John McPherson, married Christy. 

They had a number of children. Only one known : 

Mary McPherson, married Silverwood. 

Second. Mathias McPherson, married Silver- 
wood. Nothing more known. 
Third. William McPherson, married Martha Hanna. 
Six children, as follows: 

A. Elizabeth McPherson, married William Fer- 

guson. Had son: 
George Ferguson. 

B. Mary McPherson, married Dr. Gilbert. Three 

children, as follows: 
One. Ella Gilbert. 

Two. Florence CtIlbert, married 

Three. Mary- Gilbert (b., ; d., ). 

C. Harriet McPherson (b., 1816; m., ), 

married Timothy Wilcox. Had a number of 
children. Same as follows: 
One. Bell Wilcox, married Dr. Storj'. Have 

several children. 
Two. Rudolph Wilcox. 

Three. Roland Wilcox (b., ; d., ). 

Four. A daughter (b., ; m., ), 

married McNitt. They had one 

Five. Randolph Wilcox. 

D. John McPherson (b., Dec. 21, 1818; m., ), 

married Elizabeth Fergus. Seven children, 
as follows: 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 123 

One. Charles E. McPherson (b., April 20, 

1846; m., ), married Sarah Smith. 

Two children, as follows: 

a. Pearl L. McPherson (b., Feb. 16, 


b. Mattine McPherson (b., June 25, 


Two. Clara Bell McPherson (b., Nov. 14, 
1848; d., about 1865). 

Three. S. Franiclin McPherson (b., Oct. 8, 
1850; d., young). 

Four. Harriet A. McPherson (b., Feb. 23, 
1853; m., ; d., Oct., 1873), mar- 
ried W. D. Blackburn. Editor Mechan- 
icsburg "Free Press," Mechanicsburg, 
Pa. One child: 
Margaret E. Blackburn (b., Jan. 15, 

Five. Alien E. McPherson (b., Aug. 17, 1855; 

m., ; d., , 1875), married 

Henry Dolan. 

Six. William J. McPherson (b., Aug. 16, 

1859; m., ), married Harriet Petti- 

john. Four children, as follows: 

a. John McPherson. 

b. AiMEE McPherson. 

c. Marie McPherson. 

d. Charles McPherson. 

Seven. John E. McPherson (b., April 14, 

E. Adeline B. McPherson (b., ; d., ). 

F. Maria McPherson (b., ; d., ). 

Fourth. Archibald McPherson. Nothing known of 


124 History of the Slaymaker FAinLY. 

Fifth. Mary McPhersox, married Charles Cramer. 
Sixth. Elizabeth McPherson, married Samuel Hanna. 
5. Rebecca Slay'maker, married Samuel McComse}'. Six 
children, as follows: 
First. Mary McComsey, married Daniel Howett. Two 
children, as follows: 

A. John Howett. 

B. Rebecca Howett (b., Feb. 4, 1809; m., Oct. 25, 

1831; d., Dec. 24, 1891), married William 
Burns. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Harriet C. Burns (b., Aug. 4, 1833; 

d., Jan. 1, 1892). 
Two. Clarkson L. Burns (b., April 2, 1844; 

d., when a child). 
Three. Robert Burns (b., Sept. 10, 1835). 
Four. Elizabeth Miller Burns (b., Jan. 11, 

1847; d., about 21 years old). 
Five. Walter Burns (b., ; d., when a 

Six. Henry Burns (b., March 23, 1840). 
Seven.' Daniel Burns (b., March 23, 1838; 

m., July 6, 1870), married Hetty Naomi 

Haines. Four children, as follows: 

a. Beckie Lowella Burns (b., April 11, 


b. Lizzie Maude Burns (b., Aug. 18, 


c. Harry Daniel Burns (b., Jul}' 14, 


d. Minnie Belle Burns (b., July 24,1882). 
Second. Margaret McComsey, married Samuel Craw- 
ford. One child. 

Harriet Crawford, married Michael Hoffman. 
Nothing more known. 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 125 

Third. William McComsey, married Mary Eckman, 
cousin. Six children, as follows: 
A. Elizabeth McComsey (b., Sept. 27, 1809; m., 

; d., March 29, 1890), married David 

Witmer. Eight children, as follows: 
One. John Martin Wither (b., Oct. 31, 1839; 
m., March 12, 1868), married Catharine 
McAllister, a cousin. Eleven children, as 
follows : 

a. Bell W. Witmer (b., Aug. 3, 1868; m., 

May 1, 1890), married James Chris- 
man. Two children, as follows: 


II. Dale Chrisman. 

b. Emma Witmer (b., Dec. 16, 1871; m., 

Nov. 13, 1889), married John Bur- 
kie. Two children, as follows: 
I. Laura Burkie. 
II. Bessie Burkie. 

c. Nellie Wither (b., Aug. 12, 1874). 

d. Lena Wither (b., Nov. 3, 1876). 

e. ViRGiE Wither (b., Jan. 5, 1879; d., 

March 14, 1884). 

f. Christiana Wither (b., July 21, 1886). 

g. Clare Wither (b., March 21, 1889). 
h. Floye Wither (b., March 21, 1891). 
i. Joseph Wither (b., Dec. 25, 1893). 

j. Charles Wither (b., March 6, 1884). 

k. John Alexander Wither (b., March 

27, 1881; d., July 25, 1884). 

Two. Samuel Wither (b., ; m., ), 

married Margaret Lyle. Eight children 
as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Charles WiTMER (b., ; m. 

married Emma Esbenshade. 

b. Edward Witmer. 

c. John Witmer. 

d. Herald Witmer. 

e. Herbert Witmer. married - 

f. Laura Witmer. 

g. Witmer. 

h. Witmer. 

Three. Benjamin Witmer, married Lj'dia 

Four. George W. H. Witmer (b., March 17, 
1846; m., ), married Martha My- 
ers. One child: 
Casper Corwin Witmer (b., Nov. 28, 

Five. David Herr Witmer. 

Six. Lydia Witmer (b., July 26, 1849; m., 
April 9, 1868), married Henry Althouse. 
Eight children, as follows: 

a. MoLLiE Ella Althouse (b., Sept. 28, 


b. Walter Wesley Althouse (b., Maj' 

3, 1875). 

c. Lizzie Agnes Althouse (b., June 3, 


d. Olive Blanch Althouse (b., June 4, 


e. Ramond Oscar Althouse (b., Aug. 11, 


f. Lettie Idella Althouse (b., Jan. 4, 

1871; m., April 25, 1888), married 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 127 

Daniel David Robinson. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Elsie Viola Robinson (b., Jan. 
21, 1889). 
II. Roy Harry' Robinson (b., June 
7, 1892). 
g. Harry Irvin Wither Althouse (b., 

Feb. 20, 1873; d., May 4, 1879). 
h. Hermett Norman Althouse (b., April 
17, 1878; d., April 4, 1879). 

Seven. Mary S. Witmer (b., 1842; m., 

), married William McGuigan. 

Seven children, as follows: 

a. Mary E. McGuigan (b., , 1863; 

m., ), married John McCom- 


b. Joseph F. McGuigan (b., , 1866). 

William A. McGuigan (b., 

1869; m., ), married Clara 


d. Meretta a. McGuigan (b., , 1872; 

m., ), married John Whitman. 

e. Aaron H. McGuigan (b., , 1875). 

f. Harold W. McGuigan (b., , 1879). 

g. Zada McGuigan (b., , 1883). 

Eight. Franklin Wither (b., April 11, 1834; 

m., Dec. 25, 1856; d., Jan. 27, 1895), 
married Hettie Ann Lefever. Eight 
children, as follows: 
a. George Henry Wither (b., July 17, 
1860; m., March 18, 1885), married 
Carrie P. Powell. One child : 
Harry' Sahuel Wither (b., Nov. 30, 
1886; d., June 17, 1893). 

128 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. Hiram Lefever Witmer (b., March 6, 


c. Benjamin Peter Witmer (b., Oct. 31, 


d. Daniel Franklin Wither (b., Aug. 8, 

1864; m., ), married Marga- 

retta Seal. Two children, as fol- 
I. Roy Witmer. 
II. Myrtle Witmer. 

e. John Shank Witmer (b., July 31, 1869; 

m., Oct. 11, 1893), married Hannah 
E. Clark. One child : 
Percy Franklin Wither (b., April 
21, 1894; d., April 12, 1895). 

f. Andrew Jackson Wither (b., Oct. 4, 

1857; d., Oct. 12, 1883). 

g. Margarete Virginia Wither (b., Sept. 

14, 1866; d., Sept. 3, 1867). 
h. Martha Elizabeth Wither (b., Sept. 
25, 1862). 

B. Samuel McComsey, married Julia Hogan. 

C. Andrew Jackson McComsey, married Margaret 

Aiken. Seven children, as follows: 
One. John McComsey, married Elizabeth Mc- 

Two. Henry McComsey. 
Three. Samuel McComsey. 
Four. Isabell McCohsey, married Jeremiah 

Five. Margie McComsey, married 

Six. Jennie McComsey, married Lee Scott. 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 129 

Seven. Hugh McComsey (b., ; cL, — ). 

D. Susan McComsey', married William Raeth. 

E. Rebecca McComsey', married John Elliott. 

F. Mary McComsey (b., March 10, 1815; m., Jan. 
20, 1836; d., ), married Jeremiah 

Reiter. Eight children, as follows: 
One. Mary Elizabeth Reiter (b., Feb. 17, 

1837; m., ; d., Dec. 15, 1888), 

married Grabill Beck. 
Two. Lydia Ann Reiter (b., June 13, 1841; 

m., ; m., ; d., Oct. 17, 

1875); married twice; married first time 

to Jacob Harsh ; married second time to 


Three. Abraham McComsey Reiter (b., June 

27, 1844; d., Jan. 28, 1866). 
Four. Emma Jane Reiter (b., Aug. 5, 1857; 

m., ), married . 

Five children. 
Five. Samuel Slaymaker Reiter (b., Oct. 21, 

1852; m., ; m., ), married 

Six. Elam E. Reiter (b., June 28, 1846; m., 

Sept. 4, 1869), married Deitrich. 

Seven. Annie R. Reiter (b., Sept. 9, 1850; 

m., ; d., Aug. 17, 1885), married 

Henry Meek. Two children, as follows: 

a. Henry' Meck. 

b. Mollie Meck. 

Eight. Fracina Reiter (b., Feb. 13, 1838; m., 

), married David R. Miller. 

Fourth. Rachael McComsey (b., March 7, 1799; m., 
Dec. 3, 1820; d., Sept. 8, 1869), married Benjamin 
Devonshire. Seven children, as follows; 

130 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

A. Benjamin Devonshire (b., July 13, 1824; m., 
Nov. 15, 1848: d., Jan. 2, 1893), married Ellen 
Montgomerj'. Six children, as follows: 

One. Rachael C. Devonshire (b., June 15, 
1852; m., Nov. 8, 1872), married Randall 

Two. John Slaymaker Devonshire (b., , 

1861; d., Feb. 22, 1863). 

Three. Margaret Belinda Devonshire (b., 
July 25, 1868; m., Oct. 27, 1892), mar- 
ried Robert H. Smith. 

Four. Samitel Ellsworth Devonshire (b., 
Aug. 8, 1864; m., Sept. 24, 1891), mar- 
ried Jennie Broom. 

Five. Benjamin F. Devonshire (b., Nov. 14, 
1858; m., Aug. 30, 1883), married Nettie 

Six. Jhue F. Devonshire (b., May 6, 1856; 
m., Dec. 9, 1877), married Clara Crum. 
Six children, as follows: 

a. Sharlie T. Devonshire (b., Feb. 11, 


b. Joseph Christie Devonshire (b., Sept. 

10, 1885). 

c. Samuel Thomas Devonshire (b., Nov. 

25, 1880). 

d. Benjamin Franklin Devonshire (b., 

March 3, 1884). 

e. Ellen Melinda Devonshire (b., Jan. 

22, 1879. 

f. Jeneatte Alicb Devonshire (b., Aug. 

23,1879; m., July 5, 1894) married 
Walter D. McCoslin. 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 131 

B. John Slaymaker Devonshire (b., Sept. 21, 

1826; d., June 27, 1841). 

C. Margaret Elizabeth Crawford Devonshire 

(b., Nov. 9, 1833; m., Jan. 17, 1854), married 
Nathan Montgomery. Nine children, as fol- 
One. Rachael Ann Montgomery (b., Dec. 3, 
1856; m., Feb. 11, 1880), married Wil- 
liam R. Porter. Four children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. James Huddard Porter (b., Aug. 16, 


b. Roy Allen Porter (b., Oct. 23, 1887). 

c. Margaret Elizabeth Porter (b., Aug. 

30, 1890.) 

d. Sallie Gillespie Porter (b., July 3, 

Two. John Thomas Montgomery" (b.. May 
14, 1858; m., July 28, 1881), married 
Annie Mary Devonshire. Six children, 
as follows: 

a. William Porter Montgomery (b., Dec. 

16, 1882). 

b. Grace Elizabeth Montgomery (b., 

Feb. 13, 1883). 

c. Nathan B. Montgomery (b., Nov. 10, 


d. Arthur Reuben Montgomery (b., Dec. 

23, 1890; d., Sept. 10, 1891). 

e. Elliot Kelso Montgomery (b., Nov. 

2, 1892). 

f. Marjorie May Montgomery (b., May 

7, 1896). 

132 History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

Three. Allan Elliott Montgomery (b., Dec. 
18, 1867; m., Sept. 24, 1891), married 
Nancy Jane Pierce. Two children, as 
follows : 

a. Milton Eugene Montgomery (b., Dec. 

23, 1892). 

b. Flora Rebecca Montgomery (b., April 

3, 1894). 

Four. Caroline Ceresa Montgomery (b., 
July 27, 1854; d., Oct. 14, 1855). 

Five. Laura Montgomery (b., Feb. 28, 1873; 
d., July 5, 1874). 

Six. Nathan Montgomery (b., Nov. 26, 1865; 
d., July 23, 1867). 

Seven. Rosa Bell Montgomery (b., Feb. 15, 
1861; m., Jan. 21, 1886), married How- 
ard B. Pierce. Four children, as follows: 

a. Sherman Ledie Pierce (b., Jan. 11, 


b. Helen Arbutus Pierce (b., Jan. 31, 


c. Robert Earl Pierce (b., Aug. 31, 1888; 

d.. May 16, 1892). 

d. Emory Burgett Pierce (b., Oct. 21, 

1891; d., Sept. 18, 1892). 
Eight. Ella Elizabeth Montgomery (b., 
May 27, 1871; m., Sept. 16, 1890), mar- 
ried Lindley Alfred Devonshire. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Clement Devonshire (b., Feb. 14, 


b. Chloe Belle Devonshire (b., April, 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 133 

Nine. Henry Stearn Montgomery (b., Oct. 
16, 1875). 

D. Harriett Ann Devonshire (b., May 4, 1836; 

m., Sept. 16, 1857; m., Sept. 11, 1889), mar- 
ried twice; irmrried first time to William 
McMuUen; married second time to James D. 

E. Letitia Belinda Devonshire (b., June 29, 

1831; m., Oct. 31, 1855), married David J. 
Fisher. One child: 

Frances Marion Fisher (b., ; m., Dec. 

23, 1880), married Jennie A. Gatchell. 

F. Samuel Thomas Devonshire (b., Sept. 11, 

1840; m., Oct. 18, 1862), married Anna 
Maria Fisher. Ten children, as follows: 

One. Harvey Berwell Devonshire (b., Jan. 
4, 1866; m., Aug. 2, 1893), married 
Alice Watkines. 

Two. Elmer Greenbank Devonshire (b. 
March 16, 1867; m., Sept. 26, 1894), mar- 
ried Lula M. McCullough. 

Three. Margaret Eva Jane Devonshire (b., 
March 28, 1874). 

Four. David James Devonshire (b., Feb. 22, 

Five. William Oram Devonshire (b., March 

23, 1877). 

Six. Frelin S. Devonshire (b., May 27, 1872). 
Seven. Philip Roland Devonshire (b., Mch. 

25, 1863; d., Nov., 1864). 
Eight. Edward Emlen Devonshire (b., March 

24, 1864; d., Sept. 10, 1864). 

Nine. Samuel Thomas Devonshire (b., Aug. 

31, 1869; d., July 27, 1870). 
Ten. Nathan Brunfield Devonshire (b., 

Aug. 23, 1878; d., Jan. 6, 1879). 

History of the Slaymaker Faiuly. 

G. Rebecca Slaymaker Devonshire (b., Feb. 2, 

1822; m., Jan. 4, 1844; d., Oct. 13, 1886), 

married Adley Gilt Gray. Five cliildren, as 


One. Mary L.' Gray (b., July 8, 1844; m., 

), married Culberson. 

Two. Rachael ]McComsey Gray (b., May 30, 
1847; m., , married Ed- 
ward C. Kyle. 

Three. Benjamin Gray (b., , 1857). 

Four. Annie R. Gray (b., Dec. 8, 1861), mar- 
ried Roussey. 

Five. Davis Gray (b., ; d., ). 

Fifth. John McComsey, married twice; married first 
time to Mrs. Alexander, nee Long. Had a number 
of children, only one known. 

Harriet McComsey, married Drake. They 

had a number of children, only three known: 
John McComsey married second time to Ann Raeff. 

Sixth. Mathias McComsey (b., : m., Feb. 4, 

1896; d., ), married Mary Magdalina Von 

Derow. Ten children, as follows: 

A. Mary McComsey (b., ; d., ). 

B. Samuel McComsey (b., ), married Re- 

becca Deitrich. One child: 
Samuel Slaymaker McComsey married Mrs. 
Amelia Pickel, nee Ricketts. One child: 

Helen Rebecca McComsey (b., ; 

d., ). 

C. Francina McComsey (b., ; d., ). 

William McComsey, 
School Diroetor and Councilman in Lancaster, Pa. 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 135 

Mathias McComsey (b., 

d., ), married Elizabeth C. Rex. One 


William Rex McComsey (b., ; m., 

), married Josephine Brown. One 

child. Baby. 

Rebecca Margaret McComsey (b., July 4, 

1S32; m., Dec. 25, 1865), married George 

Augustus Mayling. Four children, as follows : 

One. Morris Augustus Mayling (b., Oct. 25, 

Two. MiLFORD George Mayling (b., Aug. 24, 

1873; d., March 5, 1875). 
Three. Mary Rebecca Mayling (b., Oct. 21, 
1866; m., Jan. 1, 1891), married Daniel 
Four. Minerva Von Derow Mayling (b., 

Jan. 23, 1870). 
William McComsey (b., Aug. 29, 1820; m., 
April 18, 1844; d., July 5, 1895), councilman 
for many years and school director for a long 
time, up to the time of his death, in Lancas- 
ter, Pa., when he was succeeded by his son, 
William Henry McComsey. Married Mary 
Ann Dorwart. They had five children, as 
follows : 
One. Benjamin Asbury McComsey' (b., 

March 24, 1845; d., Nov. 7, 1862). 
Two. William Henry McComsey (b., Dec. 4, 
1851; m., Jan. 1, 1873). Succeeded his 
father as school director. Married Car- 
rie E. Hubley. Had three children, as 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. John Franklin McComsey (b., Oct. 8, 

1873; m., ), married Eliza- 
beth Reitzel. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Mabel May McComsey. 
II. Herbert McComsey. 

III. Robert McComsey. 

IV. Florence McComsey (b., ; 

d., ). 

V. Carrie McComsey. 

b. Edward McComsey (b., Aug. 11, 1876; 

d., Nov. 9, 1878). 

c. Walter Everett McComsey (b., Jul,y 

21, 1880 ; m., ), married Laura 

Bell Peters. One child: 
George Edward McComsey (b., Meh. 
17, 1903). 
Three. Mary Elizabeth McComsey (b., Nov. 
20, 1848; m., Aug. 20, 1868), married 
John M. Conroy. One child: 
William Everett Conroy (b., Sept. 7, 
Four. John Frank McComsey (b., March 20, 
1854; m., July 6, 1875; d., April 23, 
1885), married Annie Catharine Bundell. 
Two children, as follows: 
a. Benjamin Asbury McComsey (b., April 
28, 1876; m., ), married 

b. Richard May McComsey. 
Five. David Dorwart McComsey (b., Feb. 
20, 1856; d., Sept. 18, 1882). 
G. John McComsey (b., ; d., ). 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, .Second. 137 
H. Levi McComsey (b., Dec. 24, 1822- m. ■ 

d., Nov. 20, 1884), married Elizabeth Amer. 
Seven children, as follows: 
One. Catharine Harmon McComsey. 
Two. Horace Levi McComsey, married Agnes 
Bissell. One child : 

Jennie McComsey (b., ; d., ). 

Three. William B. McComsey, married Eliza- 
beth Martin. Three children, as follows: 

Four. Anna Mary McComsey, married Alfred 
A. Hubley. Four children, as follows: 

a. Agnes Maude Hubley, married An.son 

Forney Harrold. Two children: 
I. Elizabeth Harrold. 
II. Hope Hubley Harrold (b., 1902; 
d., 1902). 

b. Elizabeth Gertrude Hubley, married 

Wm. H. Welchans. Three -children : 
I. Wm. Hubley Welchans. 
II. Alice Weaver Welchans. 
III. Gertrude Welchans. 

c. Warren Fetter Hubley, married 

Anna Wight Emlen. 

d. Anna Josephine Hubley. 

Five. John McComsey, married Sarah Kuhns. 
Six. Henry Mathias McComsey, married 

Lydia Stanton. 
Seven. Rebecca Virginia McComsey. 

I. Lea McComsey (b., ; d., ). 

J. Elizabeth McComsey (b., March 2, 1812; m., 
Sept. 19, 1833; d., Dec. 15, 1847), married 

138 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Rev. William Long. Seven children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. John Wesley Long (b., May 18, 1839; 

cL, Nov. 25, 1850). 
Two. Samuel Long (b., Oct. 29, 1835; d., 

April 18, 1838). 
Three. Elizabeth Long (b., Jan. 19, 1844; 

m., ), married Amos Jonte. 

Four. Caroline Long (b., March 19, 1842; 

m., Nov. 19, 1858), married Jacob George 

Wickes. Six children, as follows: 

a. Corvallis Wickes (b., Nov. 24, 1859; 

d., Feb. 26, 1860). 

b. Etta Ione Wickes (b., March 13, 1861; 

m., Oct. 22, 1880), married James 
Henry Davis. Four children, as 
follows : 
I. Freddie James Davis (b., March 

27, 1882). 
IL Pearl May Davis (b., Sept. 4, 

III. Caroline Alice Davis (b., Oct. 

5, 1885). 

IV. Ethel Ione Davis (b., Oct. 10, 


c. William Elmet Wickes (b., Nov. 1, 

1862; m., April 20, 1883), married 
Nettie Russell. Three children, as 
I. RuBBY Russell Wickes (b., Feb. 

5, 1884). 
II. Hally Harrison Wickes (b., 
Nov. 24, 1888). 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 139 

III. Geneva Bruzzetta Wickes (b., 
March 16, 1893). 

d. George Florence Wickes (b., March 

6, 1867; m., Oct. 28, 1891), mar- 
ried Angie Lyons. No children. 

e. Lillian May Wickes (b., Oct. 27, 1871 ; 

d., Aug. 7, 1872). 

f. Charles Hayes Wickes (b., Dec. 24, 

Five. Mary Ann Long (b., July 22, 1834; m., 

), married Williams. Seven 

children, as follows: 

a. Oscar Williams (b., ; d., -). 

b. Viola Williams, married Davis. 

Nine children. 

c. Josephine Williams, married 

Bundy. Four children. 

d. Charles Williams, married 

. Eight children. 

e. Williams. 

f. Williams. 

g. Williams. 

Six. Anna Long (b., March 19, 1838; m.. Fall, 

1859; d., Oct., 1884), married James 

Murphy. One child. 

a. William Walter Murphy (b., Nov. 18, 

1861; m., Nov. 26, 1893), married 

Eva M. Duerre. Two children, as 


I. Walter Damon Murphy (b., Oct. 

26, 1894). 
II. Llyod Wesley Murphy (b., Sept. 
17, 1897). 

140 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Seven. Anna Rebecca Long (b., Sept. 3, 
1846; m., April 25, 1865), married Wil- 
liam Glover. Six children, as follows: 

a. John Paul Glover (b., June 11, 1868; 

d., July 12, 1868). 

b. Horace Albert Glover (b., March 2, 

1870; m., Jan. 1, 1899), married 
Sadie Miller. 

c. Julia Catharine Glover (b., Oct. 27, 


d. William Godfrey Glover (b., Dec. 24, 


e. Bruce D. Glover (b., Dec. 24, 1881; 

d., Dec. 27, 1881). 

f. Grace G. Glover (b., Feb. 11, 1866; 

m., July 4, 1893), married Charles S. 
McKown. One child: 
Anna Gertrude McKown (b., Sept. 
7, 1894). 

6. William Mathias Slaymaker (b., , 1761 ; m., ; 

d., Feb. 20, 1826). Served as Ensign in First Battalion 
Third Company, by Colonel George Stewart, when only 
fourteen years old. Married Jane E. Slaymaker, 
daughter of John and Elizabeth White Slaymaker. 
Eight children, as follows: 
First. Frederick Slaymaker, married Margaret Kin- 
zer. They had a number of children. Names un- 
known. Moved West. 
Second. Jane Slaymaker, married Jacob Ufner. 

Third. Ann Slay'maker (b., ; m., ; d., 

), married Henry McCallister. Three chil- 
dren, as follows: 

A. Elizabeth Ann McCallister (b., ; d., 


Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 141 

B. Keziah McCallister (b., May 4, 1827; m., 

March 2, 1848; d., Sept. 16, 1888), married 

John A. Rodgers. Six children, as follows: 

One. John Meredith Rodgers (b., Sept. 22, 

1861 ; in., ), married Jane Mc- 

Two. Vinton Page Rodgers (b., Oct. 20, 

1857; d., Dec. 10, 1882). 
Three. Mary Jane Rodgers (b., July 14, 1853 ; 

d., Dec. 22, 1855). 
Four. Lewis Leon Rodgers (b., March 7, 

1852; d., July 26, 1852). 
Five. Catharine Rebecca Rodgers (b., 

March 7, 1852; d., Aug. 11, 1852). 
Six. Samuel Foster Rodgers (b., Dec. 8, 

1848; d., Nov. 4, 1891). 

C. Uriah McCallister (b., April 22, 1824; m., 

; d., ), married Elizabeth Red- 
man. Twelve children, as follows: 
One. Martha Matilda McCallister (b., Oct. 

27, 1849; m., ), married Abner 

Rineer. Ten children, as follows: 

a. Ida Rineer (b., ; d., ). 

b. Edward Rineer (b., ). 

c. Charles Rineer (b., ). 

d. Walter Rineer (b., ; d., ). 

e. William Rineer (b., ; d., ). 

f. Roy Rineer (b., ). 

g. LiNLEY Rineer (b., ). 

h. Daniel Rineer (b., ). 

i. Elizabeth Idella Rineer (b., ). 

j. Girl (b., ; d., ). 

Two. Mary Ann McCallister (b., Jan. 22, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

1848; m., ; m., ), married 

twice; married first time to Franklin 
Ford. Two ciiildren, as follows: 

a. Annie Elizabeth Ford (b., Sept. 10, 


b. Edward Foster Ford (b., Jan. 8, 1873). 
Mary Ann McCallister married second time 

to Daniel Rineer. Five children, as follows: 

a. William D. Rineer (b., June 10, 1876). 

b. Estella May Rineer (b., Nov. 1, 1878). 

c. Uriah Garfiefd Rineer (b., Oct. 27, 


d. Mary Helen Rineer (b., Dec. 3, 1886). 

e. LiLLiE Elizabeth Rineer (b., May 7, 


Three. Emma Catharine McCallister (b., 

Aug. 31, 1851; m., ), married her 

cousin, John Martin Witmer. For de- 
scendants, see record of John Martin 

Four. Levi F. McCallister (b., Nov. 19, 1863; 

m., ), married Mary Johnson. One 

Lilly McCallister (b., ). 

Five. John Samuel McCallister (b., Dec. 8, 

1867; m., ), married Mary Ban- 

gert. One child: 
John McCallister (b., ). 

Six. Christiana McCallister (b., May 6, 
1858; m., Aug. 25, 1876), married John 

Seven. Lory Martin McCallister (b., Nov. 

24, 1869; m., ), married Clara 

Frank. One child: 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 143 

William McCallister (b., ). 

Eight. Uriah Ellsworth McCallister (b., 

Jan. 23, 1862; m., ), married Ida 

Hebble. Two children, as follows: 

a. Ella McCallister. 

b. Laura McCallister. 

Nine. Harry Lorin McCallister (b., Jan. 27, 

1859; m., ), married Carrie 

Swartz. Three children, as follows: 

a. James Charles McCallister (b., Nov. 

26, 1884). 

b. Helen McCallister (b., Dec. 9, 1886). 

c. Alice C. McCallister (b., March 15, 

Ten. Laura Jane McCallister (b., Feb. 11, 
1856; m., ), married Adam Man- 
ley. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Nora Manley (b., ; d., ). 

b. Elvin Manley (b., ). 

c. Claud Manley (b., ). 

d. Maggie Manley (b., ). 

e. Ray Manley (b., ). 

f. John Manley (b., ). 

g. Emily Manley' (b., ). 

Eleven. Kezia Elizabeth McCallister (b., 
Oct. 9, 1853; m., Aug. 4, 1870), married 
Isaac Aulthouse. Ten children, as fol- 
a. Ethalinda Aulthouse (b., Oct. 21, 
1870; m., Dec. 12, 1888; d., Aug. 7, 
1895), married David Radchffe. 
Two children, as follows: 
I. Robert A. Radcliffe (b., Nov. 
20, 1891). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

II. Evert M. Radcliffe (b., Aug. 20, 

b. Nevada Vergilla (b., July 

21, 1872). 

c. Albert Ambrose Aulthouse (b., Aug. 

3, 1874). 

d. Silas Lemuel Aulthouse (b., March 

11, 1876). 

e. Uriah Woodward Aulthouse (b. , Sept. 

23, 1878). 

f. Isaac Park Aulthouse (b., Sept. 27, 


g. Olie Idella Aulthouse (b., March 24, 

1883; d., Sept. 29, 1883). 
h. Robert McCallister Aulthouse (b.. 

May 15, 1SS8). 
i. Carrie R. E. Aulthouse (b., Dec. 26, 

j. Essie Melissa Aulthouse (b., Aug. 25, 

1885; d., ). 

Twelve. Minnie JIcCallister, married Jacob 
Hartman. No children. 
Fourth. Sample Slaymaker (b., about 1787; d., Maj- 

12, 1864). 
Fifth. William Mathias Slaymaker (b., Dec. 15, 1786; 

m., ; d., Jan. 17, 1828), married Ehzabeth 

EUmaker. Five children, as follows: 
A. William Mathias Slaymaker (b., Feb. 22, 

1826; m., , 1848; d., Sept. 21, 1888), 

married Catharine Mary Eckert. Thirteen 
children, as follows: 
One. George C. Eckert Slaymaker (b., Jan. 
6, 1861; d., March 20, 1861). 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymakee, Second. 145 

Two. Mary Ellen Slaymaker (b., June 21, 
1856; d.,"May 2, 1873). 

Three. Minnie C. Slaymaker (b., March 10, 
1870; d., March 31, 1871). 

Four. Margaret Slaymaker. 

Five. Edith loLA Slaymaker (b., : m., 

Feb. 1, 1898), married Joseph Jacob 
Bergstresser Kinzer. One child: 
William Slaymaker Kinzer. 

Six. Laura Slaymaker. 

Seven. William Mathias Slaymaker (b., 

; d., March 3, 1902). Treasurer 

of People's Trust Company, Lancaster, 

Eight. Caroline Slaymaker. 

Nine. Peter J. Eckert Slaymaker (b., Feb. 
3, 1853). President of People's National 
Bank, also holds same position at the 
People's Trust Company, and very prom- 
inent in financial circles in Lancaster, Pa. 

Ten. Catharine Amanda Slay'maker (b., 
Feb. 5, 1851; d., Oct. 3, 1881). 

Eleven. Jane Kinzer Slaymaker (b., Jan. 
30, 1850; d., March 18, 1850). 

Twelve. Lucy Eckert Slay'maker (b., Sept. 
26, 1848; d., Feb. 28, 1849). 

Thirteen. Elizabeth Slaymaker married J. 
P. Mcllvaine. Six children, as follows: 

a. William Slay'maker McIlvaine. 

b. Ella McIlvaine. 

c. James McIlvaine. 

d. Minnie McIlvaine. 

e. Eckert Slaymaker McIlvaine. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

f. Walter McIlvaine. 
Margaret Caroline Slaymaker (b.. 

m., ; d., March 30, 1846), married 

George Duffield McIlvaine. Four children, 
as follows: 
One. Elizabeth McIlvaine (b., Dec. 29, 1842; 

m., ; d., March 10, 1875), married 

Harry L. Eckert. 
Two. Robert P. McIlvaine (b., Jan. 12, 1839; 

m., ; d., April 26, 1874), married 

Sarah J. Ellmaker. Three children, as 

a. Ella Hatfield McIlvaine (b., May 15, 

1871; d., Aug. 30, 1871). 

b. Caroline Watson Ellmaker McIl- 

vaine (b., Feb. 4, 1870; d., Nov. 27, 

c. George Duffield McIlvaine (b., 


Three. Dltffield McIlvaine (b., Oct. 11, 

1872; d., May 9, 1874). 
Four. Infant daughter (d., Oct. 14, 1871). 
Jane E. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 15, 1812; m., 
about 1827 or 1828; d. July 26, 1890), mar- 
ried William Penn Kinzer. Seven children, 
as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Kinzer. 

b. Edmund Kinzer. 

c. Mary Ellen Kinzer (b., Feb. 24, 1834; 

m., ; d., Feb. 15, 1877), mar- 
ried Rev. A. S. Vaughan. One child : 
Elsie Jeanette Vaughan (b., Nov. 
2, 1857; d., Dec. 18, 1857). 

Descendants of Mathias Slaymaker, Second. 147 

d. William Mathias Kinzer (b., Nov. 8, 

1839; m., Sept., 1866), married 
Phrebe A. Bergstresser. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Stuart Lee Bergstresser Kin- 
zee (b., Oct., 1867). 
II. Joseph Jacob Bergstresser Kin- 
zer (b., March 8, 1870; m., Feb. 
1, 1898), married Edith Ida 
Slaymaker. One child: 
William Slaymaker Kinzer. 

e. Augustus Kinzer. 

f. Jane Elizabeth Slaymaker Kinzer, 

married WilUam R. Vaughan. 

g. Amanda Leaman Kinzer (b., Jan. 21, 

1847; d., Jan. 8, 1849). 
D. Nathanael Ellmaker Slaymaker (b., March 

8, 1814; m., ; d., Nov. 24, 1884). 

Squire of Paradise Township, Lancaster Co., 
Pa. Elder in LeacDck Presbyterian church 
and for over thirty years was secretary and 
treasurer of the Lancaster County Home Mu- 
tual Fire Insurance Co., of Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Married Mary Matilda McIIvaine. Seven 
children, as follows: 
One. George Duffield Slaymaker (b., 1848; 

m., ; m., ; d., , 1891), 

married twice; married first time to 
Clara Steele. One child: 

Katharine Slaymaker (b., ; d., 


George Duffield Slaymaker married second 
time to Ella Leidigh. 

148 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Two. Nathanael Ellmaker Slaymaker, 
married Anna Russel. Four children, as 

a. Robert Kepler Slaymaker. 

b. George Duffield Slaymaker. 

c. Abram Russel Slaymaker. 

d. Nathanael Ellmaker Slay'maker. 
Three. Mary Matilda Slaymaker, married 

Aaron Conrad Kepler. Four children, as 

a. Mary Slaymaker Kepler . 

b. George Kepler (b., Sept. 11, 1874; d., 

April 30, 1895). 

c. Aaron Kepler (b., Dec. 6, 1872; d., 

Feb. 14, 1878). 

d. William Perry Kepler (b., Feb. 25, 

1868; d., Feb. 19, 1878). 
Four. Cecelia Porter Slaymaker (b., ; 

m., ), married Dr. D. H. Shenk. 

Five. Robert McIlvaine Slaymaker married 

Leah Aiken. Four children, as follows : 

a. Clara Amelia Slaymaker. 

b. Marshall Aiken Slaymaker. 

c. Mary McIlvaine Slaymaker. 

d. Ida Margarets Slaymaker, married 

Frank Berg FonDersmith. One 

Anna Berg FonDersmith (b., ; 

d., Feb. 28, 1909). 

Six. William Porter Slaymaker (b., , 

1837; d., Aug. 24, 1844). 
Seven. Elizabeth Caroline Slaymaker (b.' 

; m., April 14, 1880), married 

Nathanael Milton Woods. 

NvTHVMiEL Ellmaker Slaymaker, 
Squire in Paradise Township, Lancaster County, Pa. 

Descendants of Mathias Rlaymakee, Second. 149 

E. Catharine Amanda Slaymaker (b., May 9, 

1815; m., ; d., Jan. 5, 1894), married 

Henry Leaman. Eight children, as follows: 
One. Frank Leaman (b., Aug. 14, 1842; d., 
Aug. 30, 1S43.) 

Two. Edwin Leaman (b., ; d., July 5, 

1844; 10 weeks 4 days old). 
Three. John Leaman (b., Dec. 17, 1840; d., 
Aug. 31, 1869). 

Four. William Leaman (b., ; d., ). 

One of the best-read lawyers at the Lan- 
caster, Pa., bar. 

Five. Henry Leaman (b., ; m., ), 

married Mary McCallum. One child: 
Mary Leaman. 
Six. Charles Leaman married Lucy Crouch. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Mary Leaman. 

b. Lucy Leaman. 

Seven. Rosh Leaman, married Lilly Lee. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Henry Leaman (b., ; d., ). 

b. Natalie Leaman (b., ). 

Eight. Mary Elizabeth Leaman (b., ). 

Sixth. Margaret Slaymaker (b., about 1798; d., Jan. 

19, 1801). 
Seventh. Alexander J. Slaymaker (b., about 1799; 

d., Jan. 9, 1801). 
Eighth. John Slaymaker (b., about 1783; d., Nov. 15, 


7. Daughter, married Pickel. Only one child known: 

Barbara Pickel. 



John Slatmaker, third son of Mathias Schleiermacher, 

(b., , 1733; m., ; cL, March 27, 1798), married 

Ehzabeth White. He was in Braddock's campaign as a 
wagoner. He was put to draw a cannon at the place of 
rendezvous, and took it into battle on the day of Braddock's 
defeat — he had eleven horses to it on that day, which were 
all shot before the retreat. Most of the American troops 
were killed in this conflict, but the above came off safe. In 
1776 he marched at the head of a company to Bergen, New 
Jersey, was in the skirmish on Chestnut Hill, under General 
Bull when Bull was taken prisoner. He was afterwards 
chosen county commissioner. They had eleven children, as 

1. Susan Slaymaker, married Daniel Slay maker, son of 

Daniel and Agilis Young Slaymaker. For descendents, 
see record of Daniel Slaymaker. 

2. Mathias Slaymaker. Nothing known of him. 

3. Catharine Slaymaker (b., June 12, 1770; m., Nov. 8, 

1803; d., March 31, 1851), married Samuel Linn. 
Six children, as follows: 

First. Ellen Jane Linn (b., April 21, 1814; m., , 

1834; d.. May 2, 1853), married John Hamilton 
Jolly. Seven children, as follows: 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 151 

A. David Scott Jolly (b., May 1, 1835; d., Jan. 

2, 1858). 

B. Catharine Linn Jolly (b., Aug. 12, 1838; m., 

; d., May 24, 1882), married George 

E. Easton. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Edward Linn Easton (b., Dec. 15, 1859; 

m., ), married . 

One child. 
Two. Maria R. Easton (b., Aug. 12, 1861). 
Three. Jack Easton (b., March 24, 1865; d., 

Oct. 2, 1865). 
Four. Mary C. Easton (b., March 30, 1867). 
Five. Charles J. Easton (b., Oct. 5, 1869). 
Six. Kate Jolly Easton (b., July 22, 1873). 
Seven. Daisy Adelia Easton (b., Jan. 24, 

1876; d., April 16, 1876). 

C. Mary Cavern Jolly (b., Aug. 12, 1838; d., 

in infancy). 

D. Samuel Simeon Jolly (b., Jan. 10, 1843). 

E. Anna Maria Jolly (b., Jan. 31, 1846; d., Aug. 

14, 1868). 

F. John Stuart Jolly (b., Dec. 24, 1848; m., Sept. 

29, 1874), married Adelia Doggett. Four 

children, as follows: 
One. Nellie Stuart Jolly (b., June 26, 1875). 
Two. David Linn Jolly (b., Oct. 27, 1877). 
Three. Walker Elliott Jolly (b., July 5, 

Four. John Kirby Jolly (b., July 26, 1881). 

G. Robert Linn Jolly (b., April 25, 1852; m., 

Sept. 18, 1878), married Nannie Doggett. 
Second. Mary Anne Linn (b., Aug. 29, 1804; d., Sept. 
15, 1873). Died unmarried. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Third. John Slaymaker Linn (b., June 23, 1806; m., 
Aug. 31, 1831; m., Dec. 7, 1841; d., Dec. 6, 1861), 
married twice; married first time to Margaret 
Jolly. Three children, as follows: 

A. James Thomas Linn (b., April 23, 1837; m., 

Nov. 8, 1866), married first cousin, Mary 
Ellen Miller. Four children, as follows: 
One. Son (b. and d. Oct. 7, 1867). 
Two. John Slaymaker Linn (b., Feb. 18, 

1869; d., Sept. 5, 1871). 
Three. James Miller Linn (b., May 23, 1871; 

d., March 7, 1872). 
Four. Florence Elizabeth Linn (b., Feb. 22, 

B. Samuel A. Linn (b., Nov. 11, 1832; d., ). 

C. Catharine Turner Linn (b., June 14, 1834; 

m., May 17, 1855; d., Oct. 24, 1891), married 
William Bousman Scott. Eight children, as 
follows : 
One. Mary Mulzena Scott (b., Feb. 27, 1856; 

d., Nov. 28, 1861). 
Two. Julius Elery Scott (b., Nov. 23, 1857; 
m., Feb. 8, 1882), married Mary E. O. 
English. Four children, as follows: 

a. Ethel May Scott (b., Dec. 27, 1883). 

b. Pearl Jociah Scott (b., Aug. 14, 1885). 

c. Floy Linn Scott (b., March 27, 1889). 
a. Verrie E. Scott (b., Aug. 20, 1890). 

Three. Florence Jane Scott (b., Dec. 27, 
1859; m., July 4, 1877), married John 
Wesley Ockerman. Six children, as fol- 
lows : 
a. Maude Guest Ockerman (b., Aug. 6, 
1878; d., March 30, 1879). 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 153 

b. Leonard Verdi Ockerman (b., Nov. 

21, 1879). 

c. Edgar Verdi Ockerman (b., Jan. 30, 


d. William Bousman Ockerman (b., June 

17, 18S2). 

e. Otis Verdi Ockerman (b., Sept. 11, 

1883; d., Jan. 11, 1888). 

f. Edna Leon Ockerman (b., Aug. 3, 

Four. Jennie Leon Scott (b., Nov. 22, 1861; 

d., Dec. 23, 1861). 
Five. Lee Ora Scott (b., Jan. 21, 1864; d., 

Sept. 8, 1864). 
Six. John Orie Scott (b., Aug. 18, 1867; m., 
Dec. 17, 1890), married Ida B. Hickman. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Maud F. Scott (b., Feb. 13, 1892—; d. 

April 20, 1892). 

b. William Veruel Scott (b., Aug. 22, 


Seven. Charles William Scott (b., June 25, 

1871; m., April 17, 1894), married Etta 

Louisa Thomas. One child: 

Ray Wycliffe Scott (b., April 24, 1895). 

Eight. James Franklin Scott (b., Nov. 15, 

1874; d., ). 

John Slaymaker Linn married second time to Margaret 
Brown. Five children, as follows: 

A. M.\RY Elizabeth Linn (b., Aug. 25, 1842; m., 

April 8, 1883), married John Nelson Pickrel. 

B. John Francis Linn (b., Jan. 24, 1844; m., Dec. 

28, 1871; m., Jan. 22, 1891), married twice; 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

married first time to Sarah K. Haush; mar- 
ried second time to Dora Bowers. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. Bertha Eva Linn (b., Jan. 1, 1892). 

Two. John Harold Linn (b., Aug. 7, 1894). 

C. Nancy Jane Linn (b., Feb. 10, 1846; d., Sept. 

11, 1851). 

D. LuciNDA Elma Linn (b., Jan. 14, 1848; d., Sept. 

20, 1851). 

E. Irvin Henry Linn (b., Sept. 4, 1851; m., Nov. 

28, 1890), married Eva Green. One child: 
Pearl Linn (b., July 1, 1891). 
Fourth. Samuel A. Linn (b., Jan. 17, 1818; d., Aug. 2, 

1850). Died unmarried. 
Fifth. Elizabeth Linn (b., Aug. 13, 1808; m., Feb., 
1833; d., Aug. 27, 1841), married James Philip 
Miller. Four children, as follows: 

A. Catharine Miller, died young. 

B. Samuel Miller, died young. 

C. John Miller, died young. 

D. Mary Ellen Miller (b., Feb. 19, 1834; m., 

Nov. 8, 1866), married first cousin, James 

Thomas Linn. For descendents, see record 

of James Thomas Linn. 

Sixth. Robert Alexander Linn (b., Oct. 8, 1810; m., 

Aug. 13, 1857; d., July 7, 1881), married EHza- 

beth Evans. Six children, as follows: 

A. Minnie Evans Linn (b., July 4, 1874). 

B. Lucy Ann Linn (b., Dec. 12, 1868). 

C. Margaret Elizabeth Linn (b., Dec. 1, 1865). 

D. Catharine Slaymaker Linn (b., June 16, 1862). 

E. Samuel Duffield Linn (b., Oct. 25, 1858). 

F. William Dickey Linn (b., June 30, 1860; m., 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 155 

Nov. 5, 1879; m., March 19, 1889), married 
twice; married first time to Luella T. Bum- 
garner. Three children, as follows: 
One. David Ralph Linn (b., Feb. 5, 1880). 
Two. Frederick Linn (b., April 16, 1882). 
Three. Willie Linn (b., May 28, 1884; d., 
Oct. 25, 1884). 
William Dickey Linn married second time to Mary 
Reedie Pennington. Two children, as follows: 
One. Ruth Linn (b., Jan. 28, 1892). 
Two. Raymond Linn (b., June 21, 1894). 
4. Ann Slaymaker (b., May 5, 1775; m., Oct. 18, 1796; d.. 
May 16, 1848), married John Kinzer. Ten children, as 
folio vvs: 
First. Sarah Kinzer (b., Feft. 23, 1801; m., Jan. 30, 
1823; d., Dec. 29, 1871), married Nathan Willar. 
One child: 
Margaret Willar. They moved West, nothing 
more known of them. 
Second. Joel Kinzer (b., Dec. 24, 1813; d., Aug. 19, 

Third. Mary Ann Kinzer (b., June 10, 1805; m., 
March 18, 1824; m., Jan. 18, 1847; d., May 19, 
1878), married twice; married first time to Robert 
Paxton. Three children, as follows: 

A. Levinia K. Paxton (b., ; d., ). 

B. Sarah Jane Paxton (b., ; d., ). 

C. Ann E. Paxton (b., Oct. 20, 1826; m., March 

25, 1847; d., Jan. 13, 1868), married John S. 

Repp. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Child, died at birth. 
Two. Martha L. Repp (b., July 15, 1849; d., 
Jan. 4, 1852). 

156 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Amanda J. Repp (b., Dec. 26, 1851). 
Four. Anna M. Repp (b., Aug. 3, 1854). 
Five. Margaret E. Repp (b., April 1, 1858). 
Six. George R. Repp (b., June 8, 1861). 
Seven. Fannie P. Repp (b., July 25, 1865). 
Mary Ann Kinzer married second time to her cousin, Alex- 
ander Buffington. No children. 

Fourth. John Kinzer (b., June 15, 1809; m., Dec. 2, 

1834; d., March 13, 1866), married Ann Gore. 
Fifth. Jasper Kinzer (b., June 24, 1816; m., March 19, 
1840; m., Dec. 2, 1846; d., June 28, 1851), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Ann Elizabeth 
Anglar. One son: 
John David Kinzer (b., about 1842). President 
Maryland Annual Conference of the M. P. Church. 
Jasper Kinzer married second time to his cousin, Eliza- 
beth Slaymaker Tomlinson. Three children, as fol- 

A. Annie Kinzer (b., about 1848). 

B. Jasper Kinzer (died in infancy). 

C. Nanton Kinzer (died in infancy). 

Sixth. Faithful Kinzer (b., June 10, 1811; d., Aug. 
25, 1815). 

Seventh. Elizabeth Kinzer (b., Aug. 16, 1797; m., 
Jan. 21, 1819; d., Feb. 1, 1881), married John 
Stoner. Seven children, as follows: 

A. Hannah Stoner (b., Nov. 30, 1819; m., Feb. 

12, 1839; d., Aug. 1, 1848), married Jonas 
Englar. One child: 

Mary Elizabeth Englar (b., ; m., 

), married Lee Royer. No children. 

B. Henry Stoner (b., Jan. 7, 1822; m., Dec. 2, 

1846; d., Nov. 4, 1882), married Margaret 
Haines. Ten children, as follows: 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 157 

One. Augustus T. Stoner (b., Nov. 7, 1848; 

m., ), married . 

One child. 
Two. Sarah E. Stoner (b., Dec. 17, 1849; d., 


Three. Martha V. Stoner (b., April 21, 1851; 

m., ), married Johnson. 

Two children. 
Four. Mary S. Stoner (b., Oct. 26, 1852; m.. 

May 15, 1879), married Meyer. 

Five. Emily Jane Stoner (b., Jan. 4, 1854; 

m., ). 

Six. Reuben E. Stoner (b., March 24, 1855); 

m., ), married . 

Three children. 
Seven. John D. Stoner (b., Dec. 5, 1856; m., 

), married . Six 

Eight. Francis K. Stoner (b., April 18, 1859; 

m., ; d., ), married 

. One child. 

Nine. Charles H. Stoner (b., Feb. 20, 1863; 

m., ), married . 

Three children. 
Ten. Anna L. Stoner (b., Feb. 18, 1867; m., 

), married Beeler. One 

C. Ephraim Stoner (b., Nov. 2, 1824; m., Dec. 
9, 1851), married Margaret Susan Smith. 
Nine children, as follows: 
One. Emma Florence Stoner (b., Dec. 23, 
1852; m., July 6, 1875), married Edward 
Reisler. Six children, as follows: 

158 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Leila M. Reisler (b., May, 1877). 

b. Emma Kate Reisler (b., Jan. 1878; 

m., Dec. 15, 1896), married I. 0. 

c. Edward S. Reisler (b., Aug., 1881). 

d. Hilda L. Reisler (b., April, 1884). 

e. Mary A. Reisler (b., Nov., 1886). 

f. Helen Reisler (b., Sept., 1892). 
Two. Oliver Livingston Stoner (b., Nov. 12, 

1854; m., Oct., 1883), married Ella 
Gilmon. Three children, as follows: 

a. Harry Carlton Stoner (b., Oct. 13, 


b. Lester Wilbert Stoner (b., July 21, 


c. Margaret C. Stoner (b., June 3, 

Three. James Milton Stoner (b., Jan. 20, 

Four. Charles Edward Stoner (b., April 10, 

1861; d., Aug. 21, 1896). 
Five. Frank Lee Stoner (b., June 13, 1863; 

m., June 26, 1894), married Flora Wilson. 
Six. Clarence Emory Stoner (b., Jan. 17, 

1866; m., March, 1896), married Ger- 
trude Williams. 
Seven. Kearney Smith Stoner (b., June 13, 

Eight. Walter Eugene Stoner (b.. May 25, 

Nine. Jesse Thomas Stoner (b., Aug. 2, 

D. Mary Ann Stoner (b., Jan. 20, 1827; m., March 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 159 

15, 1849; d., Jan. 5, 1856), married Aaron 
Anders. Three children, as follows: 

One. Calvin Anders (b., ; m., ), 

married . Three children. 

Two. Charles Anders (b., May 15, 1853; 
m., Jan. 22, 1878; d., June 9, 1883), mar- 
ried Lillie Frazier. Three children, as 

a. Jesse Anders (b., Sept. 17, 1879). 

b. Harry Anders (b.. May 27, 1881). 

c. BissEL Anders (b., Sept. 30, 1883). 
Three. Elizabeth Anders (b., ; m., 

), married . Three 


E. Elizabeth Stoner (b., Oct. 24, 1829; m., ; 

d., Feb. 13, 1855), married Charles Hiteshew. 
Three children, as follows: 

One. John Wesley Hiteshew, married 

. Two children. 

Two. Milton Hiteshew, married 

. Two children. 

Three. Maggie Hiteshew. 

F. Margaret Stoner (b., Jan. 30, 1832). 

G. John Stoner (b., Feb. 7, 1835). 

Eighth. Catharine Kinzer (b., March 22, 1803; m., 
Sept. 8, 1825; d., Feb. 13, 1850), married Ely 
Umstead. Three children, as follows, who moved 
West, nothing more known of them: 

A. Ann Elizabeth Umsted. 

B. Margaret Umsted. 

C. John Umsted. 

Ninth. Margaret Kinzer (b., April 16, 1807; m., April 
17, 1832; d., Nov. 12, 1885), married Nathan 
Englar. Six children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

A. Henry Englar (b., Feb. 9, 1833; d., Dec. 4, 


B. JosiAH Englar (b., Oct. 13, 1835; m., April 22, 

1862), married Margaret Senseny. Five chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. John L. Englar (b., Feb. 1, 1863). 

Two. Carrie F. Englar (b., Dec. 24, 1864). 

Three. Harry S. Englar (b., Sept. 11, 1867). 

Four. Grace A. Englar (b., Jan. 27, 1870; 
d., June 6, 1873). 

Five. Mary E. Englar (b., Oct. 8, 1875). 

C. Ann Elizabeth Englar (b., Aug. 22, 1840; d., 

March 8, 1885). 

D. Lydia Melvina Englar (b., Oct. 11, 1843). 

E. John David Englar (b., Aug. 27, 1846; m., 

Jan. 15, 1873; d., Aug. 30, 1894), married 
Susan Elizabeth Umer. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

One. Margaret Tabitha Englar (b.. May 11, 

Two. John Umer Englar (b., July 1, 1878). 

F. Nathan Adison Englar (b., Oct. 11, 1849; m., 

Nov. 13, 1879), married Leanna Wolf, 
th. Henry Kinzer (b.. May 4, 1799; m., Jan. 25, 
1821; m., Feb. 11, 1841; d., Nov. 8, 1873), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Susan Smith; 
married second time to Nancy A. Sturgon. Six 
daughters, but do not know if they are by the first 
or second wife. Family moved West, nothing 
more known of them. Daughters as follows: 

A. Susan Kinzer. 

B. Amanda Kinzer. 

C. Maria Kinzer. 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 161 

D. Ann Amelia Kinzer. 

E. Kate Kinzer. 

F. Ada Kinzer. 

Jane Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., Sept. 7, 

1817), married cousin, William Mathias Slaymaker. 
For descendants, see record of William Mathias Slay- 
maker, son of Mathias and Barbara Smith Slaymaker. 

Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., 1764; m., ; d., Sept., 

1805), married Thomas Buffington. Ten children, as 
follows : 

First. Alexander Buffington (b., ; m., Oct. 

15, 1823; m., Jan. 18, 1847; d., July, 1857), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Mary Jones. 
Six children, as follows: 

A. Ann Eliza Buffington (b., ; m.. May 

18, 1857), married Lyman Benham Rodgers. 
Four children, as follows: 

One. Annie Louisa Rodgers (b., ; m., 

), married Oscar Park Smith 

Two. Helen Buffington Rodgers (b., May 
8, 1861; m., Feb. 15, 1882), married 
Benjamin Taylor Hale. Five children, 
as follows: 

a. Rodgers Hale (b., Sept. 13, 1884). 

b. Helen Rodgers Hale (b., Jan. 30, 


c. Annie Eliza Hale (b., Aug. 2, 1888). 

d. Benjamin Taylor Hale (b.. May 23, 


e. Mary Rodgers Hale (b., Jan. 12, 1883). 
Three. Mary Bell Rodgers (b.. May 11, 1863; 

d., Aug., 1865). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Four. Grace Denn Rodgers (b., Nov. 2, 1867 ; 
cL, Sept., 1887). 

B. Isabella Slaymaker Buffington (b., Feb. 5, 

1827; m., Oct. 12, 1843; d., Dec. 2, 1897), 
married Abraham Edwards. Two children, 
as follows: 
One. Alexander Buffington Edwards (b., 

Nov. 4, 1844; d., July 4, 1846). 
Two. Mary Jones Edwards (b., May 18, 1847 ; 
m., Oct. 12, 1868), married Samuel Rob- 
ertson Honey. Two children, as follows: 

a. Robertson Honey (b., Aug. 17, 1870). 

b. Mary Honey (b., Nov. 13, 1872). 

C. Alexander Buffington (b., ; m., July 

18, ; d., Dec, 27, 1897), married Ella 

F. Lewars. 

D. William Calder Buffington (b., ; m., 

April 15, 1861; d., Feb. 16, 1895), married 
Maggie Shumma. 

B. Thomas Buffington, married Wagner. 

One child: 
Catharine Buffington. 
F. Louisa Buffington, married twice; married 

first time to Shott. 

Louisa Buffington married second time to 

Coleman. Three children, as follows: 

One. Mary Belle Coleman, married George 

Two. Louisa Coleman, married twice; mar- 
ried first time to William Watson. 
Louisa Coleman, married second time to 
F. I. Baker. 
Three. Laura Coleman, married Foster Davis. 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 163 

Second. Margaret Buffington, married Mc- 

Clintock. Two children, as follows, both went 
West,' nothing more known of them: 

A. Horcetia McClintock. 

B. Orsemus McClintock. 

Third. Benjamin Buffington (b., April, 1800; m., 

; d., March, 1876), married Elizabeth Fet- 

row. Four children, as follows: 

A. Richard Fulton Buffington (b., Nov. 1, 1845; 

m., Aug. 13, 1868), married Eliza Ella Turner. 
Three children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Slaymaker Buffington (b., 

July 28, 1869). 
Two. Sadale Ann Duffield Buffington (b., 

Sept. 25, 1873). 
Three. Walter Goodno Buffington (b., Feb. 
4, 1877; d., July 21, 1877). 

B. Thomas Wilson Buffington (b., , 1852; 

m., ), married Ida Brown. 

C. Ellen ICreider Buffington (b., , 1862; 

married William Mullen. 

D. Alice Slay'maker Buffington (b., Jan., 1850; 

m., , 1869), married John Klugh. 

Fourth. Ann Buffington (b., Aug. 23, 1786; m., ; 

d., Jan. 31, 1832), married Isaac Tomlinson. Two 
children, as follows: 
A. John Ballinger Tomlinson (b., June 14, 1817; 

m., ; d., April 16, 1886), married Sarah 

Ring. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Isaac Ring Tomlinson. 
Two. John K. Tomlinson.. 
Three. G. W. Tomlinson. 
Four. G. W. Tomlinson. 

164 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Five. William Tomlinson. 
Six. Ida Sarah Tomlinson. 
Seven. Lizzie Tomlinson. 
B. Elizabeth Slaymaker Tomlinson (b., Dec. 10, 
1819; m., Dec. 2, 1846; d., Jan. 29, 1898), 
married her cousin, Jasper Kinzer. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. Anne Elizabeth Kinzer (b., Oct. 20, 

Two. Warren Walker Kinzer (b., July 28, 

1849; d.. May 14, 1850). 
Three. Jasper Newton Kinzer (b., March 30, 
1850; d., Dec. 3, 1852). 

Fifth. Jane Buffington (b., , 1787; m., ; 

d., Nov. 4, 1851), married Cornelius Armstrong. 

Four children, as follows: 

A. Martha Elizabeth Armstrong (b., April 23, 

1823; m., Nov. 26, 1840), married Joseph Cal- 

lender Wiestling. Six children, as follows: 

One. Samuel Christopher Wiestling (b., 

July 24, 1842; m., ; d., Jan. 28, 

1885), married Ellen K. Reeber. No 
Two. Cornelius Armstrong Wiestling (b., 

Oct. 6, 1844; d., Aug. 24, 1851). 
Three. Joseph Buffington Wiestling (b., 

Feb. 12, 1847; cL, July 2, 1850). 
Four. Jane America Wiestling (b., July 4, 
1849; m., March, 1871), married Mark 
Davis. Four children, as follows: 

a. Henry Winter Davis (b., Nov. 17, 


b. Samuel Wiestling Davis (b., Nov. 10, 


Descendants of John Slaymaker. 165 

c. Mark Thompson Davis (b., April 11, 


d. Josephine Burnette Davis (b., Dec. 

6, 1871). 
Five. Valentine Hummel Wiestling (b., 
July 7, 1855; m., Dec. 15, 1878), married 
Gertrude Minnie Heckendorn. Three 
children, as follows: 

a. Naomi Harris Wiestling (b., Dec. 16, 


b. Anna Mary Wiestling (b., Nov. 22, 

1882; d., July 22, 1883). 

c. Merle Ellsworth Wiestling (b., Nov. 

8, 1890). 
Six. William Benjamin Wiestling (b., Jan. 
21, 1861; m., Feb. 26, 1885), married 
Emma Harriett Orwan. Six children, as 
follows : 

a. La Roy Orwin Wiestling (b., Dec. 5, 


b. Martha Elizabeth Wiestling (b., 

Sept. 11, 1887; d., Nov. 20, 1892). 

c. Cora Margarete Wiestling (b., Dec. 

15, 1888). 

d. William Johnson Wiestling (b., April 

10, 1890; d., July 20, 1890). 

e. Josephine Armstrong Wiestling (b., 

Feb. 11, 1893; d.. May 26, 1894). 

f. Mary' Clark Wiestling (b., April 21, 


B. Rebecca Armstrong, died 10 mo. old. 

C. Alexander B. Armstrong, died 16 mo. old. 

D. Johnson Armstrong, died 4 weeks old. 

16G History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Sixth. William Buffington (b., March 3, 1792, mar- 
ried . Two children, as follows: 

A. Alexander Buffington. 

B. Elizabeth Buffington. 

Seventh. John Buffington (b., ; m., ), 

married Isabella Fulton. Four children, as fol- 
lows : 

A. Isabella Fulton Buffington (b., May 20, 

1824 ;m., Sep. 5, 1850; d., May 21, 1885), mar- 
ried Amos Fleming Slaymaker, son of Henry 
Fleming and Rebecca Cochran Slaymaker. 
For descendants, see record of Amos Fleming 

B. Elizabeth Slaymaker Buffington (b.. May 

21, 1822; m., Oct. 23, 1845), married James 
Clark. Three children, as follows: 

One. Isabella Clark (b., ; d., ). 

Two. Sydney Buffington Clark (b., ; 

m., ), married William N. Ivnisely. 

One child: 

Elizabeth Clark Knisely (b., ). 

Three. Mary Martin Clark, married J. Spang- 
ler Ivieffer. Six children, as follows: 

a. John Brainard Kieffer. 

b. Elizabeth Buffington Kieffer. 

c. James Clark Ivieffer. 

d. Eleanor Spangler Kieffer. 

e. Henry Grandleard Kieffer. 

f. Paul Kieffer. 

C. Thomas Wilson Buffington (b., Dec. 9, 1819; 

m., Oct. 8, 1843; d., Jan. 10, 1895), married 
Elizabeth Sidney Chayne. Six children, as 
follows : 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 167 

One Elizabeth Chayne Buffington (b., 

; d., ). 

Two. John Buffington (b., 1 d., ). 

Three Mary Kelton Buffington (b., , 

d., ). 

Four Mary Mytinger Buffington (b., ; 

d., )■ 

Five. Henry Augustus Buffington, married 

Nettie Thomas. 
Six. William Erie Buffington. 
Mary Hayes Buffington (b., Nov. 3, 1816; 

m., ), married John Henry Eager. 

Seven children, as follows: 
One. John Henry Eager (b. 

-) married Alice Westbrook. Two 

children as foUoAvs: 

a. Lucy Eager (b., June 26, 1881). 

b. Paul Eager (b., June 22, 1884). 
Two. Anna Mary Eager, married 

Three. Isabella Eulton Eager. 

Four. Ella Elizabeth Eager. 

Five. Charles Buffington Eager (b., 1841; 

m., 1865), married Susan Hummel. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Valentine Hummel Eager, married 

Elizabeth Uhler. 

b. Charles Buffington Eager. 

c. John Henry Eager. 

Six John Buffington Eager (b., ; 

d., ). 

Seven. Sarah Cleckner Eager (b., ; 

d., ). 

168 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Eighth. Henry Buffington (b., ; d., ). 

Ninth. Thomas Buffington (b., April 1, 1796; m., 

; d., ), married Wagner. 

One daughter: 
Catharine Buffington. 

Tenth. Elizabeth Buffington. 
Alexander Buffington married second time to his 

cousin, Mrs. Mary Ann Paxton, nee Kinzer. No children. 
7. Alexander Slaymaker (b., Aug. 15, 1780; m., ; 

d., Aug. , 1860), married Sarah . Eight chil- 
dren, as follows: 

First. Francis Slay'maker (b., Aug. 3, 1818; m., ; 

m., Oct. 17, 1872; d., Dec. 4, 1894), married twice; 
married first time to . Tm'o chil- 
dren, as follows: 

A. Elizabeth Slay^maker (b., July 3, 1846; d., 

Dec. 3, 1854). 

B. Francis J. Slaymaker (b., April 12, 1850; d., 

Jan. 27, 1851). 

Francis Slaymaker married second time to 

. No children. 

Second. William Slaymaker (b., July 20, 1810), mar- 
ried Mary T. . Seven children, as follows: 

A. Leonard Slaymaker (b., 1836; d., — ). 

B. Sarah Slaymaker (b., 1836; d., ■ — ). 

C. Jane Slaymaker (b., 1845; d., ). 

D. William Scott Slaymaker (b., Oct. 31, 1847), 

married Martha E. . Eight children, 

as follows: 
One. William H. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 29, 

1868), married — — ). 

.Two. Eldridge D. Slaymaker (b., April 26, 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 169 

Three. George L. Slaymaker (b., Oct. 22, 

1871), married . 

Four. Mary B. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 10, 1873), 

married . 

Five. Albert H. Slaymaker (b., April 23, 

Six. James R. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 27, 1879). 
Seven. Clarence R. Slaymaker (b., Dec. 12, 

Eight. Leslie E. Slaymaker (b., Oct. 29, 


E. Francis A. Slaymaker (b., 1849). 

F. Susan C. Slaymaker (b., , 1851). 

G. RuFus H. Slaymaker (b., 1834). 
Third. John Slaymaker (b.. May 10, 1808). 
Fourth. Henry Slaymaker (b., Dec. 3, 1816; m., ; 

d., July 2, 1867), married Margaret . One 


Henry A. Slaymaker (b. Oct. 21, 1851; d. Apr. 

4, 1852). 

Fifth. Sarah Elizabeth Slaymaker (b.. May 24, 1806; 
d., Sept. 22, 1823). 

Sixth. Lavinia Slaymaker (b., Oct. 9, 1804; d., Feb. 
9, 1818). 

Seventh. Jasper Slaymaker (b., March 1, 1814). He 
was a stage driver in the early days in Lancaster 
County, Pa. One time two Indians came into 
the hotel where he was staying and asked the 
landlord for whiskey, which was refused, because 
they were drunk at the time, when one of the 
Indians drew a knife and cut the arm of the land- 
lord, when the above Jasper Slaymaker filled a 
shot gun with salt and shot and shot one of the 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Indians. The Indians returned the shooting. 
The above was advised by his brother Alexander 
to leave the neighborhood, which he did and was 
never heard of afterward. 
Eight. Alexander Slaymaker (b., May 13, 1812; m., 

; d., July 28, 1884), married Lucinda Bair. 

Seven children, as follows: 

A. Reuben A. Slaymaker, married Catharine 


B. Jasper Slaymaker (b., Jan. 20, 1853; m., April 

7, 1875; d., March 25, 1891), married twice; 
married first time to Alice Felton. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. Ora M. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 20, 1876; 
Two. Blanche Slaymaker (b., Nov. 28, 1878; 
m., Aug. 15, 1897), married T. B. Kirk- 
patrick. One child: 
Lillian B. KiRKPATRiCK(b., May 15, 1898). 
Three. Frederick A. Slaymaker (b., Sept. 
24, 1882). 
Jasper Slaymaker married second time to Grace 
R. Wheeler. No children. 

C. Walter F. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 5, 1848; m., 

Sept. 20, 1868), married Alice L. Sheets. 
Three children, as follows: 
One. Edwin F. Slaymaker (b., Sept. 10, 1869; 

m., Sept. 25, 1890), married Lettie J. 

Alspaugh. Four children, as follows: 

a. Lettie Verb Slaymaker (b., Aug. 4, 


b. Charles E. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 1, 


c. Zema W. Slaymaker (b., April 29, 1894; 

Captain John Slaymaker. 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. . 171 

d., Sept. 4, 1894). 
d. Mildred H. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 25, 
Two. Clara L. Slay'maker (b., Dec. 16, 1870). 
Three. Charles A. Slaymaker (b., April 30, 
1874; m., May 26, 1896), married Myrtle 
Short. One child: 

Walter W. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 17, ; 

d., April 2, ). 

D. Susan C. Slaymaker, married Samuel R. 


E. Amanda J. Slay'maker, married David M. 


F. John W. Slaymaker married Emma Sheets. 

G. Charles H. Slaymaker, married Elizabeth 


8. Mary Slaymaker, married Mathias Slaymaker, son of 

Daniel and Agilis Young Slaymaker. For descendants, 
see record of Mathias Slaymaker. 

9. William Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., April 

30, 1813), married first cousin, Agilis Slaymaker, 

daughter of Daniel and Agilis Young Slaymaker. 
Nothing more known of them. 

10. John Slay'maker (b., Nov. 18, 1772; m., ; d., 

Sept. 4, 1863). Was known as "Captain John." Was 

captain of the militia. Confined to his room for seven 

months before his death. About his last words were 

"All is well." Elder in the Leacock Presbyterain 

church and well known all over the eastern end of 

Lancaster county. Pa. Married Jeannett Mcllvaine. 

Twelve children, as follows: 

First. Elizabeth Ann Slaymaker (b., July 12, 1801), 

married her cousin, William D. Slaymaker. For 

descendants, see record of William D. Slaymaker. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Second. Sarah Jane Slaymaxcer (b., April 15, 1812; 

m., ; d., July 3, 1873), married George 

Lewis Eckerti. Nine children, as follows: 
A. Howard Eckert, married Minnie Chamberlin. 
One child: 
Florence Eckert. 
'B. Mary Jane Eckert, married William Holtz- 
worth. Two children, as follows: 
One. Sallie Holtzworth, married James 
BrowTi. One child: 
Elizabeth Brown. 
Two. Howard Eckert Holtzworth (b., 

March 21, 1856; m., ), married 

Margaret Blair. Three children, as fol- 

a. James Blair Holtzworth (b., Oct. 18, 


b. Lewis Eckert Holtzworth (b., Ma}' 

11, 1887). 
0. Charles Conover Holtzworth (b., 
March 12, 1889). 

C. Nathanael Eckert (b., ; d., Dec. 12, 


D. Susan Eckert, married John M. Woods. Six 

children, as follows: 
One. Caroline Cooper Woods, married 
George Herbert Brinton. Two children, 
as follows: 

a. Charles Woods Brinton. 

b. Helen Woods Brinton. 

Two. Mary A. Woods, married Samuel G. Mc- 
Causland. Three children, as follows: 
a. John Woods McCausland. 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 173 

b. Anna Catharine McCausland. 

c. Samuel G. McCausland, Jr. 
Three. Grace Woods. 

Four. Elizabeth Eckert Woods. 

Five. Thomas Scott Woods, married Mabel 
Louise Showalter. One child: 
Elizabeth Woods. 

Six. George Milton Woods, married Rebecca 
Jane Boyd Kinzer. Six children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Jeanne Kinzer Woods. 

b. Esther Woods. 

c. Katharine Woods. 

d. John Woods. 

e. George Boyd Woods. 

f. David Cooper Woods. 

E. Albert Eckert (b., Nov. 12, 1843; d., July 29, 


F. Charles Whitfield Eckert, a well known 

caterer of Lancaster, Pa. ; married Catharine 
. Fitzpatrick. No children. 

G. George H. Eckert (b., Dec. 23, 1832; m., 

; d., Aug. 5, 1861), married Mary 

Gabriella Eckert. Three children, as follows: 
One. Mary Gabriella Eckert (b., Jan. 29, 

1860; d., March 24, 1880). 
Two. George Lewis Eckert (b., Dec. 11, 

Three. Sarah Elizabeth Eckert (b., Nov. 17, 
1857; m., Oct. 9, 1888), married John H. 
Campbell. Two children, as follows: 
a. David Eckert Campbell (b., Aug. 8, 

174 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. John Lewis CAMrBELL (b., Feb. 25, 
H. Lavinia Eckert (b., Oct. 25, 1847; d.. May 10, 

I. Elizabeth Eckert (b., ; m., ), 

married Albert Carpenter. One child: 
Minnie Carperter. 
Third. Margaret Catharine Slaymaker (b., Aug. 3, 

1820; m., ; d., Dec. 26, ), married John 

Dickson McHvaine. Six children, as follows: 

A. Sarah Jane McIla'aine (b., .Aug. 21, 1845; d., 

Aug. 20, 1847). 

B. Robert Slemons McIlvaine (b., June 3, 1850; 

d., Jan. 18, 1855). 

C. William Dickson McIlvaine (b., Jan. 4, 1864; 

m., June 6, 1889), married Catharine A. Har- 
mon. One child: 
John Harmon McIlvaine (b., Nov. 1, 1893). 

D. Samuel Linn McIlvaine (b., Nov. 5, 1857; m., 

March 8, 1891; d., Aug. 2, 1892), married 
Caroline Click. No children. 

E. Margaret Catharine McIlvaine (b., Aug. 7, 

1847; m., April 24, 1871), married John P. 

Wilson. Five children, as follows: 
One. Margaret Catharine Wilson (b., Jan. 

16, 1872). 
Two. Martha Wilson (b., April 17, 1875). 
Three. John P. Wilson, Jr. (b., Oct. 7, 1877). 
Four. Anna May Wilson (b., Sept. 22, 1884). 
Five. Agnes Wilson (b., Sept. 23, 1886). 

F. John Slay'maker McIlvaine (b., Aug. 22, 1843; 

m., Feb. 26, 1866; d., Nov. 6, 1889,) married 
Laura Jane Hinds. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 175 

One. Caroline Margaret McIlvaine (b., 

Nov. 4, 186S). 
Two. Mable McIlvaine (b., June 12, 1871). 
Fourth. Mary Ann Slaymaker (b., June 15, 1817; m., 

), married Benjamin Stout Quick. Four 

children, as follows: 

A. Jane E. Quick (b., April 15, 1852; m., Oct. 4, 

1874), married E. R. Beckwith. Three chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Eddie Quick Beckwith (b., March 11, 

Two. DwiGHT A. Beckm^th (b., Feb. 16, 

Three. Margaret C. Beckwith (b., Sept. 18, 

B. Benjamin Howell Quick (b., Dec. 3, 1855; m., 

May 23, 1883), married Gertrude Arrell. 
Four children, as follows: 
One. Blair Aerell Quick (b., April 29, 1884). 
Two. Margaret Hopper Quick (b., May 13, 

Three. Helen Quick (b., June 9, 1891). 
Four. Son (b., Nov. 10, 1885; d., Nov. 13, 

C. George D. Quick (b., July 1, 1847; m., Jan. 19, 

1871), married Orvilla Booth. Six children, 

as follows: 
One. Alfred W. Quick (b., Jan. 23, 1872; d., 

April 2, 1872). 
Two. George S. Quick (b., March 1, 1873). 
Three. John H. Quick (b., Nov. 9, 1874). 
Four. Martha L. Quick (b., June 25, 1877). 
Five. Orvilla E. Quick (b., April 24, 1882). 

176 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Six. Nannie J. Quick (b., Dec. 9, 1885). 
D. Margaret Catharine QtricK (b., July 13, 1850; 
m., Sept. 4, 1867; d., April 17, 1898), mar- 
ried James H. Ege. Four children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. Joseph Quick Ege (b., July 16, 1868; 

d., Sept. 23, 1870). 
Two. Benjamin Arthur Ege (b., Aug. 28, 


Three. Mary Jane Ege (b., Dec. 26, 1875; m., 

Nov. 30, 1898), married John Frank 


Four. Edgar Gettis Ege (b., April 21, 1881). 

Fifth. Lavinia Slay-maker (b., April 19, 1826; m., 

), married Edward Wright. No children. 

Sixth. George M. Slay-maker (b., March 22, 1799; m., 

; d., July 17, 1881), married Ann Ehzabeth 

Rockey. Eight children, as follows: 

A. Mary Jane Slaymaker (b., Nov. 9, 1833), sin- 


B. James Hamilton Slaymaker (b., Aug. 24, 

1846; m., Dec. 27, 1883), married May S. 
Hanks. One child; 
Mark Harris Slaymaker (b., Feb. 26, 1885). 

C. Samuel Henry Slaymaker (b., Feb. 23, 1843; 

m., March 19, 1874; d., Jan. 4, 1893), mar- 
ried Mary Elizabeth Blean. Seven children, 
as follows: 
One. Albert Blean Slaymaker (b., June 27, 

Two. Hettie Elizabeth Slaymaker, b., Jan. 

17, 1877). 
Three. Jesse Lundy Slaymaker (b., Oct. 28, 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. 177 

Four. George Leonard Slaymaker (b., Jan. 

27, 1881). 
Five. Charles Monroe Slaymaker (b., Jan. 

5, 1883). 
Six. Agnes Ann Slay^maker (b., Nov. 11, 

Seven. Samuel Harrls Slaymaker (b., Sept. 

17, 1891). 

D. George McIlvaine Slaymaker (b., July 18, 

1841; m., March 17, 1870), married Margaret 
Thompson. One child: 
Lewis T. Slay'maker (b., April 8, 1874). 

E. Leonard Alexander Slaymaker (b., Sept. 27, 

1836; m., Feb. 26, 1861), married Mary J. 
Stag. No children. 

F. Sarah Caroline Slaymaker (b., Aug. 28, 1844; 

m., May 17, 1865), married David W. Lundy. 

Two children, as follows: 
One. Kate Lundy (b., March 19, 1S70). 
Two. Mary E. Lundy (b., Oct. 25, 1S67; m., 

Oct. 29, 1889), married Bunn Booth. 

G. Annie Elizabeth Slay^maker (b., Jan. 3, 1839; 

m., Sept. 28, 1859.) married Ishmael Monroe. 
Four children, as follows: 
One. George David Monroe (b., Sept. 30, 

1860; d., Oct. 24, 1882). 
Two. Charles Thomas Monroe (b., Nov. 21, 

1861; d., Dec. 1, 1870). 
Three. Henry E. Monroe (b., July 4, 1865). 
Four. Abbie Buttler Monroe (b., Dec. 25, 
1863; m., Sept. 18, 1889), married Willie 
C. Keeley. One child: 
Ida B. Keeley (b., May 19, 1892). 

178 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

H. Lavinia Catharine Slay'maker (b., Nov. 9, 
18.3-i; m., Sept. 24, 1878), married James 
Seventh. William Alexander Slaymaker (b., Aug. 

21, 1814; d., Oct. 13, 1879). Died single. 
Eighth. James Hamilton Slaymaker (b., Oct. 20, 1807 ; 
m., ; d., Dec. 23, 1848), married Jane Eliza- 
beth Mcllvaine. Eight children, as follows: 

A. John Slemmens Slaymaker (b., Dec. 4, 1832; 

m., Dec. 4, 1855), married Mary Ann Ray- 
mond. Five children, as follows: 
One. William McIlvaine Slaymaker (b., 

Feb. 26, 1857; d., Nov. 21, 1860). 
Two. Edwin Walker Slaymaker (b., April 

11, 1858). 
Three. Laur.^ Haymond Slaymaker (b., Dec. 

21, 1859). 
Four. Jennie Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., 

Jan. 14, 1862). 
Five. Mary Louisa Slaymaker (b., April 6, 

1864; d., Dec. 16, 1869). 

B. Sarah Jane Slay'maker (b., Aug. 8, 1837; d., 

July 26, 1838). 

C. Anna Mary' Slaymaker (b., April 10, 1842). 

D. Jane Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., March 8, 1844; 

d., April 23, 1872). 

E. James Burr Slaymaker (b., Feb. 21, 1846; d., 

Nov. 24, 1894). 

F. William Dickson Slaymaker (b., Jan. 28, 

1839; m., March 3, 1870), married Martha A. 
Curry. Five children, as follows: 
One. John Curry Slaymaker (b., Dec. 28, 

Descendants of John Si.aymaker. 


Two. William M. Slaymaker (b., May 18, 

Three. Alvin B. Slaymaker (b., June 24, 

Four. Samuel L. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 21, 

Five. Elizabeth Jane Slaymaker (b., Nov. 

17, 1886). 

G. Robert McIlvaine Slaymaker (b., Jan. 1, 

1836; m., ), married Mary Weakley. 

Seven children, as follows: 
One. William Weakley Slaymaker (b., Oct. 

18, 1857; d., April 23, 1872). 

Two. Thomas Alexander Slaymaker (b., 

Jan. 1, 1860). 
Three. Robert Blean Slaymaker (b., Sept. 

25, 1862). 
Four. John Calvin Slaymaker (b., Dec. 6, 

Five. Clarence Woodbur Slaymaker (b., 

Feb. 12, 1867). 
Six. Dorothy Slaymaker (b., April 22, 1870). 
Seven. Ervin Walker Slaymaker (b., Jan. 
18, 1880). 
H. Thomas Alexander Slaymaker (b., March 25, 
Ninth. Samuel Humes Slaymaker (b., Jan. 17, 1823; 

m., ; d., Aug. 17, 1861), married Ella G. 

Caruthers. One child: 
Mary Slaymaker. Single. 
Tenth. John Linn Slaymaker (b., Sept. 22, 1803; m., 

; d., March 24, 1885), married Harriett 

Smoker. Eight children, as follows: 

180 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

A. Ralph Slaymaker. 

B. John Slaymaker. 

C. Emma Slaymaker. 

D. Lavinia Slayjmaker. 

E. Catharine Slaymaker. 

F. Harriett Slaymaker. 

G. Mary Slaymaker, married Marchel. 

H. Elizabeth Slaymaker, married Pow- 

Eleventh. Robert McIlvaine Slaymaker (b., Dec. 19, 

1809; m., ; d., Jan. 21, 1884), married 

Margaret Matthews. Three children, as follows: 

A. Walter John Slaymaker. Died 19 months 


B. Samuel Linn Slaymaker. Died in 27th year. 

C. Charles M. Slaymaker (b., Sept. 30, 1S37; m., 

), married Elizabeth Brooks. Five 

children, as follows: 
One. Walter Matthews Slaymaker. 
Two. Henry Clay Slaymaker. 
Three. Margaret Elliott Slaymaker. 
Four. Frank Linn Slaymaker. Was a mem- 
ber Philadelphia police force. While 
arresting John Maxwell and his com- 
panion, was shot by Maxwell and died 
June 5, 1906. 
Five. Charles Elliott Slaymaker. 
Twelfth. Mary Slaymaker (b., Sept. 1, 1805; d., about 
12 years old). 

11. Margaret Slaymaker (b., about 1768; m., ; d. 

Oct. 2, 1847), married Ehsha Ferree. Three children 
as follows: 
First. Elisha Ferree. Died single. 

Descendants of John Slaymaker. ISl 

Second. Margaret Ferree. Died single. 
Third. Elizabeth Ferree, married Joseph Hoover. 
Four children, as follows: 

A. Elizabeth Hoover. Died single. 

B. Joseph Hoover. Died single. 

C. Margaret Hoover, married Hiram Ferree Wit- 

mer. One child: 
One. Joseph Witmer, married Mary Zehn. 
Four children, as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Wither. 

b. Margaret Wither. 

c. Luther Wither. 

d. Eleta Wither. 

D. Elisha Ferree Hoover, married Elizabeth 

Smith. Four children, as follows: 

One. Mary Hoover, (b., ; m., ; 

d., ), married Henry Shriber. 

Two. Margaret Hoover. Died single. 
Three. Joseph Hoover. Died single. 
Four. John Smith Hoover, married Ehzabeth 
Hess. Seven children, as follows: 

a. John Wither Hoover. 

b. Park Hess Hoover. 

c. Elizabeth Hess Hoover. 

d. Edward Hess Hoover. 

e. John Wither Hoover. 

f. Ellen May Hoover. 

g. Ferree Hess Hoover. 



Henry Slaymakek, fourth son of Mathias Schleierniacher, 
married Faithful Richardson (b. Aug._, 1734; m., April 23, 
1754; d., Sept. 25, 1785). He was an active and conspicuous 
Whig during the Revolutionary War and among the first to 
take a stand with the Republic. Active measures were taken 
by the British authorities to prevail on the inhabitants to 
take protections from the Crown. Henry Slaymaker was 
called upon to take one, but refused. Being a magistrate, 
he administered the oath of allegiance to those who espoused 
the cause and was prompt in suppressing any efforts on the 
part of the Tories at insurrection and in punishing them for 
furnishing the British army with horses and provisions, 
which they were stealing in the eastern end of Lancaster 
County, Pa. He was a member of an association of young 
men who entered into articles of agreement for the purpose 
of suppressing all who were called Tories, and he had at all 
times information of what was going on so as to suppress 
any attempt at rising against the Republic, and he would 
order them out when any information was given of the pres- 
ence of the Tories in the neighborhood. He helped to clear 
the ground where the old jail stood, now the site of Fulton 
Opera House. After Mr. Hubley became too old to try cases, 
Hy. Slaymaker was appointed principal Judge and served 

Henry Slaymaker, 
Sou of the original Mathias Slaymaker. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 183 

for one year. He was a delegate to the convention for fram- 
ing a constitution of the State of Pennsylvania, which met in 
Philadelphia, July 15, 1776. He was an elder of the Leacock 
Presbyterian church, Lancaster County, Pa. They had ten 
children, as follows: 

1. Amos Slaymaker (b., March 11, 1755; m., Sept. 19, 1780; 
d., June 22, 1837), married Isabella Fleming. He 
served in the Revolutionary War as ensign (two terms) 
of the company commanded by his uncle, John Slay- 
maker, and was a member of an association for sup- 
pressing the Tories in the eastern end of the county, at 
the head of which was Colonel James Mercer. They 
were in danger of being shot down at their daily occu- 
pation by the disaffected of the neighborhood. He 
was magistrate for many years, county commissioner 
in 1800, a member of the House of Representatives in 
1810-11, a member of the Senate of Pennsylvania 
from 1806-1810, member of Congress of the United 
States, 1814-1815, at which time he, with a number 
of others, lent their credit to the government by en- 
dorsing notes in the Georgetown Bank for it, when in 
financial difficulties for the speedy defense of New 
Orleans. He and his two brothers, Henry and Sam- 
uel, were proprietors of the great stage line of Reeside, 
Slaymaker & Co., from Philadelphia to the West, 
before the time of railroads. During service under his 
uncle, Capt. John Slaymaker, in New Jersey, he came 
home on a furlough and was intrusted with a letter 
from Mr. Fleming, who was a member of the same 
company, to his father, Daniel Fleming, of Salisbury, 
Pa. He there met Miss Fleming, with whom he fell in 
love and shortly after married. They had eleven chil- 
dren, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

First. Jasper Slaymaker (b., Nov. 30, 17S7; m., Oct. 
15, 181S; d., Aug. 5, 1827), one of the most bril- 
liant members of the Lancaster, Pa., Bar and a 
member of the State Legislature, 1816-1818, mar- 
ried Jane Evans. They had six children as follows: 

A. Amos Slaymaker (b., June 10, 1818; d., June 

15, 1906). A prominent member of the Lan- 
caster Bar. 

B. Fanny Evans Slaymaker (b., July 24, 1820; 

m., July 22, 1846; d., Nov. 13, 1876), married 
Rev. Solomon McNair. 

C. John McElderry Slaymaker (b., Aj^ril 3, 1S24; 

d., July 13, 1825). 

D. James Buchanan Slaymaker (b., Aug. 19, 

1825; m., Oct. 6, 1847), married Mary Ann 
Wilson. Three children, as follows: 
One. Jasper Slaymaker (b., Feb. 19, 1^49; 

d., June 26 1852). 
Two. Anna Alexander Slaymaker (b., Dec. 
18, 1862; m., Dec. 7, 1887), married Jay 
Fred. Windolph. One child: 
Mabel Cahoon Windolph (b., Maj' 10, 
Three. A. Wilson Slaymaker (b., June 26, 
1852; m., April 10, 1879), married Ehza- 
beth Derby. Three children, as follows: 

a. Francis McN.ur Slaymaker. 

b. Mary Bell Slaymaker, married Oct. 

6, 1904, to Herbert Richardson. 

c. Florence Sl.\ymaker (b., ; d., 

E. Jasper Sl.vymaker (b., ) married Sarah 

L Elder. Three children, as follows: 

Hon. Amos Slaymaker, 
Member of Congress from Lancaster County, Pa. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 185 

One. Noah Elder Slaymaker (b., Aug. 29, 
1858; d., April 5, 1861). 

Two. Samuel Evans Slaymaker (b., May 15, 
1854; m., Oct. 28, 1887), married Rachael 
Witmer. Two children, as follows: 

a. William Witmer Slaymaker (b., 

June 1, 1889). 

b. Samuel Evans Slay'maker, Jr. (b., 

April 12, 1892). 
Three. Jane Evans Slaymaker (b., Julj' 14, 
1852; m., July 23, 1874), married John 
Ebeneezer Matthews. Seven children, as 
follows : 

a. Fanny McNair Matthews (b., June 11, 

1877; d., Dec. 27, 1881). 

b. Jasper Slaymaker Matthews (b., Aug. 

13, 1875). 

c. IsABELL Matthews (b., Aug. 15, 1879; 

d., Dec. 29, 1881). 

d. John Raslton Matthews (b., April 13, 


e. Samuel Evans Matthews (b., Aug. 16, 

1884; d., Jan. 11, 1892). 

f. Leslie Rogers Matthews (b., Jan. 25, 


g. Charles Matthews (b., Sej^t. 24, 1891; 

d., Oct. 11, 1891). 

. Samuel Evans Slaymaker (b., July 22, 1822; 

m., Sept. 9, 1856; d., June 24, 1886), married 

Charlotte E. Tait. Five children, as follows: 

One. Fanny Lowrie Slaymaker (b., Sept. 1, 

1857; d., Jan. 27, 1863). 
Two. John Sl.aymaker (b., Feb. 12, 1866; m., 
Jan. 3, 1893), married Sophia McElwee. 

186 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Jasper Slaymaker (b., Dec. 7, 1869). 
Four. Emma Tait Slaymaker (b., May 26, 

1864; d., Sept. 10, 1887). 
Five. Jennie Evans Slaymaker (b., Oct. 10, 
1867; d., Dec. 18, 1871). 
Second. James Fleming Slaymaker (b., July 28, 1781; 

d., ). 

Third. Elizabeth Slay'maker (b., Dec. 19, 1785; m., 
March 13,1806; d. Aug. 13, 1851), married Barton 
Henderson. They had seven children, as follows: 

A. Isabella Jane Henderson (b., July 25, 1810; 

m., May, 1831; d., Nov. 17, 1886), married 
cousin, Jarvis Beckett Mott. For children, 
see record of Jarvis Beckett Mott. 

B. Barton Fleming Henderson (b., Feb. 13, 

1822; m., ), married Rebecca Bellrose. 

Had one child: 
Isabella Henderson (b., ). 

C. Harriet Amelia Henderson (b., Dec. 13, 1819; 

m., Nov. 8, 1837), married James S. Twells. 

Five children, as follows: 
One. Godfrey Twells (b., Sept. 28, 1838; m., 
Jan. 9, 1862; m., June 26, 1888), married 
twice; married first time to Christiana 
T. Cox. Six children, as follows: 

a. Christiana Twells (b., Nov. 20, 1872; 

d., July 25, 1873). 

b. James C. Twells (b., Dec. 9, 1862; d., 

April, 1889). 

c. Richard S. Twells (b., Oct. 24, 1874). 

d. Edward C. Twells (b., Feb. 5, 1876). 

e. Godfrey Twells, Jr., (b., Sept. 20, 


Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 187 

f. Jessie H. Twells (b., June 3, 1877). 
Godfrey Twells married second time to Annie 
H. Kloenie. One child: 

Geneva Ann Twells (b., Nov., 1896). 
Two. Mary Twells (b., Sept. 29, 1847; d., 

Nov. 21, 1850). 
Three. Richard Twells (b., May 11, 1845; 
m., Nov. 1, 1871), married Martha 
Thompson. Five children, as follows: 

a. Godfrey Twells (b., ; d., ) 

b. Henrietta Twells (b., ; d. 


c. Elizabeth Twells (b., ; d. 


d. Orren Twells (b., ; d., ) 

e. Mary Ann Twells (b., Nov. 7, 1880) 
Four. Maria Twells (b., Feb. 22, 1843; m. 

Oct. 11, 1865; m., Feb. 11, 1875), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Samuel 
Moore Buchanan. Had three children, 
as follows: 

a. Richard T. Buchanan (b., June 29, 


b. James M. Buchanan (b., March 29, 


c. Harriett Buchanan (b., Aug. 27, 1866; 

m., Nov. 25, 1885), married Daniel 
Reeder. One child: 
Mary Reeder (b., Aug. 25, 1888). 
Maria Twells married second time to G. W. 
Thompson. Had two children: as follows: 
a. Elizabeth H. Thompson (b., Nov. 13, 

History of the Slaymaker Familit. 

b. George W. Thompson (b., Oct. 11 
Five. Elizabeth Henderson Twells (b., 
Sept. 14, 1840; m., May 19, 1863), mar- 
ried Charles F. Thompson. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Charles F. Thompson, Jr., (b., Aug. 13, 

1864; m., April 25, 1888), married 
Emma M. Adams. One child: 
Bessie A. Thompson (b., April 29, 

b. Harriett H. Thompson (b., June 19, 


c. Nellie A. Thompson (b., Oct. 1, 1868; 

m., April 17, 1889), married Richard 
M. Gano. One child: 
Nellie T. Gano (b., Feb. 9, 1890; d., 
March 9. 1890). 

d. Edward J. Thompson (b., Dec. 9, 1871). 
D. Amos Slaymaker Henderson (b., Aug. 10, 

1812; m.. May 2, 1839; m., ; d., Jan. 

13, 1885), married twice; a prominent banker 
of Lancaster, Pa. Married first time to Annie 
E. Franklin. They had two children, as 
follows : 
One. Amos Slaymaker Henderson (b., Jan. 

5, 1864; d., April 2, 1866). 
Two. William Franklin Henderson (b., 
Dec. 1, 1864; d., April 4, 1866). 
Amos Slaymaker Henderson married second time 
to Mary M Ivina Lightner. They had nine chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. Barton Henderson (b., Oct. 14, 1841; 
d., Nov. 10, 1844). 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 189 

Two. Alfred Cooper Henderson (b., Nov. 
9, 1843; cL, ). 

Three. Rebecca Hopkins Henderson (b., 
Jan. 19, 1840; d., Nov. 3, 1844). 

Four. William Patterson Henderson (b., 
Feb. 27, 1852; d., July 31, 1856). 

Five. William Henderson (b., July 28, 1856; 
m., ), married Dorothy Wicker- 

Six. Hopkins Lightner Henderson (b., Aug. 
25, 1847). 

Seven. Mary Henderson (b., Nov. 3, 1859; 
d., ). 

Eight. Harriett Henderson (b., June 2, 
1854; m., ), married Spencer Gil- 
bert. They had two children, as fol- 

a. Harriett Gilbert (b., ). 

b. Henderson Gilbert (b., ). 

Nine. Elizabeth Henderson (b., Feb. 17, 

1845; m., ), married George Nau- 

man. They had nine children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Annie Franklin Nauman (b., Sept. 10, 

1869; d., Dec. 18, 1893). 

b. George Nauman (b., June 21, 1870). 

c. Alfred Nauman (b., Oct. 12, 1872). 

d. John Nauman (b., Oct. 4, 1876); m., 

), married EUzabeth Hensel. 

e. Frank Nauman (b., Sept. 31, 1878). 

f. Elizabeth Nauman (b., Dec. 26, 18S2). 

g. Spencer Nauman (b., Oct. 9, 1885). 
h. Harriett Nauman (b., Aug. 27, 1889). 

190 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

i. Thomas Nauman (b., March 3, 1887; d., 
July 24, 1887). 
E. Matthew Henry Henderson, a very promi- 
nent minister of the Protestant Episcopal 

Church (b., July 29, 1808; m., , 1830; 

m., ; d., Dec. 2, 1872); married twice; 

married first time to Elizabeth H. McFarlane. 
Five children, as follows: 
One. William Wright Henderson (b., Aug. 

18, 1831; d., Sept. 1, 1838). 
Two. Robert Lawrence Wooley Hender- 
son (b., Sept. 5, 1834; d., Aug. 18, 1838). 
Three. Elizabeth Emeline Henderson (b., 

June 27, 1839; d., Nov. 30, 1842). 
Four. Mary Elizabeth Henderson (b., Oct. 

4, 1836; d., Nov. 19, 1842). 
Five. Matthew Henry Henderson (b., Nov. 

25, 1832; d., ). 

Matthew Henry' Henderson married second time 
to Sarah Ada Screven. Had five children, as 

One. James Screven Henderson (b., Dec. 24, 

Two. M.VRioN Henry Henderson (b., July 

20, 1866). 
Three. Sarah Emma Elise Henderson (b., 

Dec. 29, 1872; d., Jan. 10, 1876). 
Four. Ada Henderson (b., Feb. 12, 1864; m., 
Oct. 12, 1886), married Henry Hawley 
Foote. One child: 
Maud Bryan Foote (b., Nov. 22, 1889). 
Five. Maud Bryan Henderson (b., June 11, 
1868; m., Dec. 14, 1892), married George 
Augustus Cosens. One child: 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaicer. 191 

Eleanor Arnold Cosens (b., Aug. 31, 

F. Rachael Eliza Henderson (b., Oct. 9, 1817; 

d., Feb. 19, 1823). 

G. James Barton Henderson (b., Jan. 5, 1815; 

d., , 1818). 

Fourth. Isabella Slaymaker (b., Oct. 31, 1794; m., 

, 1811; d., , 1834), married Evan 

Green. Six children, as follows: 

A. Benjamin Rush Green (b., ; d., ). 

B. Amos Slaymaker Green (b., Feb. 14, 1817; 

d., Nov., 1870). He was representative at 
Harrisburg, session 1859-60, and School 
Director in Columbia, Pa. 

C. Henry Fleming Green (b., , 1825; m., 

; d., Dec, 1859), married Mrs. Marga- 

rette Hiddleston. One child: 

Henry Green (b., ; d., ). 

D. Evan Green (b., ; d., ). 

E. Jasper Green (b., Jan. 31, 1829; m., April 28, 

1859), married Elizabeth Shippen Boude. 
Three children, as follows: 
One. Leslie Green (b., Jan. 18, 1864; d., Oct. 

19, 1866). 
Two. Kate Elder Green (b., Aug. 21, 1870; 

d., Sept. 1, 1893). 
Three. Elizabeth Shippen Green (b., Sept. 
1, 1871). A well-known artist and de- 
signer for "Harper's Magazine." 

F. Cornelia Green (b., Jan. 31, 1819; m., Nov. 

1839; d., Aug., 1867), married William Alex- 
ander Spence. Six children, as follows: 

One. Jasper Green Spence (b., , 1856; 

d., — . , 1857). 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

Two. William Amo.s Spence (b., March 13, 
1845; d., Sept., 1877). 

Three. Evan Green Spence (b., , 1847; 

d.,July, 1856). 
Four. Mary Cy'nthia Spence (b., July 17, 

1853; d., Dec. 10, 1871). 
Five. Edward Evan Spence (b., Oct. 23, 1840; 

d.. May, 1873). 
Six. Sallie Isabella Spence (b., Nov. 22, 
1843; m., May 6, 1884), married Jacob 
Nicholas Leggett. 
Fifth. Amos Henderson Slaymaker (b., Sept. 12, 1791 ; 
m., June 27, 1827; d., March 1, 1856), married 
Harriet Sharp Osier. Ten children, as follows: 

A. Salina Gaskell Slaymaker (b., March 11, 

1833; d., , 1901). 

B. Isabella Slaymaker (b., Jan. 13, 1830; d. 

Dec. 2, 1896). 

C. Son (b. and d., July 6, 1828). 

D. Daughter, (b. and d., July 6, 1828). 

E. Harriett Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., Oct. 28, 

1838; d., Oct. 16, 1841). 

F. Henry Slay'maker, a member of the firm 

Schwenk, Slaymaker & Hershey, wholesale 
grocers, Philadelphia, Pa.(b., Aug. 17, 1831; 
m., April 17, 1861), married Priscilla Taylor 
Means. Two children, as follows: 

One. Bertha Means Slaymaker (b., , 

1864; d., March 4, 1877). 
Two. Alice Slaymaker (b., Feb., 1866; d., 

G. Mary' Ellen Slaymaker (b., July 24, 1841 ; m.. 

May 26, 1881; d., , 1897), married 

Dr. A. A. Hanna. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 

H. Annie Cornelia Slaymaker (b., ; m. 

Sept. 16, 1879), married Du Bois Rohrer 
One child: 
Harriet DuBois Rohrer (b., March 21, 1886 
d., Sept. 25, 1886). 
I. Hannah Louisa Slaymaker (b., Feb. 1, 1836 
m., April 28, 1868; d., Aug. 5, 1892), married 
Ambrose Cephas Smith. Four children, as 
One. Samuel M. Smith (b., June 29, 1869). 
Two. Thomas Foster Perry Smith (b., Nov. 

17, 1873; d., Aug. 5, 1876). 
Three. Henry Slaymaker Smith (b., March 

1, 1871). 
Four. Edward Ambrose Smith (b., Feb. 8, 

J. Harriet Rebecca Slaymaker (b., ; m., 

Dec. 20, 1865), married John Andre Alexander 
Five children, as follows: 
One. Mary Alexander (b., Oct. 7, 1867; m., 
Sept. 23, 1889), married Arthur Board- 
man. Two children: 

a. Sarah Billings Boardman (b., Aug. 

10, 1890). 

b. Arthur Boardman, Jr., (b., ). 

Two. Herbert Alexander (b., Nov. 19, 1873) 

Three. Alice Alexander (b., ). 

Four. Harriet Alexander (b., Oct. 26, 1870). 
Five. Paul Alexander (b., July 13, 1871). 

Sixth. William Daniel Slaymaker (b., July 22, 1797; 

m., ; m., Aug. 19, 1851; m., May 26, 1858; 

d.. May 28, 1868), married three times. Elder in 
Presbyterian Church, Mount Joy, Pa. Married 

194 History of the Slaymakek Family. 

first time to Elizabeth Ann Slaymaker, daughter 
of John and Jeannett Slaymaker. Nine children, 
as follows: 

A. Isabella Slay'maker (b., Aug. 24, 1822; m., 

Jan. 4, 1844), married Edmund Free Witmer. 

B. Elizabeth Anna Slaymaker (b., Dec. 5, 1826; 

m., Nov. 4, 1851; d., Jan. 31, 1864), married 
George Kendrick Witmer. Five children, as 

One. Elizabeth Faithful Witmer (b., Oct. 

16, 1863). 
Two. Isabella Fleming Witmer (b., March 

25, 1861). 
Three. Edmund Free Witmer, Jr., b., May 

10, 1856). 
Four. George Clarence Witmer (b., Nov. 
24, 1854; m., Oct.,. 1886), marired Maud 
Evans Boswell. Three children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. George Kendrick Wither (b., Aug. 1, 


b. Mary Randolph Wither (b., Oct. 4, 


c. Matilda Elizabeth Wither (b., July 

11, 1894). 
Five. Anna Leftwitch Wither (b., March 25, 
1859; m., Dec. 14, 1892), married Wil- 
liam Kith Boswell. Two children, as 

a. William Kith Boswell (b., Sept. 23, 


b. Isabella Wither Boswell (b., Jan. 

17, 1895). 

Squire ; 

Samui:l E\ans. 

local historian, Columbia, Pa. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 195 

C. Martha Catharine Slaymaker (b., March 15, 

1841; d., ). 

D. Sarah Rebecca Slaymaker (b., Feb. 18, 1832; 

m., Feb. 20, ), married Daniel Free 


E. Faithful Mary Slaymaker (b., Marcli 9, 1829; 

m., July 30, 1865), married Alexander Slay- 
maker, son of Henry and Susan Booth Slay- 
maker. For descendants, see record of 
Alexander Slaymaker. 

F. William Alexander Slaymaker (b., Aug. 21, 

1838; m., Sept. 1869), married Christie 
Gluyss. Two children, as follows: 
One. Mary Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., Dec. 6, 

Two. Helen Christie Slaymaker (b., Aug. 8, 

1870; m., ), married Charles E. 


G. Jane Dickson Slaymaker (b., Nov. 22, 1824; 

m., Nov. 4, 1851), married Rev. Samuel 

Rurk Gillingham. Five children, as follows: 

One. Elizabeth Rebecca Gillingham (b., 

June, 1853; d., April 8, 1855). 
Two. William Slaymaker Gillingham (b., 

Aug. 20, 1855; d., Aug. 20, 1855). 
Three. Edmund Witmer Gillingham (b., May 

6, 1856; d., Dec. 28, 1856). 
Four. Sallie Witmer Gillingham (b., Feb. 

15, 1858; d., Dec. 19, 1876). 
Five. George Witmer Gillingham (b., Nov. 
13, 1860; d., Nov. 28, 1863). 
H. Henry Calvin Slaymaker (b., Oct. 8, 1843; m., 
Nov. 6, 1866; d., Feb. 27, 1880), married Anna 
Leadbeater. Three children, as follows: 

196 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

One. Fr.\nk Lee Slaymaker (b., Aug. 23, 
1876; m., , 1908), married Marga- 
ret Josephie McCoy. 
Two. Isabella Slaymaker (b., Jan. 27, 1871; 

d., Feb. 18, 1894). 
Three. Henry Calvin Slaymaker (b., Dec. 4, 
1873). Was sent as a missionary to 
Congo District in Africa by the Southern 
Presbyterian Church, where he lost his 
life by the capsizing of the "Lapsley," 
the mission's boat. See historical part 
of this book. 
I. Amos Barr Slaymaker (b., June 20, 1835; m., 

June 23, 1857; m., ; d., Oct. 30, 1894), 

Was a prominent merchant of Alexandria, 
Va., and an elder in the Presbyterian Church 
there. Married first time to EHzabeth J. 
Clark. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Addison Clark Slaymaker (b., Aug. 29, 

1858; d., May 21, 1863). 
Two. Edmund Witmer Slaymaker (b., June 

14 1863). 
Three. George Witmer Slaymaker (b., Nov. 

8, 1860; d., Nov. 10, 1862). 
Four. Archie Clark Slaymaker (b., Nov. 11, 

Five. Amos Sl.aymaker (b., April 23, 1870). 
Six. William Isaac Slaymaker (b., June 24, 

Seven. Mary Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., 
March 9, 1875). 
Amos Barr Slaymaker married second time to 
Sarah Florence Milburn. No children. 

Ri':v. Henry Calvin Slaymaker, 
Who lost his life as missionary to the Congo District, Africa. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 197 

William Daniel Slaymaker married second time to 
Mrs. Julia Ann Huntington, nee Hinkley. They had 
several children, but all died in infancy. 

William Daniel Slaymaker married third time to 
Sarah E. Peter. Three children, as follows: 

A. Walter Custis Slaymaker (b., May 15, 1860 

d., Sept. 21, 1887). 

B. Robert Brewer Slaymaker (b., May 9, 1865 

d., June 14, 1865). 

C. John Edmund Slaymaker (b., Jan. 23, 1862 

m., Jan. 5, 189-3), married Sarah F. Peter. 
Seventh. Hannah Slaymaker (b., Dec. 27, 1801; m. 

, 1822; m., , 1842; d., March — 

1860), married twice; married first time to Alex- 
ander Dowry Evans. One child : 

One. Samuel Evans (b., Jan. 20, 1823; m.,. . 

, 1852; m., , 1857; d., April 

22, 1908). Justice of the Peace in Co- 
lumbia, Pa., for many years and a well- 
known local historian. Clerk of Quarter 
Sessions, member of Company K, Fifth 
Pennsylvania Reserves during the Civil 
War, appointed quartermaster of regi- 
ment, with rank of First Lieutenant. 
Married twice; married first time to 
EUzabeth Anderson. Married second 
time to Mary Schoch. Three children, 
as follows: 

a. Lillian S. Evans (b., Nov. 5, 1861). 

b. Fanny Evans (b., April 17, 1859; d., 

Jan. 8, 1865). 

c. Samuel Evans (b., Dec. 18, 1865; d., 

Feb. 2, 1868). 

198 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Hannah Slaymaker married second time to Samuel 

Schock. No children. 
Eighth. John R. Slaymaker (b., Oct. 24, 1799; d., 
April 15, 1815). 

Ninth. Jean Slaymaker (b., Aug. 19, 1793; d., ). 

Tenth. Faithful Slaymaker (b., Jan. 18, 1784; m., 

, 1S05; d., ), married Edward Mott. 

One child: 
A. Jarvis Beckett Mott (b., March 26, 1806; m., 
May, 1831; d., Jan. 28, 1863), married his 
cousin, Isabella Jane Henderson. Nine chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. Fidelia H. Mott (b., ; d., ). 

Two. Elizabeth H. Mott (b., ; d., 


Three. Oscar Mott (b., Feb. 20, 1850; d., 

June 30, 1856). 
Four. Charles Spring Mott (b., July 3, 1853; 

d., Sept. 3, 1854). 
Five. Estella S. Mott (b., about 1852; d., 
Jan. 10, 1888). 

Six. Harriett A. Mott (b., ; d., ) 

Seven. Amos Mott (b., ; d., ) 

Eight. Henry Mott (b., ; d., ) 

Nine. Barton Henderson Mott (b., 

m., , 1860; d., summer, 1898) 

married Sallie Sheperd. One child: 

Frank ]\Iott, died when about four vears 


Eleventh. Henry Fleming Slaymaker. He, •nith 

Samuel Houston, Robert Mcllvaine and Maxwell 

Kennedy, founded Bellevue Presbyterian Church, 

near Gap, Pa., and elder there up to the time of 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 199 

his death, and postmaster at SaUsbuiy, Pa., for 
many years, and well known in the eastern part of 
Lancaster county. (B., Aug. 20, 1789; m., Feb. 
29, 1816; d., Feb. 8, 1860.) Married his cousin, 
Rebecca Slaymaker Cochran. Seven children, as 
.. Sophia Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., March 28, 

1826; d., Sept. 16, 1846). 
. Isabella Angelica Slaymaker (b., Jan. 21, 
1819; m., Oct. 30, 1867; cl, July 25, 1891), 
married David Agnew. 
. Hannah Cecelia Slaymaker (b., May 3, 1817; 
m., Feb. 20, 1841; d., Sept. 3, 1859), married 
Joseph Konigmacher. One child: 
One. Samuel Cochran Konigmacher (b. 

July 2, 1843; m., ; d., Feb. 3, 

1891). Lieutenant and one of the 
"Sharp Shooters" during the Civil War, 
1861-1865. Married Emma Martin. 
Three children, as follows: 
a. Joseph Konigmacher (b., June 13, 
1875; m., ), married 

b. Samuel Martin Konigmacher (b.. May 

3, 1877). 

c. Susan Bernice Konigmacher (b., Oct. 

5, 1880; m., July 4, 1899), married 
Samuel Bell Rhine. One child. 
D. Amos Fleming Slaymaker (b., March 17, 1823; 
m., Sept. 5, 1850; d., March 28, 1892). For 
many years justice of the peace of Sahsbury, 
Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., and one of the 
organizers and first superintendent of the. 

200 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Sabbath school, out of which Memorial Pres- 
byterian church, Lancaster, Pa., was formed. 
Married his cousin, Isabella Fulton Buffington. 
Four children, as follows: 
One. Rebecca Cochran Slaymaker. 
Two. Thomas Buffington Slay^maker (b., 

Jan. 26, 1853; d., Jan. 13, 1857). 
Three. Sophia Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., 

; m., Nov. 26, 1872), married 

David Frederick Unger. Eight children, 
as follows: 

a. Frederick Fleming Unger (b., Feb. 

14, 1876). 

b. John Buffington Unger (b., Jan. 19, 

1874; d.. May 2, 1882). 

c. Henry Slaymaker Unger (b., Nov. 9, 

1877; d., April 9, 1878). 

d. Oswald Josephus Unger (b., Jan. 22, 


e. Isabel Fulton Unger (b., Aug. 7, 


f. Guy Geiser Unger (b., Aug. 30, 1885). 

g. Lucie Unger (b.. May 17, 1889). 

h. Sophia Cochran Unger (b., Dec. 5, 

Four. Henry Fleming Slaymaker (b., ; 

m., Oct. 3, 1889), married Annie Mc- 
Dowell. Two children, as follows: 

a. Margaretta Slaymaker (b., Aug. 17, 


b. Walter Fleming Slaymaker (b., 

March 9, 1893). 
E. Baby (b., March 5, 1825; lived but a few hours). 

Samuel Cochran Slaymaker, 
Civil Ena;ine.>r. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 201 

F. Beckie Ann Slaymaker (b., May 8, 1821; d., 

Jan. 23, 1843). 

G. Samuel Cochran Slaymaker. Studied Civil 

Engineering and was with John C. Trautwine 
on his survey of the Honduras Interoceanic 
Railway, and after his return was connected 
with many of the large railroads of the 
country and at the time of his death was 
City Engineer of Lancaster, Pa., and had 
charge of the surveying and building of the 
extensive electric railway system in and 
around Lancaster City, Pa. He was ap- 
pointed a colonel by Governor Pollock and 
a member of his staff. (B., April 22, 1828; 
m., May 28, 1862; d., Feb. 2, 1894). Married 
Jane Elizabeth Redsecker. Four children, as 
follows : 

One. Rebecca Jane Slaymaker (b., May 9, 

Two. Samuel Redsecker Slaymaker (b., 
March 14, 1866; m., June 27, 1895), n ar- 
ried Minnie Louisa Cohr. Two children: 

a. Samuel Cochran Slaymaker (b., April 

18, 1896). 

b. Helen Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., July 

24, 1905). 
Three. Henry Cochran Slaymaker (b., Aug. 

16, 1868). 

Four. Anna Cecelia Slaymaker (b., Jan. 1, 

1870; d., Jan. 25, 1870). 

2. Mary Slaymaker (b., June 15, 1757; m., May 1, 1781; 

d., April 5, 1797), married John Fleming, Jr. He was 

Wagonmaster under Commissary Blaine, grandfather 

202 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

of Hon. James G. Blaine, and when the army went 

South to meet CornwalUs at Yorktown, he came home 

and soon married Mary Slaymaker. They had six 

children, as follows: 

First. Elizabeth Fleming (b., April 12, 1793; m., 

March 4, 1812; d., Dec. 22, 1860), married William 

Foster Mitchell. Eight children, as follows: 

A. Andrew Mitchell (b., April 27, 1817; m., Nov. 

16, 1843; m.,Junel, 1862; d.. May 12, 1865), 
married twice ; married first time to Rebecca 
Perkins. Two children, as follows: 

One. Ellen Perkins Mitchell (b., Feb. 9, 
1845; d.,Dec. 15, 1885). 

Two. John Mitchell, Jr. (b., Oct. 12, 1846; 
m., Sept. S, 1870), married Debbie A. 

Andrew JIitchell married second time to 
Isabella C. Parke. 

B. Eliza Fr.\nces Mitchell (b., April 18, 1823; 

m., Dec. 20, 1848), married Lewis Barnard. 
Three children, as folio vvs: 
One. George B.\rnard (b., April 29, 1855 ; d., 

Nov. 21, 1890). 
Two. Harry D.\re B.\rn.\rd (b., Dec. 19, 

1862; m., ), married Margaret 

Lockhart. Two children, as follows: 

a. Lewis Barnard. 

b. Caroline Barnard. 

Three. William Mitchell Barnard (b., Jan. 

10, 1850; m., ; d., Dec. 20, 1892), 

married Margaret McCloskey. 

C. George Mitchell (b., Sept. 13, 1813; m., June 

8, 1837; d., Dec. 18, 1886), married Catharine 
Bright Fisher. Eight children, as follows: 

Samuel Redsecker Slaymaker, 

President and Manager Slaymaker Lock Manufacturing 


Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 203 

One. Anna Mitchell (b., April 24, 1838; d., 

May 4, 1845). 
Two. Frances Mitchell (b., Sept. 29, 1840; 

d., Jan. 22, 1857). 
Three. Isabella Mitchell (b., April 2, 1842, 

m., Sept. 26, 1866), married Benjamin W. 

Bowen. Two children, as follows: 

a. Clara Frances Bowen (b. Aug. 1, 

1867; m., April 2, 1895), married 
George Ernest Tribby. 

b. George Mitchell Bowen (b., April 15; 


Four. George Fisher Mitchell (b., April 18, 
1844; d., July 7, 1862). 

Five. Charles Mitchell (b., Dec. 22, 1846; 
m., Oct. 19, 1875), married Elizabeth 
Yeager Horn. Two children, as follows: 

a. Bessie Yeager iMitchell (b., July 10, 


b. Gertie Elizabeth, Mitchell (b., Nov. 

16, 1879). 
Six. Mary Mitchell (b., Dec. 2, 1848). 
Seven. Jane Fleming Mitchell (b., Oct. 11, 

Eight. Catharine Bright Mitchell (b., May 
3, 1853; d., Oct. 22, 1853). 
D. John Mitchell (b., May 13, 1815; m., Nov. 9, 
1836; d., Aug. 1, 1885), married Maria Pim 
Fisler. Seven children, as follows: 

One. Louisa Mitchell (b., ; m., Oct. 

30, 1860; d., Dec. 18, 1869), married 
George J. Clark. Two children, as fol- 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. John Burt Clark (b., ;d., Mch. 

21, 1866). 

b. Louisa Mitchell Clark (b., ). 

Two. Elizabeth Fisler Mitchell (b., ; 

m,. Nov. 2, 1863; m., April 12, 1876; d., 
April 6, 1877), married twice; married 
first time to William C. Clark. Four 
children, as follows: 

a. Clifton Mitchell Clark (b., ; 

m., Dec. 8, 1889), married Nellie C. 
Long. One child: 
Clifton Levest Clark (b., ). 

b. John Mitchell Clark (b., ; d., 

Sept. 27, 1868). 

c. William C. Clark, Jr., (b., ; d., 

May 9, 1874). 

d. LucELLA Clark (b., ; d., Sept. 

18, 1870). 
Elizabeth Fisler Mitchell married second 
time to Israel Pim. One child: 

Lizzie Ann Pim (b., ; d., July, 1878). 

Three. William Mitchell (b., ; m., 

April 23, 1867; m., Sept. 9, 1893), mar- 
ried twice; married first time to Lida 
Menzies. One child: 

John Menzies Mitchell (b., ). 

William Mitchell married second time to 
Fanny Simpson. 

Four. Henrietta Mitchell (b., ; m., 

June 21, 1871), married William H. Cox. 

Five. Lydia Mitchell (b., ; m., Oct. 

27, 1869; d., Dec. 7, 1888), married Wil- 
ham G. Hill. Four children, as follows: 

Samuel Cochran Slaymaker (Second) and Helen 

Elizabeth Slaymaker, 

Children of Samuel R. Slaymaker. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 205 

a. William G. Hill, Jr. 

b. George W. Hill. 

c. Walton C. Hill. 

d. Edith Mitchell Hili-. 

Six. Mary Emma Mitchell (b., ; m., 

April 27, 1870). married Walton C. 
Craig. Four children, as follows: 

a. John Mitchell Craig. 

b. Walton C. Craig, Jr. 

c. Mary E. Craig. 

d. Marguerite L. Craig. 
Seven. Fanny Maria Mitchell. 

E. Mary Mitchell (b., Feb. 16, 1820; d., ). 

F. Samuel Dare Mitchell (b., April 30, 1821 ; m., 

Oct. 28, 1857; d., March 25, 1869), married 

Emeline Banard. Three children, as follows: 

One. Sarah Pennock Mitchell (b., Aug. 13, 

1858; d., June 6, 1860). 
Two. Harry Slaymaker Mitchell (b., Aug. 

22, 1861; d., Aug. 7, 1863), 
Three. Samuel Duffield Mitchell (b.. May 
1, 1864; m., April 12, 1893), married 
Louise M. Reed. One child: 
Donald Reed Mitchell (b., June 7, 1894). 

G. Sophia Slaymaker Mitchell (b., Jan. 16, 1825; 

d.„ ). 

H. William Fleming Mitchell (b., Oct. 22, 1818; 

m., Feb. 17, 1852; d., ), married Ehza- 

beth A. Coleman. Five children, as follows: 
One. Alfred Coleman Mitchell (b., Dec. 9, 

1852; d., Aug. 25, 1888). 
Two. Frank Fosset Mitchell (b., Aug. 9, 
1855; m., Feb. 16, 1881), married Har- 
riett E. Hull. Four children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Martha E. Mitchell (b., April 15, 


b. Elizabeth Mitchell (b., Sept. 24, 


c. Helen Mitchell (b., Aug. 15, 1885). 

■ d. Frances F. Mitchell (b., Oct. 1, 1888). 
Three. William F. Mitchell (b., Feb. 11, 

1858; d., Nov. 11, 1864). 
Four. Margaret Coleman Mitchell (b., Oct. 

10, 1860; d., March 1^ 1865). 
Five. James Coleman Mitchell (b., June 4, 

1863; m., , 1886), married Ida 

Butler. Three children, as follows: 

a. Ivy Mitchell (b., , 1887). 

b. James C. Mitchell (b., , 1890). 

c. Vivian Mitchell (b., , 1895). 

Second. Henry Fleming (b., Aug. 28, 1783; m., March 

25, 1806; d., Sept. 28, 1865). Was captain in 
War of 1812, and fought with Scott on Niagara 
frontier at taking of Fort George and afterward at 
battle of Beaver Dam, was taken prisoner and 
sent to Quebec and remained prisoner for eighteen 
months. Married Letitia Parke. Eight children, 
as follows: 

A. Caroline Fleming (b., July 12, 1809; d., Dec. 

4, 1894). 

B. Fabius Fleming (b., Nov. 5, 1815; m.. May 1, 

1862; d., April 16, 1895), married Mary Barn- 
hill Railstock. Two children, as follows: 
One. William Scotia Fleming (b., Sept. 10, 

Two. Henry Lycurgus Fleming (b., Feb. 5, 
1863). Professor in Brownwood College, 

White Chimneys " (JHult 1807), Home of S. R. Slaym.' 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 207 

C. Henry Fleming (b., April 12, 1S12; m., Feb. 

25, 1S37; m., Oct. 18, 1849), married twice; 

married first time to Caroline Wells. Three 

children, as follows: 

One. Aurelia Fleming (b., Jan. 1, 1838; m., 

March 20, 1856), married Samuel Wright. 

Five children, as follows: 

a. William Henry Wright (b., April 15, 

1857; m., March 24, 1880), married 
Dora Dryer. One child: 
Edna Dora Wright (b., Dec. 19, 

b. George Fabius Wright (b., July 19, 


c. Clarence Wood Wright (b., March 15, 

1859; m., June 15, 1884), married 
Katharine Gillhan. 

d. Elwood Worall Wright (b., July 17, 

1862; m., Feb. 18, 1884), married 
Clara Brindle. One child: 
Elwood Wright (b., Jan. 16, 1885; 
d., Aug. 15, 1886). 

e. Edward Dale Wright (b., Sept. 22, 

1871; m., Dec. 25, 1890), married 
Greta Miller. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Tueenace Wright (b., Dec. 11, 
1891; d., April 23, 1894). 
it. Aurelia Wright (b., Sept. 22, 
Two. Fabius Fleming (b., June 27, 1841; d., 

Dec. 10, 1866). 
Three. Henry Clay Fleming (b., March 30, 
1844; d., June 7, 1844). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Henry Fleming married second time to Anna Nay- 
lor Williams. Five children, as follows: 
One. Artha Ella Fleming (b., April 11, 
1851 ; m., Jan. 19, 1869), married Thomas 
Priddy. Three children, as follows: 

a. Letitia Priddy (b., April 16, 1873). 

b. George Wyard Priddy (b., June 28, 


c. Annie Aurelia Priddy (b., Aug. 12, 

Two. Mary Letitia Fleming (b., May 27, 
1855; m., March 3, 1874), married Wil- 
Ham Lathrop. Two children, as follows: 

a. Henry Rollin Lathrop (b., Dec. 10, 


b. Mabel Florence Lathrop (b., Nov. 8, 

1879; d., Nov. 20, 1879). 
Three. Elizabeth Rebecca Fleming (b., Aug. 

28, 1S57). 
Four. Bayard Wood Fleming (b., Oct. 1, 

1859; m., June 12, 1884), married Kate 

Five. Caroline Fleming (b., June 15, 1862; 

m., Nov. 2, 1883), married John Farrel. 

Two children, as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Farrel (b., Aug. 18, 1884). 

b. Henry Fleming Farrel (b., July 2, 


I). Keziah Fleming (b., Oct. 20, 1820; d., Oct. 9, 

E. Lucretia Fleming (b., Jan. 3, 1807; m., ; 

d., Aug. 4, 1884), married William White- 
head. Five children, as follows: 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 209 

One. Letitia Whitehead (b., April 21, 1842; 

m.. April 17, 1873), married Phinea 

Two. Mary Fleming Whitehead (b., April 

10, 1853; m., Oct. 27, 1885; d., April 8, 

1893), married Bartram Durnall. One 

Helen Bartram Durnall (b., June 26, 

Three. Matthew Whitehead (b., July 23, 

1850; m., Oct. 1, 1874; d., April 16, 

1896), married Jennie M. Ford. Two 

children, as follows: 

a. Ellen Caroline Whitehead (b., July 

13, 1880). 

b. Jennie Letitia Whitehead (b., Aug. 3, 


Four. Paul Fleming Whitehead (b., Sept. 
28, 1840; m.. May 13, 1868; d., Oct. 14, 
1884). Was elected captain in the 
midst of battle in Peach Orchard, at 
Gettysburg. Married Mary J. Davis. 
One child: 
Anna Lent Whitehead (b., Feb. 17, 1870). 

Five. William H. Whitehead (b., Feb. 8, 
1844; m., Aug. 9, 1876). Judge of 
County Court, Golden, Jefferson County, 
Colo. Married Josephine Townsend. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Henry Townsend Whitehead (b., Jan. 

6, 1879; d., Dec. 11, 1887). 

b. Lucretia Fleming Whitehead (b., 

June 24, 1883). 

210 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

c. Josephine Wordsworth Whitehead 
(b., Nov. 30, 1884). 

F. Mary Axn Fleming (b., July 6, 1808; d., Aug. 

8, 1822). 

G. Marcellus Fleming (b., April 6, 1817; m., Oct. 

30, 1840; m., Oct. 16, 1847); married twice; 

married first time to Althea Flaglor. Two 

children, as foUoivs: 
One. Kezzie Fleming (b., Oct. 17, 1841; m., 
Dec. 19, 1861), married Richard Edward 
Hayes. Three children, as follows: 

a. Althea Flaglor Hayes (b., July 18, 

1866; m., Feb. 19, 1885), married 
Morris Odell. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Lawrence Bissett Odell (b., 
March 28, 1886). 
II. Mabel Hayes Odell (b., Oct. 3, 
1887; d., Feb. 16, 1894). 

III. Isabel Odell (b., April 8, 1889). 

IV. Floyd Odell (b., March 25, 1891). 
V. Lillian Middleton Odell (b., 

July 27, 1894). 

b. Howard Althea Hayes (b., March 1, 

1865; m., June 6, 1883), married 
May Janvier Thompson. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Althea Thompson Hayes (b., 
: Jan. 9, 1885). 

IL Lulu May Hayes (b., Nov. 12, 
"1 , 1886). 

, - ' • III. Helen Gertrude Hayes (b., Feb. 

:■ ' 20, 1891). 

Solon Fleming. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 211 

IV. Edmund Jackson Hay'es (b., Dec. 
22, 1893). 
c. Richard Edward Hayes, Jr. (b., 
March 22, 1873). 
Two. Marcellus Fleming (b., Aug. 13, 1846; 
d., Oct. 3, 1846). 
Marcellus Fleming married second time to Martha 

H. Solon Fleming (b., Jan. 23, 1811; m., Aug. 9, 
1842; m., July 10, 1859), married twice; mar- 
ried first time to Eliza Jane Fisler. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. John Fleming (b., Oct. 26, 1848). 
Two. Letitia Fleming (b.. May 26, 1846; m., 
Nov. 1, 1866), married Benjamin C. 
White. Four children, as follows: 

a. George F. White (b., June 1, 1868). 

b. Grace White (b., March 4, 1872; m., 

Nov., 1894), married Clarence Mott. 

c. Franklin White (b., Sept. 18, 1873; 

d., Nov. 27, 187.5). 

d. Pearl White (b., June 29, 1876). 
Three. George Fisler Fleming (b., April 15, 

Solon Fleming married second time to Mrs. Carrew 
7iee Raymond. One child: 

Ida Fleming (b., Aug. 27, 1860). 
Third. John Slaymaker Fleming (b., Aug. 30, 1787; 
d., July 21, 1828). Served in the army near 
Chester in 1812, to defend Philadelphia from Brit- 
ish attack. 

Fourth. Mary Fleming (b., June 11, 1785; m., ; 

d., Feb. 17, 1817), married George Washington 
Parke. Six children, as follows: 

212 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

A. Caroline Parke (b., June 19, 1806; m., Dec. 3, 

1835; d., Aug. 25, 1882), married Evan Jones. 

Six children, as follows: 

One. George Washington Jones (b., Aug. 25, 

1839; m., June 16, 1866), married Julia 

C. Pratt. Two children, as follows: 

a. Edith Pratt Jones (b.. May 24, 1867). 

b. Howard Parke Jones (b., Aug. 7, 


Two. Jacob D. Jones (b., Feb. 10, 1837). 

Three. John Jones (b., Feb., 1843; d., Aug., 
1844). Drowned. 

Four. John Fleming Jones (b., Nov. 13, 1844; 
m., April 18, 1877), married Mary Ann 
Attlee Latta^ Four children, as follows: 

a. Caroline Whitehill Jones (b., June 

14, 1880). 

b. John Latta Jones (b., Sept. 11, 1890). 

c. Son (b., Oct. 25, 1886; d., Oct. 28, 1886). 

d. May Jones (b., June 5, 1889; d.. May 

26, 1889). 
Five. Mary Jones (b., Sept. 24, 1836; m., Jan. 

25, 1882), married Scace L. Maultby. 
Six. Phoebe Ann Jones (b., June 28, 1847; 
m., Sept. 10, 1872; m., June 27, 1894); 
married twice; married first time to 
Eugene L. Grant. Divorced in 1889. 
Married second time to Zachariah E. 
B. George Washington Parke (b., April 29, 1815; 
m., Jan. 1, 1857), married Rebecca Ann Rog- 
ers. Two children, as follows: 
One. Gertrude Elizabeth Parke (b., Oct. 7, 
1857; d., Aug. 31, 1858). 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 213 

Two. Caroline Augusta Parke (b., Aug. 17, 
1859; m., Jan. 17, 1882), married Theo- 
dore Arthur Bralley. 
. John Fleming Parke (b., May 15, 1808; m., 
April 24, 1855; d., Aug. 15, 1859), married 
Mary Frances Rogers. 
'. Joseph Maxwell Parke (b., Feb. 6, 1810; m., 
April 2, 1835). A prominent lawyer in West- 
minster, Carroll Co., Md. Represented Car- 
roll County in the Legislature 1839-40, also 
Constitutional Convention of Maryland in 
1851, and also served nineteen j^ears as Reg- 
istrar of Wills of the same county. Married 
Amanda Motter. Twelve children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. Adelaide Motter Parke (b., March 4, 

1856; d., March 6, 1860). 
Two. Albert Maxwell Parke (b., March 13, 

1844; d., April 11, 1863). 
Three. Caroline Parke (b., Dec. 31, 1838; d., 

March 3, 1839). 
Four. Emma Catharine Parke (b., Oct. 25, 

1849; d., Sept. 25, 1850). 
Five. Frances Henrietta Parke (b., Dec. 25, 
1839; m., April 18, 1860), married Edwin 
Kramer Gernard. Five children, as fol- 

a. Adelaide Parke Gernard (b., Jan. 7, 

1861; d., Sept. 13, 1884). 

b. Claud Seiss Gernard (b., Sept. 24, 


c. Edwin Kramer Gernard, Jr., (b., Oct. 

29, 1871). 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

d. Frances Rebecca Gernard (b., Dec. 

16, 1876). 

e. Joseph Emanuel Gernard (b., Sept. 4, 

1868; d., Aug. 7, 1869). 
Six. George Motter Parke (b., Oct. 2, 1841 ; 
m., Jan. 25, 1870). Register of Wills 
Carroll County, Md. Married Mary 
Neal. She was first cousin of Grover 
Cleveland. Three children, as follows: 

a. Francis Neal Parke (b., Jan. 6, 1871). 

Attorney-at-Law in Westminster, 

b. George Joseph Parke (b., March 25, 


c. R. Abner Parke (b., Nov. 5, 1873). 
Seven. Gertrude Parke (b.. May 15, 1859; 

d., July 8, 1859). 
Eight. John Fleming Parke (b., March 11, 
1854; d., March, 1873), married Alverta 
Grumbine. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Margaret L. Parke (b., ; d., 


b. Hazel Alverta Parke (b., ; d., 


c. Florence May Parke (b., ). 

d. Joseph William Parke (b., ). 

e. Bessie Gertrude Parke (b., ). 

f. Charles Fleming Parke (b., ). 

g. Harry Clinton P.\rke (b., ). 

h. Frances Catharine Parke (b., -). 

Nine. Josephine Amanda Parke (b., July 12, 
1851; m., March 31, 1880), married 
James Edwin Taylor. Two children, as 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 215 

a. James Parke Taylor. 

b. Edna Taylor. 

Ten. Mary Letitia Parke (b., Dec. 22, 1845; 
m., July 7, 1868; m., May, 1884; m., 

, 1889 or 90) ; married three times ; 

married first time to J. Mortimer Hurley. 
One child: 

Claud Hurley (b., ; d., ). 

Mary Letitia Parke married second time to 

Allen Hubbard. 
Married third time to Shepherd Wood. He is 

dead. No children. 
Eleven. Sarah Julia Parke (b., Feb. 16, 1837; 

d., May 30, 1853). 
Twelve. Philip J. Parke (b., March 26, 1848; 
d., April 4, 1848). 
. Mary Letitia Parke (b., Sept. 28, 1804; d., 

Nov. 13, 1806). 
, Samuel Slaymaker Parke (b., Oct. 6, 1812; 
m., Nov. 20, 1839; d., Feb. 2, 1884), married 
Lucretia Maria Kellog. Eleven children, as 
follows : 
One. Mary Lucretia Parke (b., Sept. 28, 
1840; m., May 10, 1870), married Roland 
N. Evans. One child: 
Ida Lucretia Evans (b., Jan. 28, 1871). 
Two. Caroline Marcia Parke (b., Aug. 30, 

1842; d., Nov. 21, 1843). 
Three. George Windfield Parke (b., April 
16, 1844; m., Jan. 29, 1873), married 
Georgie Ingersoll. One child: 
Lois Lucretia Parke (b., Dec. 26, 1873). 
Four. Charles Samuel Parke (b., April 21, 
1846; d., July 10, 1848). 

216 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Five. Charles William Parke (b., Feb. 9, 
1848; m., Feb., 1873; m., April, 1883), 
married twice ; married first time to Ella 
Sherwood. One child: 

Charles Samuel Parke (b., , 1875). 

Charles William Parke married second time 
to Dora Kauffman. Three children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Helen Hattie Parke (b., April 1, 1884). 

b. Edith Parke (b., Dec. 25, 1886). 

c. Kenneth Parke (b., Jan. 5, 1890). 
Six. Helen Parke (b., Nov. 20, 1849; m., 

May 22, 1872), married Louis Lee Burr. 

One child: 
Albert Parke Burr (b., Sept. 7, 1886). 
Seven. Frank Fleming Parke (b., March 17, 

1852; d., Jan. 13, 1859). 
Eight. Caroline Parke (b., July 30, 1854; d., 

Sept. 7, 1855). 
Nine. Edmund Kellog Parke (b., Sept. 4, 

1856; d., Feb. 21, 1857). 
Ten. Clara Parke (b., June 1, 1858; m., Nov. 

3, 1885), married James H. Price. One 

Parke Valentine Price (b., April 21, 

Eleven. John Fred Parke (b., Feb. 8, 1S62;' 

m., July 3, 1886), married Eva Downey. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Charles Fred Parke (b., Dec. 5, 1888). 

b. Grace Laura Parke (b., Dec. 8, 1890). 

c. George Edmund Parke (b., Oct. 11, 


Descendants of Henrt Slaymaker. 217 

Fifth. Samuel Fleming (b., March 28, 1790; d., Dec. 

18, 1809). 
Sixth. William Fleming (b., June 28, 1782; d., July 1, 
1802). Killed on the farm while driving four or 
six-horse team, they became frightened and un- 
governable, bore down to his death. 
3. Henry Slaymaker, Jr. (b., Sept. 30, 1762; m., Dec. 22, 
1791; d., Oct. 9, 1826), married Elizabeth Cochran. 
Four children, as follows: 
First. Son. Died in infancy. 
Second. Son. Died in infancy. 

Third. Samuel Cochran Slaymaker. Lies buried 
under the Presbyterian chapel, Lancaster, Pa. 
Married Ellen Hughes Duchman. One child: 
Annie E. Slaymaker (b., Jan. 18, 1827; d., Oct. 
20, 1859). 

Fourth. Jane E. Slaymaker (b., ; d., ), 

married Stephen Paden Cochran. Went west to 
St. Louis, nothing more known of them. He is 
supposed to have been a captain of one of the 
boats there. They had three children. It is 
thought that their names were: 

4. Hannah Sl.^ymaker (b., Dec. 10, 1764; m., ; d., 

), married Samuel Cochran. Three children, as 

follows : 
First. Rebecca Slaymaker Cochran (b., July 16, 
1793; m., Feb. 19, 1816; d., Aug. 9, 1864), mar- 
ried her first cousin, Henry Fleming Slaymaker. 
For descendants, see record of Henry Fleming 

218 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Second. Stephen Henry Cochran (b., 

m., , 1S31; d., ), married Susan 

Armstrong. Six children, as follows: 

A. Henry Slaymaker Cochran (b., ; m., 

— ■ ), married Emma Granger. Two chil- 


One. Alice Cochran (b., ; d., ). 

Two. Josephine Cochran (b., ). 

B. Jane Ann Cochran (b., ; m., ; 

d., ), married Ciilbert Combs. One 

Susan Co.mbs. 

C. Robert Cochran (b., ; d., ). 

D. S.^MUEL Cochran (b., ; d., ). 

E. Son, died in infancy. 

F. Stephen Armstrong Cochran. 

Third. John Beaton (b., ; m., Jan., 

1830; d., — ), married Elizabeth B. Cochran. 

Three children, as follows: 

A. John Be.\ton Cochran (b., ■; d., ). 

B. Samuel H. Cochran (b., Oct., 1830; m., ; 

d., Jan. 9, 1885), married Sarah Gray. 

C. Rebecca Jane Cochran (b., April 15, 1833; 

m., Jan. 6, 1857; d., ), married George 

Richmond. Three children, as follows: 
One. Mary Mowery Richmond (b., Nov. 1, 
1864; m., May 11, 1887), married Cuvier 
Robb Marshall. One child: 
Ellen Rebecca Marshall (b., Feb. 22, 
Two. Janie Elizabeth Richmond (b., Dec. 

22, 1861). 
Three. Thomas Richmond (b., Aug. 25, 1857). 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 219 

5. Faithful Slaymaker (b., March 9, 1767; m., Jan. 12, 

1793; d., ), married George Duffield. He was 

killed by the accidental kick of a colt, which he was 
watering in the barn-yard. His grandson, George, 
was with him at the time and saw the accident. Four 
children, as follows: 
First. George Duffield (b., July 4, 1796; m., Sept. 11, 
1S17; d., June 26, 1868). One of the most promi- 
nent ministers of the Presbyterian Church in his 
day. Graduated from the University of Penn- 
sylvania at the age of sixteen. Studied theology 
and was licensed to preach April 20, 1815. In 
1838 he was called as pastor of the First Presbyter- 
ian church .of Detroit, Mich., where he served as 
pastor up to the time of his death. He was 
known as the "patriot of Michigan." Married 
Isabella Graham Bethune. Six children, as fol- 
A. Divie Bethune Duffield. A poet of consid- 
erable note. (B., Aug. 29, 1821 ; m., June 24, 
1854; d., March 12, 1891.) Married Mary 
Strong Buell. Three children, as follows: 
One. Bethune Duffield (b., Nov. 25, 1861; 
m., Oct. 28, 1885), married Ehza Nuein. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Nuein Buell Duffield (b., Nov. 7, 


b. Mary Buell Duffield (b., Oct. 25, 


c. George Duffield (b., Dec. 14, 1897). 
Two. George Duffield (b., April 28, 1859; 

m., Oct. 2, 1888). A very prominent 
physician of Detroit, Mich. Married 

220 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Clara Radcliffe. Two children, as fol- 

a. George Bethune Duffield (b., April 

18, 1891). 

b. Henry Corrie Duffield (b., March 3, 


Three. Daughter (b., ; d., ). 

B. George Duffield (b., Sept. 12, 1818; m., 

; d., ). Lilce his father, was a 

well-known divine of the Presbyterian Church 
as well as a hymn-writer of marked ability, 
taking after his mother in this respect. His 
best known hymn was "Stand up, stand up 
for Jesus," a hymn which is possibly as well 
known as any ever written, has been trans- 
lated into many different languages. Other 
hymns which he has written are as follows: 
"Blessed Saviour, Thee I Love," "Slowly in 
Sadness and in Tears," and " Parted for Some 
Anxious Day." He graduated from Yale 
College in 1837, and from Union Theological 
Seminary, New York, in 1840; was pastor in 
Brooklyn for seven years; in Bloomfield, 
N. J., four years, and in Philadelphia, Pa., 
for ten years, leaving there in 1861 for the 
West, where he sjjent the balance of his life. 
A short history of the writing of "Stand Up, 
Stand Up for Jesus" is given in the historical 
part of this book. Married Augusta Wil- 
loughby. Three children, as follows: 

One. Samuel Willoughby Duffield (b., 
1843). Like his father, was a prominent 
hymn-writer, his best known being "0 

Rev. Georue Duffield, 
Pastor and Hymn Writer. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 221 

Land Relieved from Sorrow," written in 
1875. He is better known, liowever, as 
a translator of hymns than as a writer. 
Graduated from Yale College in 1863. 
Married Harriet Stanley Hay ward. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Grace Hayward Duffield, married 

F. J. Goodwin. Two children, as 
follows : 
I. Mary Duffield Goodwin. 
II. Faithful Holloway Goodwin. 

b. Kenneth Graham Duffield, married 

Edith Malloy. Two children: 
I. Margaret Beckwith Duffield. 
II. Kenneth Graham Duffield, Jr. 
Two. Edward Preierpont Duffield, married 

. Had one child: 

Marjorie Preierpont Duffield. 
Three. Margaretta Willoughby Duffield, 
married J. J. Tunnicliff. Three children, 
as follows: 

a. George Duffield Tunnicliff. 

b. Augusta Tunnicliff. 

c. James J. Tunnicliff, Jr. 

C. Henry M. Duffield (b.. May 15, 1842; m. 
Dec. 29, 1863), married Frances Pitts. Seven 
children, as follows: 
One. Henry M. Duffield, Jr., (b., Aug. 9, 

Two. Samuel Pitts Duffield (b., Jan. 22, 

Three. Divie Bethune Duffield (b., March 
3, 1870). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Four. Francis Duffield (b., Oct. 23, 1873). 
Five. Morse Stewart Duffield (b., Sept. 29, 

Six. Graham Duffield (b., Nov. 21, 1876). 
Seven. William Beach Duffield (b., March 

28, 1871). 

D. Isabella Graham Duffield (b., ; m., 

— — — ), married Morse Stewart. Five chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. Morse Stewart. 

Two. Duffield Stewart. 

Three. Isabella Stewart. 

Four. Mary Stewart. 

Five. Robert Stewart. 

E. Samuel Pierce Duffield (b., Dec. 2-4, 1833; 

m., July 8, 1858; m., June 15, 1881), married 
twice ; married first time to Addie L. Dobney. 
Four children, as follows: 
One. George Bethune Duffield (b., Sept. 

29, 1859; d., Nov. 19, 1880). 

Two. Daniel Waterman Duffield (b., Oct. 

2, 1860; m., ), married 

Childs. One child: 

(b., ; d., ). 

Three. Isabella Bethune Duffield (b., Nov. 

26, 1864; d., Sept. 6, 1873). 
Four. John Beck Duffield (b., Maich 26, 
Samuel Pierce Duffield married second time to 
Margaret A. Corbett. 

F. WiLLi.'^M Ward Duffield (b., Nov. 19, 1823; 

m.. June 27, 1851), married Annie Louisa 
Ladue. Two children, as follows: 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 223 

One. Louisa Angell Duffield (b., April 19, 

Two. William Ward Duffield, Jr. (b., Nov. 
12, 1858). 
Second. Sophia Duffield (b., Nov. 5, 1796; m., March 
25, 1828; d., Oct. 15, 1865). Died at New Lon- 
don Cross Roads, Pa., of typhoid fever. Married 
Mark Alexander Hodson. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 

A. George Duffield Hodson (b., July 2, 1831; m., 

Oct. 28, 1862; d., Dec. 4, 1865), "married Mar- 
garet Jane Armstrong. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

One. Mary Sophia Hodson (b., March 31, 
1865; d.. May 16, 1871). 

Two. Anna Maria Hodson (b., Oct. 24, 1863). 

B. Henry Duffield Hodson (b., April 10, 1834; 

m., Nov. 19, 1873; m., ), married 

twice; married first time to Emma Graham. 
One child: 
Mary Graham Hodson. Died six months old. 
Henry Duffield Hodson married second time to 
Mrs. Emily Graham. 

C. Mark Alexander Hodson (b., Feb. 13, 1838; 

m., Feb. 21, 1861; d., Sept. 17, 1866), married 
Margaretta Amanda Cann. Three children, 
as follows: 
One. Sophia Duffield Hodson (b., Dec. 6, 
1861; m., Sept. 16, 1890), married 
Lewis Kirk Stubbs. One child: 
Margaret Elizabeth Stubbs (b., Dec. 11, 
Two. Margaretta Moore Hodson (b., Feb. 
21, 1867). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Robert Cann Hodson (b., Jan. 14, 

D. Robert Hodson (b., May 19, 1829; d., Oct. 2, 


E. Mary Amanda Hodson (b., Aug. 7, 1839; d., 

Aug. 17, 1865). 
Third. Mary Amanda Duffield (b., Nov. 15, 1805; m., 

; d., ), married Amos Alexander. 

Three children, as follows: 

A. Amos Alexander. 

B. AM.A.NDA Alexander. 

C. Charles Alexander. 

Fourth. Henry Duffield (b., May 12, 1800; m., June 

6, 1822; m., June 13, 1839; d., ), married 

twice; married first time to Rebecca Armstrong. 
Three children, as follows: 
A. Faithful Rebecca Duffield (b., Aug. 13, 
1824; m., Nov. 10, 1842; d.. May, 1870), 
married Robert Hodgson Strawbridge. Four 
children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Hodgson Strawbridge (b., 
Oct. 28, 1849; m., Jan. 7, 1874), married 
Robert Allison Adams. Five children, as 
follows : 

a. Ruth Anna Adams (b., May 5, 1878). 

b. Sarah Strawbridge Adams (b., Jan. 

20, 1881). 

c. Louisa Allison Adams (b., Aug. 26, 


d. Robert Allison Adams (b., June 12, 


e. Edwin Young Adams (b., Aug. 18, 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 225 

Two. Joseph Francis Strawbridge (b., June 

7, 1848; m., , 1874), married Anna 

Belle Shields. Two children, as follows: 

a. John Frederick Strawbridge (b., 

Dec. 10, 1881). 

b. Faithful Duffield Strawbridge (b., 

May 10, 1877). 
Three. Henry Duffield Strawbridge (b., 
Sept. 28, 1846; m., Jan. 18, 1871), mar- 
ried Amelia Margaret Jones. Three 
children, as follows: 

a. Harriet Duffield Strawbridge (b., 

July 14, 1873; m., June 19, 1895), 
married Rev. W. Deas Kerswell. 
One child: 
Chalmers Duffield Kerswell (b., 
July 28, 1896). 

b. Margaret Rendell Strawbridge (b., 

June 26, 1875). 

c. Isaac Rendell Strawbridge (b., July 

14, 1879). 
Four. Sarah Duffield Strawbridge (b., 
Sept. 2, 1843; m., June 22, 1881), mar- 
ried Walter R. Garrett. 

B. George Duffield (b., June 23, 1827; d., June 

14, 1862). Died of yellow fever in Cuba. 

C. Mary Armstrong Duffield (b., May 16, 1823 ; 

d., Sept. 2, 1831). 
Henry Duffield married second time to Sarah Bries- 
bane, nee Stewart. One child: 

Henry Duffield (b., Sept. 30, 1840; m., Dec. 23, 
1867; d., Jan. 15, 1888), married Emma Moore. 
One child: 

226 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Henry Parke Duffield (b., Oct. 10, 1869; 
d., Dec. 23, 1889). 

6. Lydia Slaymaker (b., July 11, 1769), d., Sept. 29, 1794). 

7. Sarah Slaymaker (b., June 12, 1771; m., Sept. 8, 1792; 

d., , 1804), married William Bryant Duffield. 

Five children, as follows: 
First. Elizabeth Duffield married Dr. Montgomery 
Chambers. Two children, as follows: 

A. William Chambers. 

B. Andrew Chambers. 

Second. Maria Slaymaker Duffield, married Rev. 
John Peebles. One child: 
A. Sarah Duffield Peebles, married William 
Jacobs. Four children, as follows: 
One. Maria Jacobs, married. Had several 

Two. John Peebles Jacobs. 
Three. Fanny Jacobs. 

Four. Sarah McCoy Jacobs, married Wilham 
M. Strickland. One child: 

Third. Samuel Duffield (b., July 3, 1795; m., — ; 

d., Feb. 24, 1853), married Maria Morris. Seven 
children, as follows: 

A. William Henry Duffield (b., July 22, 1827; 

d.. May 5, 1870). 

B. Mary Cadwalader Duffield. 

C. Cadwalader Morris Duffield (b., March 27, 

1840; d., Feb. 25, 1841). 

D. John Lewden Morris Duffield. 

E. Anna Henderson Duffield. 

F. Samuel Morris Ditffield, married Georgiania 

Sparks. Two children, as follows: 
One. Thomas Tillinghast Duffield. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 227 

Two. Harriett Sparks Duffield. 
G. Sarah Sophia Duffield, married James Hop- 
kins. Three children, as follows: 
One. Samuel Duffield Hopkins. 
Two. Washington Hopkins, married 

Three. James Hopicins. 
Fourth. Sophia Sarah Lydia Duffield, married Rev. 

William Mcllviane. 
Fifth. William Henry Duffield. 
Samuel Slaymaker (b., April 14, 1774; m., June 17, 1796; 
d., April 3, 1830). One of the proprietors of the great 
stage hne of Reeside, Slaymaker & Co., from Philadel- 
phia to the West ; his brothers Amos and Henry being 
his partners. Married Ann Cochran. Five children, 
as follows: 
First. Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., March 17, 1797; d., 

Sept. 27, 1797). 
Second. Henry Young Slaymaker (b., July 12, 1798; 

m., ; d., May 18, 1862), married Margaretta 

Reigart. Four children, as follows: 

A. Adam Reigart Slaymaker (b., ; d., 

July 9, 1865). 

B. Ann Cochran Slaymaker (b., ; d., Jan. 

3, 1909). Was Secretary of the Patriot 
Daughters of America, of Lancaster Co., Pa. 

C. Henrietta R. Slaymaker (b., ; m., 

; d., ), married Charles Ruth- 

rauf. Three children, as follows: 

One. Henry Cochran Ruthrauf (b. , ) . 

Two. Margaretta S. Ruthrauf, married 
John Evans. Two children, as follows: 
a. Kate Evans. 

228 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. William R. Evans. 
Three. William Hayes Ruthrauf. 
D. Mary R. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 4, 1825; m., Dec, 
1846; d., Sept. 21, 1885). For many years 
one of the lady Board of Managers of the 
Home for Friendless Children, Lancaster, Pa. 
Married David Watson Patterson. Four chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Anna Cochran Patterson, married 
Hon. John Bayard McPherson. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Wallace McPherson. 

Accidentally drowned while in bath- 
ing at Point Pleasant, N. J. (B., 
Oct. 13, 1882; d., Aug. 9, 1907). 

b. Mary Patterson McPherson. 

Two. David Watson Patterson, Jr., (b., 

; m., ), married Julia 

Kauffman. One child: 
Catharine Lloyd Patterson. 
Three. Henry Patterson, married Ida Miller. 
Four. James Rodney Patterson (b., Dec. 6, 
1847; m., Dec. 29, 1873; d., June 18, 
1874), married Ellen Baumgardner. One 
Bertha Patterson (b., Sept. 21, 1874). 
Third. Stephen C. Slaymaker (b., Jan. 17, 1802; m., 

; d., Jan. 1, 1835), married Susan Reigart. 

Five children, as follows: 

A. Adam Reigart Slaymaker (b., May 18, 1832; 

d., July 9, 1865). 

B. Ann C. Reigart Slaymaker, married Samuel 


Hicxiiv 1m)\\aki) Slaymaker, 

Fdrjnor Piistuia.sler, Luucaster, Pa 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 229 

C. Henry Edward Slaymaker, manager of Reig- 

art's old wine store, Lancaster, Pa. Presi- 
dent of the Union Fire Co. since 1856, one of 
organizers of St. John's Episcopal Church, 
Postmaster under Cleveland's first adminis 
tration, one of the founders of the Home for 
Friendless Children, and formerly School 
Director, serving as chairman of Property 
Committee for over twenty years, and a very 
prominent citizen of Lancaster, Pa. (B., 
Oct. 26, 1828; m., Oct. 20, 1853; d., Sept. 1, 
1905.) Married Mary Steele. Three chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Mary Reigart Slaymaker (b., June 21, 
1855; m., Dec. 30, 1880), married Ed- 
ward Peters Cowell. Two children, as 
follows : 

a. Mary Edna Cowell (b., July 11, 1882). 

b. Henry Slaymaker Cowell (b., Nov. 

17, 1884). 
Two. Frances Steele Slaymaker (b.. May 

28, 1861; d., Dec. 10, 1861). 
Three. Susan Reigart Slaymaker (b., Nov. 

2, 1862). 

D. Samuel H. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 9, 1830; m., 

; d., Dec. 12, 1882), married Ann 


E. Stephen Cochran Slaymaker (b., Dec. 14, 

1834; m., June 30, 1884), married Letita H. 

Howe. Four children, as follows: 
One. Ann C. Slaymaker (b., June 7, 1885). 
Two. Samuel H. Slaymaker (b., July 21, 

230 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Stephen C. Slaymaker (b., April 15, 

Four. Susan R. Slaymaker (b., Sept. 7, 1886). 
Fourth. Samuel Robert Slaymaker (b., Oct. 22, 1803; 
m., Jan. 9, 1833; d., Aug., 1878), married Anna 
Maria Smith. Five children, as follows: 

A. Henry Stephen Slaymaker (b., Dec. 3, 1833; 

m., ), married Fidelia Montgomery. 

Three children, as follows: 
One. Samuel Robert Slaymaker (b., Dec. 

29, 1864). 
Two. Henry M. Slaymaker (b.. May 30, 

Three. Letitia R. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 3, 

B. Jonathan Smith Slaymaker (b., March 31, 

1835; d., Feb. 15, 1862). Learned Civil 
Engineering, afterwards moved West, to 
Davenport, Iowa, and at the breaking out of 
the Civil War was one of the first to enlist 
and was a member of the famous Second 
Iowa, being chosen Lieutenant, and upon the 
resignation of the captain, was chosen to fill 
that position, and at the famous charge at 
Fort Donelson, while shouting and encourag- 
ing his men, just as he had reached the 
breastworks, a ball struck him in the thigh, 
severing the main artery. While leaning on 
his arm, he shouted to his men, "Charge, 
charge, go on, my boys," and in five minutes 
he had bled to death. 

C. Margaretta Slaymaker (b.. May 20, 1837; 

d., Oct. 13, 1849). 

C'VPTMN .I<l\ \TH 
lost hi-. 1 

at tlie lainout. thaiaeat Foit Don 
durius: the Cn il 'War. 

Descendants of Henry Slaymaker. 231 

D. Robert Samuel Slaymaker (b., Oct. 16, 1838; 

m., April 25, 1866; m.. May 25, 1871; d., 
Nov. 30, 1900). A prominent citizen of 
Kittanning, Pa. Former register and re- 
corder of Armstrong Co., Pa. Married twice; 
married first time to C. Jane Oswald. One 
Jonathan Slaymaker (b., Aug. 17, 1867; d., 
Aug. 17, 1867). 
Robert Samuel Slaymaker married second time 
to Elizabeth K Bowman. Four children, as fol- 

One. Agnes Bowman Slaymaker (b., July 11, 

Two. Philip Kuhns Slaymaker (b., July 6, 

Three. Anna Frazier Slaymaker ^b., Dec. 

24, 1881; m., ), married Paul 

Brown Copley. One child: 
Paul Brown Copley, Jr. 
Four. Margaretta Slaymaker (b., April 27, 
1874; d., July 12, 1874). 

E. Persifer Frazier Smith Slaymaker (b., Jan. 

6, 1847; m., ; d.. May, 1896), married 

Han-iet R. Aertson. 
Fifth. James A. Slaymaker (b., Feb. 21, 1811; d., 

Sophia Slaymaker (b., July 26, 1776; d., Aug. 29, 1777). 

Sophia Slaymaker (b., Dec. 19, 1779; m., Nov. 30, 
1826; m., Sept. 9, 1847; d., Feb. 1, 1856), married 
twice; first time to James Kelton; second time to Gil- 
bert Dance. 



Daniel Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., 1801), 

youngest son of Mathias Schleiermacher, was left as executor 
of his father's estate. Daniel was with General Washington 
under General Braddock when Braddock was killed by the 
French and Indians, near where Pittsburg now stands. He 
enlisted as a private during the Revolutionarj' War and 
marched to Virginia with the army and was detailed as team- 
ster, and upon one time, probably at Brandywine, when in 
full retreat, three of his horses were shot, the one at the off 
side of the tongue was not injured (he was blind). Upon 
this horse Daniel mounted and made his escape, saving only 
his rifle. While encamped in Virginia with a small division 
of the army, Daniel was on picket duty and while there en- 
gaged, a Hessian soldier made some insulting remarks which 
exasperated Daniel, who raised his rifle and shot the Hessian. 
He was courtmartialed, the circumstances related which 
brought about the shooting and he was cleared. Near the 
end of the war he took camp fever and did not recover until 
after the war was over. He married Agilis Young. Her 
parents came from Ireland and settled in the Cumberland 
Valley, near where Shippensburg, Pa., now stands. When 
she was a young girl the Indians became enraged about 
something and the white people had to flee from that part 
of the country and Agilis and her parents came to Lancaster 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 233 

county, Pa., and she married Daniel Slaymaker and never 
went back to Cumberland Valley to live again. They had 
five children, as follows: 

1. Agilis Slaymaker, married her first cousin, William Slay- 

maker, son of John and Elizabeth White Slaymaker. 
Nothing more known of them. 

2. Daniel Slaymaker, married his first cousin, Susan Slay- 

maker. Seven children, as follows: 

First. Eliza Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., 

), married Robert Ferguson. One child: 

John Harvey Ferguson. 
Second. Henry Slaymaker (b., Oct. 15, 1810; d., Nov. 

25, 1854). 
Third. Hannah Slaymaker (b., Oct. 10, 1812; d.. May 
12, 1863). Had one child by John Smith, known 

Mary Jane Slaymaker (b., Aug. 16, 1836; d., Feb. 
22, 1904), she had one son: 
Joseph Crawford. 

Fourth. John Slaymaker (b., ; d., ). 

Fifth. Lydia Jane Slaymaker (b., , 1817; m., 

March 14, 1839; d., , 1895), married Ben- 
jamin Phenneger. Nine children, as follows: 

A. Jacob Henry Phenneger (b., April 20, 1841; 

d., July 25, 1845). 

B. Sarah Ann Phenneger (b.. May 22, 1843; d., 

Aug. 21, 1843). 

C. John Mathias Phenneger (b., Sept. 13, 1846; 

m., Sept. 15, 1870), married Mary E. Gorman. 
Two children, as follows: 
One. Minnie Lavinia Phenneger (b., Oct. 
16, 1871; m., Sept. 19, 1895), married 
James Norton. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Two. George Henry Phenneger (b., April 

21, 1874). 

'. George Albert Phenneger (b., Feb. 19, 1857; 

m., June 29, 1886), married Sue M. Charles. 

Five children, as follows: 

One. Cline Abram Phenneger (b., April 27, 

Two. George Elvin Phenneger (b., July 2, 

Three. Hiram Benjamin Phenneger (b., Dec. 

4, 1889). 
Four. Gertrude Charles Phenneger (b., 

May 3, 1888; d., July 6, 1890). 
Five. Blanch Slay^maker Phenneger (b., 
Feb. 5, 1887). 
. Benjamin Sample Phenneger (b., Aug. 31, 
1851; m., Jan. 27, 1881), married Rebecca 
Cordelia Keene. Four children, as follows: 
One. Christian Keene Phenneger (b., Feb. 

13, 1884; d., March 2, 1887). 
Two. Carrie Louisa Phenneger (b., Dec. 14, 

Three. Ruby Viola Phenneger (b., Dec. 28, 

Four. Milton Slaymaker Phenneger (b.. 

May 1, 1894). 
Hannah Jane Phenneger (b., Jan. 29, 1854; 
m., Sept. 3, 1881; d., March 17, 1890), mar- 
ried Benjamin Keene. One child: 
Mary Jane Keene (b., May 1, 1882). 
. Mary Elizabeth Phenneger (b., Dec. 19, 1848; 
m., Aug. 25, 1868), married John T. Gorman. 
Five children, as follows: 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 235 

One. Mary Jane Gorman (b., Dec. 20, 1868). 
Two. Sue Ella Gorman (b., Dec. 14, 1870). 
Three. Benjamin Frank Gorman (b., Jan. 26, 

Four. John Milton Gorman (b., March 9, 

Five. Carrie Levetta Gorman (b., June 14, 
H. Nathaniel Slaymaker Phenneger (b., Oct. 

8, 1844; d., June 17, 1852). 
I. Susan Louisa Phenneger (b., May 22, 1843; 
d., Aug. 14, 1843). ; 

Sixth. Mary Ann Slaymaker (b., March 10, 1815; m., 

; d., Feb. 28, 1892), married Hugh Mc- 

Seventh. Amos Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; 

d., July 4, 1829). Crushed to death by a horse. 
Married Elizabeth Ault. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 

.. Susanna Slaymaker, married John Ault. Two 
children, as follows: 
One. Daniel Ault. Died young. 
Two. Mary Ault, married Mabon Eckman. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Harry Eckman, married Mary Singer. 

Three children, as follows: 
I. Roy Eckman. 
II. Cyrus Eckman. 
III. Harry Lloyd Eckman. 

b. Susanna Eckman, married William 

. Isaiah Slaymaker. Died when about twenty- 
one years old. 

History of the Slaymaker Family 

3. Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., Nov. 25, 1774; m., ; 

d., Feb., 1863), married Phillip Ferree. Two children, 
as follows ; 
First. Rachael Ferree (b., Feb. 8, 1806; m., Feb. 9, 
1829; d., June 21, 1886), married Walter Davis. 
Ten children, as follows: 

A. John Slay-maker Davis (b., Dec. 13, 1829; m., 

fall of 1862; d., Sept. 10, 1882), married 
Margaret McMaines. Five children, as fol- 
One. Amy Davis (b., Dec. 20, 1863; m., Nov., 
1891), mprried Ovid Girvin. Two children, 
as follows: 

a. Marguerite Girvin (b., Jan. 3 or 4, 


b. Robert Ferree Girvin (b., March 17, 

Two. John Miner Davis (b., Jan. 1, 1868; 

m., ), married Mary Walters. 

One child: 

Ruth Davis (b., ). 

Three. Katharine Davis (b., Aug. 27, 1865; 

m., ), married Oliver Springer. 

Four. Asa Packer Davis (b., , 1869). 

Five. Andrew Jackson Davis (b., , 1872). 

B. Elizabeth Davis (b., April 11, 1831; m., June 

1, 1849), married Jacob Rife. Thirteen chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Rebecca Rife (b., Dec. 1, 1849; d., Jan. 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 237 

Two. Gabriel Rife (b., 1851; d., in infancy). 
Three. Mary Rife (b., Feb. 25, 1853; m., 

), married . 

Four. William Rife (b., Dec. 11, 1854; m., 

), married . 

Five. Jane Rife (b., June 30, 1857; d., , 

Six. Elmira Rife (b., Dec. 3, 1859). 
Seven. Uriah Rife (b., Feb. 24, 1862). 
Eight. Isaac Rife (b., June 12, 1865). 
Nine. Joanna Rife (b., May 23, 1868; m., 

Dec, 1896), married James Heidler. 
Ten. Jacob Rife (b., Aug. 9, 1869). 
Eleven. Minnie Rife (b., Nov. 9, 1871). 
Twelve. James Rife (b., Dec. 8, 1874). 
Thirteen. Boaz Rife (b.. May 6, 1878). 
I. Samuel Davis (b., Jan. 17, 1833; d., April 21, 

). Mary Jane Davis (b., March 8, 1834; m., win- 
ter of 1850 or 1851; d., Jan. 10, 1887), mar- 
ried Andrew Johnson. Nine children, as 
follows : 
One. George Johnson, married Clara Stew- 
Two. Mary Johnson, married Samuel Pelen. 
Three. Sarah Johnson, married George Shees- 

Four. John Johnson, married Lavinia Miller. 
Five. William Johnson (b., , 1864), 

married Etta Quigley. 
Six. Rachael Johnson (b., Sept. 3, 1867; m., 

), married Charles Ramsey. 

Seven. Alice Johnson (b., Feb., 1870; m., 

), married Harry Barr. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Eight. Irene Johnson (b., , 1872). 

Nine. Philip Ferree Johnson (b., , 

1875; m., March, 1898), married Narda 
i. Joseph Ferree Davis (b., March 16, 1844; m., 
•winter of 1864 or 1865), married Sarah Slaj'- 
maker. Seven children, as follows: 

One. Belle Davis (b., Jan., 1866; d., , 

Two. Henry DA^^s (b., Oct., 1868). 
Three. Luella DA\^s (b., June, 1870). 

Four. Walter Davis (b., , 1873; d., 

, 1883). 

Five. William Davis (b., July 3, 1876). 
Six. Margaret Davis (b., 1882). 
Seven. Joseph DA^as (b., 1886). 
'. Martha Davis (b., Oct. 10, 1841; d., Oct. 10, 

I. Rachael Ferree Davis (b., Dec. 1, 1839; m., 
Dec. 13, 1866), married John Franklin Leech. 
Six children, as follows: 
One. Amy Leech (b., Jan. 26, 1868). 
Two. Ella Dora Leech (b., July 17, 1869; 
m., Feb. 23, 1898), married Frank G. 
Three. William Ferree Leech (b., April 20, 

Four. Jacob Hastings Leech (b.. May 24, 
1874; d., June 21, 1893). Died from 
drowning in Conestoga Creek, near Lan- 
caster, Pa. 
Five. Anna May Leech (b.. May 8, 1876). 
Six. John Milton Leech (b., Jan. 13, 1879). 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 239 

H. Susannah Davis (b., Nov. 11, 1846; m., Dec. 
22, 1869), married Daniel Sheesley. Five 
children, as follows: 
One. William Sheesley (b., Nov. 1870; m., 

Nov. 3, 1898), married Sadie . 

Two. Henry Sheesley (b., March, 1873). 
Three. Anna Sheesley (b., Nov., 1876). 
Four. Jennie Sheesley (b., Jan., 1879). 
Five. Amy Sheesley (b., Jan., 1884). 
I. William Ferree Davis (b.. May 1, 1835; d., 

Dec. 19, 1835). 
J. Sarah Ann Davis (b., Jan. 24, 1838; m., March 
5, 1861), married William Hamer. Four 
children, as follows: 
One. William Hamer (b., July, 1863), mar- 
ried Ella Mell. 
Two. Josephine Hamer (b., 1865; d., 1867), 
Three. Albert Hamer (b., June, 1868; m., 

), married Minerva Musgrove. 

Four. Charlotte Hamer (b., Aug. 18, 1869). 
Second. William Slaymaker Ferree (b., May 13, 
1814; m., Dec. 5, 1839; d., Jan. 2, 1893), married 
Sarah Pickel. 

4. William Slaymaker (b., ; d., 1859 or 1860). 

5. Mathias Slaymaker (b., ; m., ; d., ), 

married his first cousin, Mary Slaymaker, daughter of 
John and Elizabeth White Slaymaker. Six children, 
as follows: 

First. Elizabeth Slaymaker (b., ; d., ). 

Second. Mary Ann Slaymaker (b., ; d., 


Third. Mary Slaymaker (b., ; d., ). 

Fourth. Thomas Slaitmaker (b., ; d., . 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Fifth. Jane Margaret Slaymaker (b., Oct. 19, 1804; 
m., March 29, 1831; d., Feb. 8, 1890), married 
Hanse Olsen, a Norwegian sea captain and a 
friend of Ole Bull, from the same place in 
Norway as Ole Bull. Six children, as follows: 

A. Mary Elizabeth Olsen (b.. May 20, 1834; m., 

Feb. 12, 1863; d., Feb. 20, 1882), married 
Wilham Woodcock. 

B. James Slaymaker Olsen (b., Jan. 31, 1832; 

m., March 7, 1854), married Elizabeth Ann 

C. Martha Jane Olsen (b., Jan. 27, 1837; m., 

March 28, 1861), married William Arm- 
strong. Three children, as follows: 
One. Frank Armstrong (b., Jan. 6, 1868). 
Two. John Olsen Armstrong (b., July 29, 

1864; m., , 1888), married 

. One daughter. 

Three. Margaret Elizabeth Armstrong (b., 
Aug. 19, 1862; m., Oct. 20, 1887), mar- 
ried Penrose Waters. One son. 

D. John Samuel Olsen (b., July 25, 1839; m., 

May 22, 1866), married Alice AmeUa Irwin. 

Twelve children, as follows: 
One. Jane Elizabeth Olsen (b., March 25, 
1867; m., July, 1896), married Albert 
Blomquist. Two children, as follows: 

a. Margaret Elizabeth Blomquist (b., 

Dec. 23, 1898). 

b. Rachel Marion Blomquist (b., Oct. 

14, 1899). 
Two. Carrie Eliza Olsen (b., Feb. 2, 1869). 
Three. John Samuel Olsen (b., Nov. 5, 1870; 
d., March 25, 1875). 

J\MLs ALl.X\\Df.R OLsEN, 
Who lost his life in the Spauisli-American War. 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 241 

Four. Martha May Olsen (b., Nov. 28, 1872; 
m., Feb. 14, 1900), married Eugene T. 

Five. James Alexander Olsen (b., May 12, 
1874; d., Oct. 5, 1898). General Hulings 
spoke of the heroism of the men whose 
bodies were brought back: 

"That little Musician Olsen, of Com- 
pany F, was a little dare-devil," he said, 
and his face blanched as he thought of 
the young man's death. "I remember 
when we were engaged with one of the 
guerilla bands which we encountered, 
and it was pretty stiff fighting. Little 
Olsen waded right into the thickest of it, 
picking off Spaniards at a great rate 
with an ordinary rifle that spouted smoke 
in such a fashion that he made a per- 
fect mark for the enemj% and it was 
probably due to his agility that he didn't 
meet his death sooner." 

Died from fever in hospital at Porto 

Six. Amelia Alice Olsen (b., Jan. 12, 1876; 
m., Jan. 16, 1895), married Gust. A. 
Blomquist. Three children, as follows: 

a. Baby, died at birth. 

b. James Alfred Blomquist (b., Jan. 24, 


c. Alice Amelia Blomquist (b., July 11, 

Seven. Mary E. Olsen (b., Oct. 20, 1877; m., 
June, 1900), married Rev. Arthur Bird 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Eight. Margaret Isabell Olsen (b., March 

9, 1879). 
Nine. Charles Augustus Olsen (b., Oct. 22, 

1880; d., March 18, 1882). 
Ten. Annie Curwen Olsen (b., Sept. 2, 1883). 
Eleven. Rachael Nellie Olsen (b., Oct. 12, 

1884; d., Feb. 12, 1885). 
Twelve. George Warren Olsen (b., April 

19, 1887). 
]. William Boyd Olsen (b., March 18, 1845; m., 

), married Elizabeth Dunbar. Eight 

children, as follows: 

One. Hiram Hanse Olsen (b., , 1868;). 

Two. William Woodcock Olsen (b., , 

Three. John Henry Fox Olsen (b., , 

Four. Joseph Winfield Olsen (b., , 

Five. Margaret Lavinia Olsen (b., , 

1869; m., July 3, 1890), married George 

Shupp. Two children, as follows: 

a. William Boyd Shupp (b., Juh- 1, 1892). 

b. Martha LA\aNiA Shupp (b., July 23, 

1894; d., Dec. 22, 1894). 

Six. Mary Elizabeth Olsen (b., , 1877). 

Seven. Boyd Fritchey Olsen (b., . . — , 1890). 

Eight. Samuel Eberly Olsen (b., , 1884). 

'. Lavinia Margaret Olsen (b., Aug. 21, 1841; 

m., Jan. 28, 1862; m., July 5, 1870), married 

twice; married first time to James Milton 

Irmn. Two children, as follows: 

One. Mary Elizabeth Irwin (b., Jan. 18, 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymaker. 243 

Two. James Milton Irwin (b., Aug. 9, 1865). 
LAAaNiA Margaret Olsen married second time to 
Jonathan Vanbrian Collom. 
Sixth. John Slaymaker, married Mary Doughton. 
Twelve children, as follows: 

A. William M. Slaymaker. 

B. Kate Slaymaker. 

C. Wilson Slaymaker. 

D. Allan Mode Slaymaker (b., ; m., Sept. 

1, 1868; d., Jan. 23, 1898), married Anna 
Mary Lytle. Six children, as follows: 
One. Harriet L. Slaymaker (b., March 2, 
1870; m., Sept. 3, 1887), married Daniel 
Flora. Five children, as follows: 

a. Daniel A. Flora (b., Aug. 29, 1888). 

b. Mary E. Flora (b., March 20, 1890). 

c. John A. Flora (b., Feb. 11, 1893). 

d. David F. Flora (b., Nov. 20, 1894). 

e. Joseph Flora (b., Dec. 30, 1896; d., 

Dec. 30, 1896). 

Two. Mary E. Slaymaker (b., Dec. 5, 1874). 

Three. Anna M. Slaymaker (b., , 1869; 

d., , 1869). 

Four. Kate S. Slaymaker (b.. May 14, 1880; 
d., Sept. 26, 1889). 

Five. Margaret Slaymaker (b., June 4, 1878; 
m., April 19, 1898), married David M. 
Warfel. One child: 
Benjamin Ellwood Warfel (b., Aug. 20, 

Six. John A. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 25, 1872; 
m., Seot. 13, 1894), married Laura Fer- 
guson. Two children, as follows: 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Howard Allen Slaymaker (b., Sept. 

27, 1895). 

b. FLORENCii May Slaymaker (b., Sept. 

12, 1S9S). 
;. Franklin Slaymaker, married Sallie Eckman. 
Seven children, as follows: 

One. Wilbur Slaymaker. 

Two. James Slaymaker. 

Three. Dallas Slaymaker. 

Four. Flora Slaymaker. 

Five. Milton Slaymaker. 

Six. Sarah Slay'maker. 

Seven. John Slaymaker. 

. John Howard Slaymaker (b., ; m., 

; d., Sept. 26, 1903). Served three 

years and nine months in 79th Regiment dur- 
ing the Civil War. Married Mary Ann Pickel. 
Ten children, as follows: 

One. Emma Slaymaker, married John Town- 

Two. Thomas Slaymaker. 

Three. Harriet Slaymaker, married Wilham 

Four. Henry Slaymaker. 

Five. Sarah Slaymaker. 

Six. John Slaymaker. 

Seven. Ambrose Slaymaker. 

Eight. Sophia Slaymaker. 

Nine. Ida Slaymaker. 

Ten. Mary Edith Slaymaker. 
. Elizabeth Slaymaker, married William Steele. 
Seven children, as follows: 

One. John Steele. 

Descendants of Daniel Slaymakek. 245 

Two. Thomas Steele. 
Three. Mary Steele. 
Four. Cora Steele. 
Five. Martha Steele. 
Six. WiLMER Steele. 
Seven. Wilson Steele. 

H. James Slaymaker (b., ; d., ). 

Wounded in the knee in the Civil War. 
I. Margaret Slaymaker. 
J. Edward Slaymaker. 

K Samuel N. Slaymaker (b., July 16, 1847; m., 
March 15, 1869), married Annie E. Linde- 
camp. Nine children, as follows: 
One. Edward A. Slaymaker (b., April 15, 
1870; m., Dec. 3, 1891), married Carrie 
Benner. One child: 
Phoebe B. Slaymaker (b., Aug. 26, 1892). 
Two. Margaret Slaymaker (b., Nov. 9, 1871; 
m., Dec. 26, 1895), married Isaac flos- 
Three. Mary C. Slaymaker (b., Nov. 9, 1871; 
m., Nov. 26, 1892), married John F. 
Berkey. Two children, as follows: 

a. Annie M. Berkey. 

b. Alta May Berkey. 

Four. Bertha A. Slaymaker (b., March 11, 

Five. Nora Slaymaker (b., March 28, 1873). 

Six. John L. Slaymaker (b., Dec. 24, 1875; 
m., Aug. 4, 1896), married Lettie Stew- 
art. One child: 
Samuel Slay'maker (b., ). 

Seven. Leeta J. Slaymaker (b., Dec. 11, 

246 History of the Slatmaker Family. 

Eight. LuELLA Slaymaker (b., Feb. 10, 18S8). 
Nine. Elizabeth Mary Slaymaker (b., July 
3, 1892). 
L. Maggie Slaymaker (b., ; d., ) 



Barbara Slaymaker (b., 1758; m., ; d., 1S31), 

daughter of Mathias Schleiermacher, married Hieroniraus 
Eckman, whose land adjoined. They had eight children, as 

1. Barbara Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

2. Magdaline Eckman (b., ; d., ). Blind for 

many years before her death. 

3. Martin Eckman, married Elizabeth Sides. Five children, 

as follows: 
First. Mary Eckman, married her cousin, William 
McComsey. For descendants, see record of Wil- 
liam McComsey. 
Second. Martin Eckman, married Catharine Kunkle. 
Four children, as follows: 
A. Julia Anna Eckman (b., Sept. 1, 1821; m., 
Feb., 1842), married John B. McCrabb. 
Thirteen children, as follows: 
One. Martha E. McCrabb (b., March 3, 1843). 
Two. Mary M. McCrabb (b., Dec. 12, 1844; 
m., Nov. 28, 1879), married R. N. Gil- 
Three. Henry M. McCrabb (b., Jan. 18, 1847). 
Four. Margaret K. McCrabb (b., April 5, 


History of the Slaymaker Family*. 

Five. Albert J. MoCrabb (b., March 28, 

1S51; d., March 9, 1881). 
Six. Walter E. McCrabb (b., Aug. 17, 1853). 
Seven. J. Ranken McCrabb (b.. May 1, 1855; 

m., Aug. 15, 1879), married Viella M. 

Gilmore. Four children, as follo-ffs: 

a. Elma J. McCrabb (b., April 22, 1881). 

b. Ethel D. McCrabb (b., Jan. 17, 1883). 

c. Charles R. McCrabb (b., March 28, 


d. Julia M. McCrabb (b., Dec. 12, 1893). 
Eight. William R. McCrabb (b., Nov. 19, 

1857; m., May 1, 1890), married Mary 
Moore. Four children, as follows: 

a. Frank McCrabb (b., July 24, 1891). 

b. Walter McCrabb (b., Sept. 6, 1892). 

c. Lewis McCrabb (b., Oct. 14, 1893). 

d. Orville McCrabb (b., Sept. 6, 1895). 
Nine. EDA\aN B. McCrabb (b., Feb. 5, 1859; 

d., Dec. 11, 1872). 
Ten. Lillian W. McCrabb (b., March 17, 

1861; d., Aug. 31, 1865). 
Eleven. Janette McCrabb (b., Dec. 25, 1862; 

d., Aug. 25, 1865). 
Twelve. G. Clement McCrabb (b., April 16, 

1864; d., Sept. 1, 1865). 
Thirteen. Lindley H. McCrabb (b., Dec. 24, 


B. Jacob Martin Eckman (b., , 1825; m., 

; d., Jan. 31, 1899), married Mary A. 

Shaub. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Sarah E. Eckman (b., March 16, 1866; 

m., Jan. 19, 1888), married Isaac Eby. 

Two children, as follows: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 249 

a. Earl Eby (b., March 7, 1889). 

b. Ira Eby (b., Aug. 13, 1892). 

Two William Grant Eckman (b., July 31, 

1864; m., March 30, 1892), married Kate 

Three. Catharine Emeline Eckman (b., Nov. 

19, 1855), married Hayes Edwards. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. William Edwards. 

b. Clara Edwards. 

c. (b., ; d., ). 

Four. Charles Filmore Eckman (b., April 13, 

1858), married Elizabeth Heiberger. 
One child: 
Jacob M. Eckman. 
Five. Harry Ellsworth Eckman (b., Sept. 3, 
1861), married Bell Edwards. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Ellis Eckman. 

b. Elsie Eckman. 

Six. Milton Eckman (b., March 1, 1852; d., 

April 17, 1853). 
Seven. Benjamin Franklin Eckman (b. , Sept. 
3, 1853; d., Jan. 21, 1856). 
C. Anna Margaret Eckman (b., April 30, 1818; 
m., ; d., April 21, 1879), married Jo- 
seph C. Shank. Ten children, as follows: 
One. Kezia Eckman Shank (b., Feb. 16, 
1843; m., Sept. 18, 1862), married Isaac 
K. Aston. Five children, as follows: 
a. William H. Aston (b., Jan. 23, 1865; 
m., Sept. 28, 1885), married Alice 
Bleecher. Six children, as follows: 

250 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

I. Esther Aston (b., May 20, 1886). 
II. Henry Aston (b., Nov. 15, 1887). 
III. HiLLORY' Say'lor Aston (b., Jan. 

30, 1890). 
IV. Noah Aston (b., Aug., 1892). 
V. Edward Joseph Aston (b., Jan., 

VI. Ada Helen Aston (b., Feb. 15, 

b. Joseph Shank Aston (b., March 10, 

1867; m., Jan. 17, 1890), married 
Anna Mary Holman. One child: 
Isaac Daniel Aston (b., Jan. 22, 

c. Mary Catharine Aston (b., Nov. 23, 

1869; m., Aug. 2, 1887), married 
Calvin M. Bellinger. Murdered on 
the evening of Oct. 4, 1888, the act 
supposed to have been done by her 
husband at the Little Conestoga 
Creek, near Lancaster, Pa. One 
Lilly May Bellinger (b., Sept. 6, 
1887; d.. Bee. 15, 1889). 

d. Jacob Aristes Aston (b., May 23, 1872; 

m., Oct. 11, 1894), married Mary 
Elizabeth Cummings. 

e. Margaret Emma Aston (b.. Bee. 2, 

1875; d., Sept. 22, 1890). 
Two. John Martin Shank (b.. May 19, 1839; 

m., ; d., Feb. 25, 1865), married 

Elizabeth McCreary. One child: 
William Henry Shank (b., March 28, 
1864; d., March, 1865). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 251 

Three. Anna Shank (b., Feb. 3, 1845; d., 

Four. Mary Emma Shank (b., Aug. 16, 1851; 

m., ; d., April 27, 1877), married 

Emanuel Aston. No children, but she 
had one child by Henry Shue, named 
Oscar Shue (b., Nov. 16, 1870; d., June 

27, 1896). 

She also had a child by William Keley, 

named Blanch Keley (b., Feb. 29, 1872), 

■who was married twice. Married first 

time to George Warfel. One child: 

William Henry' Warfel (b., Jan., 

Married second time to Frank Fry. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Cora Fry. 

b. RoY' Fry. 

c. Belva Pearl Fry. 

Five. Esther Helevio Shank (b., March 28, 
1854; m., June 2, 1881), married George 

Six. George Washington Shank (b., Jan. 26, 
1840; d., about 1843). ' 

Seven. Margaret Matilda Shank (b., Dec. 

28, 1846; m., ), married William 

Cake. Two children, as follows: 

a. John Cake (b., , 1866; d., , 


b. Emma Cake (b., , 1866). 

Eight. Julia Keronpapuck Shank (b., April 

12, 1856; d., about 1858). 
Nine. Jacob Aristis Shank (b., March 29, 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

1849; m., ; d., — ), married 

Ten. Anna Margaret Shank. Had a child 
by Lewis Hilton, named Edith Hilton 
(b., Aug. 27, 1864; m., Oct., 1883), mar- 
ried John Warfel. Four children, as 
follows : 
■ a. Amos Warfel (b., Dec. 12, 1883). 

b. Ellen Warfel. 

c. Charles Warfel. 

d. Leah Warfel. 

D. Mary" Elizabeth Eckman married James Risk. 

Third. Henry Eckman (b., Feb. 7, 1782; m., ; 

d., May 7, 1860), married Susan Longenecker. 
Ten children, as follows: 

A. Malon Eckman (b., Sept. 15, 1831), married 

Jane Armstrong. Five children, as follows: 

One. Henry Eckman, married . 

Two. Cyrus Eckman, married Lydia Tom- 
linson. Two children, as follows: 

a. Maud Eckman. 

b. Ross Eckman. 

Three. Joseph Eckman, married Annie Wertz. 
Four. Mary' Eckman, married Felix Shoff. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Mabel Shoff. 

b. Daniel Shoff. 

Five. Daniel Eckman, married Beckie Burns. 
One child. 

B. Hiram Eckman (b., Sept. 17, 1834; m., Aug. 30, 

1855; d., Jan. 13, 1897), married Sarah 
Dunkle. Ten children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Eckman (b., Oct. 25, 1855; 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 253 

m., ), married Elmer Gochenour. 

One child: 
Mary Neome Gochenour (b., July, 1890). 
Elizabeth Eckman, who married Elmer Goch- 
enour, also had a son, John S. Laird (b., Sept. 
5, 1875). 
Two. Annie Eckman (b., Nov. 9, 1857; m., 
April 15, 1877), married Jacob Lewis. 
Eight children, as follows: 

a. WiLMER Lewis (b., July 5, 1877). 

b. Stella Lewis (b., July 24, 1879). 

c. Ada Luella Lewis (b.. May 14, 1881; 

d.. May 28, 1882). 

d. Marvin Ray Lewis (b., April 5, 1883; 

d., Nov. 22, 1889). 

e. Melvin Guy Lewis (b., April 5, 1883). 

f. Le Roy Lewis (b., April, 1887; d., Nov. 

28, 1889). 

g. Lester Lewis (b., Oct. 14, 1886; d., 

Oct. 28, 1886). 
h. Ethel Lewis (b., Jan. 1, 1891). 
Three. George Henry Eckman (b., June 27, 

1861; d., Sept. 14, 1866). 
Four. Mary Margaret Eckman (b., March 7, 

1864; d., Sept. 26, 1866). 
Five. Boy (b., Aug. 10, 1866; d., Sept. 18, 1866). 
Six. Emmet Eckman (b., Sept. 29, 1867; m., 

Nov. 29, 1887), married Sallie Trimble. 

Five children, as follows: 

a. Lulu May Eckman (b.. May 22, 1888). 

b. George Raymond Eckman (b., April 9, 


c. Ralph Eckman (b., March 24, 1891; d., 

July 24, 1891). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. Emmerson Franklin Eckman (b., Dec. 

6, 1895). 

e. Boy. 

Seven. Walter Eckman (b., May 17, 1870), 
married Clara Eisenberger. One child: 
Chester Eckman. 
Eight. Benjamin Franklin Eckman (b., Feb. 

25, 1874). 
Nine. Hiram Eckman (b., Feb. 28, 1878). 
Ten. Son (b. and d., March 7, 1859). 
. Ephraim Eckman (b., Jan. 7, 1824; m., about 
1856; d., June 4, 1888), married Susan Hil- 
debrand. Three children, as follows: 
One. Witmer Henry Eckman (b., Nov. 26, 
1858; m., March 10, 1892), married 
Beckie Finefrock. One child: 
Elsie Marie Eckman (b., Aug. 23, 1894). 
Two. Annie Eckman (b., 1862), married 
twice; married first time to Albert Sel- 
domridge. Two children, as follows: 

a. Ephraim Seldomridge. 

b. Bertha Seldomridge. 

A^NA Eckman, married second time to Ellison 
Dupree. Three children, as follows: 

a. William Dupree. 

b. Edith Dupree. 

c. Dorothy Dupree. 

Three. Eckman (b., , 1866; m., 

), married Beckie Powell. Two 

children, as follows: 

a. Ethel Eckman (b., , 1888). 

b. Bertha Eckman. 

. Daniel Eckman (b., April 3, 1819), married 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 255 

Fanny Benedict. Eight children, as follows: 
One. Elizabeth Eckman (b., ; m., 

), married Henry Fisher. 

Two. Daniel Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Three. Henry Eckman (b., ). 

Four. Christian Benedict Eckman (b., Sept. 

22, 1855; m., Oct. 27, 1881), married 

Elizabeth Harman. Two children, as 

follows : 

a. Mame Eckman (b., March 11, 1882). 

b. Laura Edith Eckman (b., April 28, 


Five. Mary Eckman (b., ; m., ), 

married Benjamin Montgomerj^ Three 
children, as follows: 

a. Harry Montgomery. 

b. Anna Montgomery. 

c. George Montgomery. 

Six. George Eckman, married Emma Smith. 
Four children, as follows: 

a. Daniel Eckman. 

b. John Eckman. 

c. Harry Eckman. 

d. Susan Eckman. 

Seven. Amos Eckman, married Anna Mc- 
Mullen. Two children, as follows: 

a. Amos Eckman. 

b. Christiana Eckman, married Alexan- 

der Gerz. 
Eight. Susan Eckman, married John Bene- 
dict. One child: 
Bertha Benedict. 
E. Henry Eckman (b., Sept. 13, 1826), married 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

twice; married first time to Keziah Goche- 
nour; married second time to Mrs. Mary Mil- 
ler, nee Johnson. 

F. Mariah Eckman (b., May 2, 1821; d., Nov. 30, 


G. Eliza Ann Eckman (b., Oct. 20, 1816), married 

Ephraim Groff. Two children, as follows: 

One. Cyrus Groff, married Amanda . 

Two children, as follows: 

a. Lizzie Groff, married Hinkle. 

Two children. 

b. Anna Groff, married John Hamilton. 

One child. 
Two. Maria Groff, married Andrew Adams. 
H. Susan Eckman (b., Feb. 10, 1829). 
I. Girl (b., Sept. 8, 1812; d., Sept. 13, 1812). 
J. Hyronemous Eckman (b., May 4, 1814; d., 
Sept., 1838). 
Fourth. Daniel Eckman, married Elizabeth Longe- 
necker. Twelve children, as follows: 
A. Henry Eckman, married Susan Eckman. Six 
children, as follows : 
One. Lettie Eckman, married Jacob Bru- 

Two. Frank Eckman, married Elizabeth 
Rowe. Three children, as follows: 

a. Ella Eckman. 

b. Jennie Eckman. 

c. Franklin Eckman. 

Three. Rine Eckman, married Martha P. 
Eisenberger. Six children, as follows: 

a. Truman Eckman. 

b. Bertha Eckman. 

Descendants of Bakbaka Slaymaker. 257 

C. Ross ECKMAN. 

d. Wesley Eckman. 

e. David Eckman. 

f. Girl (b., ; d., ). 

Fou-. Aaron Eckman (b., Aug. 4, 1869; m., 
Nov. 4, 1886), married Eliza Cecelia 
Eisenberger. Three children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Cora Eckman (b., Feb. 2, 1887). 

b. Jennie Eckman (b., Dec. 12, 1890; d., 

Aug. 29, 1897). 

c. Elva Eckman (b., Jan. 2, 1895). 

Five. Martha Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Six. Martin Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

B. Elvina Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

C. Son (b., ; d., ). 

D. Isaac Eckman, married Delilah Benedict. 

Three children. 

E. Mary Eckman, ma.ried John Smith. One 

Mary Smith, married Nelson. 

F. Martin Eckman, married Christiann Flinchbock. 

Six children, as follows: 
One. Lydia Ann Eckman. 
Two. William Eckman. 
Three. Martin Eckman. 
Four. James Eckman. 
Five. Lilly Eckman. 
Six. Emma Eckman. 

G. Ann Eckman, married David Sterneman. 

Seven children, as follows: 
One. Benjamin Sterneman. 
Two. Daniel Sterneman. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Adaline Sterneman. 

Four. Christian Sterneman. 

Five. Amos Sterneman. 

Six. Mary Sterneman. 

Seven. David Sterneman. 
[. Benjamin Eckman, married ]\Iary Jane Linton. 
Eight children, as follows: 

One. Frank Linton Eckman (b., June 16, 
1850; m., Sept. 24, 1875), married Mary 
Heisler. Ten children, as follows: 

a. Benjamin Franklin Eckman (b., Mch. 

9, 1876; m., , 1895), married 

Mildred Rineer. 

b. Olive Eckman (b., March 10, 1878; m., 

, 1898), married Howard Murr. 

One child: 
Esther Murr. 

c. Horace Heisler Eckman (b., March, 


d. Clara Frances Eckman (b., Dec. 24, 


e. George Washington Eckman (b., 

March 2, 1885). 

f. Milton Eckman (b., March 1, 1887; d., 

Sept. 7, 1887). 

g. Kate Eckman (b., Sept. 10, 1889). 
h. David Eckman (b., Nov. 9, 1892). 

i. Walter Eckman (b., Jan. 26, 1893). 
j. Charles Eckman (b., April 17, 1898). 
Two. Margaret Eckman, married Christian 
Bowers. Five children, as follows: 
a. Mary Jane Bowers (b., Dec. 22, 1873; 
d., Feb. 19, 1892). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 259 

b. Clara Bowers. Had one child: 

Charles . 

c. Alice Bowers. 

d. Edna R. Bowers (b., ; d., June 

17, 1895). 6 years, 11 months and 
12 days old. 

6. Mabel H. Bowers (b., — ; d., 

April 19, 1890). 1 year, 9 months 
and 14 days old. 

Three. Alice Frances Eckman (b., ; 

m., ), married Henry Holtzhouse. 

Four. Horace Robert Eckman, married 

Mary Scarbrow. Four children. 
Five. Grace Elizabeth Eckman, married 
Henry Keesey. Eight children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Mary Keesey. 

b. Benjamin Keesey (b., ; d., 


c. Florence Keesey (b., ; d., 


d. Fanny Keesey (b., ; d., -). 

e. Ella Keesey. 

f. Conrad Keesey. 

g. Florence Keesey'. 
h. Edna Keesey. 

Six. Elmer Ellsworth Eckman (b., 

d., ). 

Seven. Ellwood Eckman (b., ; d. 


Eight. Clara Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

I. Abram Eckman, married Martha Bush. 
J. David Eckman. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

K. Fanny Eckman, married twice; married first 
time to Simon Groff. One child: 
Galen Groff. 
Fanny Eckman married second time to 

L. Elizabeth Eckman, married Benjamin Eck- 
man. No relation to one another. Five 
children, as follows: 

One. Jacob Eckman, married . 

Two. Hettie Eckman, married Aaron Wade. 
Three children. 

Three. Caroline Eckman, married 

Four. Mary Jane Eckman, married Frank 

Five. Clayton Eckman, married Eck- 
Fifth. Susan Eckman (b., Sept. 9, 1783; m., March 14, 
1806; d., Sept. 28, 1850), married cousin, Martin 
Eckman. For descendants, see record of Martin 

4. Jacob Eckman (b., ; m., ; d., ), mar- 

ried . One child : 

Elizabeth Eckman. Nothing more known. 

5. Esther Eckman, married George Kunkle. Seven chil- 

dren, as follows: 
First. Christina Kunkle. 
Second. Barbara Kunkle (b., Feb. 15, 1791; m., Feb. 

3, 1814; d., March 27, 1821), married Jesse Tweed. 

Three children, as follows: 

A. Willi.\m Tweed (b., Aug. 30, 1817; d., ). 

B. Jesse Tweed (b., Oct. 3, 1819; d., ). 

C. Jane Tweed (b., Feb. 18, 1815; m., July 15, 

For nparly a quarter ol' a century iu the dn; 
Laucaster, Pa. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 261 

1841), married John Hess. One child, as fol- 
lows : 
One. Mary Ann Hess (b., April 25, 1842; m., 
Feb. 3, 1858), married Thomas James 
Houghton. Five children, as follows: 

a. John Charles Houghton (b., June 1, 

1859; m., ), married Carrie 

White. Four children, as follows: 
I. John Clark Houghton. 
II. Maud Elizabeth Houghton. 

III. David Houghton. 

IV. Baby. 

b. Henry Lincoln Houghton (b., Sept. 

20, 1860; m., Oct. 29, 1878), mar- 
ried Ada Snyder. Ten children, as 
I. Thomas Clearland Houghton 
(b., Dec. 26, 1885; d., Jan. 3, 
II. Carl Houghton (b., Dec. 6, 1886; 
d., Dec. 7, 1886). 

III. Ada Lauria Houghton (b., July 

12, 1891; d., July ""9, 1892). 

IV. Olivette Houghton (b.. May 6, 

1889; d., April 28, 1893). 
V. Beryl Hess Houghton (b., Mch. 

18, 1894; d., July 20, 1894). 
VI. Mary Ann Houghton (b., June 

10, 1880). 
VII. Henry Franklin Houghton (b., 

Feb. 27, 1883). 
VIII. Caroline Jane Houghton (b., 
July 19, 1887). 

262 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

IX. Oneita Houghton (b., Nov. 11, 

X. Claud Baker Houghton (b., 
July 18, 1890; d., Sept. 1, 1890). 

c. Frank Miller Houghton (b., Sept. 28, 

1865; m., ), married Mary 

Elizabeth Bland. One child: 
Ella May Bland Houghton. 

d. Horace Clark Houghton (b., May 4, 

1872; m., ), married Mary 

Steiger. Three children, as follows: 
I. Thomas James Houghton, (b., 

; cl, ). 

II. Walter Hess Houghton. 
III. Baby. 

e. Walter Hess Houghton (b., Oct. 7, 


Third. Henry Kunkle (b., ; m., ; d., 

), married Sarah Young. Six children, as 

follows : 

A. Henry Kunkle (b., ; m., ), mar- 

ried Martha Jane Welsh. Three children, as 
follows : 
One. Fanny Kunkle. 

Two. Jesse Kunkle, married . 

One child: 
Henry Baxter Kunkle. 
Three. Jennie Kunkle, married D. Schofield. 

B. George Kunkle (b., ; d., ). 

C. C.\.tharine Kunkle, married Harman Rey- 


D. Elizabeth Kunkle (b., April 13, 1806; m., 

; d., April 22, 1859), married William 

Tweed. Eight children, as follows: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 263 

One. Sarah Tweed (b., April 12, 1837; m., 

), married Daniel Mowrer. Two 

children, as follows: 

a. Milton Mowrer. 

b. Frank Mowrer. 

Two. Jesse Taveed (b., June 12, 1834; m., 
Dec. 25, 1855), married Sarah Cavender. 
Six children, as follows: 

a. Annie Bell Tweed (b., Aug. 31, 1866). 

b. Sarah Jane Tweed (b., Jan. 3, 1861; 

m., Oct. 31, 1886), married Joseph 
Charles Schreck. Two children, as 
follows : 
I. Walter Schreck (b., Sept. 15, 

1887; d., Jan. 28, 1888). 
II. Helen Schreck (b., Dec. 21, 

c. Catharine Tweed (b., Oct. 12, 1856; 

m., Dec. 28, 1880), married Benja- 
min Franklin Smith. Two children, 
as follows: 
I. Roy Smith (b., Jan. 10, 1881). 
II. Jessie Smith (b., Nov. 26. 1888). 

d. Jesse Ross Tweed (b., Sept. 13, 1871). 

e. William Tweed (b., Jan. 25, 1869; m., 

Dec. 3, 1893), married Emma Stauf- 
fer. One child: 
Ethel Tweed (b., Feb. 7, 1895). 

f. John Fulton Tweed (b., July 15, 1863). 
Three. Joseph Tweed (b., April 6, 1832; m., 

Dec. 1, 1859), married Elizabeth Mark- 
ley. Twelve children, as follows: 
a. Addie Naomi Tweed (b., Oct. 7, 1860; 
d., July 25, 1861). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. Elizabeth Ann Tweed (b., Jan. 15, 

1862; d., Dec. 14, 1871). 

c. Fanny Laura Tweed (b., April 15, 

1863; d., Oct. 12, 1864). 

d. Mary Emma Tweed (b., July 20, 1865). 

e. Florence Jane Tweed (b., Juh' 8, 


f. Catharine Marie Tweed (b., Dec. 12, 

1868; m., ), married William 

Rose. Two children, as follows: 
I. Bertha May' Rose (b., July 12, 

1888; d., June 16, 1893). 
II. Blanch Elizabeth Rose (b., Aug. 
6, 1891; d., March 8, 1892). 

g. Barbara Ellen Tweed (b., Sept. 16, 

h. Ira John Tweed (b., Sept. 25, 1872). 
i. William Henry Tweed (b., Nov. 6, 

j. Herbert Fr.^nklin Tweed (b., June 

12, 1877; d., Jan. 12, 1878). 
k. Sarah Rebecca Tweed (b., March 12, 

1. Jay Markley Tweed (b., Sept. 11, 
1882; d., June 4, 1SS5). 
Four. Elizabeth Tweed (b., April 12, 1837; 

d., June 16, 1880). 
Five. Catharine Tweed (b., Feb. 12, 1830; 

m., ), married Hiram Mowrer. 

Eight children, as follows: 
a. Amos Mowrer, married Ella Kohler. 
One child: 
Margaret Mowrer. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 265 

b. Daniel Mowrer, married Eva Hari- 


c. Alpheus BIowrer, married ■ 

d. Annie Mowrer, married Milton Buck- 

waiter. Two children, as follows: 
I. Milton Buckavalter. 
II. Kate Buckwalter. 

e. Jacob MowRER (b., ; d., ). 

f. Barbara MowRER (b., ; d., ). 

g. William Mowrer, married Sarah 

Shaub. Three children, as follows: 
I. Hiram Mowrer. 
II. Christian Mowrer. 
III. Abraham Mowrer. 
h. John Mowrer, married Fanny Kreider. 
Six. William Tweed (b., Jan. 19, 1842; m., 
Nov. 12, 1868), married Annie Seldom- 
ridge. One child: 
Milton R. Tweed (b., Jan. 19, 1870). 
Seven. Rebecca Tweed (b., Oct. 19, 1827; 

m., ; d., March 7, 189 ), married 

Amos Hersh. Two children, a*; follows: 

a. George Hersh (b. June 8. 1854; m., 

Nov. 25, 1880), married Maggie 

Rudy. Six children, as follows: 

I. Walter Lewis Hersh (b., Aug. 

30, 1883). 
II. Kate Rebecca Hersh (b., April 
4, 1887). 

III. Jesse Franklin Hersh (b., Sept. 

14, 1881; d., Dec. 29, 1883). 

IV. Howard Martin Hersh (b., Feb. 

17, 1889). 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

V. Amos Henry Hersh (b., Nov. 2, 
VI. Margaret Hersh (b., July 16, 
b. William Henry Hersh, married Eliza- 
beth Schlott. 
Eight. Jane Taveed (b., Dec. 10, 1831; m., 
Jan. 25, 1872), married George Goeble. 
One child: 
Maggie Gobble (b., Jan. 3, 1878). 

E. Barbara Kunkle (b., ; d., ). 

F. Mary Kunkle (b., Oct. 7, 1811; m., June 9, 

1829), married George Bireley. Eight chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Henry Kunkle Bireley (b., Oct. 10, 

1832; m., , 1853; d., , 

1872), married Margaret Hoover. 
Two. Zachariah Tay'lor Bireley (b., Oct. 
6, 1849; m., March 16, 1871), married 
Emma Steele. Ten children, as follows: 

a. Annie Elizabeth Bireley (b., July 28, 

1872; m., March 29, 1892), married 
William H. Clinton. One child: 
Emma May Clinton (b., July 1, 1894). 

b. Clara May Bireley (b., July 29, 1875; 

m., Sept. 5, 1892), married Thomas 

Hilton. Three children, as follows: 

I. Bertha Hilton (b., June 5, 1893). 

II. Edna Hilton (b., Nov. 5, 1894). 

III. Earl Bireley Hilton (b., Feb. 

1, 1896). 

c. William Henry Bireley (b., Jan. 20, 

1876; d., April 26, 1879). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 267 

d. Ella Cora Bireley (b., Feb. 22, 1878). 

e. WiNFiELD Taylor Bireley (b., Sept. 

7, 1879). 

f. Marrion Bertha Bireley (b., March 

22, 1883; d., July 7, 1883). 

g. Charles Samuel Bireley (b., March 

22, 1883; d., June 26, 1883). 
h. John Blain Bireley (b.,Oct. 5, 1884). 
i. Thomas Marshall Bireley (b., Nov. 

25, 1888). 
j. Roy Erastas Bireley (b., March 25, 
Three. Winfield Scott Bireley (b., Oct. 6, 
1849; d., April 11, 1865). Died in the 
army of the Rebellion. 
Four. William Tweed Bireley (b., Sept. 28, 
1845; m., April 15, 1867; d., Jan. 5, 
1890), married Mary Steele. 
Five. Daniel Eckman Bireley' (b., Oct. 17, 
1839; m., April 10, 1866). Served three 
years in Pa. Vol., 79th Regiment, and 
one year in the U. S. Veterans. Married 
Carohne Harriet Eichley. Eight chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Ida Marion Bireley (b., Jan. 2, 1867; 

d., Sept. 10, 1872). 

b. George Eichley Bireley (b., Sept. 27, 

1868; d., Sept. 10, 1872). Both of 
these children buried in the same 
coffin and lie in Mount Bethel Ceme- 
tery, Columbia, Pa. 

c. Amanda Mary Bireley (b., Jan. 21, 

1870; m., July 4, 1895; d., Feb. 12, 
1896), married Philip Stump. 

268 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. John Milton Bireley (b., Sept. 10, 


e. Ella Maud Bireley (b., April 21, 

1876; m.. May 19, 1897), married 
James Patterson Rial. One child: 
Ella Amanda Rial (b., Feb. 6, 

f. Walter Scott Bireley (b., Nov. 23, 

1879; d., Aug 14, 1880). 

g. Harry Garfield Bireley (b., Nov. 9, 

h. Charles Elmer Bireley (b., Jan. 7, 
1874; d., Dec. 29, 1878). 
Six. Jacob Musser Bireley (b., Dec. 29, 
1842; d., April 18, 1862). Died in the 
war of the Rebellion. 
Seven. Christiana Bireley (b., June 6, 1831; 
m., , 1849; d., , 1851), mar- 
ried James Shields. One child: 
Mary Jones Shields. 
Eight. George Washington Bireley (b., 

July 6, 1835; m., , 1855), married 

Sarah Hoover. They have several chil- 

Fourth. John Kunkle (b., Jan. 30, 1786; m., ; 

d., April 3, 1845), married Barbara Sides. Seven 
children, as follows: 

A. Barbara Kunkle (b., Oct. 28, 1828). 

B. John Kunkle (b., March 27, 1820; m., Oct. 22, 

1841; d., June 4, 1848), married Eliza Keen. 
Three children, as follows: 
One. Barbara Kunkle (b., Jan. 18, 1848; d., 
June 22, 1848). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 269 

Two. Amos Kunkle (b., Aug. 20, 1846; d., 

April 6, 1847). 
Three. Elizabeth Ann Kunkle (b., Feb. 5, 

1843; m., ), married 

1 Mary Kunkle (b., Sept. 17, 1825; d., Jan. 21, 

D. Benjamin Kunkle (b., April 2, 1836; m., Jan. 
21, 1858), married Ellen Harlan. Twelve 
children, as follows: 
One. William Kunkle (b., July 2, 1873). 
Two. John Kunkle (b., June 8, 1871). 
Three. Catharine Kunkle (b., July 3, 1879). 
Four. Amanda Susan Kunkle (b.. May 8, 

1869), married Andrew Warfel. 
Five. Aaron Kunkle (b., Feb. 13, 1860), 

married Martha Lines. 
Six. Annie Esther Kunkle (b., Aug. 17, 
1864; m., Nov. 10, 1886), married Omer 
Elmer Herr. Five children, as follows: 

a. Harry Herr (b., Nov. 20, 1887). 

b. Ella Nora Herr (b., June 8, 1890). 

c. Oscar Ellsworth Herr (b., June 8, 

1890; d., July 9, 1890). 

d. Mazie Anna Herr (b., Jan. 23, 1892). 

e. Benjamin Franklin Herr (b., Aug. 6, 

Seven. Benjamin Franklin Kunkle (b., 

April 13, 1863; m., ; d., Sept. 24, 

1889), married Annie Gable. 
Eight. Mary Jane Kunkle (b., Nov. 10, 1861 ; 

m., ; d., Feb. 10, 1893), married 

Jacob Brown. 

270 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Nine. Frances Kunkle (b., March 7, 1876). 

Ten. Henry Elmer Kunkle (b., July 26, 

1858; m., ), married Sarah 


Eleven. Emma Barbara Kunkle (b., Oct. 30, 
1864; m., Oct. 6, 1889), married Chris- 
tian Wade. Four children, as follows: 

a. Nettie Wade (b., Aug. 6, 1890). 

b. Anna Wade (b., Sept. 19, 1892). 

c. Roy Wade (b., Sept. 22, 1893). 

d. Ray Wade (b., Sept. 22, 1893). 
Twelve. Sarah Elizabeth Kunkle (b., Feb. 

10, 1868; d., 24, 1868). 

E. George Kunkle (b., April 22, 1815; d., Dec. 28, 


F. Jacob Kunkle (b., Sept. 19, 1822; m., Feb. 17, 

1848), married Elizabeth Waltman. Nine 
children, as follows: 
One. Benjamin Kunkle (b., Feb. 28, 1853; 

m., ), married Jennie Rineer. 

Two. Emanuel Kunkle (b., Jan. 11, 1851; 

m., May 8, 1872), married Harriett 

Greybill. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Lizzie C. Kunkle (b., June 13 1873; 

m., June 14, 1893), married — ■ 

b. S. John Kunkle (b., July 26, 1874). 

c. Maggie J. Kunkle (b., Sept. 7, 1875. 

d. Lulu R. Kunkle (b., Dec. 26, 1877. 

e. Sallie a. Kunkle (b., Dec. 5, 1879). 

f. Hattie a. Kunkle (b., March 26, 1883). 

g. J. Roy Kunkle (b., Nov. 18, 1886). 
Three. Daniel Kunkle (b., Sept. 28, 1865; 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 271 

m., ), married Mary Sturpf. One 

Harry Kunkle. 
Four. Catharine Kunkle (b., Sept. 27, 1857; 
m., March 27, 1879), married Benjamin 
Worth. Two children, as follows: 

a. Jackson Worth (b., Dec. 7, 1879). 

b. Frank Worth (b., Sept. 27, 1876; m., 

March 28, 1895), married Maggie 
Five. Elizabeth Kunkle (b., Sept. 30, 1863; 

m., ), married James Broome. 

One child: 
Carrie Broome. 
Six. Jacob Kunkle (b., Sept. 26, 1859; m., 

), married Lizzie Morrison. One 

Oscar Kunkle. 
Seven. John Kunkle (b., Oct. 24, 1848; d., 

Aug. 24, 1857). 
Eight. Amos Kunkle (b., May 7, 1855; d., 

Aug. 24, 1857). 
Nine. Esther Ann Kunkle (b., Sept. 28, 

1863; d., ). 

G. Esther Kunkle (b., Aug. 15, 1817; m., July 

27, 1843), married Aaron Swinehart. Nine 

children, as follows: 

One. Henry Swinehart (b., Oct. 22, 1848; 

Two. John Swinehart (b., Aug. 2, 1844; d., 

Aug. 3, 1844). 
Three. Daniel Swinehart (b., Aug. 19, 1845; 

d., Nov. 26, 1864). 
Four. Jacob Savinehart (b., Feb. 8, 1847; 

272 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

m., Aup;. 8, 1888), married Annie Harbi- 
son. Five cliildren, as follows: 

a. Hugh E. Swinehart (b., Feb. 20, 1887). 

b. Anna Mary Swinehart (b., April 17, 


c. Esther Jane Swinehart (b., Sept. 10, 


d. Catharine Blanch Swinehart (b., 

March 13, 1893). 

e. Aaron Clinton Swinehart (b., Nov. 

19, 1894). 
Five. A.\RON Swinehart (b., Oct. 11, 1850; 
m., Feb. 18, 1875), married Susan Groff. 
Four children, as follows: 

a. Emma Nora Swinehart (b., Dec. 22, 

1876; m.. May 16, 1895), married 
John Myers. 

b. Harry Galen Swinehart (b., Sept. 12, 


c. Daniel Franklin Swinehart (b., Aug. 

14, 1877). 

d. Elmer Lewis Swinehart (b., March 

15, 1888). 

Six. Barbara Ann Swinehart (b., April 9, 
1853; m., Jan. 30, 1879), married Harry 
Aukamp. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Aaron Lewis Aukamp (b., Dec. 9 


b. Harry James Aukamp (b., Aug. 10, 


c. Mary Louisa Aukamp (b. Feb. 18, 


d. Esther Ann Aukamp (b., March 12, 


Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 273 

e. Celie Marge Aukamp (b., Jan. 1, 1S8S). 

f. William Aukamp (b., April 30, 1891). 

g. Chester Herbert Aukamp (b., Dec. 

31, 1894). 
Seven. Mary Elizabeth Swinehart (b.. May 

5, 1855; m., ), married George 

Mowery. Nine children, as follows: 

a. Kate Mowery. 

b. George Mowery. 

c. Aaron Moavery. 

d. Moesey Mowery. 

e. Louisa Mowery. 

f. Maud Mowery. 

g. John Mowery. 
h. Lottie Mowery. 

i. Lewis Mowery (b., ; d., ). 

Eight. Christiana Swinehart (b., Nov. 19, 
1857), married Benjamin Weimer. Nine 
children, as follows: 

a. Charles Weimer. 

b. Galen Weimer. 

c. George Weimer (b., ; d., ). 

d. Esther Weimer. 

e. Annie Weimer. 

f. Susan Weimer. 

g. Elizabeth Weimer. 
h. Aaron Weimer. 

i. Walter Weimer. 
Nine. Benjamin Franklin Swinehart (b., 
Dec. 15, 1862; m., Dec. 25, 1885), mar- 
ried Hannah Harbison. Four children, 
as follows: 
a. William Aaron Swinehart (b., Jan. 
29, 1886). 

History of the Slaymaker Family'. 

b. Barbara Ellen Swinehart (b., June 

12, 1SS9). 

c. Henry Franklin Swinehart (b., July 

25, 1890). 

d. George Moavery Swinehart (b., July 

8, 1892). 
Fifth. George Kunkle .married Lea Birele_y. Had no 

Sixth. Daniel Kunkle. Died single. 
Seventh. Jacob Kunkle (b., March 29, ISOO; m., , 

1825; d., March 6, 1865), married Mary Bireley. 

Nine children, as follows: 

A. George B. Kunkle (b., April 8, 1826; m., June 

10, 1860; d., Oct. 24, 1877), married Fianna 
Beck. Two children, as follows: 
One. Baby (b. and d. Sept. 5, 1860). 
Two. Christian Kunkle (b., April 3, 1862; 

m., , 1891), married Mary Ann 


B. Daniel Kunkle (b., Nov. 15, 1827; d., Dec. 1, 


C. Jacob Kunkle (b., Nov. 10, 1828; m., , 

1848; d., Sept. 24, 1853), married Isabella 

D. Hieronamis Kunkle (b., April 1, 1831; d., 

Oct. 22, 1850). 

E. Peter Kunkle (b., Dec. 8, 1833; d., July 25, 

1862). Died in the Civil War. 

F. Mathias Kunkle (b., Oct. 23, 1835). 

G. John Kunkle (b., Sept. 22, 1838; m., July 4, 

1871), married Mary E. Hartsough. Ten 
children, as follows: 
One. Jacob Emmet Kunkle (b., Feb. 25, 
1872; d.. May 30, 1893). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 275 

Two. Anna Mariah Kunkle (b., Aug. 16, 

Three. Ida Elizabeth Kunkle (b., Feb. 16, 

Four. Susannah Rebecca Kunkle (b., Feb. 

7, 1877; d., Nov. 16, 1879). 
Five. Emma Jane Kunkle (b.. May 16, 1878; 
m., Dec. 25, 1895), married Franklin 
Six. John William Kunkle (b., May 12, 1881 ; 

d., May 11, 1884). 
Seven. George David Kunkle (b., March 5, 

1883; d., May 17, 1893). 
Eight. Mary Ellen Kunkle (b., Oct. 27, 

Nine. Benjamin Franklin Kunkle (b., Feb. 

5, 1891). 
Ten. Dora May Kunkle (b., June 4, 1893). 
H. Susannah Kunkle (b., Feb. 14, 1843; m., Sept. 
21, 1876), married Thomas Albright. One 
son (b., July 18, 1877; d., Aug. 7, 1877). 
I. David Kunkle (b., March 27, 1847). 

Barbara Eckman (b., ; in., Oct. 30, 1770; d., 

), married Jacob Stautsenberger. Six children, 

as follows: 
First. Sarah Stautsenberger (b., Nov. 25, 1780; m., 
), married Jacob Heidelbaugh. Five chil- 
dren, as follows: 

A. David Heidelbaugh. 

B. Jacob Heidelbaugh. 

C. John Heidelbaugh. 

D. Levi Heidelbaugh, married Hoover. 

E. Sarah Heidelbaugh, married John Good. 

276 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Second. David Stautsenberger (b., June 11, 1788; 
m. ), married Ann Goodhart. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 

A. Jacob Stautsenberger, married Arm- 


B. Barbara Stautsejn'berger, married William 

Third. Susan Stautsenberger (b., Oct. 14, 1773; d., 

Oct. 23, 1775). 
Fourth. Elizabeth Stautsenberger (b., Sept. 13, 

1771; m., • ), married George Fail. Six 

children, as follows: 

A. Jacob Fail. 

B. George Fail. 

C. John Fail. 

D. Mary Fail, married Breneman. 

E. Kate Fail, married Stoek. 

F. Elizabeth Fail. 

Fifth. John Stautsenberger (b., March 8, 1776; m., 

; d., March 9, 1815), married Hannah 

Rowe. Two children, as follows: 

A. Jacob Stautsenberger, married Sarah Frank. 

B. Sarah Stautsenberger, married Joseph Kee- 

Sixth. Mary Stautsenberger (b., March 17, 1778; m., 

; m., ; d., Feb. 3, 1859), married 

twice; married first time to Jacob Warfel. Five 
children, as follows: 

A. Christian Warfel (b., Jan. 25, 1806; d., Aug. 

17, 1808). 

B. Sarah Warfel (b., , 1800; m., ; d., 

spring, 1886), married Peter Gara. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 277 

One. Henry Warfel Gara (b., May 13, 1827; 
m., Dec. 25, 1855), married Anna Fracine 
Clark. Two children, as follows: 

a. Harry Clark Gara (b., May 19, 1858; 

m., Nov. 19, 1884), married Lilly 
Lamart Austin. Three children, as 
I. Edith Austin Gara (b., June 8, 
II. Helen G.\ra (b., March 28, 1889). 
III. Mary Gara (b.. May 21, 1894). 

b. Howard Lewis Gara (b., Oct. 31, 1859; 

m., Feb. 20, 1889), married Anna 
Rittenhouse. One child: 
Alicia Clark Gara (b., Dec. 23, 1898). 
Two. Annie Gara, married Cyrus McNeil. 
Have six or seven children. 

Three. Lemuel Gara, married . 

Have several children. 
Four. Amanda M. Gara, married twice; mar- 
ried first time to Kane. Two 

children, as follows: 

a. Annie Kane (b., ; d., ). 

b. (b., ; d., ). 

Amanda Gara married second time to David 
L. Baumgardner. One child: 
Dr. Ira G. Baumgardner. 

Five. Amos Gara (b., ; d., before 1860). 

Six. Charlotte Gara, married James B. Mar- 
tin. They had several children. 
1 John Warfel (b., March 22, 1798; m., April 20, 
1824; d., May 25, 1846). Appointed by Gov. 
Joseph Ritner, in 1836, Recorder of Deeds of 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Lancaster County, Pa. JIarried Marie Esh- 
leman. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Amos Warfel (b., May 8, 1840; d., Aug. 

17, 1840). 
Two. Anna Mary Warfel (b., Feb. 12, 1842; 

d., Aug. 24, 1842). 
Three. Silas N. Warfel (b., July 29, 1838). 
Four. Albert K. Warfel (b., June 11, 1836; 

m., ), married Mary Naomi Groff. 

Five children, as follows: 

a. Ottis Groff Warfel (b., Jan. 21, 1868). 

b. Ovid Brackbill Warfel (b., July 15, 

1865; d., Aug. 30, 1873). 
0. Mary Eve Warfel (b., Oct., 1867). 

d. Naomi Elizabeth Warfel (b., Jan. 15, 


e. Harry Eshleman Warfel (b., June 

12, 1864; d., July 6, 1864). 
Five. John Brackbill Warfel, Justice-of- 
the-Peace of Paradise Township, mem- 
ber of the Lancaster, Pa., Bar, State 
Senator, 1870 to 1876; School Director 
of Lancaster, Pa., for nearly forty years, 
serving as President of the Board for 
a number of years; served as Trustee of 
Millersville State Normal School from 
1872 until his death, and trustee and 
director of many other philanthropic and 
educational organizations; in 1877, to- 
gether with J. M. W. Geist, he started the 
"New Era" newspaper. (B., Sept. 19, 
1830; m., April, 1853; d., April 18, 1908.) 
Married Mary Girvin. Four children, as 

Hon, Johx Brackbill Warfel, 
Educator, Lancaster, Pa. 

Descendants of Barbara Slayaiaker. 279 

a. John Girvin Warfel (b., March 26, 

1860; m., Oct. 12, 1SS6). One of 
the propi'ietors of the "New Era" 
Pubhshing Co., Lancaster, Pa. Mar- 
ried EHzabeth Agnes Bachler. Two 
children, as follows: 
I. John Leonard Warfel (b., July 
14, 1890). 
II. Mary Sophia Warfel (b., Oct. 
20, 1887). 

b. Robert Warfel (b., ; d., Dec, 


c. Jessie Fremont Warfel (b., March 26, 


d. Ila Warfel (b., Sept. 22, 1854; m., Feb. 

10, 1881), married William F. Beyer. 
Four children, as follows: 
I. Robert Arthur Beyer (b., Feb. 

28, 1883). 
II. John Warfel Beyer (b., June 10, 

III. Thomas Beyer (b., Jan. 26, 1890). 

IV. Mary Ethel Beyer (b., April 12, 

1888; d.. May 31, 1888). 
Six. Jacob Eshleman Warfel (b., July 21, 
1826; d., June 2, 1S55). An artist of 
considerable note. 
Seven. Martha Eshleman Warfel (b., April 
9, 1825; d., Nov. 7, 1886). 
D. Mary Warfel, married Peter Stehman. Nine 
children, as follows: 
One. Ethalinda Stehman, married Thaddeus 
Stevens Shannon. 

280 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

IVo. Martha Stehman, married Fry. 

Three. Mary Elizabeth Stehman (b., ; 

ci., ). 

Four. Louisa Stehmax (b., ). 

Five. Margaret Stehmax (b., ). 

Six. Christiana Stehman (b., ). 

Seven. Emma Stehman. 

Eight. Harriet Stehmax. married 

Nine. (b., ; d., ). 

E. Elizabeth Warfel, married George Speise. 
One child: 
George W. Speise, married Charlotte J. Buck- 
waiter. One child: 
George W. Speise, Jr. 
Mart Stautsenberger married second time to Patrick 
Gara. Five children, as follows: 

A. Margaret Gara (b., March 7, 1813 ; m., ), 

married George Bald'O'in. No children. 

B. Samuel Gara (b., Feb. 8, 1821 ; d., Dec, 1845). 

C. Susan Gara (b., June 15, 1815; m., ), 

married Jacob Griffith. 

D. Is.\AC B. Gara (b., Oct. 28, 1819). At age of 

sixteen, entered "Examiner and Herald" 
printing office, Lancaster, Pa., to learn print- 
ing. After three years, published paper in 
Belief onte, Pa., and afterward one in Lock 
Haven. Associate editor "Erie Gazette." 
In January, 1867, appointed by Governor 
Geary Deputy Secretaiy of the Common- 
wealth; in May, 1869, appointed Postmaster, 
Erie, Pa. Married Calister Ingersoll. No 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 281 

Hugh S. Gara (b., March 28, ISIT 

d., ), married Sarah Jane Buck. Two 

children, as follows: 

One. Elizabeth Gara (b., ). 

Two. (b., ; d., ). 

7. Eve Eckman (b., April 3, 1755; m., Dec. 2, 1777; d., Aug. 
19, 1819), married John Bushong. Eight children, as 
follows : 
First. John Bushong (b., April 10, 1788; d., April 27, 

Second. Barbara Bushong (b., Nov. 12, 1785; d., Sept. 

12, 1787). 
Third. Elizabeth Bushong (b., Feb. 13, 1781 ; d., Nov. 

9, 1866). 
Fourth. Eve Bushong (b., Nov. 18, 1796; d., Dec. 17, 

Fifth. John Bushong (b., Feb. 9, 1794; m., Dec. 9, 
1817; d., Jan. 12, 1869), married Annie Mj^ers. 
Nine children, as follows: 
A. Amos Bushong (b., Dec. 25, 1823; m., Jan. 23, 
1854; d., Nov. 17, 1894), married Frances 
Landis. Three children, as follows: 
One. Francis William Bushong (b., March 
17, 1864; m., March 26, 1895), married 
Cora Donnes. 
Two. Ira Clement Bushong (b., Dec. 12, 

1854; d., Jan. 31, 1863). 
Three. Mary Viola Bushong, (b., March 25, 
1858; m., April 7, 1880), married Rev. 
D. B. Shuey. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Paul Francis Shuey (b., July 14, 1881). 

b. Ralph Clement Shuey (b., Jan. 7, 


282 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

c. Bertha Maria Shuey (b., April 30, 


d. Amos Carl Shuey (b., Dec. 22, 1887). 

e. Esther Anna Shuey (b., April 14, 


f. Viola Frances Shuey (b., May 29, 


g. Helen Adini Shuey (b., Feb. 13, 1895). 

B. Magdalena Bushong (b., Aug. 3, 1820; m., 

Nov. 22, 1842), married Peter Stauffer. 

Three children, as follows: 
One. Jacob A. Stauffer (b., Sept. 13, 1855; 
m., Dec. 20, 1887), married Barbara 
Worst. Three children, as follows: 

a. Martha E. Stauffer (b., Nov. 15 


b. William Stauffer (b., Oct. 12, 1891). 

c. Franklin Stauffer (b.. May 31, 1890; 

d., Nov. 30, 1890). 
Two. John B. Stauffer (b., Jan. 5, 1844; d., 

about May 1, 1863). Killed at the battle 

of Chancellorsville. 
Three. Amos P. Stauffer (b., March 21, 1850 ; 

m., Nov. 30, 1871), married Elizabeth 

Wenger. Three children, as follows: 

a. Annie Stauffer (b., Nov. 30, 1872). 

b. Margaret Stauffer (b., Feb. 17, 1874). 

c. John W. Stauffer (b., Aug. 12, 1875). 

C. John Myers Bushong (b., March 29, 1827; m., 

; d., Jan. 24, 1881), married Hannah 

Alsbach. Seven children, as follows: 

One. Ida Bushong (b., Sept. 1, 1873). 

Two. Eve Anna Bushong (b., Feb. 16, 1852; 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 283 

m., March 4, 1875), married Amos B. 
Fox. Eleven children, as follows: 

a. Charles B. Fox (b., May 31, 1876). 

b. Ivan S. Fox (b., Dec. 17, 1877). 

0. Mable V. Fox (b., Dec. 21, 1879). 

d. Amos A. Fox (b., June 17, 1882). 

e. Jesse W. Fox (b., Dec. 20, 1884). 

f. Eve Anna Fox (b., March 11, 1886). 

g. Arthur B. Fox (b., Feb. 29, 1888). 
h. Fleeta Fox (b., March 4, 1889). 

i. George L. Fox (b., Nov. 7, 1892). 

j. Mildred Fox (b., Oct. 14, 1894; d., 

Aug. 1, 1895). 
k. Hannah Fox (b., July 31, 1896). 
Three. Leah Nora Bushong (b., June 1, 1857; 
m.., Jan. 1, 1876), married Charles H. Fox. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Ethel V. Fox (b., Nov. 30, 1877). 

b. George I. Fox (b., Feb. 12, 1880). 

c. Cora Estella Fox (b., June 4, 1884). 
Four. Edith A. Bushong (b., July 28, 1853; 

m., Aug. 17, 1886), married Elmer A. 
Snyder. No children. 
Five. Ivan Bushong (b., July 24, 1855; m.. 
May 23, 1885), married Lovina Brooks. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Olive Edith Bushong (b., Jan. 26, 


b. Charles Henry Bushong (b., May 14, 

Six. Janette Estella Bushong (b., March 
15, 1868; m., June 1, 1889), married Wil- 
liam Prindle Hislop. Three children, as 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

a. Benjamin Rice Hislop (b., June 2, 


b. Ida Helen Hislop (b., Aug. 19, 1893). 

c. William Wiley Hislop (b., Feb. 6, 

1895; d., Nov. 2, 1895). 
Seven. Magdalena Bushong (b., Aug. 5, 
1866; m., Sept. 2, 1883), married Addi- 
son Richard Pruett. Six children, as 
follows : 

a. William Henry Pruett (b., July 19, 


b. Albert Richard Pruett (b., March 27, 


c. Nellie May Pruett (b., May 29, 1889). 

d. Alma Pearl Pruett (b., Feb. 3, 1894). 

e. Robert Ivan Pruett (b., Sept. 1, 1896). 

f. Daughter (b., about Oct. 1, 1898). 

». Israel Bushong (b., ; m., ; d., 

March 23, 1892). A prominent physician of 
New Holland, Pa. Married Francis A. Ball. 
Nine children, as follows: 

One. Jeannette Bushong. 

Two. Frederick Bushong. 

Three. Hay'es Bushong (b., ; d., ). 

Four. Ruth Bushong (b., ; d., — — -). 

Five. John W. Bushong. 

Six. Augusta M. Bushong. 

Seven. Bertha Bushong. 

Eight. Helen Bushong. 

Nine. William Bushong, married Mrs. Lillian 
Shiffer, 7iec Roth. 
;. Daniel Bushong (b., Jan. 22, 1829; m., Nov. 
23, 1851; d., Nov. 15, 1856), married Sarah 
Hoffman. Three children, as follows: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 285 

One. Catharine Laura Bushong (b., Sept. 
20, 1853; m., July 2, 1871), married 
Henry Ruhl. Five children, as follows: 

a. Oliver Bushong Ruhl (b., Dec. 31, 


b. Clara Lucinda Ruhl (b., March 9, 

1873; m., ; d., Nov. 9, 1890), 

married Henry McCarthy. 

c. Clayton Daniel Ruhl (b., June 16, 

1876; d., Jan. 24, 1878). 

d. Bertha Ruhl (b., May 13, 1872; d., 

May 20, 1872). 

e. Mercie Ruhl (b.. May 13, 1872; d., 

May 20, 1872). 

Two. John Hobfman Bushong (b., Sept. 12, 
1852; d., Oct. 19, 1852). 

Three. Mary Martha Bushong (b., April 3, 
1856; m., Feb. 20, 1876), married Sam- 
uel Hainly Fasnach. Five children, 
as follows: 

a. Anna Bushong Fasnach (b., Jan. 29, 

1877; d., July 8, 1885). 

b. Maggie Bushong Fasnach (b., July 25, 


c. Daniel Bushong Fasnach (b., Feb. 6, 


d. Laura Bushong Fasnach (b., April 10, 


e. Cornelius Roland Fasnach (b., Jan. 

13. 1886). 
F. Anna Bushong (b., ; m., ), mar- 
ried Sebastian Gockley. One child: 
Baby (b., ; d., ). 

286 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

G. Lea Bushong (b., Nov. 12, 1818; m., about 

1840; d., Nov. 18, 1884), married Joel Bair. 

Eight children, as follows: 

One. Eva Ann Bair (b., Sept. 27, 1842; m., 

Dec. 22, 1864), married Diller Rank. 

Eight children, as follows: 

a. Clarence Bushong Rank (b., Oct. 14, 

1865; m., ), married 


b. J. Edwin Rank (b.. May 1, 1868; m., 

), married Frances Pearsoll. 

c. Marcus Diller Rank (b., Sept. 23, 


d. George W. Rank (b., July 7, 1876). 

e. Leeta Amanda Rank (b., Aug. 17, 


f. Martha Louett.\ Rank (b., July 25, 


g. Anna Mary Rank (b., July 15, 1884). 
h. Martin Rufus Rank (b., Sept. 8, 1878; 

d., March 20, 1882). 
Two. Leah Amanda Bair (b., Feb. 13, 1851; 
m., Dec. 13, 1876), married Elam Eckert 
Kling. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Mera'ine Scott Kling (b., Sept. 26, 


b. Harrison Eckert Kling (b., Dec. 20, 


c. Morris Miller Kling (b., Oct. 13, 


d. Omer Joel Kling (b., Nov. 13, 1884). 

e. Jason Bair Kling (b., July 20, 1882). 

f. Marion Leah Kling (b., Nov. 19, 1880). 

Descendants of Barbara Slayiiaker. 287 

g. Grace Olevia Kling (b., April 30, 

h. Ruth Abana Kling (b., Jan. 23, 1878; 
d., April 11, 1880). 
Three. Israel Bair (b.. May 27, 1844; m., 
Dec. 26, 1865), married Rachael Eliza- 
beth Diller. Nine children, as follows: 

a. Ivan Diller Bair (b., Dec. 13, 1866). 

b. Clayton Roland Bair (b., March 26, 

1869; m., ), married 

Weaver Two children, as follows: 

I. . 

II. Sallie Bair. 

c. Cora Lucinda Bair (b., Jan. 23, 1871). 

d. Cecelia Amanda Bair (b., June 23, 


e. Mary Jane Bair (b., Sept. 9, 1874). 

f. Emma Elizabeth Bair (b., April 9, 


g. Elva Gertrude Bair (b., Sept. 20, 

h. George Luther Bair (b., Aug. 29, 

1879; d., Nov. 30, 1883). 
i. Anna Leah Bair (b., Aug. 20, 1885). 
Four. John Bushong Bair (b., Jan. 24, 1848; 
m., Nov. 11, 1872), married Callie Bair. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Bertha Eckert Bair (b., Dec. 31, 


b. Anna Magdalena Bair (b., Nov. 20, 


c. Joel Adrain Bair (b., June 15, 1883). 
Five. Son (b. and d., March 29, 1841). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Six. Amos Omer Bair (b., Aug. 29, 1S55; d., 


Seven. George Wolf Bair (b., July 6, 1853; 

m., Nov. 19, 1878). married his cousin, 

Laura Jenette Bushong. Four cliildren, 

as follows: 

a. Ira Garfield Bair (b., Oct. 8, 1881). 

b. Edna Iola Bair (b., Jan. 20, 1887). 

c. Elva Mary Bair (b., Nov. 6, 1879; d., 

Aug. 28, 1880). 

d. Mabel Leah Bair (b., Jan. 6, 1884; d., 

Sept. 24, 1885). 
Eight. Jason Daniel Bair (b., July 23, 1857; 
m., Dec. 15, 1885), married Kate Flick- 
inger. One child: 
William Blane Bair (b., Sept. 26, 1886). 
[. Henry Btjshong (b., July 21, 1825; m., Dec. 14, 
1848; d., June 25, 1891), married Catharine 
Swope. Six children, as follows: 

One. Daniel S. Bushong (b., ; m., 

Dec. 25, 1882), married Clara A. Schlater. 

Two Mary A. Bushong (b., ; d., about 

two years old). 

Three. Justus S. Bushong (b., ; m., 

Oct. 21, 1879), married Carrie Rush. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Hudson Bushong. 

b. Lansford Bushong. 

Four. John C. Bushong (b., ; m., Aug. 

28, 1879), married Marcella Devlin. Four 
children, as follows: 

a. James J. Bushong. 

b. J. Paul Bushong. 

Isaac Bushong, 
Squire and County Commissioner, Lancaster Co. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 289 

c. Rebecca Bushong. 

d. Harry Bushong. 

Five. Cora L. Bushong (b., ; d., ). 

Six. Henry C. Bushong (b., ; m., Dec. 

21, 1884), married Sallie B. Payne. No 
[. Isaac Bushong (b., Feb. 26, 1822; m., Dec, 

1843; d., ). A prominent miller in 

the eastern part of Lancaster County, Pa., 
and served as County Commissioner; known 
as "Squire" Bushong. Married Susan Buck- 
waiter. Four children, as follows: 
One. Annie M. Bushong (b., June 26, 1849; 
m., Jan. 31, 1872), married Cyrus Bare. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Lily Bare (b., Dec. 26, 1872; d., Sept. 

26, 1891). 

b. Clara Bare (b., Jan. 30, 1876). 

c. Morris Bare (b., Nov. 3, 1874). 

Two. George Bushong (b., Sept. 26, 1844; 

m., Oct. 4, 1870), married Mary Amelia 

Fraim. One child: 
Walter L. Bushong (b., Feb. 26, 1874). 
Three. Martin Bushong (b., Jan. 3, 1847; m., 

Sept. 3, 1868), married Mary Swope. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Mabel S. Bushong (b., March 10, 1880; 

d., Nov. 18, 1891). 

b. Agnes Susan Bushong (b., Dec. 2, 

1870; d., Aug. 11, 1871). 

c. Morris Swope Bushong (b., Aug. 11, 

Four. Isaac Newton Bushong (b., Nov. 10, 

290 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

1854; m., Oct. IS, 1877), married Ada 
Landis. Two children, as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Bushong (b., June 26, 1887). 

b. Phoebe (?) Bushong. Died in infancy. 
Sixth. Jacob Bushong (b., June 7, 1789; m., March 15, 

1814; d., Nov. 25, 1871), married Elizabeth Hel- 
ler. Ten children, as follows: 

A. Amanda Bushong (b., ; d., ). 

B. John Heller Bushong (b., Oct. 18, 1825; m., 

April 29, 1S51), married . Six 

children, as follows: 
One. Rupp Bushong (b., July 24, 1865; d., 

April 8, 1866). 
Two. Elizabeth Bushong (b., Oct. 20, 1872). 
Three. Clayton Bushong (b., April 30, 1863; 

m., ), married Myra Musser. One 

Malon Bushong. 
Four. Jacob Bushong (b., Sept. 23, 1860), 
married Susan Shirk. Two children, as 
follows : 

a. John Bushong. 

b. Mary Bushong. 

Five. Milton Bushong (b., Jan. 17, 1854; m., 
Sept. 19, 1876), married Amanda Bru- 
baker. Four children, as follows: 

a. Jennie Brubaker Bushong (b., June 

29, 1877). 

b. Winfield Scott Bushong (b., Sept. 21, 


c. Margie Brubaker Bushong (b., Aug. 

24, 1889). 

d. E. Harold Bushong (b., April 17, 


Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 291 

Six. Emma Bushong (b., Dec. 8, 1856; m., 
Dec. 9, 1875), married Joseph Burk- 
holder. Five children, as follows: 

a. Ada Burkholder (b., Sept. 17, 1878). 

b. Jennie Burkholder (b., April 3, 1880). 

c. Lizzie Burkholder (b., Jan. 12, 1882). 

d. Allen Burkholder (b., May 26, 1889). 

e. Clay Burkholder (b., March 10, 1894). 
C. Mary Bushong (b., ; m., ), mar- 
ried Christian Neff. Six children, as follows: 

One. Susannah Neff, married Cjtus Royer. 
No children. 

Two. Annie Neff, married Jacob Rohrer. 

Three. Mary Neff, married Malon Buck- 

Four. Emma Neff, married Frank Weaver. 
Three children, as follows; 
a. Clayton Weaver (b., ; d., ) 

. Five. Christian Neff, married Ettie Kreider. 
Two children, as follows: 
a. Mary Neff. 

b. . 

Six. Jacob Neff, married Fanny Minnich. 

Hannah Bushong (b., April 28, 1836; m., ; 

d., March 22, 1876), married Tobias Royer. 

Harriett Bushong (b., ; m., Oct. 10, 

1849; d., April 15, 1891), married John M. 
Kreider. Seven children, as follows: 
One. Ezra Kreider (b., Oct. 13, 1863; d., 

Jan. 12, 1864). 
Two. Daughter (b. and d. Oct. 3, 1862). 

292 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Benjamin Kreider (b., Feb. 4, 1855). 
Four. Jacob Kreider (b., Sept. 21, 1851; m., 

, 1874), married Ellen Sherer. Three 

children, as follows: 

a. Laura Kreider (b., Sept. 28, 1876). 

b. John Kreider (b., June 15, 1878; d., 

March 13, 1892). 

c. Roy Kreider (b., Oct. 30, 1889). 
Five. Elizabeth Kreider (b., May 28, 1856; 

d.. May 2, 1857). 
Six. Anna Kreider (b., June 27, 1858; m., 
1877), married Sturd Bixler. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Laura Bixler (b., Oct. 25, 1878). 

b. George Melvin Bixler (b., Nov. 23, 

1880; d., Dec. 9, 1890). 

c. Elma Alvesto Bixler (b., Aug. 7, 


d. Cora Bixler (b., Jan. 19, 1885). 

e. Edwin Bixler (b., Aug. 15, 1888). 

f. MiNiE Lucilla Bixler (b., April 4, 

Seven. John Kreider (b., Nov. 4, 1860; d., 
Dec. 8, 1860). 

F. Sarah Bushong, married tvn.ce; married first 

time to Elias Zook. No children. Married 
second time to Jacob Brubaker. One child: 
Samuel Brubaker (b., ; d., ). 

G. Susan Bushong, married Jacob Esbenshade. 

Seven children, as follows: 

One. Adam Esbenshade, married Ettie Fos- 
ter. Two children. 

Two. Mary Esbenshade, married Jacob Her- 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 293 

Three. Emma Esbenshade, married Frank 

Four. Susan Esbenshade, married Elam 

Five. Amanda Esbenshade, married 


Six. Elizabeth Esbenshade, married John 

Seven. Lydia Esbenshade, married Daniel 
H. Elizabeth Bushong, married John Johns. Six 
children, as follows: 

One. Henry Clay Johns (b., ; d., ) 

Killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville. 

Two. Winfield Scott Johns, married Re- 
becca Bowman. Three children, as fol- 

a. Paul Johns (b., ). 

b. Ella Johns (b., ). 

c. John Johns (b., ; d., ). 

Three. Petee Johns, married Catharine Hu- 

ber. One child: 
Mary Johns. 
Four. Jacob Johns (b., Dec. 28, 1843; d.. May 

5, 1865). 
Five. Mary Ann Johns (b., Sept. 14, 1848; 

m., Dec. 24, 1867), married Eli Landis. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Lemon Scott Landis (b., Feb. 12, 1869; 

m., Aug. 2, 1894), married Bessie 

b. Minnie Landis (b., March 28, 1871; 

m., Nov. 5, 1890), married Anson 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Shirk Johns. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 
I. Arline Landis Johns (b., Nov. 

23, 1891). 
II. Raymond Shirk Johns (b., Aug. 
25, 1893). 
c. Elizabeth Catharine Landis (b., May 
27, 1873). 

Six. Susanna Johns (b., ). 

. Lydia Bushong (b., Nov. 13, 1820; m., Dec. 29, 
1840; d., Jan. 24, 1892), married Isaac Stoner 
Landis. Eleven children, as follows: 
One. Jacob Landis (b., June 22, 1855). 
Two. Annie Landis (b., March 14, 1851). 
Three. Amos Landis (b., Jan. 4, 1860; m., 
Nov. 18, 1880), married Emma L. Diffen- 
baugh. Two children, as follows: 

a. Ira Diffenbaugh Landis (b., May 3, 


b. Annie My'rtle Landis (b., April 5, 

Four. Mary Ann Landis (b., Nov. 9, 1847; 

d., June 1, 1850). 
Five. Ly'dia Landis (b., July 14, 1864; d., 

June 1, 1866). 
Six. Levi Landis (b., Nov. 8, 1857; d., Oct. 

15. 1881). 
Seven. Henry Landis (b., Oct. 25, 1845; d., 

May 6, 1852). 
Eight. Israel Landis (b., Jan. 26, 1844; m. 

• ), married Hettie Buckwalter. 

Nine. Amanda Landis (b., Jan. 27, 1843; m., 

), married Henry Denlinger. 

Seven children. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 295 

Ten. Sarah Bushong Landis (b., Feb. 4, 
1849; m., Nov. 10, 1868), married Elam 
Rohrer. Six children, as follows : 

a. Lizzie Landis Rohrer (b., Sept. 27, 


b. Milton Landis Rohrer (b., June 29, 


c. Annie Landis Rohrer (b., Aug. 5, 


d. Clayton Landis Rohrer (b., May 21, 


e. Landis L. Rohrer (b., Sept. 10, 1882). 

f. Adam Landis Rohrer (b., June 7, 1887). 
Eleven. Aaron Bushong Landis (b., June 22, 

1855; m., Nov. 20, 1880), married Emma 
Landis Brubaker. Six children, as fol- 

a. Clayton Brubaker Landis (b., July 

12, 1883). 

b. Mabel Brubaker Landis (b., July 10, 


c. Herman Brubaker Landis (b., Nov. 

17, 1890). 

d. Howard Brubaker Landis (b., Aug. 

13, 1892). 

e. Andrew Brubaker Landis (b., Dec. 9, 

1884; d., Oct. 27, 1891). 

f. Maurice Brubaker Landis (b., April 

29, 1895). 
J. Benjamin Bushong, married Mary Zook. Two 
children, as follows: 
One. Laura Jenette Bushong (b., Jan. 6, 
1858), married cousin, George Wolf Bair. 

296 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

For descendants, see record of George 
Wolf Bair. 
Two. Elam Zook Bushong, married Hettie 
Seventh. Henry Bushong, Sr., (b., March 8, 1783; m., 
Oct. 23, 1806; m., May 14, 1835; d., Feb. 9, 1870); 
married twice; married first time to Sarah Gilbert. 
Six children, as follows: 

A. Jesse Gilbert Bushong (b., Oct. 22, 1810; d., 

Dec. 24, 1831). 

B. Caroline Bushong (b., Nov. 30, 1821; m., Jan. 

6, 1842), married Joseph P. Morrison. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. Henry D. Morrison (b., Jan. 1, 1843; 

d., Nov. 30, 1864). 
Two. Daughter, died young. 
Three. Emmor B. Morrison (b., Jan. 28, 1852 ; 
m., Jan. 27, 1876; m., Feb. 10, 1885); 
married twice; married first time to 
Elizabeth M. Mercer. One child: 
Mary Elizabeth Morrison (b., Dec. 22, 
Emmor B. Morrison married second time to 
Laura F. Mercer. 

C. Elizabeth Bushong (b., June 25, 1817; d., 

Oct. 12, 1817). 

D. Jacob Bushong (b., June 25, 1813 ; m., April 13, 

1843; d.. May 28, 1880), married Margaret 
Hobson. Two children, as follows: 
One. Edward Bushong (b., March 27, 1848; 

m., ; m., ); married twice; 

married first time to Emma Valentine. 
Two children, as follows: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 297 

a. Parke Bushong. 

b. George Bushong. 

Edward Bushong married second time to 

Hannah . One child : 

Margaret Bushong. 

Two. Henry Bushong, Jr., (b., Feb. 20, 1844; 

m., Nov. 15, 1866; m., Dec. 28, 1893); 

married twice ; married first time to Irene 

L. Paxson. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Morton Edwin Bushong (b., Sept. 10, 


b. Jesse Webster Bushong (b., Nov. 19, 


c. Anna Bitshong (b., Nov. 9, 1867; d., 

Jan. 27, 1868). 

d. Caroline Bushong (b., April 16, 1869; 

d., March 9, 1880). 

e. Elizabeth Paxson Bushong (b., Nov. 

6, 1871; d., April 2, 1890). 

f. Ellwood H. Bushong (b., Oct. 9, 


g. Jacob Bushong (b., Oct. 8, 1876). 
Henry Bushong, Jr., married second time to 

Mrs. Esther A. Bachman, nee Ganse. 
E. John Bushong (b., Feb. 9, 1809; m., April 16, 
1835; m., Nov. 28, 1878; d., Jan. 16, 1891); 
married twice ; married first time to Elizabeth 
Walton. Four children, as follows: 
One. Sarah Bushong (b., Feb. 27, 1836; m., 
March 3, 1857; d., June 19, 1868), mar- 
ried Benjamin P. Kirk. One child: 
Elizabeth B. Kirk (b., Feb. 28, 1859). 
Two. Mary Bushong (b., June 24, 1837; d., 
Oct. 13, 1861). 

298 History of the SlaYiMaker Family. 

Three. Anna Bushong (b., March 24, 1840; 

d., April 6, 1867). 
Four. Elmira Bushong (b., Aug. 3, 1854; m., 

Dec. 23, 1875), married Walter S. Coates. 

Three children, as follows: 

a. Howard Coates (b., March 3, 1879. 

b. C. Warren Coates (b., May 31, 1885). 

c. Frank F. Coates (b., Nov. 14, 1892). 
John Bushong married second time to Phoebe 


F. Lydia Bushong (b., Sept. 14, 1807; m., June 12, 

1834; d., Dec. 29, 1885), married Abrm 

Rakestraw. Seven children, as follows: 

One. Thomas Rakestraw (b., Jan. 11, 1850; 

m., Oct. 3, 1876), married Josephine C. 

McFarland. Four children, as follows: 

a. Arthur Garwood Rakestraw (b., Feb. 

25, 1878). 

b. Philip Wingard Rakestraw (b., Feb. 

25, 1878; d., Aug. 18, 1878). 

c. Genevieve Rakestraw (b., Jan. 22, 


d. Robert M. Rakestraw (b., Oct. 29, 

Two. Henry Rakestraw (b., Oct. 7, 1845; 
m., Feb. 10, 1870), married Mary Jane 
Hobson. Three children, as follows: 

a. Gertrude Rakestraw (b., Feb. 16, 

1872; m., Oct. 23, 1895), married 
Maurice J. Brinton. 

b. Marian Rakestraw (b., Aug. 15, 1875). 

c. Lydia Rakestraw (b., April 28, 1877). 
Three. Esther Rakestraw (b., July 29, 1843; 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 299 

m., April 30, 1868), married Joseph 
Willis Houston. Four children, as fol- 

a. Robert Randell Houston (b., Sept. 8, 

1871; d., July 25, 1873). 

b. Wilmer Willis Houston (b., Feb. 10, 


c. Otlie Otis Houston (b., Feb. 25, 1870). 

d. Lenorb Houston (b., Aug. 12, 1878). 
Four. Eliza Rakestraw (b., Dec. 6, 1840; 

m., Jan. 26, 1865), married Theodore 
Whit son. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Sumner Whitson (b., April 30, 1866; 

m., Oct. 21, 1896), married Lulu 

b. Martha Whitson (b., June 23, 1868; 

m., June 16, 1896), married Frank 
Albert Felter. 

c. Edward Whitson (b., March 23, 1870; 

d., June 13, 1871). 

d. Henry Whitson (b., April 2, 1872). 

e. Thomas Theodore Whitson (b., Dec. 

14, 1875; d., May 13, 1890). 

f. Mary Whitson (b., July 16, 1878). 

g. Olive Louella Whitson (b.. Dee. 22, 

Five. Sarah Rakestraw (b., March 9, 1835; 
m., Sept. 28, 1858), married Hiram H. 
Bower. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Charles Bower (b., Jan. 3, 1S60; m., 

), married Mary Agnew. 

b. Abram Bower (b., Jan. 19, 1862). 

c. Isaac Bower (b., Aug. 14, 1865). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. Hiram Hartwell Bower (b., June 10, 

1863; m., Sept. 7, 1887), married 
Eve Morton. Three children, as 
I. Hiram Waldo Bower (b., Julj' 2, 

1SS8; d., March 28, 1890). 
II. Lionel Bower (b., Dec. 29, 1889). 
III. Aurelia Juliett Bower (b., July 
17, 1892). 

e. Henry K. Bower (b., Aug. 17, 1867; 

m., Feb. 8, 1892), manned Miriam 
Pyle. One child: 
Byron Newton Bower (b., April 5, 

f. Bertha Bower (b., April 4, 1869). 

g. Lydia Bower (b., Jan. 15, 1871; m., 

), married Giles Leahy. Two 

children, as follows: 
I. Agnes Leahy (b., Oct. 14, 1890; 

d., Aug. 5, 1895). 
II. Giles Leahy (b., June 30, 1892). 
h. Thomas Timlow Bower (b., May 10, 
Six. Mary RAKESTRAw(b., Sept. 29, 1836; m., 
March 15, 1855), married Emmor Seeds 
Jones. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Joseph Howard Jones (b., Sept. 30, 

1863; m., Oct. 21, 1892), married 
Eugenia Ralston. 

b. Lydia Elma Jones (b., April 8, 1861; 

m., Dec. 21, 1880), married Milton 
Bush. Five children, as follows: 
I. Clara May Bush (b.. May 2, 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 301 

II. Mary Edith Bush (b., June 25, 

III. Henry Willis Bush (b., Feb. 1, 


IV. Joseph Milton Bush (b., March 

30, 1889). 
V. Clarence Emmor Bush (b., Feb. 
26, 1893). 

c. William Rakestraw Jones (b., May 

20, 1867; m., Nov. 17, 1892), mar- 
ried Adelaide Jolins. One child. 

d. Thomas Paule Jones (b., Dec. 8, 1870; 

m., ), married Marie . 

One child. 
6. Caroline Morrison Jones (b., June 25, 

f. Warren Emmor Jones (b., Aug. 6, 


g. Marion Jones (b., Dec. 2, 1858; d., 

Sept. 2, 1861). 
Seven. Caroline Rakestraw (b., Sept. 25, 
1838; m., May 12, 1864), married John 
Isaiah Carter. Four children, as follows: 

a. Henry Harlan Carter (b., Jan. 15, 


b. Alice R. Carter (b., Feb. 11, 1865). 

c. John Morris Carter (b., Oct. 16, 1869). 

d. Jacob Clarence Carter (b., Nov. 6, 

Henry Bushong, Sr., married second time to Mrs. 
Esther Gilbert, nee Valentine. One child: 

A. Gilbert Bushong (b., Dec. 2, 1836; m., Dec. 
20, 1855), married Edith Kinsey Paxson. 
Four children, as follows: 

302 History of the Slaymakee Family. 

One. Charles Henry Bushong (b., Oct. 1, 
1856; m., Dec. 22, 1888). A physician 
in New York. Married Anna W. Keene. 

Two. Marvin Eavenson Bushong (b., June 
7, 1878). 

Three. Francis Ell wood Bushong (b., May 
18, 1858; d., Nov. 10, 1861). 

Four. Marion E. Bushong (b., March 20, 
1860; m., Dec. 30, 1884), married Sanders 
M. CoUins. Two children, as follows: 

a. Wallace Bruce Collins (b., July U, 


b. Edith B. Collins (b., Nov. 4, 1885). 
Eighth. Mary Bushong (b., Oct. 13, 1778; m., Jan. 19, 

1813; d., June 10, 1860), married Samuel Cowen. 
Four children, as follows: 

A. Hannah Cowen, married Michael Hess. They 

had a number of children, only two known: 
One. Bushong Hess. 
Two. Amos Hess. 

B. Mary Cowen (b., ; m., ; d., 

), married Daniel Zook. 

C. Samuel B. Cowen (b., March 1, 1817; d., ). 

D. Amos B. Cowen (b., March 25, 1814; m., 

d., March 24, 1893), married Anna Cole. 
Three children, as follows: 

One. John Cole Cowen, married 

Swope. Two children. 
Two. Mary Cowen, married Theodore Stauf- 

Three. Samuel M. Cowen (b., June 25, 1841; 
m., Jan. 25, 1864), married Mary C. 
Bitzer. One child: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 303 

Albert B. Cowen (b., Sept. 9, 1870; m., 
Sept. 13, 1890), married Katie Kegereise. 
One child: 

Helen Irene Cowen (b., Feb. 25, 

John Eckman (b., Jan. 19, 1746; m., ; d., Sept. 16, 

1804), married Catharine Foutz. Seven children, as 
follows : 
First. Daniel Eckman (b., Jan. 28, 1777; m., Oct. 20, 
1807; d., May 19, 1832), married Nancy Word. 
Ten children, as follows: 
A. David Foutz Eckman (b., Dec. 27, 1809; m., 
July 3, 1834; d., Oct. 14, 1883), married 
Ellen McCafferty. Five children, as follows: 
One. Mary Ellen Eckman (b., Aug. 22, 1845; 
m., May 9, 1868), married William Cline. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. David Edward Cline (b., July 15, 


b. Walter William Cline (b., March 3, 


c. Elizabeth Cline (b., Oct. 7, 1869; m., 

July 29, 1891), married Oscar F. 
Brinkman. Two children, as fol- 
I. William Frances Brinkman (b.. 

May 31, 1892). 
II. Walter Richard Brinkman (b., 
May 5, 1897). 
Two. Ctrace Eckman (b., June, 1847; m., Feb. 
1862), married John H. Miller. One 
Grace Miller (b., Sept. 27, 1864). 

304 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Three. Eliza Eckman (b., Nov. 17, 1853). 
Four. Catharine Eckman (b., Aug. 9, 1843). 
Five. David Eckman (b., Oct., 1849; d., Aug., 

B. James Eckman (b., Jan. 29, 1829; m., ), 

married Ann English. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 
One. Frank Eckman, married Mary Ann 
Redman. Four children, as follows: 

a. Charles Eckman. 

b. Jesse Eckman. 

c. Samuel Eckman, 

d. Mary Eckman. 

Two. Daniel Eckman (b., ; m., June 

7, 1882), married Catharine Louise Keene. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Catharine Roberta Eckman (b., Feb. 

20, 1885; d.. May 29, 1889). 

b. Ida Eckman (b., April 27, 1893). 
Three. William Eckman. 

Four. Baby (b., ; d., ). 

Five. Henry Eckman, married Ellen Fox. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Chester Eckman. 

b. Lucreta Eckman. 

C. Marion Eckman (b., July 2, 1826). 

D. Sarah Ann Eckman (b., Nov. 27, 1818; m., 

March 1 or 7, 1840; d.. May 13, 1890), mar- 
ried Theodore B. McLaughlin. Six children, 
as follows: ^ 

One. Maggie E. McLaughlin (b.. May 7, 
1856; d., Feb. 9, 1862). 

Two. Ettie McLaughlin (b., Aug. 7, 1852). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 305 

Three. Elizabeth Laura McLaughlin (b., 
Feb. 3, 1849; d., July 16, 1851). 

Four. Anna Mary McLaughlin (b., Aug. 10, 

Five. James Robert McLaughlin (b., Jan. 
19, 1841; m., Jan. 24, 1865), married 
Sarah Ann Kulp. Six children, as fol- 

a. William John McLaughlin (b., March 

7, 1867; d., March 9, 1888). 

b. Daniel W. McLaughlin (b., March 25, 

1869; d., March 4, 1888). 

c. Emma McLaughlin (b., Jan. 22, 1873; 

d., Aug. 5, 1876). 

d. Ruth Ann McLaughlin (b., Sept. 30, 

1870; m., , 1889), married Sam- 
uel Neeper. 

e. Grace McLaughlin (b., Nov. 10, 1880). 

f. Theodore Clarence McLaughlin (b., 

July 7, 1883). 
Six. William Theodore McLaughlin (b., 
May 19, 1847; m., Jan. 31, 1872), mar- 
ried Annie Mary White. Five children, 
as follows: 

a. Howard Loudon McLaughlin (b., 

Nov. 24, 1874). 

b. Walter McLaughlin (b., Nov. 12, 

1877; d., Nov. 19, 1877). 

c. Jarett E. McLaughlin (b., June 10, 


d. Theodore McLaughlin (b., Oct. 27, 


e. *Alice a. McLaughlin (b., Oct. 8, 1887). 

306 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

E. Martin Foutz Eckman (b., July 2, 1826; m., 

; m., ), married twice; married 

first time to Rebecca Howett. Eight chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. AuMENT Eckmax (b., Sept. 7, 1854; m 
March 10, 1881), married Margaret A. 
O'Neil. Six children, as follows: 

a. L. Jeannette Eckman (b., March 29 


b. Emma A. Eckman (b., Oct. 24, 1883) 

c. Ernest M. Eckman (b., March 11 


d. Charles Aument Eckman (b.. May 11 


e. Florence M. Eckman (b., Aug. 12 


f. Williard S. H. Eckman (b., Aug. 21 

Two. Joseph Eckm.^n (b., Sept. 16, 1856; m. 

), married Wilmina Finley. Two 

children, as follows: 

a. Norman Eckman. 

b. Baby. 

Three. George Eckman (b., July 18, 1860), 

married Weimer. One child: 

Clyde Eckman. 
Four. Lorenza Eckm.^.n (b., March 28, 1851; 

m., ; d., Nov. 1, 1888), married 

Amanda Fenstermacher. One child: 
Frank Eckman. 
Five. Adda Eckman, married Ne'wton Br3'son. 
Eight children, as follows: 
a. Oram W. Bryson (b., Jan. 8, 1872). 

Hon. Joseph Eckman, 

For mam' years Suptrlntendent St. Charles Furnace, 

Columbia, Pa. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 307 

b. Harry Bryson (b., Sept. 4, 1874). 

c. Olive R. Bryson. 

d. John A. Bryson (b., Aug. 24, 1877). 

e. Anna Mary Bryson (b., Oct. 10, 1885). 

f. Rachael R. Bryson (b., May 26, 1888; 

d., March 11, 1896). 

g. Clara I. Bryson (b., May 18, 1881; d., 

March 25, 1882). 
h. Ollie M. Bryson (b., June 29, 1883). 
Six. Annie Eckman (b., April 18, 1865), mar- 
ried John Keene. 
Seven. Laura Eckman (b., March 28, 1866), 

married Herbert Brison. 
Eight. Hannah H. Eckman (b., Aug. 4, 1849; 

m., Oct. 6, 1870), married . 

Martin Foutz Eckman married second time to 
Lydia Logan. Five children, as follows: 
One. Grace Eckman. 
Two. Albert Eckman. 

Three. Mary Eckman, married Alex- 
Four. Howard Eckman, married Alex- 

Five. Charles Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

F. Joseph Eckman (b., Feb. 20, 1814; m., ; 

d., ). For many years, and up to the 

time of his death, Superintendent of Saint 
Charles Furnace, Columbia, Pa. Married 
Mary Emerick. Ten children, as follows: 

One. Minnie Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Two. Anna Rebecca Eckman (b., ). 

Three. Emilie Jane Eckman (b., ). 

Four. George Emerick Eckman (b., ■; 

cl, ). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Five. Daniel Merrett Eckman, married Cor- 
inda Hamilton. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Carrie Louisa Eckman (b., ; 

d., ). 

b. Hanson Atkins Eckman, married Ma- 

tilda Wilson. Two children, as fol- 
lows : 

I. Mildred Eckman (b., ). 

II. Merrett Eckman (b., ; d., 


Six. John Wesley Eckman, married Clara 
Ehzabeth Hensel. Three children, as 
follows : 

a. Mary Hensel Eckman (b., ; d., 


b. Joseph Eckman (b., ). 

c. Hensel Eckman (b., ). 

Seven. Frances Asbury Eckman, married 
Willie Ann Buzzig. One child : 
a. Ada Eckman, married Albert Ivissinger. 
Two children, as follows: 
I. Eckman Kissinger. 
II. Baby. 
Eight. Edward Bates Eckman, married Mary 
Elizabeth Richards. One child: 
Allen Richards Eckman. 
Nine. Mary Ellen Eckm.\n, married Isaac 
P. Walker. Four children, as follows: 

a. Perry Eckman Walker (b., ; 

d., ). 

b. Emilie Walker (b., ; d., ). 

0. Fanny Walker (b., ). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 309 

d. Thomas Robinson Walker (b., ; 

d., ). 

Ten. Joseph Eckman (b., — ; d., ). 

G. Mary Eckman (b., April 27, 1822; m., ), 

married William Thomson Lawhead. Seven 
children, as follows: 
One. Joanna Lawhead, married twice; mar- 
ried first time to John McMichael. One 

Baby (b., ; d., ). 

Joanna Lawhead married second time to David 
Wallace. Five children, as follows: 

a. , (b., ; d., ). 

b. (b., ; d., ). 

c. (b., ; d., ). 

d. Mary Wallace. 

e. Elizabeth Wallace. 

Two. Annie Lawhead (b., ; d., ). 

Three. Jennie Lawhead, married Amos De- 
vine. Four children, as follows: 

a. Elizabeth Devine (b., — ). 

b. William Devine (b., ). 

c. Henry Devine (b., ). 

d. Jennie Devine (b., ; d., ). 

Four. William Lawhead. 

Five. Charles Lawhead. 
Six. Ellsworth Lawhead, married Venie 
Witherow. One child : 
Howard Lawhead. 
Seven. Anna Maria Lawhead, married John 
Daniels. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Annie Daniels. 

b. John Daniels. 

310 History of the Slaymaker Family. 


Edna Daniels. 


Henry Daniels. 


Alice Daniels. 


Frank Daniels (b., 

— ; d.,- 

— ) 


William Daniels (b., — 

; d., 

— ). 


Myrtle Daniels (b., — 

— ; d., 

— ). 

H. John Slaymaker Eckman (b., Dec. 17, 1807; 

d., May 18, 1832). 
I. Catharine Eckman (b., Feb. 8, 1812; m., June 

13, ; m., June 12, 1851; d., Dec. 8, 1893), 

married twice; married first time to Alexan- 
der McCoy Hunter. Six children, as follows: 

One. Catharine Hunter (b., ; d., 


Two. George Hunter (b., ; d., ). 

Three. Joseph Hunter (b., ; d., ). 

Four. Daniel Merrett Hunter (b.. May 12, 
1S43; m., Dec. 24, 1863), married Susan 
Ann Haines. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Susan Catharine Hunter (b., Oct. 8, 

1864; m., Dec. 25, 1889), married 
Amaziah Haverstick. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 
I. Hunter H. Haverstick (b., May 

31, 1891). 
II. Ida Marie H.werstick (b., Dec. 
15, 1893). 

b. Alice Myrtle Hunter (b., Aug. 12, 


c. Naoma Blanch Hunter (b., Dec. 23, 


d. Margie Frances Hunter (b., June 6, 


Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 311 

e. Hanna Mary Hunter (b., Dec. 15, 


f. Edna Louisa Hunter (b., June 18, 


g. Ida Lizzie Hunter (b., Sept. 23, 1866). 
h. Augustus W. Hunter (b., Feb. 21, 

1869; d., Sept. 20, 1873). 
Five. Aaron Alexander Hunter (b., Feb. 

7, 1848; m., Feb. 10, 1869; cl, Dec. 10, 
1870), married Sarah Keene. One child: 

Baby (b., ; d., ). 

Six. Hannah Elizabeth Hunter (b., March 

8, 1837; m., Nov. 13, 1856), married 
Jeremiah Keene. One child: 

Catharine Louisa Keene, married her 
cousin, Daniel Eckman. For descend- 
ants, see record of Daniel Eckman. 
Catharine Eckman married second time to John 
Townsend Watson Dungan. Three children, as 

One. John William Dungan (b., March 1, 
1852; m., July 1, 1877), married Annie 
Virginia Heller. Five children, as fol- 
lows : 

a. Chester Ellwood Dungan (b., Jan. 22, 


b. Mary Lavina Dungan (b., July 18, 


c. Catharine Irene Dungan (b., March 

2, 1883). 

d. John Michael Dungan (b.. May 28, 


e. Elsie Dungan (b., Dec. 17, 1886). 

History of the Slaymakek Family. 

Two. Alice Elizabeth Dungan (b., May 14, 
1855; m., Oct. 11, 1872), married Wil- 
liam James Cresswell.. Nine children, as 

a. George William Cresswell (b., Jan. 

13, 1874). 

b. Catharine Louisa Cresswell (b., July 

26, 1876). 

c. John Franklin Cresswell (b., Oct. 

27, 1877). 

d. Howard Clifford Cresswell (b., Nov. 

21, 1879; m., Oct., 1904). married 
Edna Longsdorf. 

e. Lilly Florence Cresswell (b., Feb. 

27, 1882). 

f. Edgar James Cresswell (b., April 28, 

1884; d., May 18, 1888). 

g. Margaret Alice Cresswell (b., Oct. 

2, 1886). 
h. Charles Victor Cresswell (b., Oct. 

19, 1888; d., Oct. 4, 1890). 
i. Lola May Cresswell (b., Jan. 26, 1892; 
d., Jan. 26, 1892). 
Three. Charles Jeremiah Dungan (b., Nov. 

21, 1857; m., ), married Ellen 

Kelly. One child: 

Baby (b., ; d., ). 

Daniel Washington Eckman (b., June 5, 1816; 

m., ; d., Dec. 22, 1878), married 

Mattie Helm. One child : 
One. James Martin Eckman married Anna 
Elnora. Seven children, as follows: 
a. William Ross Eckman, married Mary 
Brenner. One son: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 313 

Warren B. Eckman. 

b. Laura Viola Eckman, married Edward 

J. Frew. Four children, as follows: 
I. Charles E. Frew. 
II. Vera E. Frew. 

III. Dorothy E. Frew. 

IV. Miles E. Frew. 

c. Enos Myers Eckman, married Mary 

Owens. Three children, as follows: 
I. James A. Eckman. 
II. Rodney J. Eckman. 
III. Paul E. Eckman. 

d. Jacob Wesley Eckman, married Cath- 

rine Weber. One chiid: 
Richard W. Eckman. 

e. Mary Elizabeth Eckman, married 

Milton Buch. 

f. Miles W. Eckman, married Edna M. 


g. Chester Reid Eckman (b., ; d., 


Second. Elizabeth Eckm.\n (b., Feb. 29, 1779; m., 

; d., ), married Thomas Wilson. 

Ten children, as follows: 

A. Catharine Wilson (b., Nov. 15, 1807; m., 

; d., Feb. 25, 1835), married 


B. Clark Wilson (b., Sept. 23, 1820; d., Jan. 29, 


C. Sarah Wilson (b., March 10, 1801 ; d., Feb. 26, 


D. Elizabeth Wilson (b.,, March 3, 1810). 

E. John Wilson (b., Jan. 2, 1799; d., March 16, 


314 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

F. Thomas Wilson (b., Oct. 18, 1815). Went 

West and never heard from. 

G. Daniel Wilson (b., April 8, 1803; d., Aug. 3, 

H. John Eckman Wilson (b., Aug. 24, 1805). 
I. Susan Bell Wilson (b., Feb. 13, 1813; d., 

Nov. 14, 1843). 
J. Hugh James AVilson (b., March 9, 1818; d., 
March 16, 1828). 

Third. Martin Eckman (b., Nov. 11, 1783; m., ), 

married Susan Eckman. Eleven children, as 
follows : 

A. Susan Eckman (b., March 13, 1816; d., March 

18, 1896). 

B. John Eckman (b., March 28, 1807; m., ; 

d., Sept., 1896), married . 

C. Mary Eckman (b., Nov. 18, 1819; d., Feb. 26, 


D. Sarah Eckman (b., April 23, 1824). 

E. Jacob Eckman (b., Nov. 8, 1808; m., ; 

d., June 3, 1875), married Elizabeth Pusey. 
Six children, as follows: 

One. John Eckman, married . 

Four children, as follows: 

a. Baby (b., ; d., ). 

b. Maud Eckman. 
e. Frank Eckman. 

d. LiDA Eckman, married James Achison. 
Two. Samuel Eckman, married Mary Cooper. 
Three. Daniel Eckman, married Jane Pusey. 
Two children, as follows: 

a. Thomas Wertz Eckman. 

b. Hannah Eckman, married Noah Esben- 


Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 315 

Four. Joanna Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Five. Mary Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Six. Thomas Eckman, married Elizabeth 

F. Hyronimous Eckman (b., Dec. 1, 1817; m., 

March 14, 1864; d., Nov. 7, 1876), married 
Sarah R. Marsh. Five children, as follows : 
One. William Eckman (b., Feb. 20, 1859; d., 

March 1, 1859). 
Two. Sarah Jane Eckman (b., Jan. 28, 1871). 
Three. Henry J. Eckman (b., July 4, 1861; 
m., May 12, 1886). married Emma Town- 
send. Two children, as follows: 

a. Clyde E. Eckman (b., Jan. 14, 1887). 

b. Reta B. Eckman (b., Dec. 25, 1889). 
Four. Susan Jane Eckman (b., Aug. 28, 1856; 

d., June 1, 1879). 
Five. Alice Selina Eckman (b., Dec. 28, 1854; 
m., Nov. 21 1877), married Milton Eby. 
Three children, as follows: 

a. Clyde E. Eby (b., April 11, 1879). 

b. Ralph W. Eby (b., Sept. 30, 1880). 

c. Alice C. Eby (b., March 8, 1884). 

G. Daniel Eckman (b., July 25, 1810; m., ; 

d., May 14, 1860), married Jane Davis. Three 
children, as follows: 
One. Susan Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

Two. WORTHINGTON EcKMAN (b., ; d., 


Three. Hyronimous Eckman, married Ida 
Rock. Five children, as follows: 

a. Harry Eckman. 

b. George Mancill Eckman. 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

c. David Eckman. 

d. Fred. Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

e. Russell Eckman. 

[. Catharine Eckman (b., June 8, 1828; m., Jan. 

9, 1860), married Thomas Henry. 
. Elizabeth Eckman (b., Nov. 2, 1813; m., 
March 23, 1848; d., Nov. 10, 1890), married 
lier cousin. Miller Eckman. For descend- 
ants, see record of Miller Eckman. 

. Martin Eckman (b., Nov. 9, 1811; m., ; 

d., Oct. 14, 1860), married Margaret Tucker. 
Two children, as follows: 
One. Thomas Tucker Eckman, married Lu- 
cretaGeorge. One child: 
Evan Eckman. 

Two. Annie Eckman, married Jobson. 

(jne child: 
Charles Jobson. 

:. Henry Eckman (b., Sept. 29, 1821 ; m., ; 

d., Sept. 6, 1872), married Mary Malone. 
Five children, as follows: 
One. Henry Eckman. 
Two. John Eckman. 

Three. Laura Eckman, married Samuel Del- 
let. Four children, as follows: 

a. Harry Dellet. 

b. Estella Dellet. 

c. Paul Dellet. 

d. Chester Dellet. 

Four. Benjamin Eckman, married Ida Triss- 

ler. One child: 
Pearl Eckman. 
Five. James Sylvester Eckman, married 

Emma Greenwalt. One child: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 317 

Boy (b., ). 

Fourth. Catharine Eckman (b., Jan. 16, 1790; m., 
Oct. 18, 1818; d.. May 26, 1876), married Adam 
Draucher. Five children, as follows: 

A. John Eckman Draucher (b., Oct. 2, 1825; m., 

Feb. 21, 1855), married Susan Heidelbaugh. 
Eight children, as follows: 
One. Bertha Draucher. 
Two. Margaret Draucher. 

Three. George Draucher, married 

Four. Benjamin Draucher. 
Five. Sadie Draucher, married Silas Pickle. 
Six. Elizabeth Draucher. 
Seven. Susan Draucher. 
Eight. Ellen Draucher, married Milton Mil- 
ler. One child: 
Benjamin Miller. 

B. Catharine Foutz Draucher (b., April 11, 

1821; m., Dec. 12, 1861; d., Dec. 29, 1884), 
married Benjamin B. Herr. 

C. Sarah Ann Draucher (b., Aug. 27, 1819; m., 

March 14, 1843; d., ), married William 

Franklin Rea. Nine children, as follows: 
One. Amos Rea (b., July 3, 1844; m., Jan. 31, 
1872), married Henrietta Dubree. Five 
children, as follows: 

a. Clyde Hurford Rea (b., Dec. 14, 1885). 

b. Corinne Rea (b., Nov. 10, 1880). 

c. William Franklin Rea (b., Nov. 15, 


d. Clarence Eugene Rea (b., Feb. 23, 


318 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

e. Hiram Illemuel Rea (b., June 19, 

Two. Elizabeth Jane Rea (b., Feb. 27, 1858; 
m., Oct. 8, 1887), married Gilbert Smith. 
One child: 
Horace Rea Smith (b., March 11, 1890). 

Three. Susan Emma Rea (b., Aug. 22, 1860). 

Four. Sarah Ann Rea (b., July 19, 1855). 

Five. Hannah Amanda Rea (b., Feb. 5, 1848). 

Six. Adam Thomas Rea (b., Dec. 21, 1852). 

Seven. James Rea (b., Jan. 31, 1863). 

Eight. Mary Catharine Rea (b., April 10, 
1846; m., Feb. 6, 1868), married Samuel 
G. Fogle. 

Nine. Philip Draucher Rea (b.. May 26, 
1850; m., Feb. 3, 1876), married EHza- 
beth McGowan. Three children, as fol- 

a. Catharine Rea (b., July 26, 1877). 

b. Edwin Noble Rea (b., April 1, 1879). 

c. Hiram McGowan Rea (b., June 1, 1888). 
D. Adam Draucher (b., March 25, 1828; m.. May 

12, 1853), married Elizabeth Ann Pickle. 
Fifteen children, as follows : 
One. William Erskin Draucher (b., Oct. 15, 
1854; m., Nov. 25, 1874; d., Dec. 22, 
1893), married Ella J. Clay. Nine chil- 
dren, as follows: 

a. Eddie Draucher (b.. May 25, 1876; d., 

Nov. 8, 1879). 

b. Joseph L. Draucher (b., April 9, 1879). 

c. Mary Jeffries Draucher (b., March 

11, 1881). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 319 

d. LiLLEY Emma Draucher (b., May 31, 


e. James Draucher (b., Aug. 13, 1884). 

f. Fanny Ella Draucher (b., April 26, 


g. Della Eliza Draucher (b., Sept. 9, 

h. Bessie Winfill Draucher (b., Jan. 20, 

i. William Edwin Draucher (b.. May 
25, 1894). 
Two. Adam Franklin Draucher (b., March 

28, 1856; d., Nov. 24, 1878). 
Three. Joseph Rittenhouse Draucher (b., 
Sept. 22, 1857; m., Dec. 18, 1883), mar- 
ried Ida E. Davis. Three children, as 
follows : 

a. John Humsher Draucher (b. and d., 

May 22, 1885). 

b. Nettie Estella Draucher (b., Feb. 

24, 1887). 

c. Guy Davis Draucher (b., Oct. 20, 


Four. John Martin Draucher (b., Sept. 22, 
1857; m., April 10, 1884), married Sarah 
Melvina Zahm. 

Five. Mary Ida Draucher (b., Nov. 12, 1859; 
m., Dec. 14, 1876), married Joseph Rit- 
tenhouse Case. Seven children, as fol- 

a. John Welts Case (b., Feb. 23, 1880). 

b. Ella Belle Case (b., April 3, 1883). 

c. Jessie Minnaugh Case (b., Jan. 12, 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

d. Levi Welts Case (b., March 28, 1887). 

e. Emma B. Case (b., Oct. 18, 1890). 

f. Anna Eliza Case (b., Feb. 6, 1892). 

g. Joseph R. Case (b., Oct. 17, 1893). 
Six. Catharine Herr Draucher (b., March 

7, 1862; m., Sept. 28, 1881), married 
N. R. Shuster. Three children, as fol- 

a. Joseph Shuster (b., ; d., ). 

b. John Wesley Shuster (b., ). 

c. Carel Shuster (b., ). 

Seven. Susan Semantha Draucher (b., Dec. 

18, 1863; m., Feb. 18, 1891), married 

De Witt Case. One child (b., ; 

d., ). 

Eight. Sarah Louisa Draucher (b., Dec. 18, 

1865; m., March 14, 1888), married John 

H. Rent. 
Nine. Annie E. Draucher (b., June 28, 1868; 

m., Oct. 18, 1892), married Oliver Pres- 

sel. One child: 
Louisa Pressel (b., Nov., 1893). 
Ten. Harriet Amanda Draucher (b., Jan. 

30, 1870; m., Dec. 13, 1893), married 

Jacob Shanbaugh. One child: 
Leslie Earl Shanbaugh (b., Jan. 24, 

Eleven. Albert Pickel Draucher (b., April 

16, 1872). 
Twelve. Ella Bell Draucher (b., Aug. 15, 

Thirteen. Benjamin Ferree Draucher (b., 

May 14, 1879). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 321 

Fourteen. Mabel Cora Draucher (b., Aug. 

15, 1877). 
Fifteen. Herbert Shuster Draucher (b., 
April 16, 1881). 
E. Amanda Draucher (b., Oct. 17, 1822; m., Nov. 
1847; d., June 7, 1890), married William 
Hoey. Eight children, as follows: 

One. Martha Hoey (b., ; d., ). 

Two. James Alfred Hoey (b., Feb. 10, 1857; 
m., Jan. 7, 1880), married Mary Lizzie 
Abdel. Five children, as follows: 

a. Erma Rea Hoey (b., July 18, 1882). 

b. Robert William Hoey (b.. May 22, 


c. Mary Gertrude Hoey (b., April 9, 

1887; d., Aug. 1, 1887). 

d. Isaac Franklin Hoey (b., June 6, 


e. Margaret Pauline Hoey (b., June 25, 

Three. Adam Franklin Hoey (b., Nov. 18, 

Four. Sarah Jane Hoey (b., ; d., 


Five. William Henry Hoey (b., ; d., 


Six. Isabella Amanda Hoey' (b., Dec. 5, 1855; 

m., Sept. 29, 1884), married George Rob- 
ert Cooper. 
Seven. Mary Catharine Hoey (b., Aug. 22, 

; d., June ). 

Eight. Isaac Newton Hoey (b., Aug. 20, 

1853; m., Jan. 18, 1893), married Sallie 

Meredith. One child: 

322 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Mary Amanda Hoey (b., Oct. 23, 1893). 

Fifth. Henry EcKMAN (b., Nov. 22, 1787; m., ; 

d., July 28, 1828), married Hannali Shertz. Six 
children, as follows: 
A. Christian S. Eckman (b., Nov. 10, 1818; m., 

; d., June 15, 1887), married Sarah 

Powders. Seven children, as follows: 
One. William Henry Eckman (b., Nov. 12, 
1846; m., Feb. 6, 1868), married Catha- 
rine Margaret Proudfoot. Six children, 
as follows: 

a. Alta Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

b. Albert Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

c. Handson Eckman (b., , 1878). 

d. Franklin Eckman (b., , 1876). 

e. Minnie Eckman (b., 1873). 

f. Milton Eckman (b., 1869). 

Two. Sarah Eckman (b., , 1849; m., 

), married her cousin, Franklin 

Slaymaker. For descendants, see record 
of Franklin Slaymaker. 

Three. Mabon Eckman (b., 1851; m., — ), 

married his cousin, Mary Ault. Two 
children, as follows: 

a. Harry Eckman (b., , 1872), mar- 

ried Mary Singer. Three children, 
as follows: 
I. Roy Eckman. 
II. Cyrus Eckman. 
III. Harry Lloyd Eckman. 

b. Susana Eckman (b., , 1879), mar- 

ried William Burke. No children. 

Four. Anna Amanda Eckman (b., , 1856; 

d., , 1874). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 323 

Five. Emma Eckman (b., , 1858; m., 

), married William Proudfoot. 

No children. 
Six. George Eckman (b., about 1865; m., 

), married Susan Pickle. Seven 

children, as follows: 

a. Lizzie Eckman (b., about 1884). 

b. Chester Eckman (b., about 1888). 

c. Roy Eckman (b., about 1891). 

d. Christian Eckman (b., ; d., 


e. Anna Mary Eckman (b., ; d., 


f. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

g. Infant (b., ; d., ). 

Seven. Catharine Eckman (b., about 1863; 

m., — ; m., ), married twice; 

married first time to William L. Sharp. 
Five children, as follows: 

a. Ross Sharp (b., about 1883). 

b. Daniel Sharp (b., about 1890). 

c. Chester Sharp (b., about 1892). 

d. Mary Sharp (b., about 1893). 

e. Lizzie Sharp (b., about 1895). 
Catharine Eckman married second time to 

William McCardle. They had twins. 

B. Susan Eckman (b., Nov. 2, 1813; d., July 7, 


C. Catharine Eckman (b., Sept. 6, 1815; d., June 

15, 1887). 

D. Amos Eckman (b., Nov. 22, 1822; m., Feb. 17, 

1859), married Barbara Keen. Two children, 
as follows: 

324 History of the Slaymakek Family. 

One. Amos Keen Eckman (b., March 31, 1860; 

d., Oct. 30, 1874). 
Two. Clara Ella Eckman (b., Aug. 22, 1862). 

E. Elizabeth Eckman (b., April 25, 1817; d., June 

1, 1869). 

F. Mary Hannah Eckman (b., Feb. 5, 1829; m., 

Dec. 24, 1863), married Michael Market. 
Six children, as follows: 
One. Celia Elbert Market (b., Dec. 4, 1868; 

d., Sept. 11, 1869). 
Two. Howard Wylly Markrt (b., Sept. 29, 

1870; d., Feb. 15, 1871). 
Three. Ella Market (b., Sept. 30, 1873). 
Four. Clara Elbert Market (b., Dec. 4, 

1868; d., Sept. 7, 1869). 
Five. Austin Russ Maeket (b., Dec. 30, 1867; 

d., Jan. 13, 1868). 
Six. Charley Davis Market (b., Feb. 4 
Sixth. John Eckman (b., Aug. 28, 1781; m., June 11, 
1811; d., Nov. 20, 1859), married Elizabeth 
Draucher. Six children, as follows: 

A. Catharine Eckman (b.. May 1, 1814; d., Aug. 

15, 1830). 

B. Elizabeth Eckman (b., April 4, 1816; m., , 

1838), married John Donley. Four children, 
as follows: 
One. Hugh Donley (b.. May 26, 1839; m.. 
Dec. 31, 1865), married Sarah J. Ed- 

Two. Henry Donley, married . 

Three. James Brison Donley (b., Aug. 28, 
1841; m., Sept. 19, 1869; m., March 13, 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 325 

1879), married twice; married first time 
to Mary C. Wickincamp. No children. 
Married second time to Rhoda C. Hen- 
dricks. One child: 
Charles Brison Donley (b., Dec. 19, 
Four. Sarah Donley married her cousin, John 
Walter Eckman. For descendants, see 
record of John Walter Eckman. 
2. Baltzer Draucher Eckman (b., Sept. 4, 1821; 
ra., Nov. 4, 1844), married Susan Wescott. 
Thirteen children, as follows: 

One. John Walter Eckman (b., ; m., 

), married his first cousin, Sarah 

Donley. Eight children, as follows: 

a. Edward Eckman. 

b. William Eckman. 

c. Mary Eckman. 

d. Annie Eckman. 

e. John Eckman. 

f. Walter Eckman, 

g. Myrl Eckm.\n. 
h. BuLAH Eckman. 

Two. Mary A. Eckman (b., Aug. 4, 1848; d., 

Nov. 3, 1850). 
Three. Susan C. Eckman (b., Jan. 11, 1868). 
Four. Jennett McCullough Eckman (b., 

June 2, 1850). 
Five. Annie Jane Eckman (b., Sept. 8, 1858; 

m., , 1880), married Frank Keene. 

Two children, as follows: 
a. Daughter (b., Aug. 8, 1891; d., April 19, 

326 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

b. Nettie Bell Keene (b., March 6, 1894). 

Six. Sanders McCullough Eckman (b., ; 

m., ), married Jennie Rineer. 

Seven children, as follows: 

a. Bertha Eckman. 

b. Roy Eckman. 

0. Mabel Eckman. 

d. Ira Eckman. 

e. Lea Eckman. 

f. Mary Eckman. 

Seven. Baltzer Draucher Eckman (b., May 
6, 1864; m., Nov. 27, 1890), married 
Emma Myers. One child: 
Harry A. Eckman (b., Feb. 7, 1892). 

Eight. Adam Draucher Eckman (b., May 8, 
1856; m., Nov. 6, 1879), married Mary 
Robbins. Six children, as follows: 

a. Elmer Eckman (b., Oct. 31, 1892; d., 

Dec. 18, 1892). 

b. Sarah Verna Eckman (b., April 1, 


c. Henry W. Eckman (b., Dec. 12, 1886). 

d. George Cleveland Eckman (b., May 

2, 1884). 

e. Daniel Robbins Eckman (b.. May 22, 


f. Ella May Eckman (b., March 29, 1894). 
Nine. Sarah Elizabeth Eckman (b., July 10, 

1848; m., Oct. 25, 1874), married George 
G. Wickankamp). Two children, as 
a. Mary Ellen Wickankamp (b., June 6, 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 327 

b. Nettie Bell Wickankamp (b., Feb. 22, 
Ten. George Washington Eckman, married 
Mary Styer. Seven children, as follows: 

a. Alfred Eckman. 

b. Frances Eckman. 

c. Baltzer Eckman. 

d. Enos Eckman. 

Eleven. Ella Rebecca Eckman (b., Jan. 11, 
1866; m., Oct. 25, 1894), married Rich- 
ard Klarner. 

Twelve. William Wescott Eckman (b., 

March 4, 1844; m., Jan. 17, 1869), mar- 
ried Lina Sinnock. Two children, as 

a. Lillie Eckman (b., Dec. 7, 1871). 

b. William Earnest Eckman (b., Sept. 9, 
1870; d., Sept. 14, 1870). 

Thirteen. James Eckman, married Lida Kee- 
ner. Five children, as follows- 

a. Lida Eckman. 

b. Henry Eckman. * 

c. Joseph Eckman. 

d. John Eckman. 

e. Eugene Eckman. 

D. John Adam Eckman (b., June 15, 1819; d., Oct. 

1, 1838). 

E. Isaac Eckman (b., ; d., ). 

F. Sarah A. Eckman (b., June 26, 1812; m., Dec. 

22, 1835), married James Brison. Two chil- 
dren, as follows: 

328 History of the Slaymaker Family. 

One. Mary E. Brison (b., July 18, 1847; m., 
Feb. 20, 1866; d., Feb. 15, 1871), married 
John C. Gregg. Two children, as fol- 

a. Thomas Grant Gregg (b., Oct. 27, 


b. J.-vMEs Brison Gregg (b.. May 18, 1867). 
Two. Nettie A. Brison (b., ; m., Oct. 

15, 1872), married William J. Smith. 
Five children, as follows: 

a. James Dallas Smith (b., April 29, 


b. Clyde Pierce Smith (b., April 26, 


c. Raymond Gregg Smith (b., March 26, 


d. Mary Mabel Smith (b., Aug. 6, 1873; 

d.. May 25, 1883). 

e. Margaret Blanch Smith (b., Jan. 14, 

1882; d.. May 14, 1883). 
Seventh. Jacob Eckman (b., April 9, 1786; m., April 
12, 1810; d., Jan. 14, 1858), married Catharine 
Miller. Ten children, as follows: 
A. Maria Eckman (b., Dec. 8, 1810; m., Jan. 25, 
1844), married George Trout. Two children, 
as follows: 
One. Frank Trout (b., Feb. 26, 1846; m., 
Sept. 17, 1867), married Sarah Alice 
Cooper. Twelve children, as follows: 

a. Elmer Cooper Trout (b., Julj^ 28, 

1868; d., July 4, 1877). 

b. Walter Samuel Trout (b., April 16, 

1870; d., July 22, 1877). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 329 

c. Joseph Chester Trout (b., March 12, 

1872; d., June 6, 1877). 

d. Lucy Marta Trout (b., Sept. 18, 1873; 

d., May 29, 1877). 

e. William Pusey Trout (b., July 13, 

1875; d., March 25, 1876). 

f. B. Frank Trout (b., Sept. 25, 1876). 

g. Mary Alice Trout (b., June 1, 1878). 
h. Clara M. Trout (b., March 6, 1880). 
i. Willie Blanch Trout (b., May 4, 

j. George Park Trout (b., Oct. 28, 1883). 
k. Jeremiah P. Trout (b., April 5, 1886). 
1. Moris R. Trout (b., May 8, 1890). 
Two. Mary C. Trout (b., March 20, 1849; m., 
Jan. 5, 1874; d., Oct. 17, 1886), married 
Dr. B. F. Rogers. One child: 
Zaidee L. Rogers (b., Nov. 10, 1876). 
B. Jacob Eckman (b., Jan. 10, 1828; m., Dec. 23, 
1858 ; m., April 7, 1865), married twice; mar- 
ried first time to Emma W. Horner. One 
William B. Eckman (b., March 6, 1860; d., 
March 1, 1887). 
Jacob Eckman married second time to Lizzie Van- 
horn. Four children, as follows: 

One. Walter V. Eckman (b., March 2, 1866; 

d., June 15, 1874). 
Two. Frank A. Eckman (b., Nov. 9, 1867; m., 
Feb. 17, 1892), married Harriet Keenan. 
Three. Charles H. Eckman (b., March 5, 
1870; m., June 3, 1896), married Clara 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Four. Edwin 0. Eckman (b., March 27, 1873). 

C. David Eckman (b., July 26, 1825; m., ), 

married Elizabeth Montgomery. Six chil- 
dren, as follows: 

One. Margaret Eckman, married 


Two. David M. Eckman. 

Three. Daughter, married R. B. Miller. 

Four. Ella Eckman, married Frank- 

Five. Catharine Eckman, married 


Six. Sadie Eckman, married Marshall. 

D. Isaac Eckman (b., June 20, 1818; m., ; 

d., ), married Mary Long. 

E. Joshua Eckman (b., March 27, 1823; m., March 

10, 1846; m., Sept. 23, 1852; m., Nov. 6, 
1855; d., April 11, 1886). Moved west and 
helped to establish Daisy P. O., Kansas. Was 
farmer, store-keeper, treasurer school board 
and took great interest in educational matters. 
Married three times; married first time to 
Elizabeth H. Brown. Two children, as fol- 

One. Maryetta Eckman. Died in infancy. 

Two. E. Etalinda Eckman, married James 
R. Marsh. Four children, as follows: 

a. Alice R. Marsh (b., Sept. 17, 1868). 

b. Emanuel V. Marsh (b., Sept. 21, 1876). 

c. Bertha E. Marsh (b., Sept. 27, 1881). 

d. J. LeRoy Marsh (b., Nov. 21, 1884). 
Joshua Eckman married second time to Sarah 

Smedley. One child: 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 331 

Alonza Eckman (b., Oct. 1, 1853; 

d., , 1877), married Annie Peters. One 

Alonza Peters Eckman. 
Joshua Eckman married third time to Mary Eliza- 
beth Marsh. Nine children, as follows: 

One. John Eckman (b., Dec. 8, 1856; d., 


Two. William Woodburn Eckman (b., Dec. 

9, 1857; d., ). 

Three. Jacob Souders Eckman (b., April 3, 
1859; m., June 10, 1885), married Sarah 
Eaton. Five children, as follows: 

a. Roy Austin Eckman (b., July 15, 1886). 

b. Mary Elizabeth Eckman (b., Sept. 18, 


c. Lloyd Burdine Eckman (b., Dec. 6, 


d. Alice May Eckman (b., Feb. 11, 1893). 

e. Bertha Grace Eckman (b., March 25, 

Four. Mary Alice Eckman (b.. May 12, 1861 ; 
m., Dec. 25, 1880), married Cary Allen 
Hubbel. Six children, as follows: 

a. Francis Marion Hubbel (b., Nov. 16, 


b. John Walter Hubbel (b., June 21, 

1887; d., Dec. 27, 1887). 

c. Maggie May Hubbel (b., Feb. 25, 


d. Arthur James Hubbel (b., March 3,0, 

1893; d., Aug. 23, 1893). 

e. Rosa Elizabeth Hubbel (b., March 20, 

1895; d., Aug. 13, 1895). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

f. Elsie Hubbel (b., Sept. 17, 1897; d 
Sept. 20, 1897). 
Five. Isaac Henry Eckman (b., May 17, 1862 
m., March 6, 1894), married Nannie 
Viola Lyons. One child: 
Jefferson Eckman (b., Dec. 4, 1894). 
Six. James Calvin Eckman (b.. May 6, 1866 

d., April 16, 1869). 
Seven. Maggie May' Eckman (b., March 10, 
1868; m., March 25, 1885), married Ed- 
ward Preston Flanagan. Three children 
as follows: 

a. Edith May Flanagan (b., Jan. 20 


b. Edna Flanagan (b., Feb. 23, 1888). 

c. Asa Forest Flanagan (b., March 20, 

Eight. Mamie Elizabeth Eckman (b., May 23 

1872; d., July 25, 1872). 
Nine. Arthur Eckman. 
. Catharine Eckman (b., Feb. 17, 1817; m. 
), married Amos Geist. Seven chil- 
dren, as follows: 
One. Catharine Geist, married Christian 
Herr. Seven children, as follows: 
a. Lilly Catharine Herr (b., ; 

m,, ), married Frank Mowrer. 

b. Nettie Herr (b., ; d., ). 

c. Ida Rose Herr (b., ). 

d. Francis Herr (b., ). 

e. Edgar Herr (b., ; d., ). 

f. Lena May' Herr (b., ). 

g. Clarence Elam Herr (b., — ). 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 333 

Two. Emma Geist, married Frank Shibley. 
Six children, as follows: 

a. Sanford Shibley (b., ; d., ). 

b. Annie Shibley (b., ; d., ). 

c. John Shibley (b., ). 

d. Amos Shibley (b., ). 

e. William Shibley (b., ). 

f. Ann Shibley (b., ). 

Three. Marion Geist, married Ehzabeth Hess. 
Six children, as follows: 

a. Walter Geist. 

b. Charles Geist. 

c. Henry Geist. 

d. Mary Geist. 

e. William Geist. 

f. Lena Geist. 

Four. Nettie Geist (b., ). 

Five. Ellie Geist (b., ). 

Six. Annie Geist (b., ). 

Seven. Isaac Geist (b., ; d., ). 

G. Susannah Eckman (b., Nov. 14, 1814; m., Jan. 

30, 1845; d., July 6, 1862), married William 

Frank Brabson. Was a soldier during the 

Civil W'ar. Five children, as follows: 

One. Hannah M. Brabson (b., Nov. 14, 1849; 

m., Nov. 23, 1870), married Newton S. 

Hess. Eight children, as follows: 

a. William Adam Hess (b., about 1871; 

m., Dec. 24, 1895), married Estella 
Crutcher. Two children, as follows: 
I. Boy. 
II. Girl. 

b. Newton A. Hess (b., about 1873). 

History of the Slaymaker Family. 

c. Susan R. Hess (b., about 1876; m., 

Sept., 1896), married David Ban- 
ning. Two children, as follows: 
I. Boy. 
II. Girl. 

d. Frank B. Hess (b., about 1878). 

e. Emma M. Hess (b., about 1881). 

f. George L. Hess (b., about 1884). 

g. Loretta J. Hess (b., about 1886). 
h. Liddie F. Hess (b., about 1889). 

Two. H. Emma Brabson (b., June 10, 1846; 
m., Dec. 25, 1867), married George W. 
Hess. Three children, as follows: 

a. Girl (b., ; d., ). 

b. Boy (b., ). 

c. Boy (b., ). 

Three. Benjamin Frank Brabson (b., May 
14, 1848; m., Oct. 2, 1879), married Han- 
nah McCoy. Six children, as follows: 

a. Ida M. Brabson. 

b. Choral Brabson. 

c. Frank M. Brabson. 

d. LiLLiE L. Brabson. 

e. W. HiNKLE Brabson. 

f. Martin M. Brabson. 

Four. C. H. Brabson (b., Julv 30, 1851; d., 


Five. Jacob M. Brabson (b., Feb. 24, 1853; 

d., ). 

H. Hettie Eckman (b., Aug. 8, 1830; m., March 9, 

1884), married Christian Kreider. 
I. Elizabeth Eckman (b., April 20, 1813; m., 
), married Charles Kirkwood. 

Descendants of Barbara Slaymaker. 335 

J. Miller Eckman (b., Nov. 20, 1820; m., March 
23, 1848; d., Nov. 24, 1908). Elder and 
trustee of Memorial Presbyterian Church, 
Lancaster, Pa. Married his first cousin, 
Elizabeth Eckman. Two children, as fol- 

One. Baby (b., ; d., ). 

Two. George Edward Eckman (b., June 11, 
1849; m., Oct. 31, 1871), married Filenna 
Harry. One child : 
Harry Miller Eckman (b., Jan. 18, 1884). 


This index includes all the descendants of Mathias Slaymaker down 
to and including the fifth generation, but does not include those to 
whom they were married. To give an index of all, would take up too 
much space. As the name of the grandfather is familiar to all, no one 
should have any difficulty in locating his immediate family. 

Alexander, Amanda, 224 

Amos, 224 

Charles, 224 
Armstrong, Alexander B., 1 

Johnson, 165 

Martha Elizabeth, 164 

Rebecca, 165 
Buffington, Alexander, 161, 
166, 168 

Alice Slaymaker, 163 

Ann, 163 

Ann Eliza, 161 

Benjamin, 163 

Catharine, 168 

Ellen Kreider, 163 

Elizabeth, 166, 168 

Elizabeth Slaymaker, II 

Henry, 168 

Isabella Fulton, 166 

Isabella Slaymaker, 162 

Jane, 164 

John, 166 

Louisa, 162 

Margaret, 163 

Mary Hayes, 167 

Richard Fulton, 163 

Thomas, 162, 168 

Buffington, Thomas Wilson, 163 166 

William, 166 

William Calder, 162 
Bushong, Amanda, 290 

Amos, 281 

Anna, 285 

Barbara, 281 

Benjamin, 295 

Caroline, 296 

Daniel, 284 

EHzabeth, 281, 293, 296 

Eve, 281 

Gilbert, 301 

Hannah, 291 

Harriet, 291 

Henry, 288, 296, 301 

Isaac, 289 

Israel, 284 

Jacob, 290, 296 

Jesse G., 296 

John, 281, 297 

John Heller, 290 

John Myers, 282 

Lea, 286 

Lydia, 294, 298 

Magdalena, 282 

Mary, 291, 302 


Sarah, 292 
Susan, 292 
Chambers, William, 226 

Andrew, 226 
Cochran, Henry S., 218 
Jane Ann, 218 
Jolin B., 218 
Rebecca J., 218 
Rebecca S., 217 
Robert, 218 
Samuel, 218 
Samuel H., 218 
Stephen A., 218 
Stephen H., 218 
Cowen, Amos B., 302 
Hannah, 302 
Mary, 302 
Samuel B., 302 
Crawford, Harriet, 124 

Joseph, 233 
Davis, Ehzabeth, 236 
Jolin S., 236 
Joseph F., 238 
Martha, 238 
Mary J., 237 
Rachael, 238 
Samuel, 237 
Sarah A., 239 
Susannah, 239 
William F., 239 
Devonshire, Benjamin, 130 
Harriet .Ann, 133 
John S., 131 
Letitia Belinda, 133 
Margaret E. C, 131 
Rebecca S., 134 
Samuel T., 133 
Draucher, Adam, 318 
Amanda, 321 

Draucher, Catliarine F,, 317 

John E., 317 

Sarah Ann, 317 
Duffield, Anna H., 226 

Cadwalader M., 226 

Divie Bethune, 219 

Elizabeth, 226 

Faithful Rebecca, 224 

George, 219, 220, 225 

Henry, 224, 225 

Henry M., 221 

Henry P., 226 

Isabella Graham, 222 

John L. M., 226 

Maria Slaymaker, 226 

Mary A., 225 

Mary Amanda, 224 

Mary C:, 226 

Samuel, 226 

Samuel M., 226 

Samuel P., 222 

Sarah Sophia, 227 

Sarah Sophia Lydia, 227 

Sophia, 223 

William Henry, 226 

William Ward, 222 
Eckert, Albert, 173 

Charles Whitfield, 173 

Elizabeth, 174 

George H., 173 

Howard, 172 

Lavinia, 174 

Mary Jane, 172 

Nathaniel, 172 

Susan, 172 
Eckman, Abram, 259 

Amos, 323 

Ann, 257 

Anna M., 249 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Eckman, Baltzer D., 325 
Barbara, 247,275 
Benjamin, 258 
Catharine, 310, 311, 316, 317, 

323, 324, 332 
Christian S., 322 
Daniel, 254, 256, 303, 315 
Daniel W., 312 
Da^^d, 259, 330 
David F., 303 
Elvina, 257 
Eliza Ann, 256 
EUzabeth, 260, 313, 316, 324, 

Ephraim, 254 
Esther, 260 
Eve, 281 
Fanny, 260 

Henry, 252, 255, 256, 316, 322 
Hettie, 334 
Hiram, 252 
Hyronemous, 256, 315 
Isaac, 257, 327, 330 
Jacob, 260, 314, 328, 329 
Jacob Martin, 248 
James, 304 
John, 303, 314, 324 
John A., 327 
John S,, 310 
Joseph, 307 
Joshua, 330, 331 
Julia Anna, 247 
Magdaline, 247 
Malon, 252 
Maria, 328 
Mariah, 256 
Marion, 304 

Martin, 247, 257, 314, 316 
Martin F., 306, 307 

Eckman, Mary, 247, 257, 309, 314 

Mary Elizabeth, 252 

Mary Hannah, 324 

Miller, 335 

Sarah, 314 

Sarah Ann, 304, 327 

Susan, 256, 260, 314, 323 

Susannah, 333 
Englar, Ann Elizabeth, 160 

Henry, 160 

Josiah, 160 

John David, 160 

Lydia M., 160 

Nathan A., 160 
Evans, Samuel, 197 
Fail, Elizabeth, 276 

George, 276 

Jacob, 276 

John, 276 

Kate, 276 

Mary, 276 
Ferguson, Harvey, 115 

John Harvey, 116, 233 

Lavinia, 115 

Mary, 115 

Robert, 116 

Saline Jane, 116 

Salome E., 116 

Susanna, 116 
Ferree, Elisha, 180 

Elizabeth, 181 

Margaret, 181 

Rachael, 236 

William S., 239 
Fleming, Carolina, 206 

Elizabeth, 202 

Fabius, 206 

Henr>-, 206, 207, 208 

John Slaymaker, 211 


Fleming, Keziah, 208 

Lucrettia, 208 

Marcellus, 210, 211 

Mary, 211 

Mary Ann, 210 

Samuel, 217 

Solon, 211 

William, 217 
Gara, Hugh S., 281 

Isaac B., 280 

Margaret, 280 

Samuel, 280 

Susan, 280 
Green, Amos Slaymaker, 191 

Benjamin Rush, 191 

Cornelia, 191 

Evan, 191 

Henry F., 191 

Jasper, 191 
Heidelbaugh, Da^-id, 275 

Jacob, 275 

John, 275 

Levi, 275 

Sarah, 275 
Henderson, Amos Slaymaker, '. 

Barton Fleming, 186 

Harriett Amelia, 186 

Isabella Jane, 186 

James Barton, 191 

Matthew H., 190 

Racliael Eliza, 191 
Hodson, George D., 223 

Henry D., 223 

Mark A., 223 

Mary Amanda, 224 

Robert, 224 
Hoover, Elisha Ferree, 181 

Elizabeth, 181 

Joseph, 181 

Hoover, Margaret, 181 
Howett, John, 124 

Rebecca, 124 
Jolly, Anna Maria, 151 

Catharine Linn, 151 

David Scott, 151 

Jolin Stuart, 151 

Mary Cavern, 151 

Robert Linn, 151 

Samuel Simeon, 151 
Kunkle, Barbara, 260, 266, 2( 

Benjamin, 269 

Catharine, 262 

Christina, 260 

Daniel, 274 

David, 275 

EUzabeth, 262 

Esther, 271 

George, 262, 270, 274 

George B., 274 

Henry, 261 

Hieronamis, 274 

Jacob, 270, 274 

John, 268, 274 

Mary, 266, 269 

Mathias, 274 

Peter, 274 

Susannah, 275 
Kendrick, Annie, 121 

Charles H., 122 

Daniel, 122 

Emeline, 121 

George Washington, 121 

Jane, 121 

Jennie, 121 

Raehael, 121 

Slaymaker, 121 

William W., 121 
Kinzer, Ada, 161 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Kinzer, Amanda, 160 

Annie, 156 

Ann Amelia, 161 

Catharine, 159 

Elizabeth, 156 

Faithful, 156 

Henn-, 160 

Jasper, 156 

Joel, 155 

Jolrn, 156 

John David, 156 

Kate, 161 

Margaret, 159 

Maria, 160 

Marj' Ann, 155, 156 

Nanton, 156 

Sarah, 155 

Susan, 160 
Lefever, Abraham, 97 

Adam, 105, 110 

Agnes Jane, 73 

Amelia, 100 

Aima Barbara, 99, 112 

Barbara Line, 103 

David Alter, 92 

Daniel, 42, 100 

Daniel Line, 72 

Elizabeth, 41, 42, 71, S3, 101, 

Elizabeth Mlute, 71 

Esther, 90 

Evaline, 105 

Fanny, 74 

George, 41, 74, 97, 100, 108 

George L., 97 

George Washington, 72 

Hanna Matilda, 103 

Isaac, 41, 42, 74 

Jacob, 70, S3, 109 

Lefever, Jacob Camp, 105 

Jesse, 42 

John, 79, 97 

John Curry, 71 

John Porter, 105 

John Wiegner, 101 

Joseph, 41 

Joseph Ritner, 74, 111 


Lawrence, 74,96 

Leander Fleming, 110 

Margaret, 74 

Marj', 42, 97 

Mary Ann, 71, 101 

Marj' Ann Barbara, 72 

Mary Matilda, HI 

Nancy, 42 

Peter, 71 

Peter Perrj-, 73 

Rhuhama Christiannah, 104 

Salome Ann, 97 

Samuel, 100, 103, 106 

Samuel Augustus, 105 

Samuel Slaymaker, 72 

Sarah, 70, 102 

Sarah L., 74 

Susan, 42 

Walter Denny, 111 

Washington, 108 

William Alter, 73 

William Denny, 111 
Line, Catharine, 113 

Daniel, 113 

George L., 112 

John, 113 

Mary, 113 

Salome, 114 
Linn, Catharine S., 154 

Catharine Turner, 152 



Linn, Elizabeth, 154 

Ellen Jane, 150 

Irvin Henry, 154 

James Thomas, 152 

John Francis, 153 

John Slaymaker, 152, 153 

Lucinda Elma, 154 

Lucy Ann, 154 

Margaret Elizabeth, 154 

Mary Anne, 151 

Mary Elizabeth, 153 

Minnie Evans, 154 

Nancy Jane, 154 

Robert Alexander, 154 

Samuel A., 152, 154 

Samuel Duffield, 154 

William Dickey, 154, 155 
MiUer, Catharine, 154 

Jolm, 154 

Mary Ellen, 154 

Samuel, 154 
Mitchell, Andrew, 202 

Eliza Francis, 202 

George, 202 

John, 203 

Mary, 205 

Samuel D., 205 

Sophia Slaymaker, 205 

William F., 205 
Mott, Jarvis Beckett, 198 
McCallister, Elizabeth Ann, 140 

Keziah, 141 

Uriah, 141 
McClintock, Horcetia, 163 

Orsemus, 163 
McComsey, Andrew Jackson, 128 

Elizabeth, 125, 137 

Francina, 134 

Harriet, 134 

McComsey, James, 134 

John, 134, 136 

Lea, 137 

Levi, 137 

Margaret, 124 

Mary, 124, 129, 134 

Mathias, 134, 135 

Rachel, 129 

Rebecca, 129 

Rebecca Margaret, 135 

Samuel, 128, 134 

Susan, 129 

William, 125, 134, 135 
Mcllvaine, John Slaymaker, 174 

Margaret Catharine, 174 

Robert S., 174 

Samuel Linn, 174 

Sarah Jane, :'74 

William D., 174 
McPherson, Adeline B., 123 

Archibald, 123 

Elizabeth, 122, 124 

Harriet, 122 

John, 122 

Maria, 123 

Mary, 122, 124 

Mathias, 122 

William, 122 
Olsen, James S., 240 

John S., 240 

Lavinia M., 242 

Mary E., 240 

Martha Jane, 240 

William B., 242 
Parke, Caroline, 212 

George W., 212 , 

John F., 213 

Joseph M., 213 

Mary Letitia, 215 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Parke, Samuel Slaymaker, 215 

Le\'ima K., 155 

Sarah Jane, 155 
Peebles, Sarah D., 228 
Phenneger, Benjamin S., 234 

George A., 234 

Hannah J., 234 

Jacob H., 233 

John M., 233 

Mar>' E., 234 

Nathaniel S., 235 

Sarah A., 233 

Susan L., 235 
Piekel, Barbara, 149 
Quick, Benjamin Howell, 175 

George D., 175 

Jane E., 175 

Margaret Catharine, 176 
Slaymaker, Adam R., 227, 228 

Agilis, 233 

Alexander, 168, 170 

Alexander H., 118, 119 

Alexander J., 149 

AUen M., 243 

Amanda J., 171 

Amas, 121 

Amos, 183, 184, 235 

Amos B., 196 

Amos F., 199 

Amos H., 192 

Ann, 140, 155 

Ann C, 227, 228 

Anna Barbara, 41 

Anna Mary, 178 

Annie Cornelia, 193 

Anne Elizabeth, 177 

Barbara, 247 

Beckie Ann, 201 

Slaymaker, Catharine, 150, 180 
Catliarine Amanda, 149 
Charles H., 171 
Charles M., 180 
Daniel, 232, 233 
Edward, 245 
Eliza, 233 
Elizabeth, 115, 122, 161, 168, 

180, 186, 227, 236, 239, 244 
Elizabeth Ann, 171 
Elizabeth .\nna, 194 
Emma, 180 
Emma C, 121 
Faithful, 198, 219 
Faithful Mary, 195 
Fanny E., 184 
Francis, 168 
Francis A., 169 
Francis J., 168 
Franklin, 244 
Frederick, 140 
George M., 176, 177 
Hannah, 197, 217, 233 
Hannah C, 199 
Hannah L., 193 
Harriett, 180 
Harriett E., 192 
Harriett R., 193 
Henrietta R., 227 
Henry, 118, 169, 182, 192, 217, 

Henry A., 169 
Henry C, 195 
Henry E., 229 
Henry F., 198 
Henry S., 230 
Henry Y., 227 
Isaac F., 118 
Isabella, 191, 192, 194 



Slayraaker, Isabella A., 199 
Isaiah, 235 
James, 217, 245 
James A., 231 
James B., 178, 184 
James F., 186 
James H., 176, 178 
James L,, 118 
Jane, 140, 161, 168 
Jane D., 195 
Jane E., 146, 178, 217 
Jane M., 240 
Jasper, 169, 170, 184 
Jean, 198 
John, 115, 149, 150, 169, 171, 

180, 233, 243 
John E., 197 
John H., 244 
John L., 179 
John M., 116, 120, 184 
John R., 198 
John S., 178 
John W., 171 
Jonathan S., 230 
Kate, 243 

LaNdnia, 169, 176, 180 
Lavinia C, 178 
Lawrence, 41 
Leah Louisa, 118 
Leonard, 168 
Leonard A., 177 
Louisa, 119 
Lydia, 121, 226 
Lydia Jane, 233 
Maggie, 246 
Margaret, 149, 180, 245 
Margaret Caroline, 146 
Margaret Catharine, 174 
Margaretta, 230 

Slaymaker, Martha C, 195 

Mary, 115, 171, 179, 180, 201, 

Mary Ann, 175, 235, 239 
Mary E., 119, 192 
Mary Jane, 176, 233 
Mary Melvina, 117 
Mary R., 228 

Mathias, 115, 116, 150, 239 
Nathaniel E., 147 
Persifer F. S., 231 
Rachael, 121 
Ralph, 180 
Rebecca, 124 
Reuben A., 170 
Robert B., 197 
Robert M., 179, 180 
Robert S., 230 
Rufus H.,169 
Salina G., 192 
Sample, 144 
Samuel, 227 
Samuel C, 201, 217 
Samuel E., 185 
Samuel H., 176, 179, 229 
Samuel L., 180 
Samuel N., 245 
Samuel R., 230 
Sarah, 168, 226 
Sarah C, 177 
Sarah E., 169 
Sarah Jane, 172, 178 
Sarah Rebecca, 195 
Sophia, 231 
Sophia Elizabeth, 199 ' 
Stephen, 217 
Stephen C, 228, 229 
Susan B., 120 
Susan C, 169, 171 


History of the Slaymaker Family. 

Slaymaker, Susanna, 235 

Susan, 150 

Susannah, 121 

Thomas, 239 

Thomas A., 179 

Uriah, 118 

Walter C, 197 

Walter F., 170 

Walter J., ISO 

WiUiam, 168, 171, 239 

William A., 178, 195 

William D., 178, 193, 197 

William M., 140, 144, 243 

WilUam S., 168 

Wilson, 243 
Springer, John S., 121 

Elizabeth, 121 
Stautsenberger, Barbara, 276 

David, 276 

Elizabeth, 276 

Jacob, 276 

John, 276 

Mary, 276, 280 

Sarali, 275 

Susan, 276 
Stoner, Elizabeth, 159 

Ephraim, 157 

Hannah, 156 

Henry, 156 

John, 159 

Margaret, 159 

Mary Ann, 158 
Tomlinson, Elizabeth Slaymalcer, 

John Ballinger, 163 

Tritt, Anna, 65 

Barbara, 43 

Catharine, 56 

Christian, 43, 52 

Elizabeth, 42 

George, 55 

Jacob, 42 

John, 57 

Peter, 53 

Samuel, 52 

William K., 62 
Tweed, Jane, 260 

Jesse, 260 

William, 260 
Umsted, Ann Elizabeth, 

John, 159 

Margaret, 159 
Warfel, Christian, 276 

Elizabeth, 280 

John, 277 

Mary, 279 

Sarah, 276 
Webber, Jonathan, 65 
Willar, Margaret, 155 
Wilson, Catharine, 313 

Clark, 313 

Daniel, 314 

Elizabeth, 313 

Hugh James, 314 

John, 313 

John E., 314 

Sarah, 313 

Susan Bell, 314 

Thomas, 314